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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #51


These are my nephew's African Lovebirds. The pair recently produced 5 chicks. They're not in the photo because as soon as they saw me aiming the camera, they hid in the nest box. But look at the "daddy" bird on the second photo, he's a natural!

Happy MYM everyone. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Red Rash Relief

Intertrigo (Hadhad), an inflammatory rash typically found in body folds such as armpits, groin and beneath the breast, is very common on hot-weather days. It looks like a red rash that burns and is very itchy. The rash occurs when heat, friction and moisture create microscopic tears in skin where bacteria and yeast can thrive.

To relieve intertrigo, shower with a mild antibacterial cleanser like pHisoderm, then pat the area dry and expose to air for a few minutes. Next, dab tea-tree oil onto the affected area. The oil's antiseptic action helps fight skin infections. Finally, absorb perspiration and combat yeast by dusting on a powder containing the antifungal metrodinazole.

See a dermatologist if the rash doesn't fade within 10 days so you'd be given antibiotics or prescription-strength antifungals.

Selling Old Books

With the kids now on their summer vacation, the family has been planning for things to do after the Holy Week. The beach of course is number one on the list. They also plan on buying new games for their console but before I could say something, they both stopped me and told me they have the funds for that. They will sell textbooks online from last schoolyear's. Well at least they know how to go about it, you know how new games cost and I don't have the budget for that.

Due For Registration

Two months ago, hubs and I searched for an auto insurance quote before renewing our car's registration. This time around, I'm at it again for dad's truck. His truck is due for registration early next month and instead of renewing the insurance from his agent, I told him that he'll save a lot more if he purchase it online. Dad has tech phobia and doesn't even want to touch the PC so I'm doing the task for him. I've already found some quotes that I'll show him later. I'm sure he'll be surprised at how much he can save.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SOS for Plantar Fasciitis

Ever heard of plantar fasciitis? It's the sudden pain you feel on the arch of your foot when you get out of bed or when you stand up after sitting for a long time. It happens when the plantar fascia ligament along the arch of the foot becomes inflamed probably because of too much walking.

Besides medication, I have found another way to relieve the pain. Here's what you should do: Freeze a water bottle, then roll your arch over it for 15 minutes three times per day. Apparently, the massaging action alleviates tightness while the cold soothes swelling. Rest is also important to allow the injury to heal, so while you're treating plantar fasciitis, cut back on long walks and wear shoes that cushion your heel and support your arch.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #50


Mmmm.... yummy corn!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Check Your Pee

It may be yucky but it's necessary. Sneak a peak every time you (or as often as you remember) go to the bathroom to check your urine. This self test will help you assess your health without leaving the comfort of your home.

The most important thing to watch for is blood in urine. According to experts, if the amount is enough to change the color of your urine, it may indicate a serious condition such as kidney stones, or bladder or kidney cancer. Watch out for dark yellow or brownish urine as well. This may be a sign of dehydration or a liver problem, such as hepatitis.

Visit your doctor as soon as possible if you notice any blood in your urine or if you experience increased urgency, coupled with burning or pain. The latter may signal a urinary tract infection. Detecting these signs early may help lessen severity of the illness.

Extra Protection

My brother-in-law recently purchased an insurance because like us, he too believes in it. Though his budget is limited, he knows that having an one is not just an investment but it's a must so he chose a term life insurance. Having something to cover you and help pay off a loan in case something happens will give you a peace of mind. It may be for a limited time but knowing that he has extra life insurance protection while he and his wife are raising their kids is enough for the moment.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking at the sky on Friday (37)

This sunset photo was taken a few weeks ago when we visited my grandmother's grave on her birthday. To view more gorgeous skies please click the LATSOF badge below. Happy sky watching!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Insect Bites and Stings

During the old times, tribesmen relieved the discomfort of insect bites and stings with onions, a plant they so revered they offered a prayer of thanks to the heavens while picking it. Recent studies show that when onions are chopped, alliin, the sulfur compound in the bulb is converted into a broad-spectrum antibiotic that helps keep bites from getting infected. Plus, it has a cooling effect, thanks to onion's moisture, that soothes the itch on contact.

It works internally and externally, so you can get relief by adding them to your favorite recipes, or you can apply them directly to skin. To do: Chop an onion, leek or scallion in half and let sit on skin for ten minutes.

Home Acne Remedies

Is your skin peppered with unsightly acne cysts? You can banish them with some of these acne home remedies: Mix 1 cup hot water with 1/4 teaspoon salt, then saturate a cotton ball and dab the problem areas. Let dry and repeat the process once daily. The heat from the water opens the infected pores, while the salt draws out the infection.

Another way is to apply tea tree oil on them. The essential oil can reduce acne as effectively as benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient used on those fancy acne creams, but with fewer side effects. Just put a drop of tea treel oil on a cotton swab then dab blemishes. Home acne remedies can save you some money, plus, they are safe to use.

Keep Your Colon Clean

A lot of us tend to take our body for granted, the colon especially. Often, we are not careful with the foods we eat. This will leave us ill in the long run. What with all those toxins that have accumulated through the years. Some choose to change their eating habits and others opt for the best colon cleanser. Changing your eating habit may not be easy in the beginning but you'll get through it. Cleaning your colon seems to be the easier way and it's readily available for everyone to get. Either way you choose, you are on your way to healthy.

Skinny No More

My niece D, is so skinny. Some of her friends love to tease her that they can knock her down with a single blow. Somehow, this has hurt her ego. Her mom noticed that she's having a hard time coping with school activities. This worried her mom a lot so she consulted their pediatrician. She recommends that my niece take hgh supplement to help stimulate growth and size. I never expected that hgh can work for kids too. I thought hgh are only for adults who would like to increase muscle mass. Hopefully this works for her and that she gains back her confidence.

Losing That Quickly

People say a quick weight loss is unhealthy but actually, the opposite is true. I recently read that shedding the first pounds fast provides the stamina needed to stick to a lifelong healthy eating plan. Experts from the St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center and Columbia University in New York believe that jump-start plans where you lose four times more weight will help you maintain a healthy weight later than if you'd started out slow and steady.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #49


Isn't it cute? I found this table fully decorated with colorful marbles at Banapple. Oh, I'd like to have one of these, it'll look great on my veranda.

Happy Mellow Yellow Monday everyone! Click on the MYM button to view more Yellow photos.

FIL's 75th Birthday

MIL and I are going to be very busy this week. We are preparing for my FIL's 75th birthday which will be on Friday. For the past years, we didn't hold any parties for him but after his stroke last month, MIL thought of holding a party for him. My assignment is to take care of the desserts and to order party needs such as plates and custom plastic cups, rent chairs and tables, and to distribute the invitations. My SIL is working so that leaves MIL and me to take care of everything. There are so much to do but seeing FIL get excited with his upcoming party is already enough.

Cheap Car Insurance

Hubs is always worried about accidents on the road. So to keep him hassle-free I make sure our car insurance is always updated. But of course, with cost on my mind, I look for a cheap car insurance that suits our budget. There must be more than a thousand insurance companies out there and getting the most out of your policy is your utmost concern. I'm glad I don't have to look far to get the best and cheapest. How about you? Do you get the best out of your policy?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Want to Live Longer?

It is never too late to get fit! Did you know that even those who wait until they reach the age of 50 to exercise can boost their health and lower their risk of premature death? A recent study showed that people (aged 50-82) who increased their physical activity from low or medium to high cut their mortality rate to half compared to those who did not exercise. So why not start today? Simply walking at the park or tending to your garden may help drop your risk.

Financial Freedom

With a struggling economy it's no wonder there are millions of people suffering from bad credits. Brought about by increase in prices and unavoidable circumstances, most of us tend to go overboard sometimes without even considering how we are going to pay for it. Bad credit is not a hopeless case. There are credit repair service companies to help you get back on your feet again Such companies can help you get back on the right path and teach you how to manage your personal finances smartly. So free yourself from bad credits, you can have the financial freedom you long for with just a click of a mouse.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #48


That's the Mango Cheesecake from Cheesecake Etc. Really, it's to die for!
Happy MYM everyone!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Blink more!

A lot of us spend eight hours a day staring at electronic screens -- computer monitors, tv, iPods, cellphones -- and doing so reduces blinking by 80 percent. This leaves our peepers prone to irritation, drying and blurry vision. To avoid this, it may help to look away from screens every 20 minutes and flutter your eyes for at least ten times.

According to experts, blinking more helps lower your risk of eye infections. Just like windshield wipers, our eye lids work the same way. They remove debris, dust and bacteria from the eye's surface. So blink more often to supercharge your vision.

Poipu Beach

I was roaming the net when I chanced upon this beautiful photo. It's the Poipu Beach in Hawaii. I've never been to Hawaii but don't you think this stunning view is enough reason to visit someday? It would be lovely to stay on one of those Poipu vacation rentals and enjoy the sunny south shore of Kauai. I've seen how beautiful Hawaii is in travel shows, but I would love to travel there someday and see it for myself. How about you, have you been to Hawaii?

My Favorite Bookstore

One site I never fail to visit everyday is my favorite online bookstore. I check it daily to see f there are new Amazon books releases and to hunt for bargains. My daughter and I read a lot and I cannot afford to buy expensive books often. This online bookstore offers a wide variety of titles at the lowest prices. Right now they're having a book sale and you can discounts up to 55% off. If you're a book lover like me, hurry now and take advantage of this great sale.

Save Time and Energy

If you are looking to buy a receipt printer, you may want to check the latest epson receipt printer. This printer is reliable and optimized for high-speed performance. It is compact and is one of the smallest on the market today. If you have limited space, this one is perfect. The price is highly affordable and the great thing is, these printers have been designed to be compatible with existing systems that currently use a TM-U200 series printer. The latest printers from Epson are energy savers, with this and its speed, you save time and money. It's no wonder more and more companies are switching to Epson.

Arugula for Ulcers

Got ulcers? Fight it with arugula. Turns out that this salad add on helps reduce stomach-acid serotonin that can irritate gastric ulcers, the type of peptic ulcers that form in the abdominal wall and can cause severe pain. Arugula does more than stimulate liver health, it helps prevent cancer and it affects ulcer activity by limiting acid serotonin or by regulating hormones that ptotect the gastric-wall lining. Plus, it has high levels of antioxidants, which experts believe may contribute to its anti-ulcer properties.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mellow Yellow #47


I snapped this from the ceiling of the restaurant we dined in the other night. I kinda liked the pattern and the pairing of white and yellow. For more Mellow Yellow photos, click on the button above the photo. Have a great week ahead.
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