Achy Feet

For some months now, I've noticed that when I wake up every morning, I have sharp pains in the middle parts [arch area] and heels of my feet. The pain become sharper upon standing up. It's kind of difficult to take the first few steps because of the pain. But after only a few minutes of walking or standing, the pain will be gone and my feet are a lot better. I wasn't giving much attention to it, I thought I was just over weight and also thought of my age, lol. Until I read about it in one article. What I have been experiencing is called Plantar Fasciitiis. The pressure on the band of tissue [plantar fascia] that supports the arch of the foot causes the tissue to become inflamed and develop small tears. The connective tissue contracts when a person is resting.

I didn't know what it was then so I tried massaging my feet before heading to be bed but the pain is still there every time I wake up. The article says that the simple solution to this is stretching. To do it, you have to sit with the right leg crossed over the left leg. On the foot of the crossed leg, pull the toes toward the shin and hold for 10 seconds. Then do it with the left leg crossed over the right leg. Repeat this 10 times, three times a day. You may also ice the area for 15 minutes each morning to reduce the swelling. Healing can take up to 3 months. I started five days ago and so far, so good. Now I know this isn't because of my age, lol.



I have never heard of that but glad you figured out what the problem was. Sometimes I think that I am just falling apart b/c of my age so it is nice to know that some things actually aren't.

Maya said...

i been feeling pain on my joints.& sometimes having difficulties to walk specially when it's winter or windy.
to nice to know that it still have some remedy.

Jackie said...

Hi Liza,
I was just in touch with Jack and he said definitely yes.

He is ready,willing and able to once again be launched.

Please just let us know if you see any rubber chickens headed your way!!LOLZ!!!!!

Thanks for your comment....sometimes, you just have to have some fun huh?

Jack urged me to rush right over and tell you just to yell if you need help. He has terrific hearing!!:-)))))))

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