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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Embarrassing Ailments

Here are some health worries that people are too embarrassed to talk about or even ask advice on. Many would just self medicate and suffer in silence hoping it will heal or clear up on its own.

BOILS are caused by staphylococci, a bacteria infecting the hair follicles. The reason why some people are more prone to boils is still not known. I often hear my old relatives say "Don't eat too much eggs or else you'll have boils." So I grew up thinking that way.

Apply a soft cloth soaked in water with salt to the affected area for for about 30 minutes, several times a day, to help it burst and drain more quickly. Back here, we have this green paper called "Koyo" that you apply to it until it is ready to burst. Boils usually clear up on their own but they leave scars and they usually come back if it not totally drained. It will be best to consult the doctor so you'll be prescribed with the proper medication to get rid of the bacteria.

BAD BREATH is caused by poor oral hygiene, as the bacteria coating the teeth and gums release sulphur compounds. If brushing and flossing for 3 minutes after each meal [use an electric toothbrush and a mouthwash] is not enough, you better check your diet. Garlic, onions, cabbgae, as well as cigarettes and alcohol can take days to break down in the body. Saliva flow is reduced when you smoke, fasting causes problems too. When you don't eat, the body produces waste products called ketones which are expelled in the breath and smell like rotten food.

STRESS INCONTINENCE. Unexpected leaking from a few drops to a stream when you laugh, cough or exercise means the muscles at the neck of the bladder are not strong enough. Obesity, smoking and prescription drugs such as beta-blockers may contribute to this. And to most women, it is more common after child birth, a hysterectomy or menopause. To avoid, try some pelvic exercises.

Mommy's Little Corner

We are Watching

Hubs recently installed a keylogger in the family computer. Our tween is glued on the PC during his "no school" days so he wanted to monitor what sites he visits. Hubs and I have both agreed that he can use it for several hours during weekends because we believe that a computer is a vital learning tool. The keylogger lets him know that we are watching.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sage Can Kill

Yes, it has been proven, sage can kill... GERMS. Experts recently discovered that the herb can eliminate 65 types of common germs. It has a potent antioxidant that acts as a natural antibiotic to soothe the pain and inflammation of a sore throat. Here's what you should do: Simmer 2 tbsp of dried sage in 8 oz of water for 10 minutes. Salt will help ease swelling so stir in 1/4 tsp and let cool. For 30 seconds, gargle with the solution three times daily at the first sign of infection.

Mommy's Little Corner

It's easy going green

Some of you may not be aware that a lot of household appliances consume much more energy than necessary, even when they are switched off. Here are some simple tips to help you save energy in your home. Aside from saving money from our electricity bills we can also help curb climate change. Use energy-efficient lighting and install energy-saving light fixtures. They can cut power consumption by as much as 80% and last eight times longer than incandescent light bulbs. Don't just switch off tv sets, dvd players, microwaves and other appliances, they still consume electricity even in standby mode. Unplug them after use. Lastly, buy energy-efficient products that require less electricity for the same output. With these simple tips you can drive the power thieves out of your house.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sad News

I was watching the news earlier and was saddened by the death of a teenager who was hit by a truck while riding her bike. The mother was hysterical, who wouldn't be? Lately we've been hearing about a lot of fatal road accidents caused by irresponsible bus and truck drivers. These company owners better make sure they hire qualified drivers trained by a reputable truck driving school.

Having Zits Again

We're supposed to be having colder weather now but the heat is just terrible these past days and I'm starting to have the zits again. Been having this problem since I was a teenager and the only thing that helps whenever I have breakouts are my acne pills. I've tried so many ways of fighting acne before and spent so much on treatments but the pills are the most effective.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Medical Mistakes You Shouldn't Make

Many of us take medication without prescriptions and some don't follow doctor's orders when it comes to taking meds. I was reading Woman's Day last night and found a very helpful article by Francesca Kritz about 25 medical mistakes we shouldn't make. Read on because she listed the most common things that most of us do.

1) Never forget to complete a course of antibiotics or taken a break from your high blood pressure medication. If you think a few days won't matter, you could be playing Russian Roulette with your health.

2) Not telling your doctor about all the drugs [both prescription and OTC], supplements and herbal products you take. Telling your doctor can help him spot any problems or dangerous interactions.

3) Forgetting to tell your doctor about any allergies or adverse reactions you've had to a medication.

4) Not looking at a written prescription, be sure you read it before you leave the doctor's office.

5) Not reading the directions on the prescription label or asking questions before you leave the pharmacy.

6) Not telling the truth about your habits or symptoms.

7) Ignoring symptoms that may indicate an emergency.

8) Not bringing a pen and paper to an office visit to write down instructions and information.

9) Not getting copies of test results from your doctor and filling them in an accessible place at home.

10) Not having regular screenings for cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as regular pap smears, mammograms and other important health tests.

11) Failing to get a flu shot.

12) Not using sun screens correctly. Sunscreens should have an SPF of 30 or higher and also contain UVA screen. It tales 20 minutes to properly penetrate the skin, so put them 30 minutes before any anticipated sun exposure and reapply every hour, or even more frequently if you're actively perspiring or swimming.

13) Ignoring and/or self-treating vaginal infections.

14) Failing to check the reliability of an online medical resource.

15) Not setting up an emergency contact on your cellphone or home phone speed dial. Store contact under the name "ICE" which stands for In Case of Emergency. Many paramedics and emergency room physician have begun to look for that name first.

16) Using email to communicate with your doctor in an emergency. Don't assume your doctor is checking his computer all day long, most are not.

17) Being embarrassed to ask your doctor about a treatment or study you read online.

18) Failing to check your electronic record to be sure it contains correct information about you and your family.

19) Not asking everyone who has direct contact with you to wash their hands, if they don't immediately do so.

20) Not asking your doctor about your post-hospital treatment plan.

21) Making sure before surgery that you and your doctors are all aware of the procedure that needs to be done.

22) Not asking a friend or a family member to be with you at the hospital to help ask questions or take down information.

23) Failing to check with your insurer to find out if you need prior approval before having a medical procedure or test.

24) Not asking if there are alternatives to surgery, or alternative ways to perform it.

25) Failing to get a second opinion. Unless the doctor says you're at risk for sudden death, second opinions are valuable to help you decide on treatment.

Mommy's Little Corner

Health Supplement

Frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, unusual weight loss, increased fatigue, irritability and blurry vision are the most common symptoms of diabetes. My dad had these symptoms, good thing he was due for an executive check-up. When the results came, we were informed by his doctor that he has Type 2 Diabetes. He was also prescribed a medicine for maintenance and is also taking dietary supplements. I recently heard about the wonders of orovo, so I'm gonna have to check if they have a product for my dad.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Slow PC

I usually use my daughter's pc when I'm updating my blogs and doing my entrecard drops. Hers is much faster than the one we have in our room. But now that she's on vacation, it's so hard to work there. She's been so busy tidying up her room, rearranging everything and getting rid of her old books and textbooks. So right now I'm back in our room trying to be patient with my slow pc.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stress or Bugs?

Fatigue is a typical side effect of a busy mom and according to studies, microscopic bugs could be one of the reasons. We may not be aware of it but microscopic droppings left by dust mites are the number one indoor allergen. We often blame stress but mites are the real culprit.

Everyone has dust mites in their house and they just love nestling in our beddings and pillows. We may have developed a sensitivity to the droppings of these bugs without even knowing it and that is causing our sleepless nights and allergy symptoms like sneezing and runny nose.

Routine cleaning such as shaking out blankets and fluffing pillows can worsen symptoms. Get rid of old bedroom rugs and wash your bedding more frequently. Reports say a new bedding holds 2 million or more allergen-producing dust mites after one month of use. Once allergens are airborne, they can affect people 24/7.

To sleep better at night and wake up energized, here are some ways to kill those mites.

1) Launder bedding in cold water. Studies show that washing in cold water weekly removes 90% of allergen-producing mite droppings.

2) Leave pillows and mattresses uncovered and exposed to direct sunlight and fresh dry air for at least an hour a week. It reduces dust mite populations by dehydrating the critters, which crave moist and warm areas.

3) Traditional brooms and vacuums stir allergens into the air. For hard floors it will be best to mop first before sweeping and for carpets, treat them with eucalyptus oil 6 to 24 hours before vacuuming. It helps neutralize mite allergens. Here's how to do it: Combine 5 drops of eucalyptus oil and 8 0z. water in a clean spray bottle and use it like you would a room deodorizing spray.

Getting Sick is Costly

About three weeks ago, my daughter's boyfriend was admitted to the hospital because of dengue fever. His case was severe and had to undergo blood transfusion. He was hospitalized for a week. While still recuperating at home, his sister was also diagnosed with dengue. Just like him, she stayed in the hospital for a week. Getting sick is really costly nowadays and my daughter said they are lucky because they have a group health insurance. The insurance covered all their expenses.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Safe for your babies

If you're concerned about recent reports of Bisphenol A and its possible effects on children, you should know about Lafe's Natural BodyCare's new line of baby products. Lafe's entire baby line comes in baby-safe plastic, free of the resins that contain Bisphenol A and other chemicals that may interfere with children's health and development. All the products in the line, which includes baby shampoo and bodywash, massage oil, baby lotion, bug spray, and even mother-to-be deodorant, are at least 95 percent certified organic, and are a clean and healthy option for mothers who want what's best for their babies. Lafe's products are available online at, and you can read more about estrogenic activity chemicals like Bisphenol A at

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Are you afraid of the sun?

I know summer is over and this post is quite late because it's beginning to get cold, but it's better late than never. :)

Too much sun can increase the risk of skin cancer, and you know that by now, but a recent study shows that moderate exposure actually outweighs the risks. Our cells produce vitamin D when exposed to UVB light which protects against multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes and more than a dozen types of cancer. It can also help reduce the severity of osteoporosis and lower risk of fractures.

Here's more, sunlight may help lower blood pressure, hence, reducing our risk of heart disease. According to reports, during summer, fewer people suffer from hypertension.

For those people with psoriasis, daily UV exposure suppress the process that leads to scaly, itchy skin and can even clear the condition.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eggplant Caviar

Found this yummy eggplant recipe from food magazine. This new take on eggplant is a great and easy way to replace the expensive caviar we serve on parties.

  • 1 piece large eggplant
  • 1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp minced onion
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp olive oil

1) Bake eggplant until soft. Discard skin and seeds. Mash eggplant and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well.

2) Serve with Melba Toast or crackers.

* Photo and Recipe were taken from Food Magazine.

Mommy's Little Corner

Busy As Usual

I have tons of work to do and I'm glad that hubby and the kids are all going out later. I'll be home alone which gives me more time to clean the whole house. I just hope that I get it all done early so I'll have more time to blog and do my EC drops. Hmmm, how I wish I'm on that Outer Banks rentals vacation I've so longed for in years.

Get Rid of Acne

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Clear With Black

Black Currants boost night vision! Based on research, the high levels of antioxidant anthocyanosides found in black currants stimulate the body's production of rhodopsin. The pigment helps improve circulation in the capillaries of the eye resulting to sharper vision and redice eyestrain.

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