Looking at the sky on Friday (25)


It's been cloudy and rainy the past days because of a low pressure area. So when the sun started to shine the other day, I took out the camera and made a shot. It was gone again after a few minutes.

Click the badge for more gorgeous sky photos. Happy sky watching!!!


Dora said...

I love watching to the sky sometimes for a total relaxation!

EJ said...

Nice one!

Our Seorak San trip

Calico Crazy said...

Cool clouds, I like the different colors and textures.

Calico Contemplations

J Mac said...

That's a nice photo!!

Joanne Olivieri said...

The skies can tell stories and send us inspiration. Your photos do both.

Dianne said...

it looks like beams of light, really lovely

Arlene said...

thank God, sis...wala ng bagyo lately dyan. we miss having rain over this part of the country. grabe ang init dito..sobra pa sa summer.

happy weekend!

Swubird said...


I hate cloudy, gray days. Never did like them---even as a youngster. They bring me down. So it was unfortunate when I awoke this morning to see the cloud cover rolling in like a huge dark blanket. All that was green became gray and all that was red became black. And that's the way it will be until spring, and the color returns once again.

Happy trails

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