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Monday, July 28, 2008

Tummy Rumbles

Have you ever had those embarrassing sounds your tummy makes even when you're not hungry? Did you know that these noises are called BORBORYGMI? I just found out about it while surfing the web.

The rumbling sounds occur during the digestive process. Your tummy grumbles when food is squeezed back and forth through the digestive tract until it dissolves. Foods high in fiber take longer to dissolve, hence grumbles are more frequent. As the body gets used to breaking down higher amounts of fiber, it will increase production of digestive enzymes that help speed the process.

To avoid these embarrassing sounds, add a tablespoon of olive oil to your meals. The fatty acids in the oil relax intestinal muscles enough to reduce rumbling.

Mommy's Little Corner

My Gorgeous Friend

I was out with some friends this afternoon. One of my closest friends went home from the US and she wanted to see all of so she arranged for lunch. She surprised us with her new look. She lost so much weight and was bragging about Lipovox. She gained a lot of weight after her last pregnancy but now she's back to her old weight. Hmmm, seeing her looking so gorgeous made me think. I think I'm going to follow.

Great Outdoor Lightings

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Brillante Award

BRILLANTE AWARD .... Bestowed upon me by The Mommy and Me Boutique and See N Read. Thank You, so much. I, in turn would like to bestow this Brillante Award upon the following:

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Winners, you are under no obligations to do a post on this award. If you should choose not to, that is by all means o.k., if you choose to take part , that is great. Just know that I think you, as bloggers, are pretty terific!

Hubby's Civic

My husband's new project is modifying his Civic, he had it repainted last year. Next to be modified is the suspension. He's still saving up for it but little by little he also replaces some of the car parts. His car is almost 11 years old, but it’s well maintained and still runs in good condition. He makes sure it is factory-serviced and he always wanted to soup it up as it is one of the more popular models Honda ever produced.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Food Friday: Sukiyaki

food friday

It was my dad's birthday last week and mom cooked his favorite dish, Sukiyaki. It's a famous Japanese dish cooked nabemono or steamboat style with paper thin beef, vermicelli, vegetables, tofu and inoki mushrooms. Mom used dried shiitake mushrooms instead because inoki mushrooms are not always available here.

Foodies please join us here at Food Friday.

Mommy's Little Corner

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ever heard of CAM?

For over 2 decades now, alternative medicine and complementary medicine have been making waves. But please do not be mistaken, alternative medicine differs from complementary medicine. Alternative medicine is used "in place" of conventional medicine while complementary medicine is used "together with" conventional medicine. Since both have been frequently grouped together, the term CAM has become standard. Many people are turning to CAM [Complementary Alternative Medicine]. It is a kind of healing practice that does not fall within the field of conventional medicine. Examples of this are yoga, herbalism, chiropractic, hypnosis, naturopathy, bodywork, and diet-based therapies and some products. My mom regularly visits a chiropractor for her slipped disc, and she claims her back definitely got better. Real medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy are behind CAM together with the help of other health professionals such as physical therapists, registered nurses, psychologists, and care providers.

When we are at work, or in school and sometimes even at home, we encounter so many problems that brings about occasional anxiety, stress, nervousness, nervous tension, lack of focus, depressed moods and low energy levels. Products and dietary supplements can be taken as a part of a complete wellness plan but with the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

One example of products used in complementary alternative medicine is clarocet, pronounced as klehr-oh-set. It's a kind of dietary supplement which consists of bio-active plant medicines, essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are clinically proven to provide support to a person's state of being healthy. The Clarocet store provides you with full information on which product is right for you. They have different package types such as ClarocetNRI, to act fast on nervousness, anxiety and panic attacks, ClorocetERT for mood support, ClarocetCS for cognitive support, ClarocetPM for rapid relaxation and Clarocet Junior for your kids' mental shrrpness and positive mood balance.

Go over and check the Clarocet Review so you can see how these products helped people who suffered from depression, stress and anxiety.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Super Foods For a Healthy Heart

These eight super foods are sure to slash away your blood pressure and cholesterol level. These are the foods you can't afford to escape if you care enough for your heart and when you aim for a balanced diet.

1. ORANGES. This citrus fruit supplies fiber and folate which breaks down amino acids that can damage the lining of the arteries which promote blood clots.

2. TROUT. This oily fish has sweet, flaky flesh and is packed with omega3 fatty acids. The healthy fats fight the bad fats [tryglycerides] that is associated with heart disease.

3. CEREAL. Skip the sugary ones your kids love and look for cereals with at least 4 gms of fiber per serving. Consuming whole-grain cereals 2 to 6 times a week lessens the risk of heart failure. The fiber in these cereals stabilizes blood glucose and insulin levels.

4. CANOLA OIL. Next to olive oil, canola oil is good for your heart and tastes much better especially when it comes to baking. The oil is high in both poly and monounsaturated fats and is also a good source of omega3. So when you need an oil change, use canola oil instead of corn oil and soybean oil.

5. COCOA POWDER. I am so sure you know by now that green tea is good to your heart, but you probably don't know that a mug of hot cocoa is better. Some powdered cocoas are minimally sweetened so the cardiovascular benefits are concentrated into fewer calories. Chocolate bars however, don't offer the same benefits because the processing of chocolate bars seem to decrease antioxidant content.

6. ALMONDS. These nuts provide plenty of minerals and vitamins necessary for the heart. Almonds are packed with amino acids that your body uses to produce nitric oxide, an important chemical to keep the blood vessel flexible. The magnesium and calcium in almonds help manage and maintain normal blood pressure. The nutritious nut is also one of the best sources of Vitamin E that keeps arteries clean by preventing bad cholesterol from oxidizing and causing blockages.

7. BLACK BEANS. The mighty black beans have blood pressure-regulating magnesium and soluble filters which attaches ti cholesterol and whisks it out of the body. These beans were found to have the highest antioxidant capacity to lower the risk of heart disease.

8. AVOCADO. This fruit has proven heart health benefits. The avocado is valued for the type of monounsaturated fat it contains, the oleic acid which lowers cholesterol level, the dame fat also found in olive oil. Potassium can also be found in avocados, a mineral that helps blunt the spike in blood pressure that sodium triggers.

Mommy's Little Corner

Monday, July 21, 2008

Funny Shirts

My dad celebrated his 65th birthday last week, July 15. Although we didn't really have a party, we enjoyed a very quiet dinner, which my mom prepared for him. My siblings in the US called to greet him and asked if he got the funny t-shirts they sent him. Their gift arrived a day early so he was able to wear one of the shirts on his birthday. He liked them, so my sister is sending more.

I need a vacation!

Lately, I've been feeling stressed and exhausted. I have so many things to do and the store has been taking too much of my time. Two of my helpers left a few weeks ago, the first one got pregnant and the other one was caught stealing from the cash box. I still have to take care of the kids' needs, which, of course is number one in my list. Then, I also have to keep my four blogs updated. I need a break! As soon as I find new helpers, the family is definitely booking at Barbados villa rentals and enjoy the much needed vacation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Food Friday: Sandwich

food friday

Since avocados are in season, I tried mixing it with black forest ham for my kids' baon [snack] to school. They loved it!

Sorry about the shadow, I was in a hurry to snap it so I just grabbed my cam phone.

A blessed weekend to all.

Mommy's Little Corner

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stop Snoozing

I never realized that snoozing for a few more minutes after waking up doesn't really help you get energized and ward off morning sluggishness until I've read it in Health. I've always thought that those extra shut-eyes are really helpful because you get to sleep for some more. It turns out that it'll only make you feel more sleepy. The author suggests to set your clock for the time you really have to wake up instead of hitting snooze.

Mommy's Little Corner

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Paella Pilipino

Due to insistent public demand, lol, I am posting the recipe of the Paella Pilipino, my entry for last week's Food Friday. I got a lot of requests from friends for my Paella recipe.


  • chicken - cut in small pieces
  • sirloin - cut in small pieces
  • shrimps
  • clams
  • mussels
  • crabs - halved (if using big crabs, cut in quarters)
  • chorizo de bilbao - sliced
  • green peas
  • bell pepper
  • 2 cups glutinous rice
  • 2 cups rice
  • onions
  • garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • olive oil

Saute the shellfish, meats and crabs in olive oil, onions and garlic. When the meats and shellfish are cooked, take them out of the sauce.

In a steamer, steam glutinous rice and rice together. Instead of using plain water for steaming, use the tomato sauce which you used for sauteing.

In a big pan, put in the rice in tomato sauce. mix in the meats and shellfish in low fire. After mixing well, turn off the heat and serve.

Mommy's Little Corner

Party Planning

My son's birthday is on the 29th and I have been so busy preparing for his party. I will be cooking some of his favorite foods and he is planning to invite some of his close friends in school. It will just be a small party here at home and we're still completing the list of fun activities. My daughter volunteered to take care of the party invitations and hopefully they'll be out next week.

A New Home

I was talking to my brother through skype last night. After moving to the US a few years ago, he was proud to announce that they are moving to their new home next week. He recently purchased a new house because he qualified at mortgage lenders. He was telling me about how the kids were so excited about moving. He didn't send me pictures of the kids, though because all were busy packing their things. But he promised to send me pics once they've moved to their new home.

Mommy's Little Corner

Friday, July 11, 2008

Food Friday: Paella

Nothing beats a steaming, home-cooked paella!

Paella is a typical Valencian rice dish from Spain. The origin of the name paella is in the Valencian for frying pan. This word in turn derives from Latin patella and is akin to French poĂȘle, Italian padella, Old Spanish padilla and New Mexican Spanish puela.

Paella is usually garnished with vegetables and meat or seafood. The three key ingredients are rice, saffron, and olive oil. (wikipedia)

Happy weekend to all!

Mommy's Little Corner

Traveling Companion

My parents are off to New York tomorrow. They are going to visit my siblings who have been there for years. Both are excited and will be gone for a month. They have packed their clothes but still have to pack more. I had to rush to them last night bringing my Briggs and Riley so they can finish packing. The luggage have been with me for years but it still looks as good as new. I'm sure they'll be able to travel comfortably with that.

Mommy's Little Corner

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Silly Home Remedies

Last time, I told you about some things we can find in the kitchen which we can use as remedies. Here are more surprising home remedies I found that I'd like to share with you. Some of you would think these are silly but these home remedies actually have evidence to support them. So before you rummage through your medicine cabinet or run to the nearest drugstore, read on first.

FOR INSECT BITES. By crushing 3 aspirin and adding a few drops of water, you can make a paste. Apply it to affected areas and leave on for 2 minutes, then rinse with cool water. You may do this twice daily until pain and itching stops. The salicylic acid in Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory compound that can reduce pain and itching.

FOR BLEEDING CUTS. Lightly press a cool tea bag against a small cut for 1 minute. then rinse and cover with bandage. The tannic acid in tea prompts blood vessels to constrict more quickly, which slows the flow of blood. This is because the tannic acid has an astringent effect.

FOR BURNS. Slice a tomato and apply it to damaged skin. Leave on for 5 minutes, then remove. Don't try to wipe the remaining juice on your skin, let it fully dry on skin. Once it's dry, rinse with cool water. Repeat the process two times a day until discomfort ends. The red fruit contains lycopene, an anti-inflammatory agent that calms inflamed skin. The juice helps draw some of the liquid out of the burn and reduce swelling.

FOR DANDRUFF. Mix 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar with 1 quart of water. Use it as your final rinse after shampooing, twice weekly. The acidity in vinegar helps reduce the natural pH of the scalp which creates an unfriendly environment for yeast which cause dandruff.

FOR BLISTERS. This is already the second time I've heard about this, but since I rarely go out and when I do I wear flip flops, I haven't tried it yet. You can sidestep blisters by applying a roll-on deodorant to your feet before heading out. This will keep your skin from rubbing against your shoes and stop sweat glands from producing sweat.

FOR NAIL FUNGUS. Make a bleach solution by combining 1 teaspoon of bleach and 1 cup water. Pure bleach will burn your skin so it is important to dilute it with water. Using a dropper, apply the solution to affected nail. You can apply it twice daily until inflection disappears. The bleach slows down the growth of nail fungi.

FOR WARTS. Did you know that you can remove warts with a duct tape? Recent research shows this remedy could clear warts in 2 months. They found out that the tape removes the virus-laden skin cells. Here's how to do it - apply a piece of tape [cut it about the same size] to the wart and leave on for 6 days. If the tape falls off, just replace it. After 6 days, remove tape and wash area with soap and water. The next day, repeat the process again. Do this until the wart disappears.

Think about all these, they make sense to me and they're not silly at all, aside from being less painful and less expensive, you can easily find them in your home.

Mommy's Little Corner

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sunlight... on aging

I've always thought that exposure to sunlight raises your risk on skin cancer and is the cause of premature aging. Based on what I've read from Health, the high levels of Vitamin D can really slow down the aging process by up to 5 years. According to the article, at least 20 minutes exposure to sunlight a week is enough to supply us with our daily D requirements. With this, The DNA damage that triggers age-related diseases like cancer and heart ailments are cut down.

Family Getaway

If you're feeling stressed because of the hot weather, why not head to the beach? You can unwind and reconnect with your family and indulge at Hilton Head rentals. With its great beaches and natural sceneries, I'm sure your family will have an unforgettable vacation. Let your kids experience the fun of kayaking, windsurfing, water skiing, wave running and sailing while you and your partner unwind. Get pampered and be treated like a king, book now, save a lot and experience a worry free vacation.

Looking for a Job in SF

My friend Annelle informed me yesterday that she and her family are leaving for San Francisco next month. Her family will be staying there for good. Annelle is a financial analyst here in the Philippines and is not sure if she can get the same job when she goes to the US. My sister advised her to check San Francisco resumes. Posting her resumes on their web site can help her look for job openings and apply immediately. With all her credentials, I'm sure she won't have a hard time.

Memory Upgrade

For the past five days, I have noticed that my PC is slowing down. At first I thought it was my internet cable connection, but when hubby checked on the speed we knew that something is wrong with the PC. What used to be a 1 and a half hour of entrecard dropping now doubled. Hubby said, I need to upgrade my memory. True enough, that was just what I needed. Now I'm back to my normal speed.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Go for Extra Virgin

It's a known fact that all types of olive oil are good for the heart, moreover, studies have shown that the virgin and extra virgin varieties are much better than pure or light oils. You want to know why? Virgin oils are packed with phenols, a compound which reduce blood pressure and lowers the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Although slightly costly than than ordinary olive oils, it's well worth it. Just imagine all the health benefits you can get from it. Here's a tip on how to keep your virgin oil fresh, refrigerate it or store in a cool dark place. Heat and light destroy phenols.

Mommy's Little Corner

My New Gadget

Managing a mini grocery occupies most of my time. And because I am hands-ons to my bread and butter, hubby felt I needed a Bluetooth headset so I can get to my calls even when I'm busy at the store. My hands are pretty occupied most of the time, even with 2 helpers, especially during peek hours. I think he was right that I should get one of those and was planning to purchase a bluetooth headset. But before I knew it, he surprised me with this cute one last night.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Food Friday: Tamarind Candies

These are tamarind candies. The one on top are the real fruits preserved with sugar and salt. Both candies are a bit spicy but they're oh so gooood.

In the Philippines it is called sampaloc in Tagalog and sambag in Cebuano. The fruit pulp is edible and popular. It is used as a spice in both Asian and Latin American cuisines. The hard green pulp of a young fruit is very tart and acidic and is most often used as a component of savory dishes. The ripened fruit is sweeter, yet still distinctively sour, and can be used in desserts and sweetened drinks, or as a snack.

Click here for more Food Friday entries.

Mommy's Little Corner

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

High Heels Alert

Did you know that wearing high heels regularly could possibly trigger Urinary Tract Infections? Surprised? I was too when I came upon the article in First magazine. It's hard to believe that it could be possible.

"Regularly wearing heels exaggerates the natural forward tilt of the pelvis. This creates pressure on sensory nerves in the lower spine, which can prevent the bladder from emptying completely and thus increase a woman's odds of developing a UTI."

If you really need to wear high heels regularly, it would be best to choose 2 inches or lesser heels to reduce the risk. The author suggests to perform a self-check in the mirror, if the arch of the back becomes more pronounce after slipping on your pumps, swap the shoes for flats or lower heels.

Sweet Home Blogger Awards

These wonderful awards came from Charm at The Journey. Thank you Charm, these awards definitely made me smile.

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