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Sunday, July 31, 2011

For Dewy Skin

Keep your skin dewy with cucumbers.  Adding them to your meals or enjoying it as a smoothie will keep your skin hydrated.  The veggies are rich of ascorbic acid, a vitamin C precursor that hydrates skin inside and out.

The Rehearsal Dinner

I called up my cousin to remind her if all the rehearsal dinner invitations have all been given out. She is too excited and a bit stressed about her upcoming wedding she tend to forget some details. She never wanted a wedding coordinator so she is doing everything on her own. Good thing she has lots of "willing" cousins helping her out.  I was the one who ordered the invites for the rehearsal dinner next week.  She said Marty (the groom), delivered all of it yesterday.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Photohunt - Together

Greens and dressing are always good together.

The girls, together in granddad's arms.

Because we are twins, we always do things together... even stretching.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy hunting!


My son has entered puberty. He's now more interested in girls than toys. He's now courting his crush. He's given her letters, cards, flowers and chocolates. My young Casanova has added giving gifts to his repertoire. He's saving his allowance so he can give special things to his crush. Just last week, he asked me to gift wrap a stuffed toy. He came running to me holding the toy and wrapping paper.  He bought the toy himself and chose the wrapper too. This stuffed toy is huge. It's a polar bear with a cub. This girl must be really special. I've never seen my son this so excited before.

I'm glad he's taking this positively. Since he started courting her, his grades have been great. I've never seen him get As in Math. I supposed he has to impress the since she is the vice president of the student council. I love it when he's inspired. He becomes a very different kid. He even cleans his room without me nagging him to do so. He's even helping me wash the dishes. Love moves in strange ways. It has moved my son in such a way that is very positive. It's his birthday and he is treating her to dinner. I hope all goes well and they end up together.

Help For Colds

If you've been having frequent colds it's because your immune system  is weak.  Boost it with grape juice.  In one study, people who downed an 8 oz. glass daily increased blood levels of immune cells that protect that lungs.  But that's not the only perk you get from the yummy juice, you also lower your cholesterol level when you drink it daily.

Investment Real Estate is a Lucrative Source of Income

My aunt who is a nurse at one of the biggest hospitals in New York is now into investment real estate.  She really isn't a business woman but since she and her husband have saved quite a sum of money over the years and both of their kids have finished college, they thought of investing in real estate.  Ten years ago they bought their second home in Flushing and it is being rented by my uncle's colleague.  In 2008, they bought another house in lower Manhattan and now they are looking to buy their fourth.  All the properties are earning well and the couple is thinking of retiring.  With all of their properties earning well, they could afford a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Heal Blisters Quickly

Suffering from blisters?  Breaking in your new shoes can leave painful blisters on your heels.  For quick relief, moisten a cotton ball with a minty antibacterial mouthwash then gently dab the spot.  It may sting if the blister has popped but it will go away quickly.  Repeat the process as needed until the blister disappears.  Mouthwash contains a powerful antiseptic that will shorten healing time by a couple of days. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Importance of Calcium

It doesn’t matter how old you are, or if you are male or female, calcium plays an important role in all of our lives. In fact, you would be surprised to learn everything this mineral does for your body. Not only does calcium provide us with healthy teeth and bones, but it also plays a key role in the normal clotting of blood. It also controls such bodily fluids as hormones and enzymes. Finally, calcium conducts nerve impulses, and controls muscle relaxation and contraction. So, without this highly abundant mineral we would be in pretty rough shape, as it is our entire body being influenced by just this one thing.

With that said it is unfortunate that both the old and young are not getting enough calcium these days. The amount of calcium you need depends mostly on age. For example, an infant age birth to 6 months needs 210 milligrams of calcium per day while an adult age 19 to 50 needs 1,000 milligrams per day. It should be noted that it is a false belief that women need more calcium than men. This simply is not true. It is true that the above numbers are just an estimate as to how much calcium any one person needs, it is important to consider other factors such as activity level and size. It should also be considered that calcium is a mineral, and whatever the body chooses not to use is simply disposed of, so in all reality you can never get too much calcium.

The best way to incorporate calcium into your diet is by eating calcium enriched foods. Such foods include dairy products like milk and cheese. Luckily, for those of you who may be lactose intolerant or just not found of cheese, there are other foods enriched with calcium. Several vegetables, such as broccoli and other leafy greens, are a good source of calcium. Additionally, companies that produce other products, such as orange juice, are wising up to the importance of calcium and are now fortifying there products with it. Finally, if you still cannot get enough calcium from your diet, there are a variety of calcium supplements on the market. The best bet for most when it comes to taking a vitamin supplement is to consider a daily multivitamin that covers all the bases. However, if it is just calcium you require there are still supplements for just that.

Regardless of how you get your calcium, you need it. It would be wise to do your own research on your body demographic and age to find how much calcium your body requires each day. Additionally, talking to a doctor or nutritionist can help you determine how much calcium you need and the best way for you to get it.

Briana Maynard holds a B.A in Journalism and currently writes for eDrugstore.MD, an online facilitator for Viagra online and other safe FDA-approved medications such as Propecia for hair loss. Briana uses her journalism skills to cover big pharma news she shares on the eDrugstore.MD Health Blog

Is It Possible to Change Electricity Providers?

Consumers always have the right to choose the products they want to use. When it comes to electricity, though, not everybody has a choice. It all depends on the area where you live.
In some states, consumers have to be content with the existing public utility provider. This applies to areas where the state regulates electricity providers. As such, consumers just have to stick with the rates being charged to them each month and they can be tied to this situation for the long term unless the electricity market in their locality undergoes deregulation.
But in a deregulated electricity market, people have an option to choose their provider. In the U.S., Texas and Maryland are some of the 12 states that allow unlimited competition among energy providers. This gives people the freedom of choice when it comes to the company from which they want to get their electricity supply.
Australia is another country that provides consumers with a choice in their electricity suppliers. Australian states that have opened up their energy markets to competition are Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.
In areas where electricity is deregulated, consumers can switch providers if they feel it’s necessary to do so. This is a good option for people about to end their fixed price contract with a long-time provider.
Before you change to a new provider, however, make sure that you do some comparison shopping first. This will help you compare plans and prices offered by electric companies in your area and determine what best suits your family’s needs. You can even do your research on the internet through some websites that provide comparison tools including calculators to help you determine the best power rates. Some sites even help you in the application process as you switch from your old provider to the new one. 
The benefit of switching electricity providers is you can save money over time. Since there’s health competition, energy prices go down and suppliers take the extra effort to improve their service and offer more products useful to consumers. With lower electricity bills to pay, families can enjoy big savings moving forward.

The Beautiful Charleston Homes

When my cousin was offered a job in South Carolina; he didn't think twice.  He talked to his wife and tried to convince her to agree.  It didn't take a lot of convincing because she knows there will be many opportunities for them there.  My cousin immediately contacted an agent to help them look for an affordable house.  A week later, right after closing the deal with the buyer of their New Jersey home, the agent called to tell them she found them a new house at Charleston homes.  It's a three-bedroom house with a basement and a big garden.  His wife Marina immediately approved when she saw the new house.

That was a year ago.  The couple is now comfortably settled in their cozy home and was recently blessed with a baby girl.  We might come and visit them by the end of the year.

The Fast Way to Clear Congestion

It's always nice to be surrounded by flowers, but all the pollen can wreak havoc on your respiratory system.  The fast and easy way to to relieve stuffed nose is to press your index fingers firmly on where your nostrils connect to your cheeks.  It's the acupressure point known as "Welcome Fragrance."  As you press, move your fingers in slow circles along the sides of your nose up to the bridge.  According to experts, this movement will flush out allergens that may be clogging your nasal passages.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At The Repair Shop

My husband has been very busy lately helping out a friend reorganize his repair shop.  With all the kinds of nuts and bolts and spare parts that he has on stock and more supplies coming, hubs says he is going to need additional steel storage cabinets.  All his steel cabinets at the shop are already full of rivets, screws, nuts and bolts, spare parts, and other tools.

Hubs is suggesting since his friend is investing quite a sum or money in his repair shop, they install industrial storage cabinets.  These are durable and long-lasting and can endure any type of weather.  I think they'll be out again this weekend to look for affordable steel cabinets.

My husband loves to hang out there and help his friend tinker with cars and motorcycles.  He dreams of having his own repair shop when he retires.  He has already started collecting tools that he neatly stores in the steel cabinet in his garage.  But unlike his friend who focuses on repairs and major overhauls, hubs would like to specialize in modifying cars and is also interested in restoring classics.  He already did a few experiments and so far they all turned out well.  Some people are already showing interest in his works.

The Car Show

My boys love going to car shows.  Yesterday, we went to a car show featuring a lot of sports cars and the cars used from the movie Transformers.  When I heard Bumblebee was there, I went with the boys.  I'm not really into cars but I was excited because of the featured Transformer cars.

As soon as we entered the exhibit hall I saw so many different automotive flags bearing the names and logos of Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz.  Those were the only names I'm familiar with but there were a lot more custom flags; I heard from hubs that some are Korean and Japanese cars.  The whole exhibit hall looked very festive with the colorful pennant strings scattered around the area.

I was surprised to see a customized Facebook Porsche. It was so cool!  But it was on the Transformer collection that my eyes feasted. While I was busy taking photos of Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Dino; my boys were excitedly taking all the giveaways and souvenirs handed to them by the car manufacturers.

We were all too tired from going around and taking photos so I thought my boys would head to bed early when we arrived home.  But I was wrong, hubs and son stayed up late looking at their photos and sorting their souvenirs and giveaways.  Nothing can compete with men when it comes to cars.

The Green School

It's good that many of us are now are helping heal our planet.  We have seen how global warming and the drastic weather changes affected countries around the world.  It is also good that more organizations are joining the government green our planet.  Even the young ones are getting involved.

My son's class is having a field trip in November; and instead of asking money from parents to fund the trip, their teacher thought of raising funds.  He went home this afternoon and handed me a letter informing me about the field trip.  He also asked me if I have any fundraising ideas for kids, but it has to help the environment, he added.  I know fun runs are green but I thought of consulting the web for more school fundraising ideas.

Sure enough, after just a few clicks, I landed on a fundraisers for schools site where we found so many ideas.  He listed a few that he will present to his class tomorrow.  He also added the fun run and the walk-a-thon where parents and pledgers can donate a sum of money for every lap a kid finishes. However, he is crossing his fingers that Greenraising will be approved.  He thinks they'll earn more if their class will sell green stuff.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #120


Veggie pizza.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Photohunt - Patch

My favorite vase is broken.  I need a good glue not a PATCH to put this together again.  :(

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy PATCH hunting!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Metal Roofing Saves You Money

If budget and energy costs are to be considered when building a home, installing metal roofing is a great idea. This kind of roofing lasts for years and is a lot cheaper compared to asphalt roofing. And in these times that more and more people are working together to help save our environment, metal roofing works best because it helps you save more energy by reflecting sun rays. A metal roof can endure any kind of weather, in short, it's low maintenance. And the best thing is, most metal roofs available come with a lifetime warranty, so you don't have to worry about repairs and replacements.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When You're Out of Energy

Are you feeling sluggish?  Then throw your shoulders back!  Studies show that lifting your head, standing up straight and smiling can help you feel 25 percent more refreshed in 30 seconds.  Great posture and an upbeat expression trick the brain into producing energizing neurotransmitter.

So whenever you feel you're running on low batteries, lift your chin up, smile and stand up straight.

Pack Your Tent and Camping Knives

Summer is in full swing and I'm sure you already have your vacations planned.  But have you ever tried camping out with your family?  If your answer is no then I suggest you do. You'll never believe how fun it is! Nothing could be more fun than sleeping close to nature where you can hear the hoot of owls and you are awakened by the crowing of the rooster.  And best of all, nothing could beat cooking and eating outdoors.  So pack your tent and camping knives and try a camping adventure with your family this summer. You're family will love it for sure.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #119


Taken from the restaurant where we had dinner last week.
Happy MYM!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Did You Know?

The scent of strawberries can speed up weight loss.  That's from Chicago researchers who found that the fragrance of the berries facilitates the release of endorphins.  These are neurotransmitters that enhance mood and muscle performance, so you automatically walk faster without even trying.  Use a strawberry scented shampoo or lotion before heading out the door for a walk.  Researchers add you can boost your metabolism by 20 percent when you wear the scent.

Could this be the solution to mom's pain?

My mom has been suffering from arthritis for years. She's been staying away from foods -- nuts, beans string beans and eggplants -- she loved to eat because she was afraid it might trigger the pain.  It was hard for her to move when her joint pain attacks.  She also gets frustrated that she is not able to do anything.  She feels so helpless that sometimes I'm afraid she might get depressed.

In my search to help her feel better from the pains of arthritis, I stumbled upon an article about  nitric oxide supplement being good for joint pain.  This is one of the vitamin supplements that's been formulated from natural extracts.  Apparently, the supplement will reduce swelling and inflammation. Selectively binds to the connective tissue of joints, preventing inflammation and lessening pain. It will also help bind the tissues in the joints to prevent them from getting inflamed so there won't be pain.

I'll have to ask mom's doc about this supplement.  Mom is also taking meds for her hypertension, I'd like to know if the supplement won't interfere with her other meds.  She is already suffering from so much pain, I wouldn't want to add more to that and make things more complicated.


Oh no, not again!  The carafe was broken when it slipped my hands.  I just emptied it for my last cup of coffee and I was about to place it in the sink to be washed later, but it slipped my hand.  I tried the thrift shop the other day for a replacement but the carafes there were too small for my coffee maker.  I don't know if I will ever find a new carafe.  :(  I should have listened to my husband and bought a stainless steel coffee maker instead of the one with glass carafe. This is already my 5th coffee maker in what, five or six years?  I also didn't tell him the I broke it.  For sure, he'll say "I told you so."  I'd like it replace or buy a new one before I tell him.  ;)

Now I have to check if I have a budget for a new stainless coffee maker.  Meanwhile, I already checked the prices of stainless steel coffee maker on the internet and found them cheaper than  if I will buy it in the appliance store.  Shipping won't take too long too because as soon as I have placed my order, the new coffee maker will be here the next day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photohunt - Backwards

When this photo was sent to me, I thought she was sitting backwards.  But when I looked closely, I realized it was the alien craft from Star Wars and my sister wasn't seated backwards.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy BACKWARDS hunting!

Water is Always Clean

If there is one piece of material in the spa that is abused and used over and over, it's the spa filters.  And it is only but natural to regularly replace the spa filter cartridges to prevent bacteria from building up in the tubs.  It's great that spas around here are monitored by the government if they are following regulations.  It makes the clients feel safer that they are patronizing a clean spa.

The filter rids the spa water of body oils, fallen hair, dead skin, soap gunk, and cream or lotion residues.  You wouldn't even want to imagine yourself sitting in the spa and soaking in the water with all those dirt, right?  You come to the spa to relax, get pampered, and get cleansed and you pay for those all those things.  So it's just right that you only get the best because that's what you deserve.

The same goes with public and private pools.  I know they also abide by the regulations and replace their swimming pool filter cartridges regularly. I won't have to worry every time my kids would tell me they are going swimming with their friends because I know the pool water is always kept clean.

Doctor Hardworking

My cousin who happens to be a pediatrician is busier now that she's taking up a medical teaching course.   We hardly saw her last year when she took up a consultant interview course.  We thought we would see more of her when she's done with the consultant interview but right after she finished the course, she signed up for the medical teaching.  She says, this course will teach her everything she needs to know to become a good teacher.  Plus, she'll be able to guide and assist her resident doctors in the hospital when she is regularly updated with the latest in educational theory.

She is planning to teach in school while she practices at the same time.  Another cousin teased her that she'll get rich really fast if she does that.  Kidding aside, this cousin of mine is very intelligent and hardworking.  If you know her well, you'll know that it's not really the money she is after.  She has a passion for teaching and she likes to share her knowledge to aspiring doctors and the teach the teacher course is her first step.

She Got What She Wanted When She Had a Rhinoplasty Surgery

Whenever I hear the words "nose job,"  I can't help but smile.  Back when I was in college, one of my best friends were so obsessed in having a perfect nose.  She asked her parents if she could have her nose done.  They didn't agree, of course.  They thought she was too young to have a rhinoplasty surgery.  Frustrated, she saved money from her allowance.  Back then, a surgery was not very expensive so she was able to afford it.  I don't know what she told her mom but she was able to leave home for three days and stayed with one of our other friends.

Unfortunately, she didn't like the result. It wasn't bad but she wanted a perfect nose so she was forced to go home and tell her parents everything.  She was immediately brought to another doctor and corrected the surgery.  To this date her nose is still as perfect.  You see what a woman can do for the sake of beauty?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Breathe Easier with Olives

For those of you who suffers from asthma, adding olives to your diet can help you breathe easier.  The green and black orbs are an excellent source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that improves lung function and protects against asthma.


Business is tough. The small and medium businesses cannot compete head on with big business and their huge operations budget. The internet and information technology are great equalizers in the business field. The web somehow levels the playing field. Here, there are no small, medium or big business. All businesses rely on web hosting. The web is the greatest partner a small and medium business. It is a great advertising tool.

Businesses have to contend with IT operating costs. To negate this, businesses should choose managed hosting. This way, the company would not have to worry about their website. It would be professionally managed by IT professionals. They would also have full technical support. from a team of competent and highly efficient team. A sound server security move is to have your onsite servers protected through colocation security. Your hardware and data would have both physical and virtual protection. Small and medium businesses should take a good look at what the web can offer. This is a new frontier in business. The internet has more to offer than simply communicating. It has made the world of business a more competitive one.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stop Snoring

One secret to stop the loud noise that wakes you from a peaceful sleep is to down a tablespoon of olive oil before heading to bed.  How it works?  The kitchen staple will coat and lubricate throat tissue to help air flow more smoothly through the respiratory tract.  A shot of olive oil will not only prevent the habit from keeping you up at night.  It will soothe your scratchy throat as well.

Business Concerns

A friend of mine is planning to open a new restaurant. The theme and concept is almost finished. The suggested menu is being tested. A chef and staff has been hired. The location is finished with only the decorations and the signage to be installed later. The hitch is the restaurant's logo. Design for this could take awhile and could even be expensive. My husband suggested that they use a temporary logo at first. There Ready Made Logos that are not only cheaper but are professionally done too. Quality is comparable with that of artists' designed works. My husband had used a number of these for some of his clients. Most found them so good that they retained them.

Starting a business is expensive. One can overlook the expenses. This is why he suggested that they cut costs wherever they can. A restaurant's success does not solely rely on its sign. It relies on the quality of food and service. What good would it do if you have a great looking place but awful food and service? He suggests that they concentrate their efforts on food quality and the training of their staff. From there, they can slowly upgrade the place. The priority is how to make the customers come back.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #118


My daughter took this photo  when she and her friends spent a night at one of the hotels in Manila.  I see a lot of yellow buildings so I guess this will pass for MYM.  :)

Major Repair

My husband and I are busy preparing the condominium unit for our daughter.  If you have been following this blog then you know that we recently became a grandfather and a grandmother.  My daughter gave birth to twin girls.   We offered them the vacant condo unit right beside our unit when she said she's having a difficult time with the twins especially that the wound from her delivery (she delivered the twins through C section) has not healed yet.  Her husband is now back to work so I know it's difficult to do everything on her own.

Hubs borrowed my brother's concrete polishing tools to fix the flooring.  Most of the tiles were broken so we've decided to remove them all and just have a plain concrete floor.  We're trying to minimize the expenses too so armed with a tile scraper, hubs got rid of the old tiles.  Hopefully the cement will dry up fast so we can start with the concrete grinding polishing.  While he did the floor, I did the wall painting.  It's not an easy job but hubs and I are enjoying this major repair.

My daughter can't wait to move with and we (with hubs) can't wait to be with our beautiful granddaughters.

My Husband's Hobby

My husband has been a long time cigar aficionado. He frequents a cigar bar along with his buddies to try out the new flavors. From time to time, the bar would offer special samples of newly arrived brands. A few months ago, they offered Acid cigars. The brand had been a mainstay since then. Recently, CAO cigars were introduced. My husband even bought a box. I guess he liked the flavor. On a recent trip, he brought home Padron cigars. He also bought some to give to his friends. He has a smoking area in the house where he enjoys his cigars after diner. He collects all kinds of brands and even has some pipes.

It is more of a hobby than a vice. He gets a different satisfaction when he smokes. He can easily tell if a particular brand is good by simply smelling it. He must have smoked every brand. His friends often ask him what brands to buy, You'll be surprised at how some cheaper brands actually tastes better than the pricier ones. His most coveted and prized possession is his Cuban which an ambassador gave him. I don't mind his hobby anymore. It's his only diversion.

Easy Acne Removal

How I wish Acne Removal was that easy when I was in my teens. I was one of those unlucky teens who suffered from severe acne. I've been to many dermatology clinics and went under painful acne removal procedures.  The peeling process was what I hated most.  Besides not being able to go out for weeks, the pain every time the solution was applied on the skin was unbearable.  My mom and dad spent a lot of money for my acne treatments.

My teens are very lucky that they did not have to fight acne.  Both were blessed with great skins.  And because I suffered from acne when I was young, I took care of their skins very well to avoid having to deal with the unsightly bumps.  But even if they did have acne, they are still lucky that the blemishes are easier to treat now with Tanda light therapy.  Gone are the days of painful pricking and solutions that were harsh on skin.  Now you simply apply a gel and treat it with light therapy.  And you don't even have to leave your house for the treatment because you can even do it on your own.

How I wish Tanda was here during my teen years.

She Was Depressed

After my husband's aunt died from breast cancer, my mother-in-law suffered from depression.  She was very frustrated that  it was already on its stage 4 when the cancer was detected.  Too late to save her.  Hubs' aunt was single, by the way.  What really made her depressed is the fact that she had regular check ups.  None of those showed that there was a tumor.  During her last four months, she was already bedridden because it was difficult for her to move and all the doctors saw was osteoporosis.  It was during her final two weeks that my mom-in-law was informed about the cancer.  Stage 4 and nothing could be done about it.

When our aunt passed away, MIL of course was very affected.  She was depressed.  She didn't want to eat or do anything because she thought it was all her fault that the cancer was not detected early on.  She also felt that she didn't give the best to our aunt.  For weeks she only stayed in her room.  We even had to ask the family doctor to come and check her because we were all worried something might happen to her if she continue to do that.  The doctor gave her Effexor. Low dosages were given to her in the beginning to see how it would work with her. Thankfully she did not need a higher dosage because after a few weeks there were already some changes.  It didn't take very long before she came back to us.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Photohunt - Near

I wish these beautiful babies live NEAR us so I can see them often.  But I'm really glad that today is Saturday.  That means I'll be seeing them again tomorrow.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy NEAR hunting!

Now She's High-Tech

When my cousin was finally convinced by her husband to switch to Point of Sale software instead of using her old cash register and doing her inventory manually she found it difficult to choose from among the many POS systems available online.  But when the "expert" (her husband) helped, she was able to buy the perfect software for her small cafe.  She loves that it's simple to use and does not require too many screen touches to perform common functions.  Her inventory, she said only takes a couple of  hours instead of one whole day.  She also loves that she is able to make changes with the settings without difficulty.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Did You Know?

Snacking on papaya can lower the risk of macular degeneration (the leading cause of blindness) by 36 percent.  The fruit has concentrated stores of vitamin A and betacarotene, antioxidants that help maintain healthy cells in the eyes.

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you're cruising along the highway and then your vehicle suddenly stops and it was only then that you realize you are out of gas. Worse, the next station is miles away, your whole family is with you and you are worried no one might ever stop and offer help. At times like this, it's wise to have a roadside assistance that you can call anytime something happens to your vehicle.  Ever since the highway incident that happened to us back in 2001, my husband always made sure help will be on its way in case the car breaks down again.  Do you also have someone to call if this happens to you?

Glad I Waited

The year started great for me.  With my blogging income I was able to buy two notebooks (one for and hubs) and a netbook for my son.  I was supposed to buy them at the start of the year but I don't know why I waited.  It was a blessing though that I did because the laptops we wanted went on sale.  I only chanced upon the cheap laptops sale on one website while surfing the web the other day so I quickly grabbed the chance.  I got all three at much cheaper prices.  Well it pays to wait, really.

A New Toy

Back here, only a few can afford mobile homes because no one makes them here and they have to be imported from the US if you want one.  I was so jealous of my brother who showed me photos of his newly acquired mobile home. He saved up all his past bonuses to buy it and he was just right on time when these homes went on sale. Now he and his family can enjoy visiting the different states with their new baby.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Toxic Overload

Always feeling tired?  It could be that you're suffering from toxic overload.  Other symptoms to watch are brain fog, throat irritations, and skin rashes.  To sop up toxins, you can do skin brushing or take a hot bath.  Both acts stimulate the lymph system and eliminate about 25 percent of toxins.  Dry brush daily or enjoy one 20 minute soak weekly.
Noshing on asparagus and eggs also help flush out toxins so add these yummy gems to your diet.

Infinite banking, It All Depends On Me

Is there a shortcut to wealth? Some say there is none and some say there is. One common denominator they all share is it all depends on you. You can make or break yourself. All success stories of self-made people I've heard refer to themselves as the secrets to their success. I've followed that theory all these years. I may not be as wealthy but I've made some modest progress. Still my search continues for that elusive pot of gold. I may have missed out on something. I heard about infinite banking which could be my ticket to success. Not that I'm lazy or tired, I would love to get more for my hard work. At the end of the day, it all depends on me.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #117


Salmon Ceviche

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Photohunt - Busy

I was very BUSY last week and was not able to post for the theme Card(s).  My daughter gave birth to two little girls, Soleil and Sophie.   Soleil (in yellow blanket) came out first.  Three minutes later, Sophie (in pink) followed.  They are identical and both weighed 6.5 lbs.  I'll be seeing them again this weekend.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy BUSY hunting! 

Our Twins

The twins were supposed to come out on July 07 but my daughter already had labor signs since mid-June.  She was advised to rest in bed and take medicines to stall the labor.  Her cervix was already 2 cm open but the twins needed to age a little more inside her tummy. The baby shower invitations were already out but I had to cancel because Mai shouldn't be moving too much. Her friends understood her situation and just sent their baby shower gifts.

Last week, when the doctor said that the two weeks wait is enough, they stopped the medication.  Two days later after stopping, the babies came.  Here they are...

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sleep Better with Apricots

Munching on apricots before bed can trigger deeper sleep, thanks to the fruit's rich stores of tryptophan.  researchers discovered that the amino acids boost levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter key to regulating healthy sleep patterns.

Quicken the Speed of Communication

Each and every day there is something new about our technology.  Who would have thought that back then the ability to be in several places at one time without leaving your office or home is possible?  Now you can do and get anything  -- information; shopping; services -- with just a few clicks of your mouse.  You can even talk to your clients and conduct a meeting with your business partners through Web conference wherever they are.  Every one else is doing more jobs with less time!

Let's try to go back a bit.  First there was the fax machine.  You can send data anywhere in the world using this machine, but you still had to spend for overseas call if you needed to talk to your customers.  Now we have Web conference and Video conference.  Here you can meet with clients personally  -- you see them and they see you.  Visually seeing the customer during a the conference is far more effective than communicating with him through a fax machine or a telephone.

Many companies now are enjoying these leaps in technology because besides reaching your clients easily, the service is way cheaper.  It saves you from expensive telephone charges and travel expenses.  And because these services are usually offered at very affordable prices or sometimes for free, you get to talk more with your clients and partners.  Closer contact will lead to new ideas on how to improve your products and services.
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