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Monday, December 31, 2012

Sushi Galore

Happy New Year!

Butterfly Motiff Wedding Invitations

Butterflies are such lovely creatures. Jerome and Elise (my niece) have agreed that butterflies would be the motif of their wedding. The ceremony is set to be held in a garden just outside of our town. A large tent would be set up within the garden walls where the reception would be held. Elise wanted butterflies to be let loose inside the tent. She also wanted the whole tent to be abloom with flowers.

For the wedding invitations, she naturally wanted a butterfly design that would be in keeping with their determined motif. They had figured on lavender as their color motif. Thus, the wedding invitations should have butterflies and the color lavender on them. That would subtly inform their sponsors and guests of the color motif and the inspiration of their wedding.

The wedding planner did not have an easy time finding wedding invitations in accordance with the motifs the couple had decided on. She brought in sample after sample to show them but none seemed to be satisfactory. Finally, she just brought them to the online store which she often used for her wedding accessories supplies. In their inventory, she found a romantic butterfly invitation which is available in several colors, one of which was lavender. The invitations were perfect. Elise had found the wedding invitations she wanted.

Crystal Wedding Decorations for a Most Discriminating Bride

My friend's work as a wedding planner has its ups and downs. She loves the fact that she is able to create wedding memories that couples and their guests will cherish forever. She loves that the brides get to realize their dream weddings with her help. But there are brides that are extremely hard to please. But with patience and reliable suppliers, even the most discriminating bride will eventually be pleased with the outcome of her efforts.

The bride with whom she is working with wants wedding decorations that are made of either glass or crystal. This type of wedding decorations always cost a little bit more. It is indeed fortunate that both the bride and groom come from wealthy families so price is not an issue.

She has been working with a wedding accessories supplier for years that is in a unique position because they design and manufacture a majority of their supplies. In their inventory, my friend found a whole gamut of wedding decorations in glass and crystal which she could use for the wedding she was working on. She brought samples of the crystal and glass collection of my supplier. The bride was ecstatic. She was clearly impressed. My friend knew that from that moment on, she would no longer be questioning her judgement.

Wedding Favors for Cousin May's Cinderella Wedding

My aunt was excited at the thought that my cousin was finally getting married. She and her boyfriend had been steadily dating since they were junior high school students. They had been engaged for the last two years. They had stable jobs and she felt it was high time that they settled down and started their own family.

Cousin May wanted a Cinderella wedding complete with a horse-drawn carriage. Her fiancée acceded to her wishes since he felt that every girl deserves the wedding she has always dreamt of. In fact, he had already found a horse-drawn carriage we could rent for the occasion. It would bring my cousin to the garden where the wedding ceremony and the reception are going to be held. One problem we encountered was finding wedding favors to give to the guests as a memento of the event. My cousin wanted candles for wedding favors but she wanted them to be placed in a box shaped like a carriage. We had been searching for a very long time but could not find wedding favor packages shaped like a carriage. The wedding planner showed us wedding favor candles from an online supplier of wedding accessories that were shaped like Cinderella’s wedding carriage. May immediately fell in love with the candles. They were packaged in a clear box. We just added personalized ribbons to the clear box for a daintier presentation. The wedding favors were perfect for the theme she had chosen.

Wedding Favor Boxes with an Asian Theme

Having established the Asian theme for my wedding, I was determined to make sure that every item would reverberate with the Asian inspiration. When it came time to choose the wedding favors that would be given to the guests, my father promised to bring in cherry blossom scented soap favors and hand cream from our native country, Japan. The cherry blossom hand creams were packed in a clear plastic case. The round cherry blossom soap favors were beige in color and were embossed with cherry blossoms. Each one nestled in a bed of raffia and packed in an acetate box with a tag printed with a cherry blossom motif.

The dilemma was finding wedding favor boxes where the two items would fit and at the same time fit our Asian-inspired theme. The cherry blossom detail was fine because that particular detail was the main motif of our wedding theme. Our wedding planner took me to a website that specializes in wedding accessories. Among their inventory were Asian takeout boxes in frosted acetate which we could use as wedding favor boxes for the cherry blossom articles. Their size was perfect. We had the option to order coordinating items to decorate the boxes. We went for the cherry blossom stickers which could be personalized to contain our names. When the wedding favor boxes were assembled, they were perfectly coordinated with our Asia inspired wedding with the cherry blossom motif.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Can't sleep? Treat yourself to dessert!

Now a lot of you will be happy with this one.  Treat yourself with a dessert if you keep on tossing and turning in bed.  According to experts, a high-carb evening snack boosts the body's production of soothing serotonin and melatonin.  This can trigger drowsiness in as little as 20 minutes.

Convenient Online Dental Practice Valuation

Moving to another state is a nightmare but since my friend's husband was being assigned to another state, they had no choice. Being a dentist, she had a firmly established dental practice in her hometown. That presented the biggest hurdle in their planned move to California. Ella, perforce, had to sell her practice and the money that would be coming from its sale would be used to establishing a new practice. The problem is, she had no idea how much she could sell it for. She needed a dental practice valuation which would determine the price at which Ella could sell her practice.

Her college classmate had previously sold her practice when she moved to the UK a year before. Ella emailed her to ask how she went about the process. The classmate immediately offered the number of the company who did the dental practice valuation for her when she decided to sell her practice. It was a relief for Ella to discover that they can be contacted through email and they would call back. She explained that the company offered the most convenient service and they very patiently explained the complicated process of getting the real value of a dental practice. Ella was convinced. She immediately went online and completed a form. Their able advisors called her and the valuation was underway. It did not take them too much time to come up with a valuation of my friend's dental practice. Sooner than she expected, she was on my way to establishing a new one in their new home.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Flutes for the Perfect Wedding Reception

I was helping my daughter in preparing for her wedding. While they had hired a wedding planner, because my daughter and her fiancée were very busy months before the wedding, it was but natural that I help out. Her fiancée had lost his mother to cancer a few years back and there was no one in his family who could help out.

It was my role to make sure that the plans for the wedding run as smoothly as possible according to how my daughter envisioned it to be. I was working closely with the wedding planner and every detail that was going into the preparations was approved by my daughter through me. The theme of the wedding was roses. She wanted the rose detail on everything. The planner and I had a serious problem in finding wedding flutes for the toast which had a rose detail on them. For days, we were out looking for them.

Finally, after days of search, the wedding planner had had enough. We sat down together one afternoon and did an online search. We came upon a website which specializes in wedding accessories. Coming to the wedding flutes page, we found the most elegant pair of toasting flutes which had vintage roses made of poly resin detailing at the base. The set was meticulously hand painted from the base of the flutes down to the stems and the base of the glass in gold. Our search paid off because when my daughter saw them, she was overjoyed. The website saved the day.

Losing Weight Gained from Pregnancy with HCG

Pregnancy is a major cause of weight gain. This is true for thousands of women in the world, me included. I did not have too much of a problem getting rid of the fat I gained during my first pregnancy as I was younger then. But it has been years since I last gave birth to my second child but I have not successfully gotten rid of the weight I gained during that pregnancy even after rigorous workouts and a string of diets. I was losing hope.

A friend suggested that I try the HCG diet. I was afraid at first but she said she tried it herself and judging by her figure, it is pretty obvious that the diet worked for her. I purchased it with some misgivings but at that point, I was desperate to try anything. It required that I decrease my caloric intake severely but having gone through several diet programs, that requirement was not going to be a problem at all.

On the first day that I started on the HCG plan, I lost a total of 2 pounds. I reduced my calorie intake to about 500 a day. While on the plan, my appetite was suppressed. I did not feel hungry. In no time, I had lost the weight that I had been trying to get rid of for the past two years. Once I had gained the ideal weight I had been trying to obtain, I stopped using the plan. There was no need for it because I was where I wanted to be.

Did you know?

Sneezing is actually good for you.  Often, we feel embarrassed when we sneeze but stiffling it could have a negative impact on your health.  According to experts, you are forcing air to travel at 100 miles per hour into your sinuses and eustachian tubes when you stifle a sneeze.  If that trapped air is carrying germs and irritants, it can cause infections.  A sneeze is the body's way of eliminating pollen, dust and other irritants.  Suppressing it could also rupture an eardrum, causing pain, bleeding and in some extreme cases, permanent hearing loss.  The next time you feel like sneezing, go ahead and sneeze.  Just make sure you cover your mouth with a hanky so the irritants won't spread.

The Bar & Grill Concept at its Best at McCray’s Tavern

One of the best restaurants in Lawrenceville is McCray’s Tavern on the Square. They take pride in serving the widest selection of beers in tap this side of Georgia. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of wines that are carefully selected to complement their food. They have managed to redefine the American concept of the neighborhood bar & grill and transformed it into a cornerstone for gastronomic delights in Lawrenceville.

The menu of McCray’s Tavern consists of appetizers, soup & salads, and entrees made only from the freshest ingredients. Their selection of appetizers consist of homemade potato chips and onion rings, nachos and quesadillas, calamari and chicken tenders, barbecued ribs and wings, and even roasted red pepper hummus. Their soup & salad selection are served with a wide variety of dressings and vinaigrettes to suite every preference. Also on the daily menu of one of the Best Restaurants in Lawrenceville is a mouth-watering variety of Paninis, sandwiches and burgers that are served with sides to make them a filling, satisfying and appetizing meal. Their entrees include salmon, meatloaf, chicken, barbecued ribs, and a vegetable plate. Also on the menu are fish and chips, shrimps and pasta.

Mc Cray’s Tavern also serves brunch from 11am to 2pm daily with an assortment of egg and sides dishes to satisfy the most discriminating foodies. They offer daily specials at amazingly affordable prices for their beers and wines. They also offer weekly drink specials that include a variety of cocktails and martinis for a nice aperitif after a busy day.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wedding Favor Bags for the Perfect Wedding Gifts

Wedding favors are what the guests bring home as a memento of the wedding they just attended. Meticulous care and a lot of thought goes into the preparation of the gifts that guests get to bring home as well as the wedding favor bags that hold them. The two items need to be coordinated perfectly as they represent the couple as well as the wedding ceremony that the couple gets to share with their guests.

I wanted a funky bag to hold my wedding favor. None of those that the wedding planner had presented came up to my expectations. I pictured the wedding favor bags as simple but in bright colors that represent the garden theme of our wedding. I wanted them to be in bright greens, pinks, oranges, and yellows – the colors that were incorporated in the flowers that we had chosen to decorate the aisle where I would walk through as well as those on the reception tables. Finally, our wedding planner found funky felt gift bags with bright pumpkin flowers as decoration. The moment I saw the wedding favor bags, I fell in love with them. They were exactly what I wanted and more. They were the perfect wedding favor bags for our perfect wedding gifts.

Beach Wedding Favors with a Starfish Theme

I had always dreamt of a beach wedding. Thus, when I finally decided to tie the knot, I went for my dream. Fortunately, my fiancée agreed with me. He, too, wanted a beach-themed wedding.

We had carefully gone through every detail of the wedding with the wedding planner and ensured that each one was in keeping with the beach theme. One obstacle we had to hurdle was deciding on the wedding favors. We wanted beach wedding favors that our guests would remember us by. To make matters more difficult, central to our beach-theme was the starfish. Even our wedding planner was stumped. She had to come up with wedding favors that were in keeping with the beach theme that centered on the starfish detail we had set.

She took us to a website with a fabulous array of beach wedding favors in their inventory. I found a starfish candle which I thought would make a great wedding gift that our friends could remember our wedding by. My fiancée liked it as well. Our wedding planner had the wisdom to show us the website which I later learned was one of her most reliable sources for wedding accessories. To this day, I visit the website whenever I host a party. It has become a source of my party accessories, too.

Home and Commercial Lighting at its Best at Lighting & Locks

Lighting and Locks is a web-based company that specializes in all types of home and commercial lighting. They also deal in door, bath and cabinet hardware. Their inventory features the best brands in lighting such as the Candice Olson Lighting Collection meticulously hand crafted to accent any home. The Capital Lighting Fixture Company is also proudly featured at the website because of their stylish and high quality products at the most affordable prices. The beautiful lighting of Cyan Design is some of the most visually stunning and original fixtures in the company’s inventory. The artful functionality of Dimond lighting fixtures present an appealing element that works well in many homes. George Kovacs Lighting fixtures are for the contemporary styled homes that are stunning accents combined with unique functionality.

The company brings the highest quality light fixtures to every home. Their collections consist of every category of lighting fixtures imaginable from vanity lights, sconces, light bulbs, and chandeliers to rope lights, track lighting and under cabinet lighting. They offer the most convenient shopping experience by allowing the customer to shop either by brand, by category, by room, or by theme. They offer convenient customer service manned by the nicest people who are always eager to help with any of your questions. They offer only the best products and the best customer service at Lighting and Locks.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Duranta Erecta

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Celtic Wedding Garters

A wedding planner needs to be resourceful and meticulous. Every wedding has to be planned perfectly for the wedding to turn out perfectly as well. My niece, who was just starting a career as a wedding planner often came to me for assistance when she was having a difficult time with a certain detail about a wedding she was working on. I have extensive experience as a wedding planner before I retired.

One time, my niece was working on a wedding with a Celtic theme. The bride was difficult to work with which is understandable, I know because every bride wants her wedding to be perfect. The decision to have a Celtic theme for their wedding came from the groom’s parents and she wanted to please them. When it came to the wedding garter, my niece asked me to help out. She was working closely with the person who was creating the bride’s gown and the wedding garter was a major concern. They did not know where to find a wedding garter with a Celtic theme.

Before I retired, I often relied on a website specializing in wedding accessories. I was sure they had an extensive array of wedding garters in their inventory and I asked my niece to check them out. True enough, they had a Celtic wedding garter that fit the purpose perfectly. It was not easy, but every detail of the wedding was in keeping with the Celtic theme by the time the preparations were over.

Unique Wedding Favors for a Truly Unique Wedding

My best friend solicited my assistance when she was planning her son’s wedding. Her son loved birds and to honor this special interest of his, she decided that their wedding would have birds as the central theme. The decorator for the church showed us his plan and birds of various colors were incorporated with the flower arrangements in keeping with the bird theme. The bride’s gown had small birds hand-painted with birds. The groom had a small bird on his lapel. Every detail of the wedding was in keeping with the bird theme.

When it came to finding wedding favors, we had a difficult time of it. Unique wedding favors such as one with a bird theme was not easy to find as we soon found out. Fortunately, a common friend had just finished planning her own daughter’s wedding and she directed us to a website specializing in wedding accessories. She knew she had come upon unique wedding favors on the site that had to do with birds. We checked out the site and true enough; they had a birdhouse favor box which would be perfect for our purpose. My friend’s son and his fiancée were so taken with the favor box. The website saved the day.

Dental Practice for Sale

Having graduated from a course in dentistry, my nephew was looking to find a dental practice for sale as soon as he got his license. My brother was helping him to find one to jumpstart him on his chosen career. He solicited my help in the task because he knew I am very resourceful in finding stuff.

Finding stuff is one thing, but finding a dental practice for sale is another. I did not know where to start and I wasn’t sure I would be of help. As usual, I began my search on the internet. I knew that nowadays, everything can be found on the internet. As soon as I typed the keywords, the search results provided me with several websites where dental practices were on sale. Armed with these results, I went to my brother and showed him what I found. Fortunately, one of the search results turned up a dental practice for sale which was perfect for my nephew.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Did you know?

During the dark days of winter, the brain produces fewer painkilling neurotransmitters like endorphines.  The drop can make even minor aches seem unbearable.  Before reaching for your medicine cabinet, you can fight back the pain in a natural and fun way.  

Play video games!  Research suggests that doing so soothes headaches, sore muscles and other aches in just 15 minutes.  The theory?  The distraction of the on-screen action alters how the brain responds to incoming signals, upping pain tolerance.

Get the Best Cleaning Service from Abc Oriental Rug Cleaning New York

The holidays must have kept Louise busy that she didn't notice the lemonade spills on her carpet.  She's not worried though because abc oriental rug cleaning new york is just a call away.  She used to bother with cleaning and scrubbing but when a colleague at work told her about hiring professionals to clean her rugs, she doesn't worry about dirt and stains anymore.

What she likes about the service is that they don't use harsh chemicals to clean the rugs.  The cleaning products used are environment friendly and her whole house smells so fresh long after the cleaners have gone. Most of the cleaning products you can buy in stores are chemical-based and many of us are not even aware of the health hazards they deliver. Abc Oriental Rug Cleaning New York have made their very own cleaning solution recipes that are not harmful and toxic.  Plus, their rates are very affordable compared to other companies.

Unlike my sister, I've never had a carpet installed at home because I hate scrubbing.  Another reason is that there are no carpet cleaners like Abc Oriental Rug Cleaning New York that I can trust around here.

If you live within this area and you're looking for professionals to clean your carpet for you, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find Abc Oriental Rug Cleaning New York.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Linda Found Cute Wine Wedding Favors

Getting married to a wine connoisseur is like marrying winery, Linda says. While planning their wedding, her fiancé who happens to work at a leading winery wanted a wedding that would work around a wine theme. Their planner had to come up with a whole lot of touches that would show the wine inspired theme of their wedding. She found a place which used to be a winery but were now a local inn which was perfect for Linda's and Karl's wedding as well as the reception. The ambience was perfect but the couple wanted more.

Their wedding planner, fortunately, showed her a site that sold wedding accessories. They had a collection of wine wedding favors which she could choose from. Linda found mini martini glasses which she thought could hold chocolates shaped like wine bottles which their guests (that includes me!) could enjoy after dinner. They could then take the mini glasses home as a reminder of the great time they had at their wedding. She also found wedding party bottle holders which will keep their wine well-insulated during the reception. All-in-all, the wedding planner and Linda found wedding favors which they used as decorations that were in keeping with their wine theme.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bibingka (Rice Cake)

Bibingka is a rice cake and it is usually eaten with grated coconut. 

Building Better Communities at the YMCA

The Broward County YMCA in Florida has long been involved in programs that are geared towards nurturing the potentials of the youth in the community, improving the health and well-being of members of the community and giving back to the community. These are the main focus areas of the Y.

The very core of any parent’s responsibility towards his/her children is essentially what the Y is all about. Nurturing the potential of every child so that they can grow up to achieve their dreams is a major concern for the parent. Ensuring every child’s health and well-being is also a major responsibility of any parent. Teaching children how to be involved and how to give back to the community is a lesson every parent wants his/her child to learn. Kids can achieve all of these goals with the help of the YMCA.

The Broward County YMCA is present all over Florida. A particular program of the YMCA is the fort lauderdale aquatics program which teaches children how to become good swimmers and at the same time improve their well-being. The YMCA has developed an aquatics program where parents and their children can join at age of 2 and onwards. The Aquatics program is just one of many such programs where a parent can enroll both him and his child to gain continued health and well-being for the whole family.

Simple But Elegant Wedding Favors

Looking for unique wedding favors?  Gone are the days when newly wedded couples give bells and bride and groom ceramics to their guests.  Nowadays, there are thousands of unique wedding souvenirs to choose from.  There are Love Bird Salt & Pepper Shakers, Antique Style Key Bottle Opener, Miniature Clear Acrylic Phantom Chairs, "Swish" Cup and Saucer Sets, Mini Treasure Chest and many more.  

I found the Mini Lanterns with Hanger the cutest.  People love to receive something that they can use; the lanterns can be lit at night to lighten up a table or a small place. Your guests will be delighted with this simple but elegant wedding souvenir.

I Got A Lot Of Wedding Invitations

Up until now wedding invitations are still coming in.  Hubs and I have not attended a single wedding in the last three years but this year we've already been to quite a few.  There were three weddings in the family; 2 of my nieces got married earlier this year and my husband's cousin got married last June.  A bowling colleague also decided to tie the knot this year.  This month, we've already been to two weddings and next week there are two more.  The year 2012 must be a lucky year to get married because so many couples chose to get married this year.

Dani and HCG

After desperately trying to lose weight through diet and exercise for years without seeing results, Dani finally decided she needs help.  She visited their family doctor and asked about hcg.  She has heard so much about how effective it is in helping people shed off pounds but she's worried about her hypertension.  She wanted to make sure hcg won't interfere with her meds.  The doctor gave her a go signal and her weight loss began.  Dani's cholesterol also fell into a healthy range and she has more energy now than before.  I'm so glad she's so happy with her weight now.

Brush Smarter with Periclean Ultra Soft Toothbrush

Brushing our teeth too hard can be the cause of a lot of problems for our teeth and gums. Often, in our desire to keep our teeth clean and massage our gums in the process, we overdo the cleaning by applying too much pressure when we brush our teeth. Brushing too hard can cause damage to the enamel of our teeth which ultimately leads to hypersensitive teeth. This can also harm our gums and lead to gum recession.

Realizing that applying too much pressure when brushing our teeth actually causes more damage to both our teeth and our gums, he designed this innovative product called the Periclean Ultra-Soft Toothbrush. His 35 years of experience has allowed him to treat thousands of patients with gum recession and gum disease caused by overbrushing. The extra soft toothbrush he created has a rubber head that effectively cleans the teeth, but will damage neither the teeth nor the gums. The soft toothbrush prevents the erosion of the teeth enamel and will definitely not hurt our gums. He explains that our gums are like the skin of our teeth; if it gets hurt from overbrushing, the roots of our teeth may become exposed and make our smile less attractive.

Periclean toothbrushes are unique in its design. They have antibacterial properties. Food particles, toothpaste and bacteria do not accumulate on the toothbrushes. They last for up to six month. They are only available online, though, but it is hoped to be available from dentists and periodontists soon.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pink Hibiscus

Monday, December 17, 2012

Crab Cakes

Have a fabulous week!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Secret to a Peaceful Night's Sleep

Having sleepless nights?  Then try to picture this...

According to experts, people who try to visualize a sunny beach or lush garden fall asleep 20 minutes faster than those who count sheep.  Counting distracts you, but picturing a serene scene physically calms you, making you go to sleep faster.

Donate to Breast Cancer

I've lost an aunt because of breast cancer.  She was actually my husband's aunt but I was very close to her and it affected me a great deal when she passed away.  The sad part was, the cancer was never detected until it was too late.  We knew she was suffering and she was in pain but her tests didn't show that it was the big C. 

All the while we thought her osteoporosis was giving her much pain so we tried our best to make her feel comfortable.  It was only during her last few weeks that we found out about the cancer, no wonder there were times she was in so much pain.  The whole family was devastated.  Imagine that happened only a few years ago and we are not so behind in technology.  We kept asking ourselves why the tests that she had didn't detect the cancer.  She would have lived longer had we known.  I mean, we would not have prevented it but we could have at least done something to ease her pain and the doctors could have done something to let her be with us longer.  It took some time before we all recovered from that loss.

A couple of years ago I had another aunt (my mom's sister) who had breast cancer.  She survived it after surgery and is now cancer free.  It was a blessing that it was detected early on.  Since then, we've all been on the look out for this.  I do some readings on how to prevent it, up-to-date information on the latest treatments and I even donate to cancer research. is one great site that does extensive research about breast cancer and I also support the non government offices in their drive to spread cancer awareness.  I believe that the more people know about it, the more it can be prevented.  I encourage you to donate as well if you have some extras so the research will continue; cureLauncher is currently working on formulating a drug that can really help women with breast cancer where the tumors spread to their brain, liver or lungs.

Custom Essay Writing Services at

Getting through college requires a lot of hard work. Those of us who managed to get through college know this only too well. There are custom essays to submit almost weekly and sometimes, there just isn’t enough time because of the heavy workload. But every student knows that each assignment is important to passing the course. So a poorly written essay is simply not an option. Students need help. was organized to assist college students with their custom essay writing assignments. They are committed to helping these students in coming up with custom essays that are perfectly written and all original. Getting a poor grade on an assignment should never be an option for the college student who is struggling to finish his course and get that all-important degree. And is here to help him with his goal.

At, professional writing services are offered at truly affordable prices. They value their clients and are committed to helping them achieve their goals. They have a team of professional writers who have extensive experience in writing custom essays that are sure to please every professor who gets to read them. Ordering a custom essay is done online and is a mere 3-step process that is fast and convenient. And all orders are guaranteed. Meeting deadlines for custom essay assignments is no longer a problem with

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Everything Popcorn at

America’s most loved snack is popcorn and where better to find popcorn than in Indiana which is the heart of popcorn country. Popcorn lovers are sure to find all the popcorn supplies they need at Popcorn Popper. Popcorn lovers themselves, the management of Popcorn Popper has made it their lifetime goal to provide their fellow popcorn lovers with only the very best popcorn, popcorn makers and all possible popcorn-related products in the market today.

Popcorn Popper offers all-inclusive popping kits, gourmet popping corn and popcorn gift sets that are sure to please any popcorn lover. They have the most delicious and freshest popcorns from Wabash Valley Farms. The all-inclusive popping kits come in 3 varieties and include everything you need to make popcorn. All you need to do is open it and pour the contents into your popcorn popper. They also have 11 varieties of gourmet popcorn and offer the best selection for you to choose from.

Similarly, Popcorn Popper has a variety of popcorn poppers that you can choose from the most basic microwave popcorn popper to the commercial popcorn popper. Also included in their inventory are popping oils and popcorn toppings that will definitely complete your popcorn experience. Now you can dress up your popcorn with a variety of popcorn seasonings to suit the most discriminating taste. Of course, they also carry popcorn accessories from bowls, bags, boxes and tubs, scoops and storage canisters. Do check out their holiday gift sets that every family is sure to enjoy receiving this Christmas.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oregano Flowers

Happy weekend, all!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our Two Little Girls

Friday, December 7, 2012

Graceful Gumamela

Have a fabulous weekend!

Collecting Coins

It was my friend's mom's large selection of personalized coins that encouraged me to start investing on gold coins. It's her hobby to collect coins and she's been doing it since she was very young. She started it when she inherited a few rare coins from her grandfather. Their family is rich so she can afford the expensive hobby. She has a lot of rare coins in her collection and if you know coins, you'd drool. Right now I have a few pieces. Every time I have extra money, I try to buy a coin or two. They are not the rare coins that big time collectors have but it's a start. At least I have something to leave my kids and grandkids.

A Beer a Day Keeps Bones Stronger

If you regularly drink beer, you are doing your bones a favor.  That's because beer is rich in easy-to-absorb form of dietary silicon, a mineral that increases bone density.  What's more, the alcohol contains ethanol that keeps bones from weakening, especially in postmenopausal women.  Recommended dose?  One beer a day.

Electro Voice: A Must-Have Mic

It might be a tad expensive for home use but why not shop electrovoice instead of using an ordinary mic? If you really try to look at it, you are actually saving money because electrovoice is of high quality. We've changed mics too often that my dad decided on this mic. Well, it was really a great buy because it wouldn't be called gold standard for nothing. The mic had been dropped on the floor a lot of times but there's not even a dent and the sound quality remained the same. If you're looking for a good quality mic, I'd be glad to recommend this.

Could You Be a Vegetarian?

You Could Maybe Be a Vegetarian
You may think being vegetarian is a great idea, but you don't have all the tools to get started.
Find a local vegetarian group or buy a few vegetarian books.
Even if you don't go completely veggie, you can introduce more vegetarian foods into your diet!

Horses are not for me...

I have once dreamed of riding a horse and wearing equestrian clothing and sitting on english saddles. That was when I was seven and I enjoyed watching the sport on tv. Actually it was not really the competitions I was after but the clothing. I found their uniforms very elegant and I always tried to imagine myself in them. I even told my mom that I wanted to be an equestrienne. Had we been able to afford it at that time, I could have been one. Guess I wasn't cut out for that sport, I became a bowler instead, but that's another story.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Soothe Dry Eyes with Flaxseed Oil

Here's a great news for women suffering from dry eyes:  Flaxseed oil supplements can reduce the itching, burning and dryness.  According to experts, the omega 3 fatty acids in flaxseed oil amy soften secretions that get stuck in the eyelids' oil glands.  Aim to get 1,000 to 3,000 mg a day via food like salmon or flaxseed or fish oil supplements.

Swat Fuel for Our Everyday Heroes

Our law enforcers need a lot of energy and stamina to be able to perform their duties effectively. It is not a secret that their jobs require them to work particularly long hours and this fact takes a toll on their bodies the most. Not only are their hours long, but the demands of their job on their physiques are extraordinary. They are required to be alert and be completely focused even after long hours of work. The demands of the job on their physical capacities are nothing less than superhuman. Thus, it is of particular importance that they be healthy and fit.

SWAT Fuel founder, Dan Olesnicky, M.D., is a member of a SWAT team and at the same time, a physician for that team. He is privy to the physical requirements of his profession and he knows the rigors these men in uniform have to go through in the performance of their duties. Thus, he came up with supplements for military men, law enforcers, EMS personnel, firefighters and shift workers whose work hours are particularly long and whose jobs are stressful and rigorous. The supplements serve to sharpen their senses, heighten their performance, and generally improve their health. His line of neutraceuticals are specially designed to ensure that these professionals are physically equipped to handle their tasks even if the demands of their jobs require superhuman effort every time they come in for work. The supplements come in two variants: in solid or liquid form.

Saving Money on a Baby

These days, you’re lucky enough to save 50 cents at the grocery store. During an unstable economic climate, you can never be too safe when it comes to budget. But when it comes to having a baby, every penny you save is going to end up helping you in the long run. Wholesale baby gifts are a good idea when looking to buy things for you or your friend’s child.

Let’s suppose you don’t have a kid, and are not planning to have one anytime soon. You will reach an age where all your friends and their friends will start having their own kids. You are going to end up spending tons of cash buying presents for each and every one of them. The best way to save money in this timeframe is by purchasing wholesale baby gifts from a reputable store.

Most baby stores have a very large inventory that usually changes or rotates quarterly. During these times, they usually end up having a great “blowout” sale or offering some kind of a great clearance offer. You can get items up to 10, 20, even 30% off sometimes. This is a great time to stop up on all sorts of wonderful items for your baby such as clothes, toys, and utensils. Unfortunately you will rarely find sales on diapers, but buying these wholesale baby gifts and items can help ease the strain on your wallet a little bit.

Having a planned pregnancy can be one of the best decisions you can ever make. You still have 9 months to plan ahead for one of the best experiences of your life! Keep your eyes and ears open every time you step out of the house to go shopping. Since you are not used to having a kid, you might end up looking past offers on baby items you normally wouldn’t look at. Wholesale department stores also offer a wide variety of wholesale baby gifts and accessories.

Last but not least, keep a lookout for stores that are going out of business. You’d be surprised at how much you can save on clearance deals! Sometimes stores sell their items for 50 percent off or even less!

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MOM - Fiery

Earn Extra with Online Tutoring

During these especially hard times, earning extra money becomes a necessity for a greater number of the population. I am no exception as what I earn as a university professor is hardly enough to make ends meet for me and my children. I had often thought about getting a second job but between work and taking care of the children, there seemed to be no time left for that.

When I came across, I found the idea of flexible work schedule the online tutoring services provided worth considering. I liked it that I could earn while I am at home. One of the reasons why I found that taking on a second job is impossible is because of the time I would have to spend while traveling from the university to a second job’s location and then traveling home afterwards. The traveling time can take several hours. If I tutor online, I can conveniently stay at home while working. My hours would be flexible, depending upon my availability. Moreover, because students as far away as Asia are requesting assistance from English teachers, I can work even during the late hours of the night as that would be daytime for the international students. I never regretted my decision to join the team of instructors at I find it a truly lucrative second job and the convenience it affords works well with me.

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Online Tutoring: A Job Like No Other

More often than not, a woman sacrifices her career once she becomes a mother. Someone needs to stay at home and take care of the children and mothers are naturally elected for this role. My husband and I decided to go this route when I gave birth to my firstborn. I reluctantly gave up my job as an English professor at a local university. It was a sacrifice I could not regret because my son naturally had to come first.

While surfing the web one day, I chanced upon oktutor which is a website that offers online tutoring services. I had heard of online tutoring services before but browsing through the website, I had the idea of signing up and becoming an online tutor. I could no longer practice the profession which I trained for several years given the rigid schedule of a university professor but I could still use my skills in the more flexible structure of online tutoring services. All I had to do was sign up and pass the exams and evaluations of the administrators and I was soon accepting tutees that needed assistance with English. allowed me to still practice my profession within a more flexible structure. I worked while my baby slept. It allowed me to choose the schedule that works best for me. It proved to be truly lucrative and gave me the opportunity to meet students from all over the world as the site receives requests from students from all over the world. I find that online tutoring is convenient, fulfilling, and quite lucrative as well.

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I didn't have much time to go around and take photos of real flowers this week so I'm posting photos of these lovely Poinsettias displayed at a nearby mall.  Have a fabulous weekend!

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Feel Peaceful in a Heartbeat

Aren't weekends supposed to be relaxing?  It's hard to relax and keep calm with all your kids' weekend activities and the busy preparations for the coming holidays.  But you can!  

Simply take 30 seconds to gaze at Christmas decorations.  Studies show that people who looked at the color green for this amount of time felt calm happy and peaceful.  Research theorize that the hue influences behavior through learned associations to nature-related imagery like gardens and grass.

Maternity Bras and Nursing Clothes for Expectant Mothers

Even though maternity bras and nursing clothes is a task to find, they are very essential when it comes to infants. There are many designs of nursing clothes that are readily available. Some of them are maternity bras, nursing tops and nursing boob tops. These are only a few examples.  These nursing clothes make it easier to breast feed your child when you are out and about doing your business as usual.

For reasons that cannot be explained, many women think that maternity bras are difficult to find. However, that is not the case if you look for them online. There, you will see many different styles, quality, and even colors. Furthermore, they are fund there at an affordable price. This make’s it so easy to shop for them.

Why should you consider these items?

1.    Beauty

It is obvious that a woman needs to look beautiful even if they have a week year old child. Therefore, when you buy nursing clothes, you should not worry because there are fashionable products maternity bras available that will do the work for you.

2.    easy to breast feed

Breastfeeding is easy no matter where you are. Moreover, you will not look frumpy while doing it. Today, many women do not like it when they have to breastfeed in public. However, when you have nursing clothes, you do not have to worry about that. They have been designed in such a way that you can only remove one breast to breastfeed.

3.    Latest trends

Are you a woman who is always keen on the latest fashion and trends? Well, if you are; and you are breastfeeding, you should not worry at all. As there are many designs in different fabrics, you also get them designed in the latest and stylish treads.

As it is mentioned above, there are many and different designs of maternity clothes and nursing bras in the market. Even though you can use your old clothes and stitch them together and design your nursing clothes as an effort to save money, but you will not be able to go around and about your business wearing it. Therefore, having at least one maternity bras or nursing clothes will help you in a great way.

Online stores are the best place where you can buy these items at a very cheaper price if you are looking to save some money. Furthermore, it will save you same time and energy.


If you are a mother and you have an infant, you are strongly advised to buy yours. Moreover, many websites sell maternity bras and nursing clothes online. Remember, these nursing items come in many differed sizes and shapes. They may be full dresses, short dresses, tops, bras, boob tops and even spaghettis. All you have to do is select the item that you love and you are on your way. These items are fashionable and attractive therefore, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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