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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ginger's gingerol and shogaol calm digestive tract spasms to reduce nausea better than motion-sickness drugs.  The herb pairs well with citrus fruits, tea, sweet potatoes, pork, coconut, miso soup, onions, relishes, pears and rice.

Sure Investment Real Estate Projects

If you think working on government projects is easy, think again. Whether you have ventured in a government project before or you simply have applied for a copy of a document from any of our government agencies, then you know how hard it is to procure even just a copy.
If you are to venture in investment real estate, it would be best to hire professionals who would ease your burden.  Consultants who will see to it that the taxing preparation of the necessary documents are taken care of.  Having the proper documentation means a smooth flow on the plan.  Plus, you get advice and help on budgeting and other finances.  Best of all these experts have a lot of connections so you can be assured of constant projects and opportunities.  

Investment Real Estate For Your Projects

Now that everyone is conscious about the growing problem of our environment and taking steps on how we can save the earth, wouldn't it be nice to teach the children what they can do to help?  I have some friends on bowling who think this is going to be a fun project, but they are lacking the funds.  Someone suggested that it would be a lot easier if they hook up with a government organization.  Of course, it wouldn't be easy talking to an official so an investment real estate expert would help greatly.  I hope they will pursue this project.  It's vital that kids learn to to help save the earth.

Backaches Gone

When we feel pain in the back, the last thing we ever want to do is exercise, right? Wrong. Recent research says it's the first thing to try. The spinal discs need to be in motion because this helps circulate nutrients in and waste out. When we walk or climb the stairs, muscles like the hamstring and calves are engaged, but the deep back and abdominal muscles are not used as much. This causes them to weaken and give you backaches.

Exercise can strengthen your core for a back that's limber and free of pain. Experts suggest Pilates. It's a form of exercise that can help strengthen your core without straining the spine.

For more on back pain relief, I found a site that contains lots of tips and articles guaranteed to leave you free from back aches.  Just click on the link and you'll be directed to the website.  Meanwhile, here are some tips on how you can protect your back:

1. BEND PROPERLY. When you're trying to lift a heavy object, bend with your knees and not your back. It's important to keep your back straight and make sure the object is close to your body so your arms are bent and not outstretched.

2. STAND UP. If you have been sitting for more than 20 minutes, stand up and take a break for 5 minutes. When you stand, roll your shoulders backward and forward, pull in your navel, drop your tailbone, and feel yourself growing tall.

3. STRETCH OUT. Round your upper back and drop your chin toward your chest. Hold for 5 counts. Then lift your chin, gaze forward, and arch your lower back. Hold for 5 counts. Do it six times per day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Investment Real Estate Experts

Working on government projects takes a lot of work. Most are real estate developments both for public and commercial use. All are forms of investment real estate. To ease some burden on the investor, professional consultants are on hand to see to it that the entire process is diligently followed. This ensures a smooth flow that would ultimately lead to an approved contract. These professionals know what documentations will be needed and what requirements are to be met. This way, regulations and standards will be followed to the letter. Any legal impediment will be avoided and both parties will work cohesively.

Venturing in Investment Real Estate?

Anyone knows that investing is a very tricky business. Most naturally hire professionals who are really in the know. Such is the case with investment real estate. There are regulations and requirements to be adhered to. Before any development could start, all of these requirements must be met. It takes a lot of legwork and documentation before any investment or construction can begin. Consultants are integral in this line of business. Agreements and contracts abound in this field and you really need someone who will do all these things for you. It is prudent to hire someone who will attend to these so that you can concentrate on the actual investment.

Did You Know?

Sweet potatoes contain more vitamins and minerals than any other vegetables, and is the only fat-free source of vitamin E, essential to good memory.

dell 5110cn for quality printing

If last year, it was only a part time time job, this time my nephew is going full blast on his instant name tag business.  He's really good at drawings and illustrations so we encouraged him to start up a small business.  His classmates and friends liked the designs so he's got lots of orders.  My brother is thinking of  buying him a dell 5110cn for quality printing.  The old printer he is using acts up sometimes and the ink cartridges are so expensive.  With the new laser color printer, he'll save a lot from ink without discounting the quality of his designs.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #103


Sitting in this rocking chair with a book and a drink is a perfect day to spend a lazy afternoon.

Happy MYM!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Photohunt - Cage(d)

These little beauties are caged but they are well-cared for by my nephew who's into breeding.  The one at the back is the male finch and the one in front is the hen.  This couple has produced three batches of baby finches already.

Understanding His Addiction

It almost ruins a parent's heart when they discover that their child is addicted to drugs.  As parents we do our best to provide our children with all their needs, give them guidance, understand them when they need understanding, listen to them when they need an ear, and give them 101 percent support in all their undertakings.  So imagine how a mother or father will feel if they find out that their child has chosen the wrong path and had become addicted to drugs.  Knowing that you failed is a bitter pill to swallow.

When someone you care about have become dependent to drugs, the first thing you should consider is drug rehabilitation. This is the best and most effective way to help someone you love who has turned into drugs.  A reliable drug rehab can help bring back your child into his old self again after only a few months of treatment. It takes a well-trained staff to apply necessary treatments to the person.

Addiction is a problem that should be given action right away.  Your love, support and understanding is what they need most at this time. And having your child treated is the only way that you can show you really care.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Did You Know?

The best time to head to bed is at least three hours after having dinner.  Sleeping too soon after eating promotes heartburn, which interferes with deeper sleep.

Simple And Very Masculine

It's my main man's birthday two weeks from now and his gift is due to arrive any day now.  I ordered perfume for him.  Hubs is meticulous when it comes to scents.  He doesn't like colognes with poignant smells.  There are only a handful of scents that he really likes and davidoff is one of them.  His favorite?  Cool water!  Actually, I love the fresh and sharp, and very masculine scent on him.. :)

Fire Preventive Measures

The weather is really getting weirder.  It's summer but I heard from the news there is a low pressure area and there is a big possibility of turning into a typhoon.  The terrible heat should be getting in our nerves by now but it's still tolerable.  Well, that is a good thing for me because it isn't too hot.  :)  Still, I am not taking any chances.  For preventive measures, I am having the electrical wiring and gas stoves checked.  Hubs also bought  a teflon hose for the gas tank.  He changes it every six months to make sure there won't be leaks.  Most fire cases here are either caused by faulty electrical wiring or gas leaks.

Sleeping Thyroid

Nothing really seems to work (sighs).  My weight loss dilemma continues and I wonder how long the idle thyroid will sleep.  I am now on my eight month after I quit smoking, as a result I gained weight.  My diet and workout plan isn't working to keep the weight down.  I' am checking these oxyelite pro reviews on the internet because my friend told me this worked for her when she was dieting.  Hopefully, this will help me lose weight.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #102


Plump, juicy, sweet and yellow cherry tomatoes.

Happy MYM!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Did You Know?

If you drink an 8 oz. glass of grape juice every other day, it can lower your blood pressure.

The Power Of Words

Words are powerful. It can ignite a slew of emotions in a person. If you are not careful with it, it can anger another. It can bring hatred and increase it tenfold. At the same time, words also have the power to bring love. A person can feel loved with just a few choice words. It can bring positive vibes and inspire. Words have a way of altering a person’s look at a lot of things. How about bombarding others with words about love? Think love quotes!

Make use of the power of words. How do you tell a person that you like him? How about telling him “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.” by someone unknown? It is a roundabout way of telling the person that he is the world to you. How do you tell that material things are nothing compared to the love you share? I think “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” is a good way of telling the person about it. Don’t you think?

There are more love quotes that you can choose to express your innermost thoughts and feelings. Powerful words put together to say something about love. It can either be happy or sad. It can bring ecstasy or despair. Words are like that, even when it’s about love. It can even bring on anger and madness. Words can slash through a thick façade and love quotes can do that. Tell the person that… “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” And this is according to Sam Keen.

Use the powerful words of love quotes to bring about any emotion you want to evoke in others.

What is? for instant answers

I know you have a question. Does that start with... What is? I know that we have so many things in our minds that we want to be answered right away. There is a virtual library of information you can use for researching a given topic like technology (gadgets included), politics, food, business, humanities (religion and language), health (medicine and disease), computer (software and internet), science (chemistry, physics, biology and environment), among others. We can go to an actual library in our town to research for the stuff we want answers to. But that will take time. Going to and from the library. Finding the right book containing the information we need. Or we can go online, go to the virtual library that is and find answers in an instant!

Instant is best. With the technology these days, almost every relevant information we need can be found in an instant online. Why take time to find the answers to your "What is?" questions when you can find it in a few clicks of the mouse? Go online now. Do your research. Ask your questions. Find the answers. No need to waste precious hours sitting in a library surrounded by books, feeling the need to hit your head on the wall because you just can't find the right words to the one thing nagging you from the get go. What is? Here's the answer to that... go to and find the answers written in simple words that you and I can easily understand. Words that we can explain even to students who might ask for the same answers we ourselves are looking for. Make learning about new things as fun and as simple as 1-2-3. Make it interactive. You and I might be asking the same questions. Let's go ask "What is?" and interact!

Why Muslims Are Sensitive

Have we ever stopped and think why muslims are so sensitive? Has it ever occurred to us that maybe they are sensitive because we react negatively to anything related to them and their beliefs? Maybe we also ridicule them at times especially on things that we can't relate to?

Islam is the Muslims' religion and the second largest in the world. It is commonly misinterpreted by many people who are prejudiced against it. In short, racial discrimination and stereotyping already in place even before there is any understanding on what Islam truly is. Since Muslims are very protective of their religion, if we even slightly mock it, they tend to become sensitive. I think anybody who is mocked about his/her religion will react the same way. Muslims follow the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad. If you mock them, ridicule or insult their religious beliefs, that is tantamount to doing it to their prophet, too.

Muslims have a different lifestyle than us. Men and women dress differently. They follow so many guidelines when it comes to the food they eat. Their activities are different than ours. The way they treat the opposite sex is also entirely different than the way we do. They are different but that doesn't entitle us to feel superior to them. If we only show them the respect that all human beings are entitled to, maybe they won't be as sensitive to us non-Muslims. It's all about letting them be. We all live by a set of rules that we adhere to. Our is just not as strict as theirs. Keep that in mind when you think of Muslims and their way of life.

We can all live in this world without the need to fight with each other if we only show Muslims, and non-Muslims like us, the respect that each one of us deserves.

Do you know the difference between a chemical and nuclear weapon?

If you ask me, there really is no difference between chemical and nuclear weapons. Both weapons can cause huge destruction that leads to death of human beings and animals where it hit. A chemical weapon will leave the structures and buildings but what good will those do if there will be no human beings and animals to survive and live in the place. Same difference, right?

I believe we are more familiar with nuclear weapons. We heard about these things in the news because a communist country threatened another country its always been in conflict with that it would hit it. It made the other country back off. The nuclear weapons will wipe out large areas of the country and the officials know it. Who wants that? A single, gigantic explosion will bring immeasurable heat. Everything in its wake will be vaporized and destroyed, both structures and human beings alike. Meanwhile, I know that a chemical weapon is used by armies and condemned by the world for the kind of sadistic characteristics. It won't wipe out any given place where it hit unlike the nuclear weapon but it will cause so much harm and incapacity to the human beings and animals in the place where the poisonous chemical gases are released, the kind of harm and incapacity that you know will cause death, if not so much suffering that you would be wishing for death as well.

We are living in an age where the use of technology is so advanced there is nothing impossible anymore. But we regress to times past when faced with the possibility of a war. We use nuclear and chemical weapons that we know will render the world incapacitated. We use weapons of mass destruction which can wipe out parts of the world. If only we can learn to tolerate each other...

The Major Players

As a housewife who simply asks the gasoline boy to fill up the tank, pays the bill and steps on the gas, I would never ever think there is a difference between bp and exxon.  To me, these oil companies, whether European or American, are all just the same.  I know that both companies supply us with petroleum, gasoline, diesel, aviation gas, cooking gas, oil, lubricants and other automotive fuels.  And I know that both companies are also the world's largest producers of such products and has the largest refineries in some, if not all parts of the world.  Both are also active in every area of the oil and gas industry.

But then again, I am wrong.  If you really think about it, yes, they are competitors when it comes to fuel and oil supplies, but although these two major players offer the same line of products, the former is also into the development and production of new alternative energy.  If you've heard of biofuels, wind energy, solar energy and hydrogen, British Petroleum or BP is working hard to have all these available to us soon in a more affordable way.  Exxon on the other hand is working hard to develop what they have and provide us with better and cleaner fuel.  While the two big players in the oil business have different ways, both are working hard not just to develop new products and improve on what they already have, but to deliver quality fuel and help the environment as well.

You know how fuel is so important in our daily lives. Notice how much it affects businesses when the price changes?  A lot!  Without fuel, nothing much can be accomplished. Without big companies like BP and Exxon, the world will not be as bright as it is today.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #101


I've seen and tasted the red varieties of the Dragon Fruit, I never knew there were yellows as well. 

Happy MYM!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tight Budget

I don't know how it is at your end, but the price of gasoline back here keeps on going up, we had three oil price hikes in a matter of 2 weeks.  If this goes on then I really don't know if I could stretch the budget some more.  As expected, prices of most goods went up too after the oil price hike.  :(  The other day, I was at the grocery for our weekly supply.  Armed with the week's budget when I arrived at the supermarket, I went home sighing with just a few bags of groceries.

Oh well, I am not about to wreck our weekend with my budget dilemma, but I am not about to sulk and sit idly either without doing something about it.  I was just talking about how I could save more money in my other blog when my mom called last night to tell me that she also bought me a water filter pitcher. Lol. I was asking my friends if they have any idea how much these water filter pitchers cost, and now I already have one. :) Blessings!  :)

I order 5 containers of 5 gallons each of drinking water every week.  That's Php 200 every week, Php 800 every month and Php 9600 every year.  That's just for drinking water!  With a  filtering water pitcher, my family will have safe drinking water and I will not buy gallons of water anymore. Money saved: Php 9600 a year!  Thanks mom, I love you!  :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Photohunt - Machine(s)

This is an embroidered bookmark done by yours truly and this is just one of the things  (I think) a MACHINE can't do.  Hardanger is a type of embroidery that originated from Norway. 

Arizona Summer

Everyone knows how hot summer can be in Phoenix. Add the extreme weather conditions we have been experiencing lately, having an air conditioned home is a must. My husband's cousin lives in there and she can attest to this. Her air condition conked out during last year's summer season. She quickly called Phoenix AC repair to service her air condition unit. Heat stroke is not something you take for granted. Aside from drinking water, keeping the body cool is very important. My cousin is a nurse and knows this too well. With children in the house, having her air condition repaired immediately was her foremost concern.

The discomfort lasted just a few hours, thanks to the Arizona air conditioning repair which took no time in dealing with the problem. Their prompt service saved the day. By late afternoon, their home was cool again. Had it taken longer for the air conditioning repair Phoenix to repair their air conditioning unit, they would have spent the night in a motel. The cost was well worth it. Her air condition is working like new. It was a good idea to keep those contact numbers or she would have spent too much time looking for someone to do the repairs.

How to Collect Vintage Movie Posters

In the earlier days, Movie Posters were the only way to advertise movies to the audience. Hence, a lot of effort was put into making posters for movies. Highly skilled artists were hired for this. Hence, many posters are now considered pieces of art. Collecting Vintage movie posters has emerged as a hobby for many.

The first thing is to decide that you have to decide whether you want to collect movie posters of certain actors or actresses or any good poster will do. Once you decide on this, you can start looking. The internet is a very good place to start your search. There are many different sites, which sell posters. In addition, due to the competition, they are available cheaply too. You can also find posters at events such as Comic-Con and other cultural events where popular artwork is put up for display. If you are lucky, you may get a poster at a garage sale by someone who does not know the importance of the poster.

The price that you have to pay for the poster is decided by how rare and old the poster is and also the popularity of the movies. Some posters however become famous and attain cult status due to the beauty of the poster. You will have to pay more for such posters. The amount that you may have to shell out also depends on the condition of the posters. A mint-condition poster, although very rare, is definitely going to cost you higher. It is important that you do some basic research before starting collecting posters.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Add Dill...

... for upset GI tract.  Indian scientists found that dill's limonene works as well as prescription antibiotics at killing harmful intestinal bacteria such as E. coli.  Dill pairs well with salmon, eggs, cucumbers, chicken, cheese, beets and carrots.

Be Financially Covered

With thousands of insurance companies offering the lowest rates on auto insurance, many motorists are confused on what to purchase.  Actually most of us are just obliged to get an insurance because it is required by the law and that it gives us peace of mind knowing our car will be taken care of in case something happens to it.  Well, it would be great if you find one that is not only affordable but a cheap auto insurance that covers everything you need such as bodily injury, vehicular damage, flood damage and theft.  The kind of insurance that will have you sleeping soundly at night knowing you are financially protected.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did You Know?

Baby-food applesauce, which has apple skin ground into it, contains more antioxidants than adult brands.

Cyprus, truly captivating.

The Mediterranean is a tourist's paradise. The area is teeming with vacation spots that would leave any guest breathless. Dozens of places will give you a paradise like experience. Rich in history and natural splendor, it always captivates anyone's heart. One such island paradise is the country island of Cyprus. Once held by ancient and modern empires, it is one of the world's best vacation destinations. My friends who have been to the place never wanted to leave the place. Resorts and hotels dot the island. Quite a few of them actually never left.

If you want to have more privacy, there are villas in Cyprus which you can rent. These could accommodate groups and families that travel together. Ancient ruins and buildings would allow visitors to relive its once glorious past. If you're a history buff, this island paradise would be a great place to enrich your knowledge. Cyprus, of course, is not just about sights and scenes. The world renown Mediterranean cuisine will make any palette jump for joy. Its many restaurants and bistros will give you a great culinary experience.

The island is highly modern and diverse. New and old is assimilated. Its rich and diverse culture is definitely an experience in itself. A melting pot of Greek, Cypriot and Turkish culture, you will definitely enjoy studying its culture. Its natural beauty has much to offer. You can sail around the island and explore its many beaches. Clear blue waters beckons you to take a dip and enjoy what the sea has to offer.

I have made a pact with myself. I will make sure that I visit one of the villa holidays in my lifetime. This is one experience that I cannot afford not to miss out on. Next summer is my target. It would be a good vacation to take with my husband. We seldom traveled together in our more than two decades of wedded bliss. We owe it to ourselves. He loves history and Mediterranean food. We'll both have the grandest time of our lives.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Sunburn Relief

I'm sure you already know that too much exposure to the sun is bad for our skin.  Besides dark spots and aging, too much sun may lead to skin cancer.  But of course you wouldn't want to miss the fun of summer,  which is just around the corner, right?  It's not even called fun at the beach without the sunburn!  My kids don't mind getting this because they know I have a sunburn treatment that works really fast.  Right after getting off the shower, I apply aloe vera gel on their skin.  Although any other lotion works to soothe the burning skin, it's the most recommended.  Next time you suffer from sunburn, try this simple trick, it can help ease the burning feeling for the next few days.

Health Tip #18

Chew a piece of sugarless gum and keep your teeth healthy.  It's not the minty flavor that does the trick, it's the fact that chewing a gum increases saliva production.  The process hydrates the mouth and washes away odor- and cavity-causing bacteria before they settle in.

Saturday Nights

Saturday nights at home mean pizza and DVD marathons.  It's the time when the kids can stay up late -- any other hour as they call it -- watch movies and television, and munch on buckets of popcorn.  It used to be Saturday nights at the movies but when going to the cinemas got more expensive (especially if it was done on a weekly basis) we thought of just spending them at home, buying all the food they like and watch as much movies as we can. 
We usually take turns on who gets to choose the movies for the week, but you know the boys.  They have a way of bribing me and daughter to choose action and horror-and-suspense films, which is alright because although we love  to watch chic flicks, we don't watch a lot of those in front of the guys.  We both cry easily and instead of watching the film, the boys are watching us cry with their funny faces.
How about your Saturday nights? 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #100


Happy Mellow Yellow Monday, all!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Did You Know?

You can loop off the top of a kiwi and eat it with a spoon like a soft boiled egg?
A study of 18,737 people found that asthmatic folks who ate five to seven kiwis a week had 44 percent less wheezing, 32 percent less shortness of breath and 28 percent fewer runny noses. 

Back to School

After giving birth to my niece, Jen, my cousin, is now thinking of going back to school.  Well, not physical but online because she still has to take care of her daughter.  Jen was in her third year when she got pregnant.  She will be enrolling first on a massage therapy program online while waiting for her physical therapy classes which will start in June.  I'm glad she thought of going back to school, it's easier to get a real job if you have a degree.

A New Cap for FIL

If not for the Hats and Caps website I stumbled upon this morning, I would have totally forgotten about my FIL's birthday.  He will be celebrating his 76th birthday on March 19 and I still have not bought a gift.  Fil is fond of caps.  He likes to wear them especially when he walks in the afternoon. 

This Galvin Tweed brown cap would definitely be a great addition to his cap collection.

Photohunt - Self Portrait

This should be easy but obviously, it wasn't for me.  I don't have much photos of myself so I had to choose from a few photo albums.  I hope this will do.  :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Always feeling tired?

Cilantro helps beat tiredness.  The carboxylic acid in this herb binds to heavy metals such as mercury in the blood and carries them out of the body.  Their removal reverses the toxin buildup that causes chronic fatigue, joint pain and depression.  Cilantro pairs well with seafood, avocados, corn, black beans and steak.

Nursing Internships Abroad

Many Filipinos find medical related and nursing jobs abroad very lucrative that is why more and more students are leaning to that field of study.  It isn't surprising that over the past years, a lot of schools around here are now offering dental, medical and nursing courses.  I have three aunts who are nurses and an uncle who is a nurse aid.  All of them are in the US and earning lots of $$$.  I also have a cousin who recently graduated from nursing and is preparing to take the board exam.  Of all the people I know who aim for the bigger bucks, this cousin of mine is different.  Of course, she's thinking of earning too.  Elaine is an orphan, it was my mom who sent her to school.  And since mom is not asking her to pay back the expenses, she'd like to return it by passing it forward.  As soon as she passes the board exam, we are to look for nursing internships abroad.  She wants to be of service to those who most need medical attention first before aiming for the big bucks.  
Elaine is working too hard, while reviewing for her exams, she does some charity works with some doctors in the nearby provinces.  Hopefully, she'll be lucky to do her internship with her boyfriend.  He is a doctor, and like her would like to attend medical outreach programs.  I'm sure they can find medical internships abroad that also offer internships for nurses so they can stay in one place.  My cousin is still too young and it will worry my mom to death if she goes in the mission alone.  If  only it was several years back when my husband's friend looked for Dentistry internships abroad, then it wouldn't worry my mom because there's someone older, that we know, who will be leaving with them. But that friend is now back in the country and has established his own clinic.
Anyway, going back to my story, I told mom not to worry about my cousin too much.  Elaine is very independent and has a mind of her own.  She knows how to take care of herself and I'm sure these internships know how to take care of their volunteers as well.  Plus, she has a boyfriend who will do his best to protect her.  Way to go Elaine!  I wish you all the luck and success.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just Making Sure

A sizable amount of lot is being offered to my mom at a bargain.  Apparently, the heirs need the money because they are migrating to Australia.  Mom of course, wanted to make sure if the documents shown to her are authentic so she went to LRA (Land Registration Authority).  Turned out that it's real, the only thing that's stopping her from acquiring the property is the Spanish annotation at the back of the title.
She wants me to look for translation services so we can have it translated.  That's what I admire about my mom.  She is too careful when it comes to major purchases.  Who knows, the Spanish writings at the back may mean something important.  The lot could have been sold to someone else for all we know.  At least with a reputable translation company, she'll know what the annotation connotes.
Anyway, I didn't think the job would be easier for me.  A few clicks brought me to so many translation services pages.  I even found Übersetzungsbüro, should you have a need for German translators, they are know to be the best.
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