Blink more!

A lot of us spend eight hours a day staring at electronic screens -- computer monitors, tv, iPods, cellphones -- and doing so reduces blinking by 80 percent. This leaves our peepers prone to irritation, drying and blurry vision. To avoid this, it may help to look away from screens every 20 minutes and flutter your eyes for at least ten times.

According to experts, blinking more helps lower your risk of eye infections. Just like windshield wipers, our eye lids work the same way. They remove debris, dust and bacteria from the eye's surface. So blink more often to supercharge your vision.


Swubird said...


You know I'm and old retired soul, so that means I watch a lot of TV. I love your comparison of blinking eyelids and windshield wipers. Easy to picture, and a strong message.

Very good advice.

happy trails.

Waterrose said...

Thanks for the helpful info...putting a post it note on my monitor to remind me...

Fely said...

Now this is something new to me. I am now blinking lots! Thank you for this useful info! X

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