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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bladder Trouble

Has this ever happened to you? You cough or sneeze and a little urine leaks out? I've experienced it and it's called stress incontinence. When the tissues and structures around the bladder neck weakens, it can prevent it from holding back urine when even the slightest activity puts pressure on the abdomen. It can also happen during more energetic activities like exercise and sex.

I've read that exercises that strengthen the area can help so I've been doing pelvic tilts everyday. But I was surprised to know that wearing 1- to 2-inch heels may also help strengthen the key muscles. According to studies, the heels lead to a tilting of the pelvis that contracts those muscles. I'm not fond of wearing heels but if that would help, then maybe I should. Dietary changes are also helpful: Eat more fiber and avoid caffeine, carbonated beverages, dairy, spicy foods, and acidic fruits (like oranges and pineapple), which can irritate the bladder.


UPrinting said...

Really? I thought heels were made to make women feel superior and give unbearable pain all these time. LOL.
Thanks for the tip. Maybe I should start wearing heels already...

Debo Hobo said...

Sounds like we have to put on painful heels and avoid healthy foods to treat this common issue. Yikes!

Tina said...

hi liza,

I forgot to say if you didnt realize could you remove the drop star badge from your other places too :)

love the new look here

Empty Streets said...

Dropping by via Entrecard and checking out what is new over here. Hope your week is going well and that it keeps getting better :) xoxo

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