The Alternative Therapy

Back in 1997, my FIL had a heart attack while hearing an early morning mass. At the hospital, he was immediately recommended for a heart by-pass operation. We were really surprised because he seems to be a very healthy person. He would do his routine every morning when he wakes up. He does not take alcohol, he doesn't smoke and he stays away from fatty foods. No one among us knew that he's been having symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pains and lack of energy.

He had a successful operation and a fast recovery and now his heart is as good as new. If only we knew then about chelation therapy, then he could have avoided the surgery. Chelation is used by some alternative practitioners to treat hardening of the arteries. Cardio Renew, an oral chelation therapy will chelate calcium and other minerals and heavy metals out of the body resulting in clean arteries. When the arteries are blocked, blood flow is restricted and the body won't be receiving proper nourishment. This results to poor health condition. Chelation helps reduce the blockage and increase circulation making the body operate normally once again. It is safe, fast and cost effective.

Please click on the links for more information on chelation therapy and its effectiveness.


Monica said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'll click on it for more info..

Anonymous said...

Those medical terms are spinning my head..

Anonymous said...

That's an additional knowledge!

Anonymous said...

Now I know! I'm learning something from you!

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