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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Heart and Soul

It is truly an honor to have received the “Heart and Soul Award” especially when it comes from someone I truly admire. I have been awarded by JT Locke of The Frugal Housewife. I love her blog, and her frugal tips. If you still haven’t visited her, hop on to her blog and check it out. You won't be disappointed. :)
Flo at Soulful Scribbles designed the Heart and Soul Award. She did a GREAT job!!! If you haven’t visited her blog, please head on over and check it out too!!! Flo has some special rules for handing out this award. They are:
  • Create a post about it, and make sure to include the logo.
  • Nominate three blogs that have touched or inspired you, and made an impact in your life.
  • Add a link to your nominees’ blogs in your post and inform them about the award.
  • Go to and leave the URLs of the 3 blogs you have nominated.
Now, picking out just three was a tough job. There are so many great blogs out there that I enjoy too but here are my 3 picks:

Melissa@Your Fun Family - You'll pick up a lot of things from her blog. I love her latest post about making your own oatmeal soap. I didn't realize that it was so easy. My son has skin asthma and his doc recommends oatmeal soap.

Anya@KARELTJE en ikke !!! - She blogs about her family and cute cat Kareltje.

Carlota@Dashing Smiles - One of the friendliest bloggers I've known. She makes great blog layouts too.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Geranium Exctract

I have read that an extract from a South African geranium might reduce the length of your next cold by 2 days if you take it within 48 hours of your first symptoms. A recent study found that the plant "Pelargonium sidiodes" may weaken viruses and even boost your immunity. Check the web or your nearest drugstore for availability of geranium extract.

New Findings About Colon Cancer

A few weeks ago, I have posted an article about a new study where scientists have found that people who eat the most garlic and onions have the lowest incidence of several kinds of cancer. According to their report, having seven or more servings of onion a week cuts the risk of colon cancer by 56 percent, while eating lots of garlic lowers risk by 27 percent. They are still trying to find out exactly what substances from both garlic and onions are responsible for the good effects but a lab study suggests that the sulfur compounds that give the veggies their bite may also be cancer fighters. These bulbs has a lot of health benefits, so try to include as much onion and garlic in your daily meals, some of you may not like their taste but they're big time in cutting your cancer risk. It may also help to cleanse your colon once in a while. Look for a reliable colon cleanser that you think you'll be comfortable with.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday (4)


I love taking photos of sunrise and sunsets. Look at the mix of orange, yellow, blue green and blue. So lovely isn't it? I used my camera phone on this shot. I wish I had my digital camera with me when I saw this, the picture would have been more clear.

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Something New

Are you worried about memory loss? I have read that trying on new things might help ward f memory loss. While it's true that diet plays a big part, researchers favor keeping the mind active by learning new things.

Try going to a museum on your free time, learn to speak a new language or play a musical instrument, discuss news headlines, or play memory games during a walk. These are just some of the things you can do for a change. Even if you have a stimulating job, changing things up is good for your brain. If you are a lawyer for example, who uses his left brain at work, pursue art or music. If you're an artist, exercise the right brain by learning a new language or doing some math puzzles. Puzzles lovers have an edge but remember that doing a variety of things best protects the memory, so mix it up!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #7


Mmmmm, jelly beans! Buttered popcorn is my favorite flavor. Care for jellybeans?

Happy MYM everyone! I wish you all a great week ahead. :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Groggy Mornings

Are your kids groggy on school mornings? If they are, better check their sleeping patterns. It may be because they sleep late on weekends and holidays. When their sleeping patterns are changed, even just for two days, it can have the same negative effect on brain function as jet lag. As much as possible, encourage them to go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday. This goes with adults too. :)

Green Shopping

Many of us are still not aware that the things we do everyday are hurting our environment. Keeping household appliances plugged and using cars everyday are just some of the ways we contribute to global warming. With the many things that we do, even the way we eat does as well.
The same way with shopping, you go out and use your car to drive to the mall. Your car uses up energy and releases carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Just think about the energy and gas you save when you shop online. Instead of getting hassled with shopping personally, you wouldn't be using up gas, nor will you be adding to the millions of polluting cars plying the already congested streets. Aside from the convenience of Green shopping, you won't be wasting your time sitting in your car in the middle of a traffic jam.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday (3)


The photo was taken by my mom a few days ago when they went back to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. It's located in the northernmost part of Luzon.

Diet Pill Reviews

Choosing the best weight loss pills can get really confusing. Ask around and you'll get more confused because what works for others may not work for you. There are probably hundreds of these in the market, each one of them claiming they are the most effective. But how do you know if it'll work for you? It's easy. If you don't want to go through all the troubles of researching each ingredient that is written on the back of the label, visit Get Diet Solutions by clicking on the link. You can find reviews, ratings and rankings of the top diet pills in the market, done by consumers and experts. This will at least narrow down your search and you are sure that you're getting the best.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 Surprising Things That Give You Headache

Staring at the computer for hours, working late all week, a raging case of PMS, stress, eyestrain, and hormonal shifts. These are the common causes of headaches, which afflict millions of people, but sometimes, the usual suspects don't explain that pain in your head. Well, that's because what triggers them are just plain weird like perfume, storms, earrings, your hair accessories and believe it or not... orgasms. Here... read on the guides on how to identify them so you'll know how to feel better fast when headache attacks.


PERFUME - There are times that strong scents bother you instantly because it activates your nose's nerve cells, which stimulate the nerve system associated with head pain. And what's really odd about it is the offending scents are often pleasant. As much as you'd want to, it's hard to avoid these scents (perfumes, strong household cleansers, fragrant soaps and shampoos, and air fresheners). You might want to try aspirin or acetamenophen for this.

WEATHER - According to studies, the headache-prone are especially attuned to changes in barometric pressure, rising temperatures, high humidity, lightning and cloud skies. The headache is usually on one side of the head and it pulsates. The meteorological shifts are thought to trigger chemical and electrical changes in the brain that irritate nerves. Try to put an ice compress on your eyes in the morning during bad-weather days. You may also try treating it with ibuprofen.

EARRINGS, HEADBANDS AND PONYTAILS - The muscle groups around the scalp don't have pain fibers, but their connective tissues do. Pulling hair tightly irritates the muscle system. Tight-fitting hats, headbands and heavy earrings are also culprits. Loosening your ponytail relieves headache and as much as possible try not to wear those heavy earrings for a long time.

HUNGER - Dieting, fasting, or skipping meals may cause you to bottom out, which may trigger a headache. All you need to do is eat. But don't just eat anything, what you grab may play a role in whether your headache returns. Bingeing on sweets on an empty stomach may cause you "sugar headaches." Snack on whole-wheat or eat foods rich in magnesium instead. These foods may prevent and alleviate head pain.

SEX - This headache can occur during foreplay or right before orgasm and typically last from a few minutes to an hour. Experts say, it's probably a type of exertion headache. There is pressure building up in the head and neck muscles during arousal. These headaches can be pretreated with ibuprofen or naproxen.

Most of these headaches can go away by themselves so I would suggest you ask your doc first before deciding to take anything.

Banish Batwings

Your favorite routines like cardio exercises may tone your legs, but what about your arms? You can banish those jiggly batwings from your upper arms with Kettlebells. These cute and innovative dumb bells can help firm up your triceps, biceps, shoulders and back. It comes with 4 DVDs containing step by step programs that guide you through 6 weeks of training. After six weeks, those unsightly batwings will be gone. Click on the link for more info.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #6


The whole summer had us eating this sweet and juicy yellow watermelon from Pampanga. I have a neighbor who has a watermelon farm in the province and sells them here in Manila. I get them really cheap! But summer's gone and so are these, sigh.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday (2)


Hubs took this shot using his camera phone while taking a walk with my son. Saturday afternoons are their favorite bonding time. Happy weekend everyone!

Sea of Tranquility

When never-ending chores have you already feeling spent and you still have a lot of things to be done, stop for a while and try revving your resilience with accupressure. Use your two fingertips and press firmly on the "Sea of Tranquility" or the center of your breastbone for a few seconds. Pressing on this point regulates the thymus gland, the organ that secretes immune-boosting hormones. This will have you fortified against the stress signals that wreak havoc on your health, so you can focus more on the chores ahead. I've done this a lot of times and it really works.

I hope this tip will be of use to you. Meanwhile, I have to go and make a research on my mesothelioma assignment, then resume EC dropping. I'm wishing everyone a great weekend. Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hypertension Facts

Two out of ten people suffer from hypertension and 30 % of them are not even aware that they have it because almost half of hypertensive people don't feel anything. If your blood pressure is 140/90, you may have hypertension. Women with 31-inch waistlines are at risk of becoming hypertensive, and for men, it's 35 inches.

Genes play a small part in determining whether a person is susceptible to the condition. It actually depends on your lifestyle. If you have a family history of hypertension but have a healthy lifestyle, you may not get it. But if you don't have the genes and live unhealthily, there is a big chance that you'll get it. Even children should have their blood pressure checked, especially now that a growing number of adolescents have high blood pressure.

There are no miracle cures for hypertension but some foods do work wonders on high cholesterol and blood pressure. Here are some of them:

Pistachios. These nuts are rich in monounsaturated fat, fiber, and phytosterols, all of which help lower cholesterol when eaten daily. And they are full of potassium, which may help lower blood pressure.

Pomegranates have one of the highest antioxidant contents of any fruit. The juice has been shown to decrease blood pressure in people who were on hypertension medication and drank the juice daily for two weeks.

, as you know is the best source of omega3 fatty acids, which do all sorts of magic for your heart.

According to experts, tweaking your diet could be enough to free you from meds. But be sure to consult and work with your doctor to make that decision.

Paradise Awaits

Have you made plans for your next family vacation this summer? If you are worried about the high cost of air fares and accommodations especially now that times are hard, worry not because you can have a taste of paradise without leaving a hole in your pocket. You can bring your family and relax, unwind and and indulge at Ocean Cliff Villa.

The Caribbean Islands is very famous not just for its most stunning beaches, but it is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. And if you think those wonderful beaches and awesome sceneries are the only things Caribbean Islands boasts of, you are wrong. There are hundreds of great things you can do in the U. S. Virgin Islands. You and your family will not only enjoy its natural beauty, the pristine white sand beaches and the endless blue skies. You can navigate the rushing rapids of the Great River, cruise and snorkel the spectacular reefs, explore the rain forest, head into the countryside and visit the sugar plantations, take a scenic drive through the central mountain range, enjoy the night parties and many more.

If you are searching for new places and exciting ways to revel this summer, consider a carribean vacation. Plus, you get a chance to win $2 million worth of waterfront property located at St. Thomas Villas, when you join Ocean Cliff's raffle promo. Your once in a lifetime carribean vacation can become a yearly treat for your family with your new and fully furnished luxury villa. Visit the site for more info.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #5


Koi fishes are believed to bring good luck but boy they are expensive! I love watching Koi's... very relaxing. They come in a variety of colors but I especially like the yellow ones. Happy MYM everyone!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Looking at the sky on Friday


Up on the fourth floor, this is our daily back view.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awards Galore 3

Two of my dear blogging buddies presented me with this award, Shy over at Simple Happy Life and Marzie over at Wishing On A Falling Star. Ladies, thank you so much for having shared it with me, I am so honored to be considered OVER THE TOP.

The rules:

To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!

Each recipient of the award will acknowledge the person who honored them with the award and then go to, copy/paste the award : Your Blog is Over The Top. (located on the right sidebar, scroll down)

Now I'm passing this on to the following Over The Top bloggers: Polly, Doris, Sasha, Jade, and Karen.


The following awards came from Race over at My Crossroads and Sheng at Sheng's Simple Thoughts. Thank you so much, I appreciate that you thought of me.

The Queen of Blogs award also came from Race, Sheng and Mize over at Night Clicks.

I would like to pass these awards to the following: Madz, Juliana, and Carmie.

Move with ease

Transferring to a new home can be a very exciting yet a troublesome experience to most of us. But you can take the load out of your move if you let the experts handle it for you. There are many companies that offer you this kind of service and even looking for one that you can trust can be daunting.

Humboldt is a Moving Company dedicated to help you meet your moving needs. Once you hire them, trust that they will do everything for you. Their expert movers will do the packing, storing, and moving and unpacking of all your belongings and will take every effort to protect your furniture from scratches and dents including using protective coverings while in transit. Their team of movers and drivers have been well-trained to help you have a smooth transition.

Moving a household is never easy and it requires a lot of time and effort and even more if you are to move from one state to another. It's always best to go with the company that someone else has used and recommends favorably like the one I have mentioned above.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pregnant? Watch Your Weight

When you are pregnant, you tend to eat a lot because you're always hungry and yes, you are eating for two. But gaining too much weight during pregnancy may up your unborn child's risk of obesity later in life. This is according to the findings published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Researchers found that baby rats born to mothers who consumed foods high in sugar, fat and salt ate 22 percent more calories per day and were likely to choose junk food over healthier options than those born to mothers who ate balanced meals. They believed that a mother's eating habit during pregnancy may program the appetite control center in her child's brain to overeat and make unhealthy food choices. So preggos, be careful with what you eat. Go for healthy ones if you do not want to have an obese child in the future.

term life insurance

As a strong believer of life insurance, I have been convincing my brother to purchase a life insurance for his family. I told him that he can start with a term life insurance first if he is on a limited budget because the initial premium is very low. His coverage can help him pay off a loan and at the same time provide extra life insurance protection while he and his wife are raising their children. The policy will be processed immediately, without giving any personal information, and he'll be able to get it on the same day. It's like purchasing a life insurance in an instant. I think I have pretty much convinced him because he asked his wife to check on the website.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday #4


I really have no idea what these flowers are called but they are so pretty. We spotted this while the kids and I were strolling around my MIL's neighborhood. Too bad there was no one around to ask. Hope everyone of you had a wonderful weekend. Happy MYM!

A Swell Way to Spend the Weekend

I wish we have those rv rentals and rv parks back here. It would be nice to drive to different provinces, find an overnight parking and spend the entire weekend there. I love spending the night closer to nature and still feel like you are home safely. It's also a lot cheaper than spending the nights in hotels and we wouldn't have to stay in different rooms. That would make our bonding more fun!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Top Droppers - April

It's once again time to show appreciation to friends who stopped by the most for the month of April. I'd also like to thank everyone who visited, left comments and dropped their cards but did not make it to the top ten. Thanks to all of you, your support is very much appreciated.

Mommy's Little Corner

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sick of Sick Days

It's the last month of summer but unlike the past years, we have not gone anywhere. No beach, no vacations, not even a family outing. Joey, my youngest, has to attend summer classes for Math. He had to make up for missing the final exam before school ended last month. His school does not give make up tests and grades will be based on the child's class standings. Sadly, his grade in Math was not high enough to cover up for the missed test.

During the first day of his exams, he insisted he didn't feel well, but since he had no fever and it was an important school day, I figured he'll be alright. So I dragged him to school, and made a run for it. When he got home, Joey had a fever. He was complaining about his headache and achy muscles. It was the Flu!

The next day, he still had a fever. A small one. Could I pump him full of Tempra and vitamins and send him off? I considered it, but later decided not to which was a good thing because an hour later he turned glassy-eyed and his temperature shot up to 39.5 degrees. Haay, Trangkaso nga naman. On the third day, he was clearly better but I've decided to play it safe and avoid having his teacher call to say he is still sick. He missed four tests but it was only in Math that he had to make up for.

I realized that this could not have happened had we all been Bakunado . We should have taken the Vaxigrip, a flu vaccine offered to us last February. It may not have protected him all the way but it can lessen the severity of the illness.

And now here comes Swine flu! It's all over the news and the outbreak is scaring me like hell! Hubs and I have been monitoring the news since then and have done some research for prevention. I have read that the best defense is to strengthen the immune system - take vitamin C regularly, get enough sleep and get vaccinated. A flu vaccine can't really prevent Swine flu but it well help strengthen your immune system. I am sick of sick days and we are definitely getting vaccinated. If you think you need it too, make a click stop at for more info.

Mommy's Little Corner
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