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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Busy

If you're like my brother-in-law who used to struggle just to finish reading his business book and it takes you weeks or months to finish it, executive book summaries are for you.  As a top executive of a large company, he needs to keep updated on the latest business trends.  However, given his tight schedule, business travels, family, and social life; he found it hard to finish a book fast.  His books are collecting dust in his home office!  He spends most of his time at the office and more often during weekends, he flies to the different provinces to check their branches.  He barely has time for his family... more so read a book.

A colleague introduced him to executive book summaries.  These book summaries are compact it lessened his reading time to more than half.  The executive book summaries, according to him were presented in a simplified manner, he was able to get all the important details without wasting too much time.  For an affordable subscription fee, he gains knowledge from the top business authors and he's always updated on business trends and happenings.

These are perfect for those who love to read books but barely have time to do so.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #125 - Bumblebee


Those are my nephew and niece posing with Bumblebee.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

For More Energy

Always feeling tired?  Try adding broccoli and cabbage to your diet.  These two are rich in water and energy-promoting nutrients.  Plus, they contain phytonutrients that spur the release of trapped toxins to increase energy levels.

For Mother Nature And Education

My son is very much involved with with a conservationist organization. Aside from seminars and lectures, their organization held a nature fundraiser. The nature fundraising event was for the rehabilitation of a creek. It used to be teeming with life. Unfortunately, undisciplined and reckless hikers have thrown their wastes into it. These led to the pollution of the creek. They have also done tree planting and cleanup drives. It's good to see my son actively participate in these activities.

Aside from being involved in saving Mother Nature, he is also active in helping other schools. They have held some fundraisers for schools. The proceeds have gone to buying educational supplies and learning aids for special children. He believes that all children deserves to have an education not matter what their condition is. I'm so proud of my son.At a very young age, he is doing something worthwhile. While enjoys doing the normal things kids his age do, he has not forgotten that he too has a social responsibility. Watching documentaries on global warming has opened his eyes to the woes of the world. I hope he continues this. We should learn from these youths. They are teaching us that if we all band together, we can actually make a difference.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photohunt - Symbolic

The birth of Jesus is symbolic in so many different ways.  For me it symbolizes purity because Jesus was born of a virgin.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy hunting!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Low on Energy?

Toss cherry tomatoes into your salad.  Many women are low in potassium, a mineral that's essential to energy production.  Consuming a cup of these potassium-rich tomatoes can help erase a fatigue-triggering shortfall in as little as two weeks.

The Bedroom, My Refuge

Many of us think that having beautiful fine linens is indulging in luxury.  While it's true that some of these may be costly, you can still find quality bedroom linens like sferra sheets, that are affordable and very comfortable.  Wouldn't you love to come home to a soft and fluffy bed after a stressful day at work?  The bedroom is your refuge from the outside world, therefore, you want to make it as cozy and comfortable as you can.  I don't even have to sleep to feel instantly relaxed.  The mere sight of my fluffy and soft bed and the smell of my clean room already make me feel relaxed.  Is it the same for you?

The Way To Thin

Still searching for ways to lose weight, I landed on a page that features weight loss pills that work. I was desperate about not losing even half a pound since I have stopped smoking cigarettes.  I dieted and I kept working out but the weight just won't budge.  I know my thyroid has gone inactive since then and I keep getting bigger even if I exercise.  I couldn't go on like this so I have to do something.  If my ways can't do it then I need help to at least jump start weight loss.  I need a pill that will work on the pounds and i think I just found it.  Will tell you more next time.

Nina Went to an Hcg Weight Loss Clinic

My friend Nina who went to an hcg weight loss clinic is looking great.  She used to be bigger than me but she is now so slim and sexy.  Nina knows about my problems about losing weight and she is recommending the clinic to me.  I'm having difficulties shedding off the pounds I gained since I quit smoking.  Diet and exercise don't work and I'm starting to feel frustrated.  It's been more than a year and I have changed my weight loss plan several times, but I still get the same results.  After seeing Nina and how gorgeous she looks, I think I need to visit that clinic.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Did You Know?

The vitamin E in leafy green veggies like spinach and watercress is a powerful antioxidant that promotes the production of B cells, which are responsible for producing antibodies and destroying harmful bacteria?  Adding them to your diet will significantly help lessen colds and sick days.

Flat Roofing Calgary

When I mentioned to my brother that hubs and I have plans of re-roofing the house, he mentioned Flat Roofing Calgary.  He says he also used this when he changed his roof three years ago.  His roof has been to extreme weathers since then but both heat and cold seemed nothing to his still roof.  We are having lots of rains lately and there's a leak coming from the kitchen roof.  Hubs thinks that since we're re-roofing the kitchen, might as well re-roof the everything so everything will be done at once.  He already checked the flat roofing and he's seriously considering it.

Mellow Yellow Monday #124 - Our Twins





You don't always have to shop for a dress every time you attend a party or any formal function.  Looking your best is not just all about purchasing designer or expensive outfits.  The simple act of accessorizing can turn your simple dress to fab.  And you don't even have to shop for the more expensive accessories; cheap costume jewelry can be found with just a click of your mouse.  A lot of online costume jewelry shops offer a variety of costume jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces and other stuff.  You wouldn't believe how these fancy jewelry can turn your drab look to gorgeous.

A smart dresser do not have to have tons of dresses.  She only needs to have a few sets of outfits that she can rotate and lots and lots of accessories.  It's important to select accessories that will match the materials, colors and styles of your outfits though.  Try to find pieces that will not only look great in one outfit.  Be smart and visualize all your clothes while shopping for wholesale costume jewelry.  That way you'll be able to rotate them with several outfits and you don't end up spending more.  Aside from costume jewelries, you can also play with  hats, scarves, gloves, handbags, shoes, and shawls.

My Checks Show It

I'm excited about my new grandchildren. Yes, grandchildren. I'm an excited and proud grandmother of twin baby girls. I take as many pictures of them as I can. I upload them to all my social networking sites so our relatives and friends could see their latest photos. I take each of one's picture and together as well. I had this great idea. My bank can print personal checks for me. I had my own design made several months ago. When I asked the account officer if it is possible to order checks with the photos of our twins on them, she said it was possible. It would be great if my checks had my granddaughters' pictures. I have chosen a few of the cutest shots I've taken of the twins.

I have ordered my first batch of bank checks. Every batch would bear a different set of pictures. I would keep a piece of each checkbook for my scrapbook. Am I overdoing it? I suppose I am, but I deserve a little leeway. They are my first grandchildren. I am very emotional about the experience. Being a mother is exciting. I never thought that being a grandmother is even better. I simply can't have enough of the twins.

A New Business

I am helping out a friend look for supplies for her newly opened business.  Melissa loved making scented candles and soaps that she used to give to all her friends and family as presents.    For a long time, I have been encouraging her to start selling them so she'll have extra income.  Melissa is a stay-at-home mom and she learned the hobby when her first born started school.  She used to wrap them in manila paper and simply tie it then give it to friends.

While it's still a good idea and costs less to do so, it may not be wise if she has to ship them in faraway places.  I'm helping her look for suppliers of shrink wrap and poly bags.  She may not need to buy mailing tubes now but once she decides to sell her cross stitched projects, she'll eventually need to order for these.  Her newly set-up website is creating a buzz and her orders are coming in.  Melissa is so happy that she will be earning with what she loves to do.  Just keep doing what you love girl and very soon, your hands are going to be full.  I'll always be here if you need a hand.  :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Photohunt - Drink

What are you lookin' at?  Can't you see I'm busy with my DRINK?

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy hunting!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Healthy Stress Relief

When you feel you are overstressed, enjoy a salty snack.  The adrenals ensure healthy blood pressure by keeping salt and water in balance, so a shortage of either substance can overwork the glands.  However, salt is like a sponge that keeps water in the body so enjoying snack such as salted nuts, olives, and pickles once or twice daily provides adrenal support.

All Worth It

When my daughter found out she was pregnant, that was the only time she started reading about womens health.  She didn't care so much about her health before that.  She loved to sleep late (and sometimes didn't sleep at all), she never exercised, and had no vitamins.  She also didn't like drinking water so she survived on soda and sugary drinks.  Lucky her, she didn't get big.

When the big news came, she subscribed to a monthly magazine so she'll understand what she was going through and to know what to expect while the babies are growing inside her womb.  I was actually the one who told her to do so because we needed more pregnancy information aside from the pregnancy advice her ob-gyne gives during her monthly visits.  It was the first time we are having twins in the family.  I know it's pretty much the same as having a single baby but we want to be more careful.

Her last trimester was difficult, the twins were growing like regular babies inside her tummy and her cervix opened by 2 cm on her 32nd week.  She had to take meds to delay the delivery for another couple of weeks and was advised to rest in bed. 

On her 34th week, the medication was stopped and the following day she gave birth to two super healthy baby girls.  She named them Soleil and Sophie.

Fancy Hairpieces

I was looking for hair accessories for our girls when I landed on a page that sells wigs and hairpieces. I was about to close the page and move on to the next when I spotted some cheap hair extensions. I've read in local magazines that these stuff are expensive. I've seen some local movie stars use this and I found them cute.

Though I'm not really interested to put them on my hair, I tried to imagine how I would look with long hair. The funny thing is when I scrolled the page further down, I found out that you can try it on virtually.  You simply need to upload your photo or turn on your webcam then start trying on the wigs or hair extensions.  The first ones I tried are the remy hair extentions.  I've never had long and straight her.  I have tried perming but after a few months, my hair is back to normal.  I've heard about hair rebonding but I'm a little bit apprehensive about trying it.  I have seen the results and it doesn't look natural to me.  If I'm going to have straight hair, I want my hair to look as natural as possible so people wouldn't think I had it permed.

I had fun seeing them on me and I didn't look bad (grinning).  Next time I'm attending a formal function, I might try putting on hair extensions.

There Will be a Next Time

When my boys (hubs included) heard from the news the other day that there will be a meteor shower, they immediately got their Binoculars and Spotting scopes ready.  According to the news, the shower will last for more than an hour so they went to the terrace on the fourth floor and positioned their stuff.  They even brought snacks and refreshments, just in case it lasts longer and they get hungry.

The boys were very excited because it's their first time to use the Spotting scopes.  They already had their binoculars but for nature lovers, those were not enough.  When they chanced upon a sale on one of the online stores they frequent, they didn't stop pestering me until I said yes.

Anyway, going back to my story.  They settled themselves in the terrace and waited for the meteor shower.  They were enjoying the full moon and the stars when thick clouds started to appear.  They covered the moon and the stars and then not much longer... rain poured.  They waited a little more thinking that the night sky would clear again, but it didn't.  My boys went down disappointed.  All I was able to say was, "Don't worry boys, there's always going to be a next time."

Never Again

Shhh.  I shouldn't be blogging about this because if my daughter reads this, she's going to hate me.  :)  It's about the reason behind why she went for a Laser Hair Removal.  She used to pluck her underarm hair though I kept on telling her not to do it.  Then when she got tired doing it several times a month, she bought a hair removal cream.  I remember seeing her too excited when she was about to use it.  She was bragging to me how quick and easy it was.

Then something bad happened.  Her underarms turned dark and rashes started to appear!  I told her not to apply anything on them because it just might aggravate the condition.   I brought her to a dermatological clinic and she was given a mild cream for the rashes.  It took a little more than a week before all the rashes disappeared.  I went with her when she returned to the clinic for the laser hair removal.

While there, I browsed at their catalog checking what other services they offered.  According to the receptionist, botox is the most popular and she was offering it to me.  Haha.  Daughter said they are the most affordable clinics around.  They also have so many branches so where ever you may be you can avail of their great services.  You can get a Botox DC or  Botox Maryland.

Her underarms are hairless and the skin is back to normal.  She vows never to try on skincare products she isn't very sure of.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Problem Yeast?

Flavor your dishes with garlic and oregano.  The duo have proven anti-fungal properties that help to reduce the growth of candida yeast.

Addiction Is Everyone's Problem

The '60s and '70s exposed us to the perils of addiction. Since then, the problem of substance abuse has escalated. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can also be abused. Addiction has become a social issue and concern. The Governments all over the world has instituted programs to address this growing problem. The youth is the most vulnerable members of society. Addiction can be found in all classes of society. I have afflicted the richest to the poorest of society.

Heroin addiction is the oldest of all. Through the years, Heroin Addiction Treatment has gone a long way. Treatment has drastically improved. Dedicated institutes both private and public are working to treat these victims of heroin addiction. Support groups also complement these institutions to rid society of this problem. More and more patients are being cured because of these efforts. Families have come to realize that these addicts are victims and they need support to cure themselves.

Drugs have also evolved. Meth or crack in street parlance is cheap and accessible. A byproduct of cocaine, meth is the poor man's drug. Rehabilitation centers and institutions now offer Meth Addiction Treatment. Meth has overtaken all other banned substances in the number of users. It has become an international concern. Law enforcement agencies all over the world are working together to stop its circulation.

If you think that over-the-counter medicine is safe, think again. Painkillers can also be abused.  Used mainly on injured patients, some continue to take this long after their injuries have healed. In some cases, overdose of this have proven fatal. Painkiller Addiction Treatment is now available. Painkiller addiction is now a recognized problem.

Whatever kind of addiction, it has to be addressed immediately. We have a social responsibility to help those who suffer from addiction. In most cases, these people merely need understanding and support. Addiction is something we must admit instead of denying it. This is not something we can sweep under the rug. It is a social problem that everyone must take seriously.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #123 - Feeding Time


Healthy-Flavored Popcorn

My husband knows how much I want to have my own popcorn machine.  That's since I started to tweak my diet.  I used to love the flavored microwave popcorn.  Among my favorites and the kids too are microwave caramel, melted butter, honey caramel, butterscotch almond, barbecue and sour cream.  My kids still love them but these are now too heavy for me.  I would rather have plain salted or popcorn with a few dashes of mixed herbs.

It was my birthday two weeks ago and I didn't get any gifts from him; I'm not one to complain though.  But I was surprised yesterday morning when a delivery arrived at my door.  It was a box with a red ribbon and my name was on it.  I opened it immediately and inside was a small pop corn machine.  Oh, and it was from hubs.  How sweet!

Popcorn nights can be any night now with my new popcorn machine.  I will try a few healthy but yummy flavors this weekend for our DVD marathon and see if the kids will like them too.  I'd like to slowly introduce them to healthier flavors too.  of course they can still have the usual but this time, in moderation.

Intercom installed, Driveway alarm next

I am so glad that hubs installed a wireless intercom system at home.  Living in four-story house can be a little inconvenient if you don't have it.  We had one before; it was not wireless.  It broke down a couple of months ago and hubs was too busy to replace it.  
We are staying on the fourth floor while my store is on the ground floor.  I had to shout sometimes to call my store helper if I needed to tell her something.  Most of the time I go down the stairs to talk to her.  I know it's a good form of exercise but sometimes it's just too tiring.  The new intercom is such a relief.
He will be working on the driveway alarm next.  Actually our driveway, where the car is parked is kind of safe.  It has an enclosure and a gate that we lock at night.  But hubs doesn't want to take any chances.  We've been hearing about theft and robbery cases lately.  Not in our neighborhood though but you'll never know, right?  He's still looking and comparing prices for wireless driveway alarm.  He hopes to do next weekend because after that, he's going to be busy again.  Do you know where we can buy a cheap driveway alarm?

Maria Had A Rhinoplasty Surgery

Maria always had a problem with her nose.  Ever since she was young she was teased about how wide it is.  She promised herself that when she grows up and has money, she'll have a rhinoplasty surgery.  As soon as she graduated from college; Maria worked hard to save money.  She kept her promise to herself and had the surgery.  As soon as she saw her new look, Maria gained confidence right away.  Maria now works as a top executive in one of the leading banks here.  She got where she is not because of her good looks but because she deserves it and she worked hard for it.  The surgery was what she needed to feel confident and show everyone that she is good at something.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Photohunt - One

There were 5 eggs in this clutch, all of the eggs hatched but only ONE was fortunate to survive.  This one almost died too because the parents were not feeding the little fella.  My nephew decided to hand-feed him and so far the finch is doing well.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy hunting!

I Want the New iPhone

I'm still in contract with my phone service provider but it's hard to resist the offer from the other company.  The plan includes the new iPhone 4.  I almost grabbed it but backed out at the last minute.  The phone is very tempting but what would I do with two lines?  I weighed my options and I think it's best to buy iphone sans the contract.  I won't be tied up with a two-year contract that turns out to be much more expensive if you sum it up.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Did You Know?

Blueberries can shrink varicose veins.  the delicious berries are rich in plant compounds found to repair and strengthen veins, reducing inflammation and shrinking bumps by as much as 41 percent in two months.  The blue jewels are also abundant in vitamin C, a nutrient that helps stabilize the supportive collagen in vein walls, cutting the risk of new bulges from forming.  To get the best benefits, consume a cup of frozen blueberries or a quarter of a cup of dried blueberries daily.

Second Chances

My husband's friend has finally admitted that he's an alcoholic and an addict. Ever since losing his job and family, his life has somewhat spiraled. His friends have been trying to convince him to commit himself for rehabilitation. A couple of their buddies live in Florida and are willing to take him in. They say that they know a good rehab center that addresses both his problems. This Florida Drug Rehab is topnotch and has very good results. Their rehab programs are impressive and highly recommended. This Florida Dug Treatment is administered and supervised by professionals. They ensure that the patient will get the best support for a long lasting cure.

Since their friend is also an alcoholic, his substance abuse and drinking problem can be addressed at the same time. This Florida Alcohol Rehab will take care of his drinking problem. An alcoholic shares the same problems with an addict. We all look forward to his eventual rehabilitation. He is a very good man who is just down on his luck. Rehabilitation is about second chances and he deserves it. The sooner his treatment starts, the sooner he'll get his life back. Hopefully, with his best buddies by his side, he will be back on his feet in no time

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Friend's Garden

If you're thinking of growing a garden, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you want to grow. You could be growing palm trees, flowers, herbs or vegetables. You could also grow all of them but that of course depends on the size of your lot.  No matter what type of garden you decide to grow, it is important that you read on some gardening techniques especially if you're starting to build a garden from scratch. I am not an expert but I heard a raised bed is easier to maintain.

Raised bed gardening is a form of gardening in which the soil is formed in wide beds. They can be used effectively to control erosion and recycle and conserve water and nutrients by building them along contour lines on slopes. A friend of mine started building a raised garden bed to save more space. She says raised garden beds are great for small pots of veggies and flowers. They are easy to build and if you don't really know how, there are ready-made models available. With the space that she saves, she plans to have Pomegranate trees and Fig trees. The fruits of these trees deliver a lot of health benefits but they are too expensive if you are going to buy them all the time.  Having them in her garden is a great idea.

Tomorrow, she's inviting me over to see her new garden. And if her raised bed garden is really nice, I think I'm gonna give a try too.

Doing Errands

With my husband's busy schedule, he asked me to do some errands for him online. Since I'm on the net most of the time, I can easily squeeze the favors he asked from me. I help my sister sell jewelry online during my free time. She sells customized jewelry. I can browse the net for my husband's military items at the same time. He has only two items he wants me to check. It's been several months since the last military auction he attended. He has been trying to locate military surplus rifles for sale. These are for his collection and for his props rental. As an astute student of history and civilization, he became interested in the military aspect of both subjects.

His vast collection of military items and memorabilia continues to grow. He has cabinets full of military uniforms from all over the world. These come with complete equipments. Matching helmets, ammo belts, pouches and duffel bags go with these uniforms. Walking into his collection room is like walking into a military museum. Our son plays with the some of the stuff he has. Rifles and other weapons line the walls of the room. He even has some medieval weapons. I have a feeling that this errand may influence me too. Who knows, I may end up getting interested in his hobby too.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #122 - Spaghetti Meatballs


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Photohunt - Painted

Painted nails and painted faces were my first thoughts but since I don't paint my nails and never painted my face, I thought these two photos from MIL's garden will do just fine.

The wooden swing and the vases look worn out and faded.  They should be PAINTED to look like new again but we all love the antique effect of these stuff. 

 That's  my nephew Joaquin who had his face painted when he attended a birthday party.

The last one is a beautiful painting from the coffee shop I frequent.  :)

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy hunting!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walk for Youthful Brain

Walking daily does more than make your heart healthy and trim the fats; it also spurs growth of brain tissues.  The exercise helps boost nerve growth in the hippocampus, which is responsible for regulating learning and memory.  The increased blood flow brought on by walking seems to boost connections between neurons and send growth signals to nerves, leading to improved memory and overall brain health.

So did you take a walk today?  Your brain is younger than it was yesterday if you did.  :)

New Water Heater Installation At Home

We're preparing a new bathroom for my grandchildren. They regularly visit us and stays for the weekend. They'll be using their mom's old bedroom. We've asked a contractor for a new Water Heater installation. The old one doesn't work anymore. They're only months old and really needs warm water when they bathe. No problem when it's summer, the water's hot. It's the cold months that concern us. They'll be using one of the guestrooms until their own bedroom is ready. Their mom and dad are overseeing the reconstruction of the room. We're all excited and we hope that the room will be finished on time.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #121 - Proud Grandpa


This photo was taken last month, a week after the twins were born. 
Oh! Maiii Copyright 2009