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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I got a new frame!

Sometimes, I really can't understand why some women fret about reaching the age of forty. I turned 44 last August and yes, I have noticed some fine lines and wrinkles but I'm really not worried about them and I don't dwell too much on that. My hair is turning white that's true, but I don't mind it too because hair dyes can do the job. I can even have my hair now in different shades of brown. There isn't much difference as when I was in my thirties except of course now, I have to wear reading eyeglasses.

I was just thinking about how my husband always tells me how beautiful my eyes are and there's no other way that I can think of than to take care of them with fashionable eyeglasses. I have a favorite online shop that offers cheap and affordable specs. I was just there a while ago to check the new designs that have arrived. Their new arrivals are also featured in some popular magazines. As soon as I heard from my friend that she saw new designs, I visited the site and checked them. Of course I also checked the prices; and as usual, I wasn't surprised to find out that they are the same prices as the ones I bought before. Most of they stylish and fabulous designs are sold at a very low price.

What I love about their glasses is that they come with full UV protection with anti-scratch coating. And with these unique and stylish design, you're sure to look good with them like I do.

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Rubz travel snapshots said...

as much as possible i don't want to wear glasses in my life..lolz..following ur blog in google!

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