Beat The Chills with Chocolate

Having a bite of dark chocolate each day can ward off winter chills. So you see, there is more to it than just improving your mood. Researchers discovered that the epitechin in cocoa help boost the body's production of nitric oxide. This warming chemical enhances blood flow throughout the body. So whenever you are feeling cold, go ahead and grab a bite of this yummy treat. :)


Relationships said...

Yummmmy....chocolate is also a very good means to heightening ones sex that is always a good reason to nibble on such heavenly tasting treats :)

Mommy Lace said...

Love chocolates! :)

I wish we had winter here in Manila so we can enjoy hot chocolate more ^^

Hey I wish we can exchange links ^^

_el@i_ said...

hello, liza, how about beating the heat? it's so hot in here ;)

RoseBelle said...

I think my problem is I can't stop eating chocolate. I love white chocolate and I eat too much of it which is why I don't buy chocolates. I just don't have a knack for dark chocolate. Perhaps it's coz of the bitterness. I know the dark ones are better for our health.

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