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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

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I pray that happiness be at your door. May it knock early, stay late and leave the gift of God's peace, love, joy and good health behind. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

taking a break

I've been really busy this holiday season and although I'm excited for our New Year's eve celebration, I'm glad that it will be over soon. Shhh, it's not that I'm complaining but if you were to do all the grocery shopping, cooking and entertaining, I'm sure you'll get tired too.

Day after tomorrow, I'm back to my old schedule and that means more blogging time for me, hehe. That should give me enough time to shop for the bridal lingerie for my cousin's bridal shower next week.

I'll be signing off now, I just took a short break and my lasagna should be done by now. Happy New Year to all and see you next year. ^.^

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Noblesse oblige award

I got a very special award from Polly of Random Ramblings. There are so many blogs with that title but Polly's is my favorite. She writes about a wide variety of topics and she is so thoughtful I think she's the only one who remembered to thank the people who worked doubly hard last Christmas. Read The Royal Mail and you'll know what I'm talking about.

There are quite a few rules that come with this award, these are:
This Award is presented to bloggers who display consistency in any one or a combination of these conditions:
1. The Blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervades amongst different cultures and beliefs. 2. The Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage and offers solutions. 3. There is a clear purpose at the Blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Culture and Sciences and Beliefs. 4. The Blog is refreshing and creative. 5. The Blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.
The Blogger who receives this award will need to perform the following steps:
1. Create a Post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award. 2. The Award Conditions must be displayed at the Post. 3. Write a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved – preferably citing one or more older Post to support. 4. The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditions. 5. The Blogger must display the Award at any location at the Blog.
I would like to pass this award onto the following very special blogs:

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Curly Orange Peel

Need curly peels to garnish your desserts? Use a paring knife to peel orange strips, then wrap it to a straw and lock it with a pin. Place it in ice water for 20 to 30 minutes, the curls will be garnish-ready by then.

Mommy's Little Corner

After Christmas Sale

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under the weather

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your friends and loved ones. We had a blast but I think I got too tired with all the shopping, preparation, cooking and entertaining. The day after Christmas, influenza got me down. For two days all I did was sleep, sleep and sleep. I have to give credits to my daughter who did all the EC drops for me. I feel a lot better now and I 'll be dropping by your blogs to return the comments. Happy Monday!!!

term life insurance quote

My friend and I have been discussing earlier about life insurance. I told her that I'm a strong believer of life insurance. She's been contemplating on whether to get an insurance for their family or not. I told her that in these times, everyone should have one. I had to tell her about my term life insurance quote, my coverage can help us pay off a loan and at the same time provide extra life insurance protection while we are raising our kids. Hubs and I purchased term life insurance because we are on a limited budget and the initial premium fits our budget. I think I was able to convince her because she's now on her way to get her quotes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dots, Flecks & Spots

During these hard times, we all aim for value for our money without, of course, discounting the nutrition we get from the foods we buy for our family. Many of us are not aware that we get more nutrition from fruits and vegetables with dots, flecks and spots than the perfect ones. Here's the secret money-saving tips for picking fruits and veggies that are packed with more nutrition.

The dark dots on green peppers do not indicate that they are past their prime. Dark spots mean the bell peppers are sweeter and less acidic than those without blemishes. Japanese researchers say, they have 120 percent more vitamins. Consuming them increases resilience to stress, enhances facial-skin elasticity and lessens allergy attacks.

Choose a tomato with healed-over [dry] cracks near its stems, it is not old. It grew in dry conditions that made it twice as high in vitamin B complex than spotless ones. More B complex means better focus and memory, balanced blood sugar and improved sleep.

Bananas that are yellow with tiny brown specks are 170 percent richer in magnesium than the flawless bananas. And more magnesium means relief from migraines and muscle aches, better ability to maintain healthy blood pressure and less belly bloat.

The small oval brown marks on a papaya reveal that the fruit is tastier, sweeter and healthier. It contains 400 percent more of the antioxidant lycopene than the flawless one. Spotted papayas give you stronger bones and natural protection from UV rays and lower cholesterol.

So there you have them, the next time you're buying fruits and veggies, it's alright to choose the not-so perfect ones. Remember that you'll be getting more nutrition from them plus, they are usually cheaper than the perfect ones.

Mommy's Little Corner

Location is #1

If you're thinking about opening a business, any business for that matter, it is of high importance to find the best location. Your business thrives on people, if you're going to put up your business in an out of the way location, you better think twice. Do you think it would prosper or would it close down in a month? Think about the money and the time you will invest in it. If you need assistance in finding the best commercial real estate seek help from the experts, they can provide you with adequate information. Click on the link to know more.

Sunflower Seeds

Recent studies have shown that sunflower seeds can prevent brain fog. The seeds contain folic acids that reduce levels of homocysteine, an inflammatory amino acid that have been shown to disrupt neuronal communication in the hypothalamus [the brain's memory center]. A handful of this seeds can fight brain fog.

Mommy's Little Corner

the faucet outlet

Are you looking to buy high quality faucets? Make a click stop at Faucet Outlet, the site offers branded faucets like Kohler, Delta Faucet, Moen, Danze, Grohe, and many more at very affordable prices. All the faucets come with full warranty and shipping is free if your order exceeds $99. Hurry and take advantage of this great value. An opportunity like this doesn't come often.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Cooking Tip #3

To prolong the life of the "other half" of bell pepper when a recipe calls for only half, slice it from the bottom and leave the top intact. The top houses the seeds and holds moisture. The bell pepper will not wrinkle and stay fresh for up to four days.

Mommy's Little Corner

home theater seating

My husband have always dreamed of having our very own home theater seating. It would be nice to relax on those seats while we watch our favorite shows and movies, but the problem is we don't have space for that right now. We're still figuring out where to put all the stuff in the spare room if we are going to convert it to an entertainment room. If all things work out well, I'm sure that's the first thing he's gonna buy.

The Wilted Lettuce

Ever wondered why lettuce wilts after it has been frozen? It's because lettuce have a higher water content than meat. The cells crystalize and this stops the chemical activity when fruits and veggies are frozen which makes them go bad. To add, the water crystals can also puncture the cell structure, making the veggies lose its crispness.

Mommy's Little Corner

playing video games

Playing computer games like wii and playstation 3 is not such a bad habit after all. For as long as these computer games don't affect our kids' studies, it's alright to let them them play a few hours a week. I have read that these video games teach our children to have sharper minds. They learn to strategize and solve problems.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Blog is Cool!

Thanks Ria for bestowing upon me this wonderful award. Ria is the author of It's my party (and I'll cry if I want to). I am truly honored to receive this and it's great to know that my blog is cool. It's good to know you and I'm looking forward to seeing you again. ^.^

Here is what you have to do:

  • Put the logo on your blog.

  • Add a link to the person who awarded you.

  • Nominate 10 other blogs.

  • Add links to those blogs on yours

  • Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.
I know I'm supposed to pass this to 10 people but I really can't think of someone right now. I've passing around too many awards lately, so I'll just leave it for a while.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Allergies, Restless Nights & Muscle Aches

If you feel like you're running empty and you still have tons of things to do, you can fix it with specific breathing techniques. According to Vasanthi Bhat, author of The Power of Conscious Breathing in Hatha Yoga, the techniques are proven to instantly revitalize body systems.

Follow these techniques:

For allergies, what you need is a histamine-regulating breath. Deep breathing activates the hypothalamus and prevents allergy symptoms like headaches, congestion and sneezing. Inhale deeply through your nose, relaxing your stomach and letting your belly round out. Hold the breath for one second, then exhale through your mouth. Do this in the morning, then twice more during the day.

A brain revving breath for restless nights. You can prevent next-day sluggishness and brain fog with right-nostril breathing. Block your left nostril with your thumb and inhale through your right nostril, filling your stomach with air, then your lungs. Pull your navel in toward the spine to force out air as you exhale. Repeat 25 times. Do this sequence whenever you need a pick me up. This technique activates the sympathetic nervous system, a group of nerves that supercharges the body.

For muscle aches, a body-relaxing breath. Inhale deeply through your nose for a count of four, then exhale through your mouth for a count of four. Do this twice, then lengthen each breath by one count until you are inhaling for a count of seven. The technique doubles the circulation of wam blood to the muscles, which provides healing oxygen.

Mommy's Little Corner

Back-on-track plan

During the holiday season, we get so used to eating a lot of goodies that our bodies become so used to high calorie fare. Many of us, including me, derail from our normal diets which results to wider waistlines, bloat and cravings. It's so hard to say no to all those yummy goodies, and if i don't stop overeating, I might end up 10 to 15 pounds bigger. I need to look for some safe diet pills now for my back-on-track plan.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Move Cookshop

Are you looking for the best deals this holiday season? Move Cookshop is well worth a look, they are offering free delivery on everything and reduced VAT prices. They have a variety of kitchen accessories ranging from cookware to garbage bins and the prices have been reduced to as much as 34 percent. The web site showcases a lot of popular kitchen brands like infinit circulon, KitchenAid, Le Creuset, Mauviel Copper, Mermaid Cookware, brabantia bins and many more. Most of these brands are known to be expensive so it's the best time to take advantage of these great offers.

I like investing on quality kitchen tools. I have been married for 21 years and the cook wares I purchased when my kids were still young are still in top working conditions. Baking is not just a hobby for me, I earn from it. My KitchenAid mixer, which have been with me for more than 10 years, gave me a lot of income. When I was just starting out, hubs used to ask me why I choose to buy the expensive equipments, but over the years he had seen how durable these equipments are, so he stopped complaining. They are expensive alright, but I got my money's worth.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Pain in the Neck

Working long hours on my computer often gives me neck pain the next day. It was such a relief when I read that the pain is usually not an indication of anything serious. What I do whenever I feel pain is rotate my head around on both sides to relax the muscles. It turns out that what I was doing was right.

Here are some more remedies that can help alleviate neck pain:

TAKE A SHOWER. A hot [as hot as you can stand it] shower can help relax the muscles.

MASSAGE. Using the fingertips of your index and middle fingers, find the most painful area on your neck and slowly increase the pressure as you breath deeply for 20 seconds. The pressure makes the muscles relax.

LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD. Don't carry heavy bags/purses until your neck gets better.

source: bhg

Mommy's Little Corner

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kitchen Secret Weapon

Every household should have this one. Hubs know I love to cook and collect recipe books, so when we had our first pc, hubs gave it to me. It has over 1000 recipes plus I can add my original recipes. I have also created a custom cookbook of my family's favorites. What I like about it most is that I can check out the nutritional analysis of the recipe. It's kinda old already because I've had this for more than 10 years but I'm sure you can still get a copy of this, or maybe they have new versions.

Fun with Poker

A game loved by a lot of people, poker is not only played online and in casinos but also at home. Coming from a very large family, expect that the poker table will be out during family gatherings. And although no one in my family is into real gambling and betting, my titos and titas love to pass time playing the game. We, on the other hand love to watch them laughing and having a lot of fun. They may not be playing for big bucks but the enjoyment they get out of it is priceless.

Playing poker has become a regular during special occasions that my titos and titas decided to chip in to purchase a table. They found a Poker Tables web site and purchased the one with folding legs. My uncles and aunts are getting really excited because the table is due to arrive anytime soon. I'm sure they can't wait until the next family gathering which is about 20 days from now.

If you are also looking to buy a table, you may want to visit the web site. They have nice and quality tables at affordable prices, plus, shipping is free. My uncle got the poker table for only $290.00.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The C that fends off wrinkles

Not only does it fight cancer, heart disease and memory loss but it can actually prevent WRINKLES. Most beauty products boast of antioxidants, and the C is an antioxidant that can help turn back the time.

In a chemical study, experts discovered that people who consumed foods rich in vitamin C had fewer wrinkles and less age-related dry skin than those who took only small amounts of vitamin C. It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles because the C helps form collagen. So there... if you want to have younger looking skin, use a topical vitamin C treatment daily after washing your face and before you slather on moisturizer or sun-screen so it penetrates skin.

source: Health Magazine

Safety First

One of the most important components of an automobile is its steering mechanism. My husband makes sure that our car is always well-maintained. He checks everything from ball lock pins to ordinary nuts and bolts. Any little twitch the front end makes is enough for him to get his suspension aligned. To lose your steering while driving can lead to a very dangerous situation, so make sure you always check on them.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gift ideas for your little leaguers

You can beat the Christmas rush and find the perfect gifts for your little baseball fanatics at Kidsportsinc. The site specializes in sports equipment for kids and you can get the best baseball products at the lowest prices. How about youth baseball gloves for only $14.99? That's really cheap!

But that's not all, for that unbeatable price, these Baseball Gloves were made with Microbial Bacteria protection in the palm and finger linings. This prevents common problems associated with sweaty hands on hot summer days. The design provides good air flow to keep your child's fingers dry.

Kidsportsinc has a lot more to offer. Check their list of "this season's must-have gifts". Your little tykes will surely be surprised with these safe, practical and useful gifts. For as little as $19.99, you can get a complete tee-ball set perfect for backyard practice. Your little leaguer will be able to take batting practice anytime without the danger of using real baseballs, the machine pitches plastic balls up to 60 mph for a safer fun.

Click on the link and check out their other products. Remember, there is no need to buy them expensive pieces even if they have expensive tastes. With these great offers, you can still impress them with your practicality.

Health Tip #5

Using objects frequently handled by others such as pens, doorknobs, elevator buttons, etc are a major mode of disease transmission. If you must use these objects or touch these surfaces, always keep a hand sanitizer handy. Rub hands with a liberal amount afterward.

Mommy's Little Corner

Moving Your Precious Arts

Your precious art possessions should be handled with extra care if you need to ship, display or store them in another place. Art Moving can be particularly challenging and accidents do happen, so I will not take any chances if I were you. Don't ever make the mistake of doing it on your own, hire experts. Take advantage of the best services offered by professional art movers.

But before you do, check the company's background and references. Such company should provide you with an array of the finest services ensuring you that when they ship, your precious possessions arrive at your new location intact. Services offered should be customized to your art, your needs, and of course, must be affordable. Another important factor to consider is the insurance coverage. The liability of many art moving companies are quite limited.

Your art mover should independently insure every work of art and assure you that each piece is packed by hand with ample protective measures. As I have mentioned earlier, protecting your valuable possessions, especially original paintings, expensive and fragile works of art, antiques, age-old documents, chandelliers, sculptures and collectibles is very challenging and so far, only Mind's Eye meets these qualities.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On Artificial Sweeteners...

Artificial sweeteners can drain your energy. Studies show that sucralose, which is Splenda's main ingredient, can affect our body's ability to control blood sugar levels, resulting to brain fog and lethargy. But that's not all, according to them, sucralose can concentrate in the thymus gland and gastrointestinal tract, where it disrupts energy metabolism and immunity.

The best alternative is to use natural sweeteners line Stevia or agave cactus nectar. Both can stabilize blood sugar in as little as three days and keep your energy levels high.

Mommy's Little Corner

What time do you eat dinner?

We try to eat by 7, too early you might think, but the kids have to be in school by 6:30 the next day so they have to be in bed by 9. After dinner, I like watching telenovelas while working on my blogs so hubs would move the tv stand near my table so I can watch them. That's the only time I get to watch tv because I'm at the store most of the time. And during those times hubs allows me to have it all by myself, hehe. After the telenovelas, it's hubs' turn to watch the news. So that's how our evenings are spent before we head to bed.

How about you? What time do you eat dinner and what do you do after?

Weekend Bondings

When I was about 10, I would ask my mom to buy all the ingredients I need on weekends because I wanted to impress her and my siblings by baking brownies and cookies. They seemed to like the idea because when I start preparing, they would all seat on the bar stools and watch me bake. I think I was successful in impressing them because every time they tried my goodies, they'd say it was good. It became one of our favorite bonding activities and we had something fun to look forward to on weekends. I miss those moments, wish I can turn back the clock...

Healthy & Yummy #1

Did you know that you can fight infections with butternut squash? It has vitamin B5 that improves the ability of the white blood cells to secrete antibodies that attack virus- infected cells. Plus, it is very rich in beta-carotene and packed with a very powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mommy's Little Corner

Spoken Word CDs

Have you heard of Spoken Word CDs? These are audiobooks or recordings that is primarily of spoken word as opposed to music. It is like listening to your favorite books over and over again. In the beginning, audiobooks were developed to make books accessible to the blind or illiterate but because of the popularity of music players like the ipod, these audiobooks have become popular to everyone for portable listening. Everywhere you look, you will see someone wearing headphones.

These audiobooks will make a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones, or for anyone who loves to read but just can't find the time. And where to look for Audio books? Borders is your online portal for thousands of digital books on tape. You can shop by category and the site lists thousands of products in each of them. They have fiction, non-fiction, music, children and education, magazine subscriptions, stationery, DVDs, bestsellers and many more. I'm sure even your little ones would love to listen to their favorite fairy tales or bedtime stories using their ipods. If you are out-of-town for an important seminar and can't read to them during bedtime, these audiobooks are perfect.

Visit their web site now and get amazing discounts on spoken word cds, shipping is free within UK.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Great Sources of Fiber

The recommended fiber a person should consume is 35 gms per day. But it is hard to measure the dietary content of each food we eat especially if we get them fresh from the market. Below is a guideline I found from "Food" to help us achieve the amount of fiber needed.

1) Avoid fruit juices which are devoid of fiber. Try eating whole fruits instead. You get 4 to 5 gms of fiber from a medium sized apple or pear and 3 gms from a medium-sized banana.

2) Switch to brown rice instead of the regular white. You get around 3 gms of fiber per cup.

3) Consume whole-grain products instead of regular bread and pasta. For example, you get 5 gms of fiber from an oat bran muffin.

4) Snack on raw vegetables, they may not be as tasty as burgers but they are thrice as healthy. A cup of broccoli or sweet corn has 5 gms of fiber.

5) Choose whole-grain cereals or oatmeal for breakfast and get 4 gms of fiber every morning.

Foods high in fiber makes you feel fuller longer so it helps curb your cravings. Make sure to always include fiber in your diet.

Mommy's Little Corner

End Your Diet Woes

Are you still looking for the perfect diet pill because the last you tried failed you? It might have worked wonders with your friend but not with you. Choosing the right pill can be confusing. There are probably thousands out there. If you really want to know which diet pill will work right for you, I suggest you read alli reviews so you can finally put an end to your diet woes.

Cooking Tip #2

For no mess seasoning, season meat, fish or poultry using a fine sieve. Just pour in the spice, hold the sieve over the food and tap gently. The meat will be evenly coated and your hands, will stay clean.

Mommy's Little Corner

Holiday Specials

The smart way to shop for gifts this Christmas is to shop at They are having a sale right now and you can get almost anything at low prices. They have almost everything, from jewelries, shoes, apparel, electronics, gadgets to toys. The prices are unbeatable and shipping is free. Beat the Christmas rush and traffic, visit now and enjoy their holiday specials.

The Power Blog Award

Ana, Chica and Pumuckl have me with The Power Blog Award. Thanks for remembering me ;)

The Power Blog Award

The Power Blog Award Rules:
1. Each blogger must post this rules.
2. You need to choose ten people to be awarded and list their names.
3. Don’t forget to leave them comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Worry-free Party

Both my parents come from big families, and every year during Christmas, our relatives would come to our house and have dinner with us. It's like having a one big family reunion from 2 families and it has become a tradition. As early as December 1, mom would ask us [her children] to help her plan for the Christmas dinner. I'm usually in-charge of the menu and gift wrapping.

For this year, we're planning the skip the fancy boutiques and give away homemade treats. I will be very busy in the next few weeks because I am in-charge of baking the treats. I'll be making truffles, creamy fudge squares and crunchy barks. But don't worry because you're not gonna miss me, LOL. I'd still be updating my blogs. Actually, I'm not really worried about the busy days ahead because I will be getting a lot of help from Celebrations. They've got tons of party ideas and their tips are very doable. I also got the recipes from them. Mom is also enjoying the web site because of their decorating tips.

How about you? Are you ready for the holidays? If you need some party ideas and tips, just click on the link and it will direct you to their web site.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cooking Tip #1

For crispy fried chicken, fry each piece for about 10 minutes. Then before serving them, cook chicken on a baking rack in the oven until it is no longer pink inside. The process of frying and baking makes your chicken crisp on the outside and juicy inside.

Mommy's Little Corner

Conversion Rate Optimization

Do you want to transform your web site into a powerful marketing business that will drive more visitors and boost your profits? The easiest and less expensive way to do it is through conversion rate optimization. With this powerful tool, you can actually encourage your visitors not just to browse through your web site but to take actions that will benefit you by buying your product, making donations or subscribing to your feeds/newsletter. CRO experts can personally work on your website to boost your profitability. For more information on how CRO can help you, click on the link and you will be directed to the site.

Super-fantabulous Awards

Lori of Confessions of a Baltimore Housewife passed on to me these wonderful awards. Thank you Lori!

I'm passing all these super-fantabulous awards to the following folks:

The Painted Veil

Stir, Laugh, Repeat

Live Laugh Love

Blazing Minds

Wiehanne Lounge

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He needs a bed.

Our cute little Lokii likes sleeping on Joey's bed. My son doesn't really mind if he does but sometimes Joey can't stay in one place, he is always shifting positions, and when he does we'd find Lokii whining under his legs. And when this cutie is not on my son's bed, he sleeps on the floor, right under my computer chair. The kids are worried and they don't want him sleeping on the floor so I promised them to check on some pet beds and get him one so he can sleep comfortably.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What you get from these colors

When it comes to eating veggies, more is better! The health benefits of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are endless plus the fact that they help lower the risk of many diseases including type 2 diabetes. Adding veggies in your dishes will give you a sense of fullness and help keep your brain function sharp.

Here's a list of what you can benefit from these colorful vegetables. GREEN vegetables like spinach, green pepper, asparagus, broccoli, peas and green peas promote eye health and strong bones. They also help reduce risk of breast and colon cancers.

pepper, red onion, radicchio, grape tomatoes and red cabbage can help improve heart health and sharpen memory. Like the green ones, they also help lower risk of some cancers and promote urinary tract health.

I'm sure you already know that the ORANGE varieties are good for your eyes. But they're not just good for that, carrots and sweet potatoes boost heart health and aid the immune system. Men who love eating them are less likely to have prostate cancer.

Mommy's Little Corner

Leptovox, it's all natural

A few months ago, I tried working out for 30 minutes everyday, I lost more than 15 pounds. But when I got busy, I stopped and started gaining weight again, even if I'm just eating a little. I'm beginning to feel frustrated but my friend is recommending Leptovox. I've never really believed in diet supplements but after checking it out, I learned that it's made from all-natural ingredients. I've also read the reviews and they all say one thing about leptovox, it really stands behind its product. I think I'm going to give it a try.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A Proven Diet Trick

Do you make resolutions to get into shape every year but finds it hard to stick to that promise? Sometimes, plugging away at the gym without seeing the pounds disappear becomes very frustrating. I'm sure you've never stopped finding ways to help you lose weight and get in shape. If nothing seems to work, I think it's time you take a new look on diet pill. But before you do, make sure to make a click stop at Price Exposed where more than 200 diet pills have been reviewed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Other Silent Killer

A swollen tummy, feeling bloated all the time, urinating more often, indigestion/and or nausea, changes in bowel pattern unexplained back or abdominal pain, excessive fatigue and abdominal bleeding are the usual symptoms of ovarian cancer. Like stroke, it has been know as the silent killer. US scientists have discovered that 9 out 10 women with early ovarian cancer experience symptoms. And according to them, it is vital to treat these symptoms seriously because early diagnosis and treatment means up to 90% of women with the disease survive five years or more. If these symptoms appear suddenly, are very frequent, persistent and don't respond to other treatment, it's best to consult with your doctor so treatment and medication can be applied immediately.

Mommy's Little Corner

Make Potty Training More Enjoyable

Have you ever heard of The Shandle? These are toilet seat handles with antimicrobial properties to protect you against damaging germs and bacteria. The antimicrobial properties are embedded in the plastic release silver ions to prevent growth of bacteria.

The Shandle is very ideal for those who are potty training their kids. Children like touching everything they see and they love putting those hands in their mouths. No matter how much you clean and scrub the entire household, most especially the toilet, there is no guarantee that you have eliminated all the germs and bacteria. It easily attaches to the seat of your toilet and it makes lifting the toilet seat easier and the antimicrobial protection makes it cleaner than ever.

Plus, your kids would definitely love sitting on those thrones because The Shandle's Just for Kids line has a variety of cute designs and colorful animals. These toilet seat handles also come with reminders like "Put the Seat Up", "Put the Seat Down" and "Wash Your Hands". Now your kids will never forget to wash their hands after using the toilet. They'll be practicing healthy habits while having fun with those cute and funny characters.

Get The Shandle for your toddlers, a healthy and cleaner bathroom is just a click of a mouse away.

Mommy's Little Corner

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2 Wonderful Awards

I got this one from 2 special ladies, Melinda of Zook Light and attygnorris of Glue for Families. Thank you ladies, both for the awards and the friendship, I was surprised that atty g passed it on to me because I didn't know she was reading my blog.

“This blog invests and believes, in ‘proximity’ [meaning, that blogging makes us ‘close’ - being close through proxy]. These blogs are all charming and they aim to show the marvels of friendship. Let’s give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to eight bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.”

The next award also came from Melinda. I've been seeing this one on a lot of blogs and wondered when I will ever get this. Well, my prayers were answered, hehe. I love it Melinda!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Doesn't Mean It's Good

Before taking a new pill, it always pays to ask some questions about the prescribed drug first. Not all doctors are updated and some medications may cause serious side effects. Many of us are not familiar with the names of the meds so ask what it is, how does it help you and if it's a newly approved drug. It's just like using a newly released gadget, unexpected problems can crop up that were not spotted in premarket tests. The older version of the drug may work just as well and are usually less expensive. If there's really no need for you to take the new drug, stick with what works. Research shows that it takes time for information on safety and risks to emerge.

Ask what's the lowest dose you can start with. If you start with higher doses right away, it's more likely to cause side effects. Ask your doc to prescribe a low dose, so you can both watch for side effects, and gradually increase dosage if there's a need to achieve the desired effects.

It is also important to discuss with your doctor if there are some things to be especially wary of when you start taking the prescribed meds and ask him what to do if in case a bad one appears. Let your doc know about any other meds you're taking in case the new drug should not be taken with them including vitamins and nutritional supplements.

We have to be very careful and prudent when it comes to medication. Just because they claim to be the best, doesn't mean they really work.

Viva Las Vegas!!!

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Health Tip # 1

How do you want your apple juice? Clear or cloudy? The cloudy juice or darker version has 4 times more antioxidants than the filtered variety. Cloudy outshines clear. But of course, eating a whole apple with the skin on is more nutritious than either form of beverage.

Mommy's Little Corner

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For Swollen Legs

Edema is caused by fluid buildup often triggered by hours of running errands. It gives the legs a thick appearance because gravity prevents the fluid from getting pumped to the kidneys for elimination.

The best solution for this is to lie on the floor and elevate your legs by resting them on a chair. Rotate your ankles slowly for 2 minutes. Experts say, this simple trick can ease the buildup within 30 minutes.

Still feeling guilty?

Are you cheating on your diet? It is alright to cheat once in a while so stop feeling guilty. As long as you promise yourself firmly that you'll make up for it later in the day and that you'd really do it. Your weight loss program should be realistic so it'll be easier for you to make up if you go off the diet rails. Try to write sown your meal plan for the next day or take a brisk walk that will make you feel back in control.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Embarrassing Ailments

Here are some health worries that people are too embarrassed to talk about or even ask advice on. Many would just self medicate and suffer in silence hoping it will heal or clear up on its own.

BOILS are caused by staphylococci, a bacteria infecting the hair follicles. The reason why some people are more prone to boils is still not known. I often hear my old relatives say "Don't eat too much eggs or else you'll have boils." So I grew up thinking that way.

Apply a soft cloth soaked in water with salt to the affected area for for about 30 minutes, several times a day, to help it burst and drain more quickly. Back here, we have this green paper called "Koyo" that you apply to it until it is ready to burst. Boils usually clear up on their own but they leave scars and they usually come back if it not totally drained. It will be best to consult the doctor so you'll be prescribed with the proper medication to get rid of the bacteria.

BAD BREATH is caused by poor oral hygiene, as the bacteria coating the teeth and gums release sulphur compounds. If brushing and flossing for 3 minutes after each meal [use an electric toothbrush and a mouthwash] is not enough, you better check your diet. Garlic, onions, cabbgae, as well as cigarettes and alcohol can take days to break down in the body. Saliva flow is reduced when you smoke, fasting causes problems too. When you don't eat, the body produces waste products called ketones which are expelled in the breath and smell like rotten food.

STRESS INCONTINENCE. Unexpected leaking from a few drops to a stream when you laugh, cough or exercise means the muscles at the neck of the bladder are not strong enough. Obesity, smoking and prescription drugs such as beta-blockers may contribute to this. And to most women, it is more common after child birth, a hysterectomy or menopause. To avoid, try some pelvic exercises.

Mommy's Little Corner

We are Watching

Hubs recently installed a keylogger in the family computer. Our tween is glued on the PC during his "no school" days so he wanted to monitor what sites he visits. Hubs and I have both agreed that he can use it for several hours during weekends because we believe that a computer is a vital learning tool. The keylogger lets him know that we are watching.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sage Can Kill

Yes, it has been proven, sage can kill... GERMS. Experts recently discovered that the herb can eliminate 65 types of common germs. It has a potent antioxidant that acts as a natural antibiotic to soothe the pain and inflammation of a sore throat. Here's what you should do: Simmer 2 tbsp of dried sage in 8 oz of water for 10 minutes. Salt will help ease swelling so stir in 1/4 tsp and let cool. For 30 seconds, gargle with the solution three times daily at the first sign of infection.

Mommy's Little Corner

It's easy going green

Some of you may not be aware that a lot of household appliances consume much more energy than necessary, even when they are switched off. Here are some simple tips to help you save energy in your home. Aside from saving money from our electricity bills we can also help curb climate change. Use energy-efficient lighting and install energy-saving light fixtures. They can cut power consumption by as much as 80% and last eight times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Don't just switch off tv sets, dvd players, microwaves and other appliances, they still consume electricity even in standby mode. Unplug them after use. Lastly, buy energy-efficient products that require less electricity for the same output. With these simple tips you can drive the power thieves out of your house.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sad News

I was watching the news earlier and was saddened by the death of a teenager who was hit by a truck while riding her bike. The mother was hysterical, who wouldn't be? Lately we've been hearing about a lot of fatal road accidents caused by irresponsible bus and truck drivers. These company owners better make sure they hire qualified drivers trained by a reputable truck driving school.

Having Zits Again

We're supposed to be having colder weather now but the heat is just terrible these past days and I'm starting to have the zits again. Been having this problem since I was a teenager and the only thing that helps whenever I have breakouts are my acne pills. I've tried so many ways of fighting acne before and spent so much on treatments but the pills are the most effective.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Medical Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

Many of us take medication without prescriptions and some don't follow doctor's orders when it comes to taking meds. I was reading Woman's Day last night and found a very helpful article by Francesca Kritz about 25 medical mistakes we shouldn't make. Read on because she listed the most common things that most of us do.

1) Never forget to complete a course of antibiotics or taken a break from your high blood pressure medication. If you think a few days won't matter, you could be playing Russian Roulette with your health.

2) Not telling your doctor about all the drugs [both prescription and OTC], supplements and herbal products you take. Telling your doctor can help him spot any problems or dangerous interactions.

3) Forgetting to tell your doctor about any allergies or adverse reactions you've had to a medication.

4) Not looking at a written prescription, be sure you read it before you leave the doctor's office.

5) Not reading the directions on the prescription label or asking questions before you leave the pharmacy.

6) Not telling the truth about your habits or symptoms.

7) Ignoring symptoms that may indicate an emergency.

8) Not bringing a pen and paper to an office visit to write down instructions and information.

9) Not getting copies of test results from your doctor and filling them in an accessible place at home.

10) Not having regular screenings for cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as regular pap smears, mammograms and other important health tests.

11) Failing to get a flu shot.

12) Not using sun screens correctly. Sunscreens should have an SPF of 30 or higher and also contain UVA screen. It tales 20 minutes to properly penetrate the skin, so put them 30 minutes before any anticipated sun exposure and reapply every hour, or even more frequently if you're actively perspiring or swimming.

13) Ignoring and/or self-treating vaginal infections.

14) Failing to check the reliability of an online medical resource.

15) Not setting up an emergency contact on your cellphone or home phone speed dial. Store contact under the name "ICE" which stands for In Case of Emergency. Many paramedics and emergency room physician have begun to look for that name first.

16) Using email to communicate with your doctor in an emergency. Don't assume your doctor is checking his computer all day long, most are not.

17) Being embarrassed to ask your doctor about a treatment or study you read online.

18) Failing to check your electronic record to be sure it contains correct information about you and your family.

19) Not asking everyone who has direct contact with you to wash their hands, if they don't immediately do so.

20) Not asking your doctor about your post-hospital treatment plan.

21) Making sure before surgery that you and your doctors are all aware of the procedure that needs to be done.

22) Not asking a friend or a family member to be with you at the hospital to help ask questions or take down information.

23) Failing to check with your insurer to find out if you need prior approval before having a medical procedure or test.

24) Not asking if there are alternatives to surgery, or alternative ways to perform it.

25) Failing to get a second opinion. Unless the doctor says you're at risk for sudden death, second opinions are valuable to help you decide on treatment.

Mommy's Little Corner

Health Supplement

Frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, irritability and blurry vision are the most common symptoms of diabetes. My dad had these symptoms, good thing he was due for an executive check-up. When the results came, we were informed by his doctor that he has Type 2 Diabetes. He was also prescribed a medicine for maintenance and is also taking dietary supplements. I recently heard about the wonders of orovo, so I'm gonna have to check if they have a product for my dad.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Slow PC

I usually use my daughter's pc when I'm updating my blogs and doing my entrecard drops. Hers is much faster than the one we have in our room. But now that she's on vacation, it's so hard to work there. She's been so busy tidying up her room, rearranging everything and getting rid of her old books and textbooks. So right now I'm back in our room trying to be patient with my slow pc.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stress or Bugs?

Fatigue is a typical side effect of a busy mom and according to studies, microscopic bugs could be one of the reasons. We may not be aware of it but microscopic droppings left by dust mites are the number one indoor allergen. We often blame stress but mites are the real culprit.

Everyone has dust mites in their house and they just love nestling in our beddings and pillows. We may have developed a sensitivity to the droppings of these bugs without even knowing it and that is causing our sleepless nights and allergy symptoms like sneezing and runny nose.

Routine cleaning such as shaking out blankets and fluffing pillows can worsen symptoms. Get rid of old bedroom rugs and wash your bedding more frequently. Reports say a new bedding holds 2 million or more allergen-producing dust mites after one month of use. Once allergens are airborne, they can affect people 24/7.

To sleep better at night and wake up energized, here are some ways to kill those mites.

1) Launder bedding in cold water. Studies show that washing in cold water weekly removes 90% of allergen-producing mite droppings.

2) Leave pillows and mattresses uncovered and exposed to direct sunlight and fresh dry air for at least an hour a week. It reduces dust mite populations by dehydrating the critters, which crave moist and warm areas.

3) Traditional brooms and vacuums stir allergens into the air. For hard floors it will be best to mop first before sweeping and for carpets, treat them with eucalyptus oil 6 to 24 hours before vacuuming. It helps neutralize mite allergens. Here's how to do it: Combine 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and 8 0z. water in a clean spray bottle and use it like you would a room deodorizing spray.

Getting Sick is Costly

About three weeks ago, my daughter's boyfriend was admitted to the hospital because of dengue fever. His case was severe and had to undergo blood transfusion. He was hospitalized for a week. While still recuperating at home, his sister was also diagnosed with dengue. Just like him, she stayed in the hospital for a week. Getting sick is really costly nowadays and my daughter said they are lucky because they have a group health insurance. The insurance covered all their expenses.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Safe for your babies

If you're concerned about recent reports of Bisphenol A and its possible effects on children, you should know about Lafe's Natural BodyCare's new line of baby products. Lafe's entire baby line comes in baby-safe plastic, free of the resins that contain Bisphenol A and other chemicals that may interfere with children's health and development. All the products in the line, which includes baby shampoo and bodywash, massage oil, baby lotion, bug spray, and even mother-to-be deodorant, are at least 95 percent certified organic, and are a clean and healthy option for mothers who want what's best for their babies. Lafe's products are available online at, and you can read more about estrogenic activity chemicals like Bisphenol A at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are you afraid of the sun?

I know summer is over and this post is quite late because it's beginning to get cold, but it's better late than never. :)

Too much sun can increase the risk of skin cancer, and you know that by now, but a recent study shows that moderate exposure actually outweighs the risks. Our cells produce vitamin D when exposed to UVB light which protects against multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and more than a dozen types of cancer. It can also help reduce the severity of osteoporosis and lower risk of fractures.

Here's more, sunlight may help lower blood pressure, hence, reducing our risk of heart disease. According to reports, during summer, fewer people suffer from hypertension.

For those people with psoriasis, daily UV exposure suppress the process that leads to scaly, itchy skin and can even clear the condition.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eggplant Caviar

Found this yummy eggplant recipe from food magazine. This new take on eggplant is a great and easy way to replace the expensive caviar we serve on parties.

  • 1 piece large eggplant
  • 1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp minced onion
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

1) Bake eggplant until soft. Discard skin and seeds. Mash eggplant and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well.

2) Serve with Melba Toast or crackers.

* Photo and Recipe were taken from Food Magazine.

Mommy's Little Corner

Busy As Usual

I have tons of work to do and I'm glad that hubby and the kids are all going out later. I'll be home alone which gives me more time to clean the whole house. I just hope that I get it all done early so I'll have more time to blog and do my EC drops. Hmmm, how I wish I'm on that Outer Banks rentals vacation I've so longed for in years.

Get Rid of Acne

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clear With Black

Black Currants boost night vision! Based on research, the high levels of antioxidant anthocyanosides found in black currants stimulate the body's production of rhodopsin. The pigment helps improve circulation in the capillaries of the eye resulting to sharper vision and redice eyestrain.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

SB 220X100

From the guy who brought you the Big Bang Explosion meme, now comes Slogbite. Tina is right! Slogbite is an awesome new directory site and I joined immediately after Tina invited me. The site is still under construction but is now accepting participants in preparation for its official launch. Join now!

Join SlogBite: Searching for Sites:
  • Choose a category that interests you. Then choose a site to visit by clicking on their “most representative” post (”See the Best before you see the Rest”.) This way you start out with their best post that site has to offer in this category; a great way to browse sites; or
  • Type in a keyword that may be found in a site name, the representative post or the site description and “enter.”
  • Both options are directly under the SlogBite banner.

Only at Faucet Outlet

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Real Superstars

By eating a diet that stresses fruits, whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins, olive oil and red wine for some, the risk of heart disease and certain cancers can be lowered. Here are some of the foods with protein benefits that we should add to out diet.

BROWN RICE. According to Japanese researchers, the outer layer of the grain [rice bran] can lower blood pressure by up to 20%.

STRAWBERRIES. These hearty fruits can lower levels of C-reactive protein, an indication of inflammation in blood vessels. The berries' flavonoids and Vitamin C help lower LDL levels [bad cholesterol].

BROCCOLI. This veggie has a phytochemical called indole-3-carbinol which helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

ORANGE JUICE. The citrus juice has folic acid and B vitamins that help break down homocysteine [an amino acid that increases heart disease risk] while vitamin C tackles heart-damaging free radicals.

TEA. The drink's antioxidants [polyphenols] have been shown to lower LDL by 16%. Based on a recent study, women who drank at least 2 cups of either black or green tea a day showed lower levels of homocysteine.

Mommy's Little Corner

America's #1 Pill

Hmmm, this is something new to me. Have you heard about America's #1 diet pill? The pill used to be available for professional body builders only but is now marketed for the public. Hydroxycut hardcore an effective fat burner and contains powerful thermogenic ingredients guaranteed to produce results unlike those common diet pills that are very popular in the market. So, if you are really serious about losing weight, try it, it's a great way to break down all those fat.

You Memory Card Solution

If you're looking to buy digital flash memory cards, is your one stop memory solution. They sell cheap memory cards and all them are guaranteed compatible with any type of device with a full 30-day money back guarantee. Memory supplier is one of the world's leading suppliers of memory cards and they now carry batteries and chargers for every mobile device. Click on the link to know more.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashionable Accessories

A woman do not really need to have an entire wardrobe to look fabulous and fashionable. If she knows how to dress wisely, she knows that all she needs to do is "accessorize." And when we talk about accessories, one need not buy too many expensive jewelry. You can get wholesale fashion jewelry to match your dress. D's Keepsakes is well worth a look. They have the latest trends in fashion jewelry at very affordable prices.

The Importance of Health Insurance

Two weeks ago, my daughter's boyfriend was hospitalized because of Dengue. His dengue was severe and had to undergo blood transfusion. He stayed in the hospital for a week and is now home recovering. He does not have health insurance, so they spent a pretty large sum of money to pay for the medical bill. Getting sick nowadays could cost you a fortune and some families could not possibly afford the medical bills and expenses. I believe that everyone should have a health insurance and NC health insurance ensures you that money is available in case one of you gets ill.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Man Pains

We could be complaining about PMS most of the time or slap the pain of childbirth in our husband's face every time we're angry, but we must understand that men have pains too. Some of them are even more painful than dysmenorrhea.

Here are some of the classic man-pain we should know about so we can understand our partners better:

GOUT is caused by uric acid build up in the joints. It happens when the liver produces more of the acid than the body can excrete in the urine. The excess uric acid crystallizes and settles in the joints which causes swelling, stiffness and pain. Men in their forties are the most common victims and it is mostly hereditary. Too much drinking of alcohol and sodas may interfere in the body's elimination of the uric acid which can add to the risk of developing gout in the long run. Extreme quantities of Vitamin C and B3 [niacin] should also be avoided. Gout can be avoided and treated by limiting intake of purine-rich foods, organ meats, shellfish and sardines, which affects the production of uric acid in the body.

HERNIA happens when segments of organs in the gut, like the intestines, jut out of their thin membrane. It is seen as a painless lump to a painful protusion of tissue in the abdomen. Hernia is a condition that does not only affect a man's testicles but the entire abdominal area as well, and more commonly in the lower torso. Hernia can be congenital and it can also be caused by heavy lifting, obesity and activities that constantly stretch the abdominal regions. Contrary to beliefs, women can also get hernia. It can be treated through surgical procedures but in some cases no surgery is required.

Mommy's Little Corner

Easy Loan, Fast Money

Hard times can't be avoided. Times when you are short of cash, an emergency arises and the next payday is a few weeks away. Sure you can easily borrow money from friends and relatives but what if they too, don't have the cash to lend you?

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You can get as much as $2500 and you can expect it in your bank account the next banking day after applying online. See how easy it is? You don't even have to go out of your house or your office and there's no need to submit any documents.

The next time you are short of cash, try payday advance and save your face from borrowing money from friends.

Overnight Cash

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Body Building Supplements

To become bigger and stronger, body builders do not really need supplements. But investing on the right bodybuilding supplements and using the proper amount, they can gain an extra edge and achieve superior gains than a person who opted not to take them. A bodybuilder spends endless hours of hard work to achieve the physique he desires and it's only logical to invest in reputable products to maximize his gains.

Beat The Rush

Applying or renewing of passports can be daunting with all those people lining up and waiting for your turn for hours. Beat the rush and apply online before the end of the month and avail of the standard processing fee of $29. American Passport Express is the first online passport service and they guarantee to give you your passport and visas within 24 hours.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Too Much Can Hurt You

I used to be so generous when I slather lotion onto my skin until I've read an article about it saying that too much can hurt. Over the counter creams with LIDOCAINE, METHYL SALICYLATE, and HYDROCORTISONE should be applied thinly. Whew! I'm just so relieved that I strictly followed doctor's to apply the skin asthma cream thinly onto my son's skin. His cream contains hydrocortisone. According to the article, too much of these 3 chemicals may not only hurt you but overdosage may be fatal.

An athlete, Arielle Newman died from sports cream overdose. She used large amounts of pain relieving ointments which contain methyl salicylate. Reports say, it may have interacted with other aspirin-based medicines she was using which caused her cardiac arrest. There were other reports on lidocaine overdose, an ingredient found in hair removal gels.

Although these cases are rare, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you think that if a little bit is good, a lot is even better, think again. This is not true when it comes to what we slather on our body.

The article suggests we follow these rubbing rules:

  • FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS - always use the correct dosage.
  • NEVER COVER THE AREA - don't wrap or apply heat to your skin after putting a product on your skin unless you are following doctor's instructions. Wrapping or oclusion increases absorption.
  • ASK QUESTIONS - anytime you get a treatment at a spa or salon that involves wrapping, make sure you ask what's being applied, if there are any dangers, and how long you'll be wrapped.
  • BE CAREFUL AROUND THE SKIN - protective top layers of keratin are lacking in thin-skinned areas [armpits, groin, eyelids] and mucuos membranes [nasal passages, mouth, vaginal and rectal regions], so medication have a stronger effect in these places.
  • TALK TO YOUR DOC - just because you get it over the counter doesn't mean you shouldn't tell your doctor about it.
  • CHECK FOR FDA/BFAD APPROVAL - products approved by them have been tested and are labeled with appropriate warnings and directions for use.

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