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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010 - EC Top Droppers

Once again it's time to thank entrecard friends who dropped by the most for the month of September.  Your continued support is very much appreciated.  Thank you guys!  Hope to see you again for October.

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Safer Road User

With the rising road fatalities caused by offensive driving, driver education is imperative.  Merely mastering the rules of the road -- being careful, responsible and courteous to other drivers -- and the basic mechanics of driving could not be considered safe driving.  It goes way beyond that.  One has to learn defensive driving as this aims is to reduce the risk of getting involved in road accidents.  A defensive driver anticipates dangerous situations despite unfavorable conditions. 
Road accidents are usually caused by careless drivers who are heavy on the paddle (I hate speed freaks!), aggressive drivers with offensive driving tendencies, some drivers (mostly teens) who seem to have little regard of safety, public utility vehicle drives who seem to be more keen on making money and not caring about the safety of their passengers (Oh, you can see them in all parts of Manila.), and drivers who like to take calls or send text messages while driving. 
Taking a course on defensive driving could save your life and your loved ones.  And if you happen to live in California, you can simply enroll at San Diego Traffic School to learn everything you need to know about defensive driving ( you can even take the course online).  If not, the site provides a list of the best traffic schools in every area so simply look for your state to find the school nearest you.
No matter how careful or responsible you are when driving, accidents can still happen. You'll be a safer road user if you also drive defensively.

Good Finds

There was nothing much to do last night  so instead of hitting the sack early, I thought I'd surf the web and window shop, lol.  Besides, I need to look for affordable homelighting for my brother's new home.  They recently purchased a home and I promised him I'll help with the decorating.  I am not an interior decorator but home improvement is something I love to do.  So I clicked on home furniture search and found several things I am so sure my brother and his wife would love. Can't wait to show them my finds.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ease Back Pain

Back pain?  Some experts say exercising with weights can alleviate back pain by 60 percent.  That's because back pain commonly stems from weak back and ab muscles.  According to them, when the ab is weak, the pelvis tilts slightly and the hamstrings get tight.  This increases the risk of back injury.  A physical therapist can give you a personalized plan that will help ease your back pain.

Cute Pop-ups

If you need marketing ideas for your business, you don’t have to hire marketing companies to help you promote your products.  The easiest way to advertise is through counter displays. It's your way to tell visitors about your new products or services.  They come in many styles and sizes.  I had Sponge Bob pop-up displays at the store when the ice cream brand I was carrying was promoting the Sponge Bob tubs.  The pop-ups attracted a lot of children and my sales definitely went up.

If you think you need to give spice to the presentation of your product, these counter displays will definitely do the trick.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #77


I see these 'yellow berries' a lot around here but I never knew its name.  One thing's for sure though, these berries are not edible.  Happy MYM!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Photohunt - Natural

The brew is used to treat everything from headaches to depression. Green tea is your Natural secret for a healthier Life. 
Have a great weekend everyone!  

Unique Landscape Light

Wouldn't it be nice to brighten up your Asian-inspired garden with one of the cutest landscape lights I found?

What do you think of that one?  It will definitely add more drama to your garden.  I saw a similar type in one of the spas I visited in the past.  It's definitely unique and I love that it gives a soothing glow.I promised myself that should I have my own garden in the future, it's going to be Asian-inspired and I'm definitely getting those unique landscape lights.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Football Fanatics

Christmas is still a few months away and some of us have already started shopping for gifts. Have you? Oh don't fret if you haven't, you're not alone.  I'm not even worried because it's easier to do the shopping online. I have decided not to go through all the troubles of traditional mall shopping and join the holiday rush, especially now that I can find everything in the internet at a much lower price. That's why I'm loving this online shopping more.
I have several sites in mind that I would love to visit and one of them is Clubline. All the boys in the family (hubs and nephews included) are football fanatics. The site specializes in football equipment. I'm sure those boys would love to have their own jerseys this Christmas. I keep visiting the website hoping to chance upon the special they might offer before the holidays.  If you happen to look for these things, you might want to drop by their web site and check their football merchandise.

If you have children who love baseball, you can show them your support by giving them these gifts.  The gears and equipment can help your child improve on his game while he practice on your backyard.

Beat Stress with Laughter

Your long list of things to do, the deadlines you have to meet,  the daily stress of child care and meal preparations, problems, bills and stretching the budget, and many more  can give you the headache.  I'm sure you already know that laughter is the best medicine so instead of fretting about these things, find ways to laugh and you'll find these problems easy to handle. Laugh out loud, lighten up and beat stress. And, laughter is contagious, so when someone sees and hear you laugh, chances are, they'd laugh too.   Wouldn't you laugh (or even smile) if you hear two people laughing at a joke? I hear that even fake laughs offer body-wide benefits.

I live in a household full of comedians, well actually, that's what I call hubs and the kids. They like to make me laugh especially when they sense that something is bothering me.  Dull moments are very rare in our household.  They also love to watch funny flicks and shows.  The Family Guy and The Simpsons are their favorites.  And if I tell them I'd buy tickets for LMAO Off-Broadway, none of them will say no.

Did you know that laughing out loud will not only help you handle stress?  It has wonderful effects on our heart and our immune system.  Plus, it makes you look younger, no anti-aging cream can beat that.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick Relief for Migraine

Migraine?  I have read that instead of downing a pill to ease the pain try this first, drink a cup of coffee quickly while applying an ice pack to your head.  In one study, this strategy eased active migraine symptoms in 66 percent of subjects.  Have not tried it yet so I can't really say it works, but I will try it when a migraine strikes.

Furniture Retail Software

If you need marketing services for your furniture business, you don’t have to go through all the troubles of searching the web from hundreds of companies to see who will offer you the best. Myriad Software is a reliable company delivering expertise, help you generate more sales, give you unlimited sales opportunities, competitive marketing campaigns and many more.  
More and more businesses are utilizing this kind of service as it helps make everything easy for you -- POS, CRM, inventory ,warehousing, merchandising, purchasing, service orders, EDI, A/P, A/R, G/L, Financials, bar coding, Executive Management reports, wireless solutions for inventory and sales integrated and many more. Technology has become a necessity in every business and it has become an important tool of our economy, business and culture. Having a reliable furniture retail software gives you an edge and it’s one of the most important forms of helping you become more successful and helping you capture your targeted market. If you think you need to give spice to the presentation of your products or you need to impress a very important client, the furniture retail software is your solution.
Give your furniture business a professional flair and impress your customers with this great software   Follow the link for more information.

Fast and Quality Printing

If you need Online Printing services for your business, you don’t have to go through all the troubles of searching the web from hundreds of companies to get the best offer.  Of course it's easy to do it on your own if you only have a few copies to make.  But if we are talking about a hundred or even thousands, your printer might give up on you if it is not capable of bulk printing.  I found a site  that will cater to all your printing needs for a minimal fee.  Whether it is Custom Printing you want or you simply want to have your digital photos printed, trust that this site  will deliver high quality photos.
Ordering is simple.  All you need to do is start a design or order and save it for editing later or upload files from your pc.  The site also offers pre-made templates that will help get you started.  Let them know of your final designs, proceed to the order form, then printing starts right away.
Others might offer a much lower price but you are not guaranteed of quality prints and fast delivery.  If you want quick and great service, look for a reliable Printing Service that is sure to deliver expertise.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #76


The golden coconut tree is my neighbor's.  

Happy MYM!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Photohunt - School

(Mom, me, my bff, tita Delsey, and my sister)

This week's theme is SCHOOL.  I couldn't find photos of the schools I went to or my kids', so I thought of posting my high school and college graduation photos. 
Have a great weekend everyone!  

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Health Tip #10

Moody?  Manage your moods with mozzarella.  Just an ounce of this cheese provides 25 percent of the RDA of tyrptophan, the amino acid that helps maintain proper levels of the happy hormone serotonin in the brain.

Hard-working Barangay Officials

There is a high demand on health care jobs here and abroad and it's great to know that our Barangay ofiicials are taking advantage of this demand.  They are working hard to provide the neighborhood with learning opportunities.  One official came over to ask if I know of someone who would be interested to enroll in their care-giving program which starts next week.  Everything is free, including uniforms and equipment.  I'm working out a new store schedule so my store helper can attend the program.  Kudos to you guys for working so hard.

Headache Soothers

Change of season headaches?  try snacking on one cup of sunflower seeds daily.  The seed's L-arginine relaxes and opens blood vessels, reducing headache frequency in as little as two weeks.  Cashews, peanuts, sesame seeds, coconut and sotbeans are also rich in L-arganine.

Cream Zero

If you have been having acne breakouts every now and then, I'm sure you already know that not all acne creams work.  I've had my share of acne when I was a teenager and I have been to one dermatologist to another and used a lot of treatment creams, soaps, and astringents. My parents spent a great deal of money just to have my acne treated.  Only one acne face cream worked and I was already in my 20s when I discovered it. I'm glad my kids didn't suffer from acne.  They would get a zit or two but that's about it.  Lucky kids!

Her Latest Toy

If there's one person I know who can't seem to get hold of her phone for a long time, it's my friend Joahanna.  She always looses her phone!  Actually she has misplaced a lot (stolen phones not included), I already lost count.  Yesterday, her new phone arrived and the first thing I told her is to get an iphone 4 insurance so it wouldn't hurt much if she loses it again.  Hubs even suggested she use a cheaper phone, but knowing her, I don't think she would ever listen to that suggestion.  The problem with having too much money, she tends to disregard the value of things.  I just hope her latest toy will last until she gets tired of it.

Treating Chest and Back Acne

Chest and back acne usually appear in people who sweat excessively and those with extra oily skin.  The bad news is, irritation can make those eruptions worse.  And anything that rubs against your skin can cause irritation.  But don't let those breakouts give you teenage angst, salicylic acid products are your best solutions to these unsightly blemishes.  I would suggest you get the ones in liquid spray form.  After shower is the best time to apply when pores are clean and open.  Spritz your entire back and chest with the solution.  You'll have clearer skin in as little as two weeks.

Keep Colon Clean and Healthy

Colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the world.  It is not easy to detect it early on because the symptoms are vague -- bleeding, weight loss and fatigue.  It is only when the tumor has grown to a large size that bowel habits change.  The best way to avoid it is to keep our colon clean and healthy.  How?  Eat healthy foods and increase your fiber intake. Doing a colon cleanse at least once or twice a year can effectively remove toxins to make your colon function properly. You can either do it naturally or through medication, it is totally up to you.  What's important is to keep it clean and healthy.

Easy Way To Lose Weight

When you are starting to lose weight, setting a difficult goal in the beginning might only discourage you to continue with your exercise routine.  It's best to set goals that are easier to achieve, and then increase gradually.  And if you are to ask me if there's an easy way to lose weight fast, I'll tell you right away that it's walking.  Walking for 20 to 30 minutes daily is a proven way to shed off the pounds without exerting too much effort.  Here's more, walking also increases muscle mass and metabolism.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Having Health Issues

My brother-in-law was advised by his doctor to go on a diet. He gained a lot of weight during the past years, he's having some health issues right now.  His excuse?  Too busy, he cannot find the time to exercise. His doctor suggested a a safe and effective weight loss pills for him. My BIL is already in his forties and has four very young kids to support.  We told him that he should pay serious attention to his health or face more serious health problems.  I think we scared him enough to take the program.

The Slim Down Plan

Pretty set on losing weight, my cousin and I are searching  high and low for the diet pills.We are so jealous of our cousins who lost a lot of weight  in the past month. We promised ourselves to slim down even if we have to buy weight loss pills online.  She gained so much during her last pregnancy, and I gained when I stopped exercising months ago. No, we're not telling our other cousin of the plan.  We want to surprise her with our new looks.  :)

Looking Like New

Dad is happy with his present insurance.  A car bumped his truck while he was parked at a shopping mall last week.  The big dent on his bumper almost made him punch the other driver, lol.  That's how much he treasures his beloved truck.  Anyways, he immediately called his agent to let him know of the incident.  I liked that his agent immediately worked on processing his car insurance claims.  It's barely a week after the accident but his truck is already out of the repair shop with a new bumper.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #75


I don't know the name of this yellow flower but they sure are pretty.  Happy MYM everyone!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Photohunt - Anniversary

I cannot think of any other photo to post for this week's theme.  I'd like to offer prayers for the heroes who died when the two buildings collapsed.
Have a great weekend everyone!  

Yankee Fans

My niece and nephew are baseball fanatics.   Both are NY Yankee fans and love to collect shirts, caps, mugs and jerseys.  I was thinking of personalized baseball bats.  Their dad mentioned that they  still don't have them and I think both would love to have one.  No, I'm sure both would go crazy over those personalized bats!  I'm just waiting for my brother to give me some details on their preference before I order their Christmas presents.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Hiccup Cure

If a glass of water can't stop the hiccups, try this cure.  Grab a packet of sugar and swallow one teaspoon of it dry.  according to experts, the effort of swallowing the sweetener disrupts the spasmodic diaphragmatic contractions to instantly cure the hiccups.

Protect Your Home and Business

Even the leaps in technology won't stop thieves from robbing a home with the most sophisticated security system.  Thieves are updated too, you know.  But it pays to have a Hidden Camera installed in your store.  If you have been watching the news, you know that some thieves were caught before they could even leave the mall.  These cctv cameras are a great help to store owners. It's good to hear that crimes are solved and thieves/snatchers are arrested after doing the crimes.  They might be updated and have sophisticated devices to rob your store but the hidden camera will always capture what these thieves are doing.

I also have a store, a small one, and I'm also thinking of having a camera installed.  I've been robbed several times.  Not by professional robbers but by former store helpers. Money is very tempting and I'm surprised that even the most honest person will be drawn to it in times of need.  It's not easy  to find someone you can really trust. I trust a person easily and it hurts so much when a person breaks my trust.   Lesson learned, one should not be too complacent when it comes to protecting your home or business. 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cashmere Sweater Care

Autumn is on its way, and pretty soon you will be bringing out some of your cold-weather clothing.  I'm sure you have invested on those lovely cashmere sweaters so you want them to last a long time.  Drying cleaning is your best option if we're talking about cashmere sweaters, but you can wash them by hand at home to save money.  To do:  Simply fill a sink with warm water and a small amount of baby shampoo.  Swish the sweater (do it gently!) around in the suds for a couple of minutes so that the soap soaks through the garment, let sit for ten minutes. Drain the sink, then rinse the sweater a few more times in warm water to remove all shampoo. Squeeze the water out (again, gently), don't twist because it can damage the cashmere. Then lay flat on a bath towel, and cover with a second bath towel. Roll the bath towels up in a jelly roll style to remove excess water. Unroll and lay flat to dry on a mesh drying rack or another bath towel. Do not hang to dry.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Soothe Heartburn in Minutes

Here's another one for heartburn... nibble a handful of almonds when it hits. 

The oils in these nuts neutralize stomach acid to relieve heartburn and acid reflux within 15 minutes.  And when you chew a few almonds before a meal, experts say, it can also help prevent heartburn.

Helping Troubled Youths

Before my husband and I were married, he, together with some friends, used to be volunteers in their community's rehabilitation program for troubled youths. It started when they were still in high school after losing a classmate due to drug overdose. Their work involved encouraging drug dependent kids to enlist in the Detox programs sponsored by the city government. It's good to know that the local government is continuing this program up to now.
Drugs can be easily bought without prescription, one of the main reasons why drug abuse has increased dramatically over the years.  For the youth, it usually starts out as casual experimentation,  a dare, influence of friends or sometimes, due to family problems. They rely on this dangerous substance because it changes the way they feel; they feel better, relaxed, powerful and lets them escape reality.
Detox is a lot quicker than the traditional treatment.  A patient who undergoes detox can get rid of opiate addiction in a matter of days without suffering too much.  Hubs says, the patient won't  even have withdrawal symptoms. That's how fast it works.  But it is imperative to attend 'after detox' sessions to prevent a relapse.  Psychological and emotional support is crucial. It's as easy to go back to drugs as it is easy to get well. 
If only the officials in all the local governments here would work  together and create more programs on rehabilitation then  drug addiction won't be much of a problem. 

Stylish and Comfortable

Giving your home a whole new look?  Oh, the possibilities are endless!  If you have the budget, you can hire an interior decorator to do it for you but it will be more fun to do it yourself. You can repaint the interiors, or install classy wallpapers.  Change the lighting and buy the most sophisticated furniture to give it a modern look. Or let you imagination run wild and put whatever you feel would look good in your home.  But of all the ways to beautify your home,  having custom rugs installed is a useful addition.  Just imagining yourself comfortably sitting in a room with a plush and luxurious rug in beautiful patterns is already relaxing.

A beautiful rug does not only add style to a room, it adds warmth and comfort.  Rugs can greatly help in your room's insulation. Whether you are heating or cooling your room,  it cools or warms easily  with a rug or carpet. Some people don't like rugs because it can be a real pain to clean if you do not have a carpet steamer, or if you cannot afford to call out the carpet cleaners every couple of months.  But I say, rugs are practical.  They are easier on the feet and you don't have to worry about slips especially when you have small children.  Plus, it helps reduce the noise level and as I have mentioned earlier, rugs and carpets are great insulators, they can help reduce the cost of heating or air conditioning.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday #74


This photo was taken months ago when I last went to Tiendesitas.  I knew there were live bands performing every night but I didn't know there were live dance performances too.  The dance is called Singkil a popular dance performed during celebrations and other festive entertainment.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photohunt - Hot

This week's theme is hot and I say, this is one hot dish!  Spicy squid and scallops sprinkled with lots of cayenne pepper.  Yummo!
Have a great weekend everyone!  

The hCG Diet

Of all the ways to lose weight, one approach have stood out  for its ability to deliver seriously speedy results: hCG diet.  If you still have not heard of it, hCG  or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced during pregnancy by the cells that form the placenta to ensure proper nutrients to a developing baby. To put it simply, this hormone has the ability to protect the baby from starvation inside the womb through the brown fat stores of the woman’s body as a source of food.

hCG sends signals to the hypothalamus to mobilize stored fat. Apparently, it works to boost  your metabolism, protect the good fat and keep your muscle tissue from breaking down. According to Dr. Simeon, the British doctor who developed hCG as a method of weight loss

“When the HCG is taken and there is no fetus present to use these nutrients, the body still releases the stored substances, and the body then gets rid of them, detoxing through the elimination system. This enables the body to release stored toxins and fat. You do not lose muscle mass, which is what occurs in other diets. One of the functions of this hormone is to stimulate the body to mobilize and burn extra fat cells for energy.”

It can be taken orally and it is recommended to put it under the tongue so it can be easily absorbed which allows a person to get more on their stored fat than on what they eat.  What it does is provide your body with a constant flow of nutrients received from the fat that your body is breaking down and using. Cravings for real food are lessened plus you burn fat easily.  

However, there are foods allowed on hcg diet to aid you in losing fat fast, but don't get sad because those are foods you love -- fruits, vegetables, beef (top sirloin, rib eye, ground beef), veal, and chicken (breast only).  I think this diet is truly amazing.  Where else can you find a fast weight loss plan while you enjoy great healthy food and get on the scale the next day and see the needle moving down another pound?

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Neck Check

Just like our nails and our pee, we should also check our necks from time to time.  It should be done every six months or at least once a year.  Why?  Because nodules and thyroid cancer can appear at any age, with or without a family history of thyroid disease.  Detecting any abnormalities early on means getting treatment immediately to avoid severity of the disease.

To do:  Hold a mirror in front of you while slowly swallowing a glass of water.  Check to see if a lump or bulge in visible in the neck while you swallow.  Be sure not to confuse your thyroid with the cartilage of your voice box, which may cause a slight bulge, experts say.  It's the butterfly-shaped gland directly beneath where the Adam's Apple would be in a male.

The appearance of lump. mass or bulge in this area as you swallow may be a sign of something abnormal, such as an enlarged thyroid or thyroid nodule, if you think something is there or are not sure, have your doc check it.

Living A Normal Life

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being disabled does not mean everything has to stop for you.  I've seen a lot of handicapped persons who excelled in fields you can't even imagine they can do.  There was a 10 year-old boy who lost both arms in an accident but learned to paint with his feet.  I'm sure you've also heard of the licensed Filipina pilot who flies planes with her feet.  Another great example is motor sports driver Alex Zanardi.  He lost both legs in a race accident.  He is now driving again with a modified car in the touring car series.

Having a disability doesn't mean you cannot live a normal life or do the things you love especially now that modern technology has made things a lot easier for all of us.  You can have your  car customized to suit your needs.  There's also NMEDA to guide, help and educate you on buying the right products from qualified dealers.  NMEDA is an association of dealers, drivers and other professionals to widen opportunities for the elderly and the disabled to get back on the road again.  Being handicapped doesn't mean you have to depend solely to another person to survive.  Of course, you still appreciate the love and care of your family but there's a great satisfaction in doing things by yourself.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 2010 Top Droppers

Once again. it's time to thank entrecard friends who dropped by the most for the month of August.  your continued support is very much appreciated.

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