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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #134 - Happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stop Hiccups Fast

Hiccups?  Suck on a slice of lemon or drink one teaspoon of lemon juice.  The citrus is very sour it will provide a momentary jolt to the system, interrupting the diaphragm spasms that cause hiccups.

Two Birthdays

I saw in my aunt's wish list that she wanted teak wood patio furniture for her birthday.  It's her 50th birthday next week.  They are having a joint birthday (with my uncle whose birthday is a couple of days away from hers) party.  I was thinking I'd buy her what she wants but I don't think I could possibly afford to give her a patio furniture so I decided to go for the teak planter box (it's still teak anyway).  She loves to plant and I'm sure she's going to be happy with it.  Now it's time to look for a gift for my uncle.

Jill's Personalized Stamps

For the money Jill spent on the stamps she ordered online, I say it was well worth it.  I went with her last week to have these office stamps made but we were shocked at the package offer.  It was way too expensive.  We tried looking for Personalized Stamps online and we found out they are cheaper there.  It was easy to order; she just gave all the details and the stamps came within 2 days after ordering.  Jill is happy with the stamps; the ink doesn't smear at all and they are very clear.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Photohunt - Broken

Nothing is broken in this building but major renovation is ongoing.   Can't wait to see it when it's done.
Have a fabulous weekend.  Happy BROKEN hunting!

I Didn't Get to Ride

I wouldn't have know what an english horse tack is if we hadn't visited the stables at the back of the hotel where we stayed in Singapore.  We stayed in a place very similar to Subic.  They have a lot of recreation areas there; you wouldn't need to go far if you're looking for fun and adventures.  They have a mountain bike trail on the other side; a mall; you can go hiking; and you can go horseback riding.  When we visited the stables they were tacking the horses because some riders are waiting up ride and explore the area.  Hubs wanted to ride too but I wasn't up to it.  I was still a little sick (with flu) when we went there.  I have never ridden a horse and it was really a great chance to do so.  I hope when I come back I can do all the things I was not able to do because I was sick.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Did You Know?

Applying Vicks Vaporub to infected toenails can clear up fungus.  The credit goes to the rub's blend of fungus-fighting eucalyptus, menthol and camphor oils.  To do:  Massage in a dollop of vaporub twice daily for at least three months.

Vegas Reunion

My husband is off to Vegas for his annual Halloween reunion with his high school classmates. Just like last year, he'll be driving a discount car rental when he lands in Vegas. Using a cab is more expensive and he'll also have a excuse not to drink himself blind. He doesn't mind being the designated driver and he really isn't a drinker. He just loves to hook up with old friends. It was only recently that he was able to track down his high school friends. It was almost three decades when he lost contact with them.

He's sentimental about it and for the past two years, he never misses these reunions. They never seem to run out of stories to tell and memories to share. Recently, he's been trying to help an old classmate get back on his feet. These reunions are a blessing to him. It reminded him of some of his happiest experiences. It also enabled him to get a good eye doctor for his glaucoma. A former classmate happened to be an ophthalmologist. She has been regularly checking his eye condition. It's nice to see my husband very happy. Whenever he returns from his Vegas reunion, he's always in a happy mood and high spirits. I wish me and my old classmates would reunions like this.

I Got Sick

Although I got sick because of flu when we went to Singapore last week, all in all I should say it was a good one.  We went there to join the 25th Asian Intercity and we brought home two gold medals, 2 silvers, and a bronze medal.  We didn't get to go around too much though because most of the time we were at the bowling center; we usually got home late.  And on the few occasions that we can go sightseeing,  I preferred to stay at the hotel and rest.  I felt so bad that all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, and sleep. 

The weather was too hot; hotter than Manila.  Then it would suddenly rain and the sun will be up and shining again after the rain.  I think this is the reason why I got sick.  I've already been back here in Manila for more than a week and I'm still suffering from colds and cough. 

A few years back we were in Busan, Korea.  The weather was extremely cold because it was winter time when we were there.  The ladies thermals I brought with me kept me warm enough;  I didn't get sick.  Although I am used to warm weathers, it's easier to get sick from extreme heat and rain than from the cold weather.

Hubs and I, together with out youngest, plan to go back to Singapore next summer for a real vacation.  I am hoping that the weather would be kinder so I won't get sick.  Singapore is such a beautiful country with lots of trees; I would love to explore it the next time I visit.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dark Chocolate Goodness

Want to stay sharp?  eat dark chocolate.  The delicious treat contains an antioxidant thought to protect the brain against the amyloid plaques that are know to lead to Alzheimer's.

Are You Brains or Brawn?

You Are Brains

You are a very cerebral and brainy person. You like to think everything through at first.

You are well aware of the world that exists outside your head. You selectively participate in it.

You are happy being less physically active and more mentally active. Thoughts and ideas are what interest you.

You can get tired of being out in the world, being social, or having places to be. You never get tired of thinking though.

TracFone for Dad and Mom

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.
Now, who says you can't text and call all you want for under $10?  And who says you can't get a QWERTY phone for only $29.95?  TracFone's service cards give you so much more. My sister got two Senior Value plans for dad and mom.  And now the two of them are enjoying double minutes for a minimal fee.  They love to call us and talk to their grandchildren everyday.  Mom never wanted to send text messages using her old cellphone because she found it hard to read the small letters.

With her new phone, the letters are very big she finds it easy to read and write text messages.  Each one of us receives loving messages from her everyday.

One great thing about their plan is that there are no contracts so they can cancel it any time if they don't want it anymore.  But I doubt if they would do that especially that it seems they are both enjoying texting and their new phones.

My brother and his family, just like mom and dad, can Get into Everywhereness because they also switched to Tracfone.  I'll be following them as soon as our contract with our present service provider is finished.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #133 - How about nachos?


Look Youthful with Botox Injections Vancouver

Problem wrinkles?  Solve it fast with Botox.  It works by relaxing the muscles that's causing the unsightly lines. This treatment is a non-surgical procedure and is usually done in beauty clinics.  I would suggest that you get it from reliable clinics like botox injections vancouver.  Botox is a type of toxin and it should only be administered by medical professionals with a lot of experience in this kind of treatment.  If done properly, botox injections can temporarily eliminate the appearance of fine lines, crow's feet, frown lines, laugh lines, and the ugly forehead lines. The results usually last from three to six months so a follow up injection should be done so you can continue to enjoy looking youthful.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Dose of D a Day

A daily dose of vitamin D can help boost your immunity.  The nutrient found in milk, cheese and yogurt bolsters the production of an antimicrobial protein that works with the white blood cells to kill pathogens.  Enjoying a glass of milk or a cup of yogurt daily can reduce susceptibility to colds and flu by 40 percent.

Glad she made the switch

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.
My sister Louise is glad that she made the switch.  She used to pay a lot on her telephone bills and sometimes she doesn't even consume all the calls and texts.  It's such a waste that she still had to pay for the line even if she doesn't use it much.  As soon as her contract was finished last month, she switched to Straight Talk.

She now enjoys The power of Android for only $45 a month.  There is no limit on local calls and text messages and there are lots of free apps and games.  She can even call mom as often as she wants because the rate is unbelievably low.  She pays double (sometimes more when she's feeling homesick!) with her old plan.  One more thing that she loves about switching is that she is not bound to any contracts.  She's tired of two-year contracts and she really feels it's a total waste of money.  To Feel Richer with Android now is what everyone seems to rave about.  Watch this...

The Straight Talk Image... by LittleBard95

Even my brother found it hard to believe this All You Need Plan.  He and the kids will also be switching to Straight talk as soon as their contracts with the other company is through.

The Dessert Menu Test

You Are Transparent and Real

You are a somewhat shy person. You often feel overwhelmed by the chaotic world around you.

You have a gentle touch with others. You try to be subtle and compassionate in all your actions.

You are very loyal. Once you find something (or someone) you love, you stick with it.

You are a bit of a skeptic. You avoid fads and new fangled ideas. You're a bit old fashioned that way.

Aging Healthy

I am not getting any younger. The same goes for my husband. As we age, we tend lo decrease our food intake which deprives us of our daily requirement of nutrients. My husband and I both take supplements and vitamins. I have my own and he has his own. Some supplements are gender exclusive. Some on the other hand are universal and can be taken by both men and women. My husband and I use only the best protein supplement we can find. I take calcium supplements as well. Of course we also take antioxidants to clean our systems. We old folks no longer enjoy perfect metabolism. We need help in taking out the impurities in our body.

Of course vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins everyone needs. It strengthens our immune system. Then there are vitamins A and B. We also changed our lifestyles. We eat healthy and try to get as much exercise as we can. You may call it preventive lifestyle. We still enjoy the foods we like but with great moderation. We would like to continue doing the things we love to do. That is why we try to live healthy. Sure there are sacrifices to be made, but those are too insignificant when compared to a longer life and a healthy body.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Studying to Teach

My cousin left for the US last week and whiles she's out of the country, well baby care for the twins was left to her husband who is also a pediatrician.  She'll be gone for a few weeks to attend a medical teaching course and have a short vacation at the same time.  She has a teaching job offer from the the university where she graduated.  They needed more teachers to cater to the growing field of medical education.  She also dreamed of teaching back when we were kids and according to her this is a great opportunity to share her knowledge to future doctors.

She already finished her consultant interview course when she left for US earlier this year but it is only now that she will have time to pursue the teach the teacher course.  It won't take her very long though as this course  is only for a few days.  She can actually take it online but since she wanted to have a short vacation, she decided to fly to the States.  She knows that it will take a long time again for her to have another vacation especially when she starts on her teaching job.  She'll also be seeing my sister and our other cousins there.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #132 - Care for tea?


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photohunt - Public

This park is PUBLIC property

so anyone is free to take a nap.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Did You Know?

You can stay sharp with chocolate.  The yummy treat contains epicatechin, an antioxidant thought to protect the brain against the amyloid plaques that are know to lead to Alzheimer's.

The Speaking Dictionary

I am loving the webster speaking dictionary my sister sent me. Most of the time I mispronounce words but now that I have the speaking dictionary I can easily find the word and listen to the correct pronunciation.  It sometimes embarrass me when I mispronounce words although it's totally alright that people correct me.  It's handy and I can bring it anywhere I go.  Right now I'm here in Singapore and I have it with me.  I can easily look for the words I am not so familiar with and here them pronounced.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Did You Know?

You can beat belly bloat with this citrus fruit.  It contains pectin, a soluble fiber that helps improve digestive function and eases bloat.


A round of golf with his buddies is what my husband looks forward to on weekends. He doesn't mind driving 65 miles just to play golf. He has lots of golf accessories and gadgets. His watch for examples is also a scorecard and keeps records of his stats. Despite having Glaucoma, his condition has not deterred him from playing golf. With his line of work, deals can be closed while playing. He has several pairs of golf sunglasses. These are some of the best golf sunglasses money can buy. These golf sunglasses protect his eyes from the sun's harmful rays. They also lessen the strain on his eyes. He doe not allow his eye condition to restrict him from doing what he enjoys.

He also uses these sunglasses when he rides his bike or when he goes on his morning jog. Golf to him is the complete workout. He hits the links as often as his schedule permits. When it's raining, he goes to the driving range to practice his swing. He loves to live life to the fullest. He's not one who backs down from challenges. I guess you can attribute his success on how he lives his life and how he strives to overcome his physical restrictions.

Petrol Head

My husband and son just love cars. They are both petrol heads. They tinker with our cars and are very much into anything that has an engine. Our garage is filled with otc tools. All their tools are treated as gems. I think they have all kinds of auto repair tools you can find. These are cleaned and carefully kept in steel tool cabinets after every use. They do the maintenance on our cars themselves. Oil change, brake pad replacement and even doing a complete engine rebuild, name it and they can do it. We even have our very own hydraulic lift. They have a project car they work on on weekends. Their car repair tools are working as hard as they do. They've rebuilt the engine and transmission. They are waiting for the delivery of the big brakes and new exhaust system which they ordered.

It's nice to see them have a common interest. It gives me peace of mind knowing my son's not out doing something stupid. It's a very productive hobby for my son and a very relaxing one for my husband. We're also saving money on auto maintenance cost because of this. Who knows, this hobby of theirs just might become a business someday.


With meetings with clients almost daily, my husband's office is fully stocked with presentation folders. His team is at hairs end to finish all the project studies and presentations to different companies and businessmen. Easily used up is the office paper. Their printers churn out thousands of pages of documents and reports. Their office supply is one of the more costly expenses. While presentations are made though slides and Powerpoint, clients hold pages upon pages of forecasts, figures and statistics to better understand what is being shown to them by the project team.

An office like this has so many essentials. If you think that a modern office full of high tech gadgets and equipment has no need for old media materials, you are definitely wrong. Paper and acetate is still being used. Poster paint,illustration boards and paint brushes are still used for mockups and studies. Software has not totally replaced traditional art materials. Digital media may be the wave of the future but it simply enhances what artists make. My husband's company has tons of documents and all these have hard copies and scanned files. The real world and the virtual world coexist in their daily work. The lowly paper has essential use in daily corporate life.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #131 - Steamed Crabs


Can you see the yellow fats?  Those are the yummiest.  I love crabs but these are too much for me. 

Cancer Stem Cells

Many scientists and doctors are seeing the potential of stem cells to cure certain types of cancers.  These cancer stem cells have the ability to grow and multiply in any part of the body to repair or replace the damaged cells.  When these cells are transplanted inside the body, they will develop and multiply if necessary, to replace the damaged cells brought about by the disease.  Although they are not given to humans yet, more studies are being conducted on how these stem cells can help us more.  I hope they do it fast because once these are introduced to humans, a lot of people will really benefit from it.

CFC Assay

If you've already heard about stem cells, then you probably know that they are now being thoroughly researched because they are believed to be the answer to our health problems.  These cells are being cultured because they have the ability to develop into many different cells in the body and they also work to repair the damaged cells.  But before they are transplanted in the body, they are first measured through CFC assay (colony-forming cell).  The frequency and proliferative ability of these stem cells are measured first before they are given to subjects. Hopefully in a few more years, they can be given to humans too.

Methylcellulose Based Media

Do you have any idea what methylcellulose based media is all about?  Well I just happened to come across this while doing a research on stem cell.  This is another medium used to detect and quantify the cells in the CFC or colony-forming cell assay.  From what I understand these colony forming cells are being cultured because doctors and scientists believe that they can be the answer to the dreaded cancer.  If you are an ordinary person like me, you're going to find it hard to really understand what's it all about because of the medical terms they used to explain it.  I am just crossing my fingers that whatever they are doing, they do it soon so we will have a cure for cancer.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mint, for instant pep

Need more energy?  A taste of mint can easily rev your energy.  You can easily add them to hot or cold drinks for an instant pep.  Based on studies, herbs in the mint family, including peppermint and spearmint, help optimize energy levels by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine, a stimulating neurotransmitter.  Plus, the scent of mint has been proven to activate the brain area that governs motivation and alertness.

*photo chedit:

Cute Photo Checks

It's my daughter's first time to open a checking account and she is too excited that she now have checks.  She used to asked me then about my bank checks when she was still very young.  She was too curious whenever she saw me pay some bills using my personal checks.  I explained to her that checks are like money, you pay them with your money only you don't give real money because your money is in the bank.  It's the safest way to pay especially if you have to pay other people in big amounts.  At a tender age of six, I think she understood what I was trying to explain to her.  Now she is 23; she has opened her own current account and she is too excited to order checks.

She actually had the ordinary checks issued by the bank when she first opened her account but when she learned about photo checks; she thought of having them as well.  She says it'll be nicer to have these cute checks especially that she plans to give money to her godchildren this Christmas.  Well, that sounds like a great idea and I'm planning to order too.  I would love to have the twins' photo on my checks.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Photohunt - Waiting

This slab of ribs is waiting to be eaten...

by me of course.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.  Happy hunting!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Conquer The Yeast

If a vinegary odor is coming from the creases of your breasts; chances are, yeast has set up shop.  Yeast infection is affecting a lot of women and more often goes undetected.  Yeast overload worsens as higher temperatures make the area warm and damp.

To eliminate yeast buildup, here's what you should do.  Mix 3 drops of grapefruit seed extract into 1 oz. of water and use a cotton ball to dab the solution under breasts twice daily.  According to experts, this trick works because grapefruit seed is rich in antimicrobial polyphenols which are proven yeast killers.

My Lola's Grape Plants

When I tripped upon an article about grape and blueberry plants can grow in the Philippines, I suddenly remembered my grandmother's Grape plants.  I think I was about five at that time and I saw her planting them.  She told me that it will be tough to make them grow because our weather was too hot, but she still wanted to try.  Well, they did grow and because grapes are vines, they served as a shade in her front garden.  They bore some fruits too but they were very small and sour.  She passed away a year after she planted them and no one else took care of her plants.  The leaves went dry and the plants died eventually so my grandfather decided to remove them.  I still think of her whenever I see grape plants.

My mom is exactly like my grandma; she likes to plant anything and find growing plants that thrive in cold weather a real challenge.  She didn't try grapes and blueberries though because she didn't have the space.  She prefers flowers and bamboo plants.  She believes bamboos are lucky plants so she gives them out to friends as gifts whenever there is an occasion.  I wish I am as good as them when it comes to growing plants.   Someday, I would love to have my own garden where there will be lots of fruit trees and flowers.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Restoring A Memory

My husband was very close to his grandfather. A cinema manager, he would take my husband along when he went to work. My husband would munch on pop corn the entire day. His grandfather passed away fifteen years ago. At a county bazaar, he spotted and old popcorn machine. It was very much like the pop corn machine the cinema his grandfather managed had. We went home with the machine strapped to the back of our pickup truck. The thing was old and beat up. It needed a huge restoration job to look good again. Hopefully, it would pop some corn again.

He brought it to a restorer. He was determined to have it fixed and cooking again. Having it restored was not cheap and it would take several months to finish. The restorer would have to research how it works and to find the parts for it. The entire restoration took a good four and a half months. When my husband received a call from the restorer that the project was finished, my husband rushed to get it. He soon returned with the machine. While he was at the restorer, I went down to the grorcery to buy corn to pop. When he got home, we all eagerly wanted to see it cook pop corn. We had and continue to enjoy the pop corn machine. 

Claire's Love

My cousin Claire was blessed with the talent of fixing hairs. She love to wear her hair long and do a lot of things with it. She has a lot of hair accessories. Too many that one part of her room is full of different accessories one would think she's selling them. She loves to use and collect them. She also loves to fix her sister's and friends' hair too. Whenever they had sleepovers, there will always be time spent for fixing each other's hair.

My uncle and aunt were not surprised when she told them that she wanted to open a salon. Of course the whole family was very supportive. I and my other cousins even went with her when she went shopping for Pedicure chair, salon styling chairs, and other hair salon furniture. We also helped her decorate her salon. One of my cousins is an interior decorator so she did most of the decorating while I helped her interview her beautician applicants. Her salon is a first in our family as most of us are either doctors or in the food business. Everyone was so excited and willing to offer help. Claire of course was very happy with all her family's support.

When she opened her salon, we her cousins are naturally, her first customers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Know what causes diabetes

Do you know what causes diabetes?  This dreaded disease occurs when the pancreas don't make enough or any insulin, or sometimes when the insulin produced does not work properly and effectively. When this happens, the body's level of glucose or sugar in the blood tends to become too high.

There are two type of diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2.  Type 1 occurs mostly in children though it can appear at any age.  It happens when the body does not produce insulin at all.  Type 2 is the most common form and occurs when the cells in the liver, muscles, and fat do not properly use the insulin our body produces.

Urinating often, always feeling thirsty, losing weight without any reason to be, having wounds and sores that heal very slowly, dry skin and blurry eyesight are diabetic symptoms.  It may help to have your blood sugar checked to know the severity of the case.  Your doc may recommend maintenance drugs to keep it at a level.

Diabetes is a disease that could lead to major complications of the heart, liver and kidney.  Once you have it; you have it for life but you can do something to lower your chances of getting it. By watching your diet and exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and losing a little weight you lower your risk of developing diabetes.    I hope I was able to tell you a little about the diseases and what causes diabetes to help lower your risk of acquiring it.

Minerals from the Dead Sea

So it's not dead after all. I recently found out that dead sea minerals are very beneficial to our health as well as our skin. By simply soaking in the water sprinkled with dead sea salt, psoriasis and other skin problems can be healed. My son has skin asthma and although he had not experienced any breakouts lately, I'd like to give dead sea salt a try. I also have a friend whose son is suffering from psoriasis; I'll share this info with her.

Apparently, the dead Sea minerals can cure skin disorders by making the skin tissues stronger and stimulating blood circulation.

Lower Interest Rates

Jeanne is panicking because her funds are running out.  She still have to pay for her kids' tuition fees and their home mortgage.  She and her husband Martin have already saved for this but they had to use portion of it because the family car broke down and they had to have it repaired asap.  It was a total overhaul to they spent a lot of money with that.

When Martin's dad heard about the couple's problem, he suggested that Martin should apply for a VA refinancing.  He is in service and he could easily be approved, plus, he can take advantage of low interest rates.  At least he and Jeanne won't have a hard time paying for their mortgage.  Martin checked, the website given to him by his dad.

Martin applied for a loan and got his approval last week.  Pretty soon, he and his wife will enjoy lower monthly payments.

Around The World

We plan to take a lengthy tour that would cross three continents. We've been planning this for several years. Rather than spend a couple of weeks stuck inside a cruise ship, a month-long tour would be a better option. Our favorite travel agent has prepared a very good itinerary for my family. First stop would the Far East. We will be taking several china tours that would bring us to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. I always wanted to see the Forbidden City and walk the Great Wall.

From China, we will fly to Europe. We will be taking different european tours and visit several countries by train. My son would surely look for model trains in Germany and Austria. He has been collecting and running these trains since he was young. My husband looks forward to seeing Spain and France. He would like to visit the beaches of Normandy. These europe tours will be lots of fun for sure.

The last leg of our trip would be a discovery tour of Alaska. Several alaska tours will allow us to experience the Alaskan tundra. We will be able to explore the Alaskan outback in dog sleds. I can't wait to go on this trip. My son is excited too. It would be a month of great adventure for our family.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #130 - Jellyfish Salad


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Photohunt - Covered

This photo was taken early this year during the snow storm in January.  My brother's house was covered in snow and it looks pretty but I prefer the sunshine.  :)  Pretty soon it's going to snow again and his house will be covered with snow once again.

And there's Joaquin, my nephew.  He's camera shy he covered his face with the Halloween mask they did in school.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.  Happy COVERED hunting!

Foreclosure Homes

When my brother and his wife decided on buying a house, they consulted it with my mom first.  Mom is the expert when it comes to buying houses.  She told them to first check on  Free Foreclosures listing.

Most of these Real Estate Owned Foreclosures are cheaper than if you go directly to an agent.  Why?  Because these foreclosed properties are owned by banks and they are usually sold at discounted prices.   Banks foreclose a property when a borrower is not able to pay for his mortgage for a certain period of time.  However, banks are more interested in commercial areas where they can build banks or other businesses rather than the residential areas. They would rather sell them at a much lower price than be stuck with these properties for a long time.

We also got our house from the bank and we got it for a little more than half the price.  Had we not checked  Free REO foreclosures, we would never have our beautiful house.  Subscriptions for these listings are free.  The list is updated regularly; you'll always be the first to know if a new house is for sale or for auction.
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