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Friday, September 30, 2011

Remember Numbers Easily

Are you having a hard time memorizing your new telephone number?  Write it down. Handwriting activates the brain's working memory, the ability to mentally store and manipulate information.  Plus, it leaves a motor memory in the sensimotor part of the brain, which helps us recognize characters.

Occupational Health and Safety Specialist Jobs

After getting out of a Health School, I am sure the first thing you do is to immediately find a job; all graduates as well as those who got their certifications feel that way. Getting the job we want is the second step to fulfilling our dreams. So where do you start applying?

Occupational Health & Safety Specialist Jobs are in demand right now. You could start submitting your resume online and wait for hospitals or private employers to email you. You can even choose the State where you want to work because it's easy to find a work and this job pays well.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sex-Related Headaches

If you're wondering why you get bad headaches before or at the start of orgasm that last anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours, it is caused by the muscle tension that leads to climaxing. Pain is felt around or behind the eyes. These sex-related headaches are becoming norm it seems. If you get these headaches, it would be best to consult your doc so the trigger can be determined and he can prescribe proper treatment. I have also read that it could be a sign of high blood pressure because at the time of orgasm, blood pressure rises slightly.

Busy as a Bee

My cousin Gemma is one of the top executives in a large company here.  She is one of the overseers of a large mall chain here in the Philippines.  Ever since she was promoted to this position, she's been too busy traveling and we seldom see her anymore.  I was lucky to spot her in the mall last week.

As always she's looking great and slim, but she was complaining about her job.  Well, not actually her job but the time she spends at work.  It's taking up too much of her time and she barely has a chance to rest.  She also mentioned that she also had to finish a lot of Business books but she has no time even just to browse one.

I have heard about executive book summaries that can be downloaded online so I told her about it.  She can finish reading all her Business books in a half the time.  Cousin Gemma can either use her phone by downloading the app or she buy an eBook reader for all those.  She doesn't even have to bring all the heavy books all the time and she can read them during flights or her breaks.

She thanked me for telling her about it and she told me that she'd get the eBook right away.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amsterdam Tour

Someone is having a great time in Amsterdam with her friends! My sister left the other day for Someone is having a great time in Amsterdam with her friends! My sister left the other day for a grand vacation and they will be staying there for a week. It has been her dream to tour the country, see the beautiful art in Amsterdam and sample all their dishes. They've only been there for two days and they have already been to different amsterdam restaurants. She says the food is superb.

She and her friends have been to the Van Gogh Museum already and that is all she's raving about. There are over fifty museums in Amsterdam and they've only been to a few. A week is not enough to see all those and there are still the exciting attractions to visit.

I also dream of seeing art Amsterdam and the other art in Europe but I still don't have the budget for it. Someday maybe. I would love to go there with my family so they too can enjoy Amsterdam's unique and beautiful art. I would also love to have a taste of their authentic food.

Anyway, she's been taking a lot of pictures and she promised to send them all to me soon. I'll be content with the pictures for now.

Moving In Soon

Hubs and I love wooden furniture.  It all started when we got married and we received gifts of antique wooden furniture from our relatives.  We got a coffee table set from his uncle who happens to be an antique collector and a set of rose wood  sofa.  Hubs and I have been married for more than twenty years and these living room furniture sets are still with us.  Except for a few scratches on the coffee table, all our wooden furniture are still in a good condition.  We didn't even have to spend to maintain them; proper care and cleaning are all they required.

Right now we are working on a new project.  We are fixing the guest room because our daughter and grandkids are moving in with us.  My son-in-law will be leaving for Europe and it will be hard for my daughter to take care of their twin daughters on her own.  We need to buy bedroom furniture because she and the twins are sharing the room.  Of course we are looking for wooden bedroom furniture to match the wooden bed that is already in the room.  Hubs and I are off shopping for furniture tomorrow.  They are planning to move in in a couple of weeks.

Au Naturale

Who would have thought that soy beans have other uses? I thought it was only used to make tofu or curd. Last summer, while we were having our house repainted, I learned of soy's other uses. Apparently, soy can be used to remove paint. He ordered several cartons of soy paint remover. I was amazed at how soy based paint remover can effectively strip paint without any harmful chemical additive. It is good to see companies do their share in protecting the environment.

Back in the day, paint had lead and paint remove is a chemical filled activity. To strip the paint off anything, a strong solution had to be applied to soften the paint. With the awareness raised by environmentalists, companies are now looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. It seems that everything and everybody is going organic.

I'm glad we did not scrimp on our repainting. We hired a very professional and responsible contractor. They use only all-natural materials. The paint they used is water-based. It even has anti-bacterial and fire-retardant properties. I am proud of how we were able to help protect our environment. Since then, we now make sure that everything we use are safe and environment friendly.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #129 - Miniature Oven


Protect Your Business

Many of us find it convenient to manage their bank accounts and shop online.  While this is easy and convenient for us; it is also easy and convenient for the cyber criminals to steal your money; data; documents; and other vital information.  Many of us are not even aware that these experts can steal information through our emails.  It's a good thing that more and more people are working to fight the enemies and deliver us the best in internet security.  Individuals, government, and businesses alike are looking for the best Context aware security software that will protect their systems.  And the best so far are Cloud Computing and cloud security.  These are an effective way to protect vital information from getting accessed by these internet thieves.

The software not only protects your system but it is also designed to fully automate your files and help you organize them with ease.  And because of the automation, it speeds up organization and filing time so you are able to meet clients' needs fast and grab more businesses.  It's super low cost compared to other internet security softwares available.  Building customer trust is what counts in every business, when you are secured and protected, your clients are assured too that their information are protected.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Wine is Good

Alcohol may not be very good to us especially if you are a heavy drinker, but there are some types of red wine that are actually beneficial to us.  Studies show that a glass of good red wine a day goes beyond mere relaxation.

Flavonoids, resveratrol and melatonin are the reasons why wine is good for us.  The red variety, especially vintage wine are very rich in these antioxidants.  These are the antioxidants that fight inflammation; help lower bad cholesterol and prevent blood clotting; prevent blood clots and plaques formation in arteries; lower the risk of breast cancer; protect us against Alzheimer's disease and dementia; and many more.  Another perk that was recently discover about the drink is that it can help you lose weight.

I am not encouraging everyone to drink wine everyday but it may be worth a try to include it in your diet.  Those who are already at risk of the conditions I mentioned earlier may benefit well from it and those who are not can greatly lower their risks.  Of course I am not saying that you can have wine as much as you can; drink it in moderation.  Wine is good but having it in excess can make a bad turn.

Made in Greece

We're too excited for our friend who will be leaving for Greece next month to compete is a shooting competition.  He's been into this sport for only a couple of years but he is already so good and had competed in a lot of international competitions.  He may not have won but having a good place in the top ten is already quite an achievement.  This time though, hubs and I are playing that he wins.

It only started as a hobby.  He and my husband used to buy and sell coins and other old stuff (guns included).  They loved going to gun auction sites and watch people buy and trade old guns.  They never had an idea that one gun auction would lead to Ty's hobby.  He saw a gun that he really liked, bid for it and won.  Since he had the gun, he thought he might as well use it for target shooting.  He got hooked.

He will be representing the country in next month's competition and we're really praying that he and his team win.  His wife is also going with him and I am praying for another thing; that they will be blessed with a child.  They have been married for five years and they have no babies yet.  We are praying for a made in Greece baby.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Photohunt - Yellow

Have a fabulous weekend everyone. Happy YELLOW hunting!

Relief for Sinus Headache

Sinus headache?  That's the last thing you need on a hectic day.  To get some relief, try pressing your thumb on the area right between your eyebrows, known as the third eye, for thirty seconds.  Acupressure to this point breaks up tension buildup in the sinus cavities.

The UP Pep Squad

I'm not a fan of basketball but when it comes to the UAAP Cheerdance competition, I never miss.  I have always been fascinated with the participants' costumes and pom poms.  This year's costumes were well thought of.  Each team has prepared for their numbers well and they have spent for their fabulous costumes and cheerleading accessories.  I wonder if they got sponsors because by the looks of it, even the cheerleading pom poms looked expensive.

The over all winner this year is UP Pep Squad.  They wowed the audience with their creativity and unique look.  All the cheer dancers sported a blonde hair and their moves looked effortless.  Their routines looked very challenging but they were cleanly presented.  There were no errors, they moved spontaneously, and every one looked so cheerful and energetic.  Their Madonna-inspired routines were fantastic no wonder they topped the scores.

Their basketball may have finished last but they have the best cheer dance routines.  UST used to dominate the cheer dance competition in the past years but the competition is getting tougher with UP's unique moves and ideas.  This is UP's second straight crown and I can't wait to see them again dominating the competition next year.

Not-so-fresh shrimps

There was only one incidence of food allergy in my family. It was back when my son was only 4 and I gave him shrimps. that same night he had rashes all over his body so I called up his pediatrician. The doctor told me to give him antihistamine; the rashes were gone in a cinch. I gave him shrimps again after that incident; he didn't have the rashes. I think it was a case of 'not-so-fresh' shrimps and up until now I still feel guilty about it. Other than that I'm glad food allergies have not bothered me.

I also made sure that they get the necessary vitamins and nutrients they needed while growing up. But it is hard to do now that they are grown up. They are out most of the time and give them food supplements so they will still get the nutrients even if they are not eating healthy all the time.

I get the supplements at a discount because I buy them in bulk. If you too are looking for affordable supplements like calcium, nitric oxide supplement, arthritis pain relief, grape seed extract, and many more, you can easily find them by clicking on the links.

I know where to get them fast

Out of checks?  Oh it happened to me one time and I panicked because I thought I still had one booklet left.  I was about to issue several checks for the car amortization when I realized that I'm already out of checks.  I panicked because it takes my bank to print at least three weeks to print the booklets. It will be difficult for me to go without bank checks for three weeks with all my payable; personal and stocks for the store.

The only solution the bank gave me was to open another checking account so I'll have a new booklet to use while waiting for my check order.  It was time consuming but I was left with no other choice.  Since then, I always made sure I will never run out of checks.

Nowadays ordering checks are pretty easy.  Unlike before when it takes you weeks to get your booklets, now it only takes you a day or two because the checks can be ordered online.  Plus, you get to choose your own design.  I still make sure that I don't run out but at least now I know where to get them fast should I happen to forget again.

I need to lose weight

I need to lose some belly flab before my cousin's wedding.  They are getting married this Christmas and I want to look fab in my dress.  I am dieting and working out but they don't work.  I haven't lost a pound since I started my weight loss program.  I have also tried a lot of different exercises; running up and down the stairs for 5 minutes (total of 30 minutes daily) and indoor walking but my weight remained the same.  I already nixed my afternoon snacks and eliminated rice at dinner, but that just made me cranky.  I have a friend who easily lost 15 pounds after taking weight loss diet pills.  According to her, it helped curbed her cravings and increased her metabolism.

I'm not totally going to depend on the weight loss pills though; I just want to jump start weight loss.  It's been more than a year now and my weight hasn't budged.  My thyroid became very inactive ever since I quit smoking.  I think my friend's secret 'power pills' will work for me too.  I won't be giving up working out because I really need to lose a lot of weight.  I am starting to get frustrated although I kept telling myself that even if I don't lose, I am doing my body a favor. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

New Ways to Communicate

I still remember some time during the 80s, the time when the fax machines first came out. Our family business deals mainly with Japanese suppliers and we were the first ones to have a fax machine. Our office was right at home so during our 'no school' days, we helped in the business. We saw how our parents were communicating with them. My siblings and I were so amazed whenever we saw the thermal paper coming out from the machine. I always volunteered to send the faxes and the replies to our suppliers.

Everything is so different now although fax machines are still used. Businesses can do Web conferencing and Audio conferencing. My parents too have adapted to this, they sometimes do Audio conference with their suppliers from Singapore, Korea and Japan.

These leaps in technology are making things so much easier and cheaper to many of us. The costly oversees telephone charges have been eliminated because of the internet and we conference. Fax charges used to be expensive too.

Even individuals can easily connect to their families and friends abroad because of this. I am trying to imagine how communications are going to be more advanced in the years to come.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Headache? Roll it away!

You are in the middle of a fun family activity when you suddenly feel an ache starting to build up behind your eyes.  To keep it from getting worse, here's the trick:  Grab a golf ball and roll in under your foot.  Do it starting from your big toe going to your heel, ten times.  This massage will put pressure on reflexology points that boost blood flow throughout the body and stimulate the production of mood-boosting neurochemicals, helping to ease a headache.

Amazing Vehicle Wraps

I went to a custom shop to have my engine remapped. While the technician prepped my car, another car was in the detailing booth. A technician was applying vehicle wraps on the hood. The sticker mimicked dry carbon fiber. I am quite impressed. I was not aware about this new innovation. Instead of having your car painted, this wrap is a cheaper alternative. You can change the color or design anytime you want. A van that had its entire body done in wraps was parked outside. I thought the drawings were airbrushed. I was told that they could even customize the interior of my car with the material. They showed me pictures of cars they had customized and detailed in the past. They also had a catalog of the different colors and designs.

Trust b2b telemarketing to take care of your business

What makes a successful marketing company? Everyone would tell you it's all about sales. What they don't tell you is marketing's trade secrets. It's all about focus, service and customer care. This also works for business to business relations and transactions. Businesses now rely on other businesses for almost everything. From production to advertising to marketing and sales. It can be direct, through telemarketing or through outlets. Outsourcing is the prevalent business practice. You have the BPO sector that takes care of this. Most companies rely on b2b telemarketing not only for cost-effectiveness but reliability as well. The difference lies in their relationship to customers and clients. They have their eye on the ball so to speak. They view of every sale as a partnership to success not a mere customer. Always go for the b2b company who treats your business as if it was their own.

Do it precisely with Quality Management Software

Every business has standards to meet. Even offices must meet compliance. Manufacturers have more stringent standards. Some are for government regulatory compliance and of course, international quality standards. Human error cannot be discounted when manual checking is solely used. Highly technical products and offices has taken away the human factor. These companies utilize quality management software. When standards are very specific and exact, it is more practical to use computers. The human error and inspection inconsistency is done away with. Standards and requirements are simply inputted and the software will do the rest. Why risk your process or product when a more precise checking is available?

When Lester shopped for engagement rings Winnipeg

When Cousin Lester went shopping for engagement rings Winnipeg, his sister went with him. It was her sister who suggested Lester choose a very simple but elegant platinum diamond ring for Jean.  During their third year anniversary dinner, Lester asked her to marry him.  My cousin didn't know that Jean has been waiting for him to pop the question so when it came, she immediately said yes.  We've known Jean since she was a child and she and Lester are perfect for each other.  They have not chosen a date yet but Lester says it's going to be very soon. 

The Food will be from Catering Winnipeg

Has it already been six months since my cousin Lester proposed to Jean?  I didn't realize that the wedding is so near and I still have not shopped for a dress.  It seems just like yesterday when they were still making the reservations for the church, the reception, catering winnipeg, the limousine to be used, and bargaining with the florist.  Now the wedding is only a couple of weeks away.  I am already in panic mode because I still have to prepare for the wedding reception program; I promised my cousin that I will be hosting it.  I will have to ask help from other cousins to get it done in 14 days!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #128 - Mango and Orange Smoothie


Dinner Tonight

When I got a call from my cousin in the province asking me to help him look for livestock weight scales, I immediately said yes even though I had no idea where to find them.  I will never ever say no to him because he did a lot of things for me and my family.  And whenever he knew we'd have an occasion, he would send us one big calf for roasting.  When dad celebrated his 50th birthday, he sent his men to roast a calf.  He did the same gesture when my son was christened, when my daughter celebrated her 18th birthday and during mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary.

I tried the internet first and luckily, there were lots of sources for livestock weight scales.  I looked for the list brands he gave me and compared prices.  I also called up some of the local distributors of these scales and they said they are happy to give discounts for three or more orders.  The rancher was very happy with my finds.  He is on his way now to Manila to order the scales and he promised to bring me some prime cuts.  Dinner tonight will surely look like this...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photohunt - Wooden

Now you may be wondering why I am posting the spring rolls for the WOODEN theme, that's because what's inside those spring rolls is from the core of the coconut tree.  It's soft and delicious and the texture is similar to bamboo shoots.  I wish I took a photo before they were wrapped so you'll have an idea how they look like.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Did you know?

You can lower your cholesterol levels with orange zest.  The peel's tangeretin is a flavonoid that lowers levels of bad cholesterol or LDL by up to 40 percent by inhibiting the synthesis of triglycerides in the liver.  Add zest to salads and desserts or to stirfries.

A Rhinoplasty Surgery for M

I am so glad that with FB, I am starting to see people I have lost contact with.  My classmates from high school are starting to appear one by one.  It was nice seeing them again after all these years.  Some of us didn't change a bit, but some... I wouldn't be able to recognize should we bump into each other before we met again on FB.  One of my classmates changed so much.  She had a rhinoplasty surgery for sure.  I know she wouldn't mind if I ask but I will never do that.  She is so beautiful and she is now so full of confidence; she used to be very shy in high school.  The class is organizing a reunion and I'm hoping it will be soon.  I can't wait to see my old classmates again.

Did you know?

You can sleep soundly with cream cheese.  The amino acid tryptophan in cream cheese is used by the body to manufacture the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin.

Ready for Christmas

It's amazing how fast these steel buildings are erected. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to a nearby mall and the construction of its extension was just starting. Yesterday I happened to be there again and I was surprised the foundations are finished and they are starting with the flooring. By the looks of it, the new building will be ready for the holidays. Just right in time to add more stores for shoppers. ;)

Know Your Insurance

Before you ever decide to buy an insurance for yourself, it would be best to have life insurance information.  You would want to know what you are getting yourself into.  A life insurance can be both beneficial to you and your family; as a retirement fund to you and as security for your loved ones in case something happens to you.  Knowing all the things that comes with your insurance will allow you to enjoy it more.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amazing Deals with Straight Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

For the past three months, I've been threatening my son about his crazy phone bills.  The bills were way past my budget!  I though I could save more with a line but I was terribly mistaken; I'm paying more for his bills than mine and hubs'.

When my sister heard me complaining about my son's phone bills, she told me about Straight Talk and how she saves a lot from her bills.  She also used to pay for a lot of extras.  I told her oh no, I don't want another Hook, line and sinker but when she asked me to watch the video first, I decided to give it a try.  Watch it here and let me know what you think.

Convincing, right?  Sure enough, my son's bill was cut into half.  He can Call a friend and talk as much as he wants, send lots and lots of text messages and surf the web for hours.  I love that there are no contracts and there are no surprising bills.  Everything you need in a phone is in this wonderful plan.  And here's the best... you can get phones for only $10; phones with camera, mp3 player, mobile web access, and blue-tooth capability.  They're not new but  you wouldn't even guess they aren't.

Now my husband and I can't wait to switch.  As soon as we're off our contracts, we'll get these amazing plans.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #127 - Care for Dumplings?


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Best Time to Get a Mammogram

As women grow older, regular mammograms should be done to keep the Big C at bay.  But do you know when you should have it?  Experts suggest to keep your menstrual cycle in mind before you schedule your breast cancer screening.  Based on studies, mammograms were most accurate in the first week of the cycle for women ages 35 to 54 who had been screened in the past two years.  That's because the breast density is lowest at this time so it's easier to find malignancies.  Try to schedule your test the first week for more accurate results.

What's Your Fashion City?

London? Who would have thought, haha.

Your Fashion City is London

You are casual, funky, and even a little cheeky. You don't take fashion very seriously.

You look is very urban and possibly even a little punk. You wouldn't be caught dead in a suit... or even a polo shirt.

You are interested in trends and fashion movements. You are willing to take big fashion risks just for the fun of it.

You shop everywhere, and you're definitely not hung up on labels. If something looks good, you'll buy it - especially if it's on sale!

Photohunt - Greasy

Greasy but definitely yummy.  Can you see the grease that's starting to form on the box?

Spicy wings and soy garlic ... the best!

Sorry for the hazy photos, the chicken pieces were still hot when I snapped them.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy hunting!

An Aspiring Actress

Have you ever been to auditions? I had a chance to accompany my niece to a free casting call the other day. Her mom had an unexpected meeting with a client and couldn't go with so she asked me if I could.  I had nothing much to do so I went with her.

I couldn't believe that there were so many aspiring actors and actresses.  Nadine went to an acting school and she would like to try her luck in this craft.  She has always loved to act ever since she was young.  She was a member of the drama club since 5th grade and she's been in all of their school's plays.  Our family is giving her our full support.  In fact, it's my mom who told her about this casting call.

To be honest about it, I had a great time watching the aspirants.  I didn't even notice the time and I couldn't believe that we were there the whole day.  These young girls and boys could memorize the entire script in so little time!  The list of names who will be back for the final audition will be given tomorrow.  Nadine did well and I'm praying that she makes it.

He was more excited!

Hubs and I went to the home depot yesterday to shop for a doorbell. Not for us but for my daughter's home. She likes the wireless door chime we have at home so she specifically asked her dad to buy it for her. Her husband is always busy at the office and when he's home, he helps our daughter take care of the twins. They couldn't find time to fix their doorbell so her dad volunteered to do it for them.

Hubs loves visiting the home depot. He can stay there for hours checking out what's new. He also loves to watch the store's demos and if I didn't go with him, he'll go home with lots of stuff for sure. When we went to the wireless doorbells aisle, he saw a lot of new things. We had a small argument because he wanted to get a new and different model. I was insisting that we get what our daughter wanted. Oh he didn't want me to win so he called up our daughter to tell her of the new stuff. Sure enough, he won.

Tomorrow we'll be going to their house to visit them and the twins and install the wireless doorbell at the same time. I'm sure he can't wait! 

Putting it off too long

Hubs shouldn't have put it off for too long.  Now he is dizzy, he has a battering headache and can't even get up.  I knew he needed a new pair of reading glasses but he didn't tell me.  He said he got very busy and have totally forgotten about it.  I panicked when he almost fell this morning so I just told him to rest.  I hope he's up to it tomorrow so we can go to the eye clinic.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Do you know which supplement to take?

There are so many types of supplements available today and knowing what to take can be very difficult.  There are supplements for the heart, for the bones, for the liver, for the heart, and so much more.  If you have to take all these then you could be popping in a pill in your mouth every 10 minutes.  Of course I'm exaggerating, but seriously,  do you know what to take? You could get confused just looking at them so here, I hope this guide will help you choose which exact supplement to take.

Sharpen memory!  As we grow older, our memory isn't as sharp and we tend to forget a lot of things.  The factor 60 is a supplement that supports and maintains memory, concentration and focus.  It's in tablet form and contains Iron and it's gluten-Free.

Take care of your heart!  The formula 440 are soft gels that make your heart healthy. It's packed with omaga3 that fight inflammation.  Each soft gel contain oil from Alaskan salmon, ultra-refined fish oil of yellow fin tuna,  and arctic krill.  These soft gels have no fishy smell and after taste so it's great for people who are not fans of fish.

Eliminate yeast!  The formula sf722 is a safe and effective way to treat candida yeast infection; yeast is the culprit behind weight gain, brain fog and sluggishness.  The supplement contains castor bean oil.  The oil is non-toxic and has been known to be a potent yeast fighter.

Bone up and take D!  You need to supplement with calcium and vitamin D to make you limber.  Bones become brittle as we age and taking in calcium will lower your risks of osteoporosis.

Hopefully the guide I shared can help you choose the right supplement.  It will also be best to ask you doc if the supplements mentioned will not interfere with your other vitamins and medications.

Lots of Me Time

When I went with my husband one time during one of his seminars, I enjoyed a lot of me times.  It was for one whole week and I was left alone mostly during day time.  I had five days all to myself and all I did was to roam around the area and sometimes just laze in our suite where we had a big bed with luxury bedding.  I enjoyed watching television and some old flicks.  Back home I barely have the time to do that.  I also enjoyed the hotel's gym and spa.  I was pampered like a queen while wondering when will I ever get the chance to do this again.

At night, we would enjoy dinner together or attend cocktails sponsored by the seminar's organizers.  We also had time to visit the night markets and shop for some stuff.  The last two days were the most fun because hubs had his free time.  We were able to tour the city and enjoyed the theme parks.  We were like kids enjoying the rides and having fun with the shows and parades.

It was sad though that the kids weren't with us, but hubs promised that as soon as the kids' vacation starts, we would go back with them.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #126 - Beef Stirfry with Mangoes


It was superb!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photohunt - Wrong

People still do it even if they know it's WRONG to park here.  Worse, there are a few more cars parked in front of that one and the traffic police is nowhere in sight.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.  Happy hunting!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Nature Makes You Healthy

Ever heard of Shinrin-yoku or forest bathing?  It's when you visit nature for therapeutic benefits.  Japanese researchers say that spending time near trees increases the activity of disease-fighting white blood cells by 50 percent.  They give credit to the antimicrobial compounds emitted by plants called phytoncides, which help our immune cells destroy bacteria and viruses.

6 Often Forgotten Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Perfect

It’s almost here – your wedding day! Exciting and nerve-racking all rolled into one. By following these six random tips, we foresee less “nerve-racking” and more “exciting” in your future. So give them a whirl and enjoy. After all, the best is yet to come.
Enlist the Help of Others – Yes, this is your big day, but there’s no need to carry the load all by yourself. Friends, family, your sweetie’s family, and certainly your wedding party are just some of the people you can count on to help pitch in. Just be sure to remain pleasant and thank them for their time and efforts – no need to go all Bridezilla on them.
Use the rehearsal night to decorate the reception venue – If you’ve chosen to have your reception at a hall, home or inn and you haven’t hired a professional decorator, make your reception locale the site where you’ll host your rehearsal dinner. Doing so will give you a captive audience of well-fed, happy attendees who will no doubt be up for helping you decorate for the next day’s festivities. This can make for great fun and a whole lot of memories. Enjoy.
Test run your hairstyle and headpiece– While it’s tempting to head to your salon on the big day with a picture of the ‘do you are dying to have, it’s a better idea to schedule a pre-appointment to test drive the style. Will it work with your hair texture? With your veil or headpiece? Will the style you have in mind be appropriate for the weather conditions in your area? Your stylist can answer these questions as well as estimate how long it will take to style you, so it’s best to get the details down before the most important day of your life – not during.
Break in your shoes – Nothing kills the mood of even the best moments quite like pinched toes and blistered heals. And any female knows that it’s practically a law that the more beautiful the shoe, the more dreadfully uncomfortable it is. But no worries, by breaking in your shoes a week prior to your nuptials, you’ll be used to your new kicks and will rock them with ease. Start by scuffing up the slippery bottoms with sandpaper or by walking on a sidewalk. Then, wear them around the house to stretch them out and soften them up (even vacuum in them – we guarantee your hubby will get a kick out of high-heeled housework when you move into your new nest) and wear them at your final dress fitting.
Assemble a “Do Not Play” list for your DJ – If you’ve hired a DJ to spin some tunes for your reception, what you choose for him not to play is just as important as what you would like played. If you’re a bride who is up for anything, great, but if the YMCA makes you want to run for the hills, or the thought of line-dancing in any way, shape or form is completely unacceptable, make your wishes known to the mixmaster. Also try putting request cards out on your reception tables, which encourages guests to make suggestions (and get up and boogie!).
Keep your eye on the prize – While orchestrating the many details of the perfect wedding can make for one harried experience, always remember why you’re planning this day in the first place – you’re about to marry the love of your life. That alone should get your through any cake catastrophe or bridesmaid drama that comes up. A wedding is just an event. The day is just a day. The after-effect – your marriage – is forever. Keep that fact in your heart and all will be well. Promise.

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Driving and Music

Wherever you are planning to head on vacation in the upcoming year, you need some classic American driving tunes that will get you through any type of road trip! After lining up the rental car with netcars you can make a playlist. With the music blaring and everyone singing along, the time and miles will pass quickly and you will be at your destination in no time. Here are 5 tunes to keep everyone rocking out along the way.

Life is a Highway
Your kids may have heard this one from Disney and Pixar's "Cars" but even before it brought characters to life on the animated screen, it was a classic hit. Originally done by Tom Cochrane, the kids and the adults will love this one as they make their way down the highway. It has also been covered by the likes of Chris LeDoux and Jerry Jeff Walker. You don't have to worry about the lyrics, so let everyone belt this one out with the windows rolled down.

Fun, Fun, Fun
If you are looking for a little fun, fun, fun, you'll love this tune by the Beach Boys. You'll probably have a tough time preventing yourself and your passengers from bouncing around in the seats as you sing along to the words. Many of the lines are repeated over and over so even the little ones will be able to follow along and sing after only hearing it a few times. You can also remind those kids almost old enough to drive that kids used to have the car taken away when they lied to their parents!

Born to be Wild
While a Canadian-American band (Steppenwolf), brought these lyrics to the masses, it still counts as an American classic. The kids will have at least heard parts of the song and will be eager to join in as you guys are cruising down the road. Don't be surprised if you see the kids pick up their air guitars and even an air drum set to really get the rhythm of this one going. Whether you really are setting out for an adventure or you are just headed to your parents' house, you will feel like getting your motor running!

Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
Cheesy doesn't even begin to describe this one, but you probably won't be able to resist it once it gets started. Everyone will get a kick out of this Billy Ocean song. There is a lot of back and forth, so you can even separate into groups to get the talking going (or shouting - depending on who's in the car with you). The lyrics are tame by today's standards. However, the older kids may get a kick out of lines like "touch my bumper" or "let me take your wheel" but for the most part, you should be okay.

On The Road Again
You can't leave country music out of the mix when you plan on taking a road trip. A truly classic song, this one by Willie Nelson takes the cake. Even if you aren't typically a country fan this song embodies the idea of being out on the road and having a good time. Kids and adults will be singing along to this one in no time.
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