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Thursday, July 16, 2009

No To Juice

How do you take your medicine for allergy? Do you take it with water or juice? Experts advise to take it water because flavonoinds in the juices block the drug from entering the bloodstream. Scientists have discovered that juice from apples, oranges or grapefruit can reduce the body's absorption of fexofenadine, an anti-histamine, making it less effective. Next time you have an allergy, take your meds with water for best results.


Sandi said...

good information to know!

MommaWannabe said...

This is a good tip Liz, I think this applies to other type of meds too as the nurse mentioned this to me.

Daisy said...

oh indeed! and the mistake of others too.. to drink meds with soda! geee.. bad bad.


Misa Ramirez said...

Definitely water! It's the only way to go. I'm getting more healthy as I get older, and my kids are benefiting!

Swubird said...


Great piece of advice. Personally, I had never heard that before. It just goes to show that we never get too old to learn. Well done.

Happy trails.

UPrinting said...

Thanks for sharing that. Good thing I don't really drink juice when taking meds. Yay for water~ :D

Debo Hobo said...

I normally do take meds with water, but it is good to know that juice has a negative affect on their potency. Is there a time frame before or after that juice can be consumed?

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