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Monday, October 29, 2012

MYM/MOM - Lily and Mums


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feel Calmer with Garlic Bread

Feeling tensed?  Snack on garlic bread.  Noshing on this savory bread can slash stress levels by 39 percent in as little as one minute.  Scientists found that the delicious aroma and pungent taste of garlic butter work to calm the brain area that governs fear and nervousness.  This sends signals to the body to slow heart rate and lower blood pressure, which calms the mind and body.

Quitting smoking is possible with Eagles

Quitting smoking was a tad easy for me but, I never would have done that if I had not gotten sick.  Well yeah, I know it wasn't good for me or everyone else for that matter; I was not just ready to quit during those times.  But when I was diagnosed with a respiratory tract infection a couple of years ago, that's when I was told the doc told me that I should give it up while being treated or I won't get better.  For a while?!?  I'll quit if I have to quit; not for a while but for good, I told myself.  Since that day, I have been smoke-free!

It could have been a wad difficult if I wasn't that determined to quit.  Why, you might ask?  I have a store and I sell cigarettes.  Every single day, I hold and smell them and sell them to my customers.  You can just imagine the temptation to light it and have a puff if I wasn't too determined; but I made it through. 

Now it's my husband who's trying to quit smoking now.  He's having a tough time but he's working on it.  He's getting a lot of support from all of us and he also gets help from Eagles, a website that offers effective smoking cessation programs and products.  It seems to be working for him because he says the cravings isn't that bad anymore.  We are getting older and we should be thinking more of health especially now that we have grandchildren.  Visit the site if you also want to quit smoking.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crunch Away Brain Fog

Suffering from brain fog?  Munch on some salt and vinegar chips to get back on your A-game.  A midday slump threatens your productivity but according to experts, the combination of crunch, salt and vinegar will heighten your senses to boost alertness fast.

How to Get Started with E-Smoking

You are a smoker but equally concerned about your health than I am sure, you might have heard about electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette are one of the widely accepted innovation in the field of green smoking. I am terming it as a green smoking because your health is not at stake. Secondly you are not forced to get rid of your addiction, which is off-course hard and sometime impossible.

Are you carrying any confusion or doubt if e-cigarette really is the best and healthier substitute for tobacco cigarettes? If yes than clear your doubts and try out e-smoking. In this article I will discuss some basics and ways to start with e-smoking. In the first run for traditional smokers these cigarette may prove expensive but after trying out they will feel the worth of their investment. Still, thanks to that offers the largest coupon codes for electronic cigarettes that will help you to trim down the initial costing. You will just need to search for the coupon and apply for the same.

Let’s start with the very basic so that you may start with e-smoking and have a good and healthier experience without compromising with addiction…

Electronic cigarette can be assembled by collecting different parts. However, it is suggested that when you are starting with e-smoking start with complete kits. An e-cigarette kit includes one rechargeable battery, one battery charger and cartomizers. The basic kit will cost $20. Some kit may also charge $80 but you are sure to get better accessories like two high-capacity batteries, USB port chargers, e-cigarette liquid and some carrying box.

In general one should spend not more than $100 on an e-cigarette kit. You may get some cheaper kit but don’t compromise with quality. As it is quality that is going to count in the long run, for instance good e-cigarette battery would work well for years. If you are unable to afford much, try at least to have at least pair of batteries, chargers, atomizers and disposable cartomizers.  At the end of day if any of the electronic part stop working, you need not to worry, you have parts in spare. As far as cartomizers is concerned, you will need to buy it every week depending upon your smoking habit.

When you are getting started, you will find difficulty in getting the right flavor. So there are chances that you will try out many different companies. Here you will be helped by sites like, offering largest coupon codes for electronic cigarettes. By applying coupon code the rates will come down as discount will be applied on the cost. And I am sure you will find the right taste for you because there is so much to taste and it is the best part of e-smoking.

E-cigarette accessories is sure to make your experience more expedient and stylish, but not at the initial level. You will need patience after all you are moving towards good. Traditional smoking has made you addicted but equally it is harming you so it is better to move towards a safer world.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mormon Art and More

Art, in whatever form or genre is meant to be appreciated and it always has a universal appeal. It is the expression of an artist’s view of life. It is meant to show an artist’s take on a particular scene, situation or emotion. Mormon art, while it may be an expression of artists of a particular religious belief, contains a universality which cannot be ignored. This is best exemplified by the portfolio included in LDS paintings at Zion’s Mercantile Co.

Zion’s Mercantile Co is a quaint store that sells an amazing variety of Mormon art, books and Pioneer memorabilia. Their portfolio of paintings include such subjects as sunsets at Nauvoo, the popular Salt Lake City Temple and, of course, Jesus Christ. Their collection of paintings represents the best of Latter Day Saints art and artistry. Some of the wonderful artists whose art this quaint store showcases are Julie Rogers, Annie Henrie, Sandra Rast, Robert Boyd, J.Kirk Richards, Cary Henrie and Dan Mortensen. They also hold art exhibits from time to time where artists can share their work and allow aficionados to see how the artists work throughout the day. Various artists’ renditions of Salt Lake City’s famous temple are certainly worth the effort to come and visit the store to have a look-see at the Zion’s collection. The sense of serenity that their renditions exude can bring peace to any restless soul. Even if you do not belong to the Church of the Latter Day Saints, one would be hard-put to not appreciate the paintings of Jesus Christ in their selection.

Searching for a unique gift idea? Zion’s Mercantile might just have one for you. Their inventory includes not just art, but Pioneer memorabilia ranging from knives to jewelry. Of course, books will always be a great gift idea for any occasion and Zion’s has quite a collection that can tickle anyone’s fancy. Their collection of Pioneer memorabilia presents a varied array of objects that the pioneers who went before us used in their daily existence and one cannot help but be in awe of what they had to go through to establish our great nation.

The Sniff to Feel Happy

Are you feeling down?  Sniffing the sweet and tart aroma of green apples  is an easy way to bring the smiles.  But the scent doesn't always have to come from fresh apples.  Slathering on some apple-scented lotion will do.  According to experts, the delicious scent will stimulate pleasure receptors in the brain and spur the production of the feel-good hormone serotonin.

Foursquare Addict

My sister is now as addicted as I am at Foursquare. It's an app that you download on your smart phone and it tells your friends and family where your exact location is when you check in. You also get points every time you check in to a place and these points put your rank higher. My sister saw me logging in at different places and she asked me about it. Well, now her rank is higher than me and she tells me that she loves the app so much. This is where she discovered Madison Avenue Mall; now her favorite place to shop. I see her logging in to this mall almost daily. I wonder what she buys there?

Monday, October 22, 2012

MOM - Juicy Melon

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

1Shopping Cart makes E-Commerce Easy

Need help putting up an online store? Fret no more! 1Shopping Cart is the answer. They offer online store software that provides an all-in-one ecommerce solution for all your needs. Choose from any of three packages that are sure to provide your customers a shopping experience that is easy and convenient.

Everything starts with an impressive-looking online store. 1Shopping Cart offers a myriad of professional looking templates that you can choose from. Their software offers flexible product options that let your customers shop with ease. Multiple image views are an option that lets your customers see your products up close. Their platform also lets you sell anything, even subscription products. And your customers can shop using their mobile devices for an even more convenient shopping experience. Since your online store makes shopping a breeze, customers are likely to keep coming back. The software even eliminates the hassle of re-ordering products by letting your customers sign up for automatic shipments for which they will automatically be re-billed as well. Hassle-free shopping assures you of repeat buyers all the time.

1Shopping Cart also provides you with unique merchandising tools for your convenience. It makes updating your store catalog effortless. Access to contractors, staff and other outside help is not a concern because all users can be provided with unique logins which allows them access only to what they need. It also allows you to resell complementary products with no extra fulfillment. And you can receive order alerts on your mobile devices, track orders and more. With 1Shopping Cart, starting an online business is easy as 1, 2, 3.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Red Episcia

Field Hocky Ribbon

If you've been following this blog, I'm sure you already know that one of my passions is bowling. I've been playing for more than 15 years now. I'm not that competitive anymore but I still play the league regularly. I've won in competitions several times but I only won one prestigious award; the San Juan Bowling Association International Bowling Tournament back in 2007. I won the Graded Masters and I brought home a beautiful trophy that is proudly displayed in my home. Next year, San Juan is hosting the Asian Intercity and this early, my husband (he is the tournament director) is already preparing for this. we looked for this website here for field hockey ribbon. They are the same company that made my trophy. If the plans push through, we will have the most prestigious trophies and ribbons in the history of Asian intercity.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Did You Know?

You can balance blood sugar with maple syrup.  The natural sweetener is packed with antioxidants that slow the breakdown of carbs, keeping blood sugar steady for lasting energy.

The Best Wool Rug Cleaning Services at ABC of NYC

Rugs are not only functional pieces that protect your flooring from scrapes brought about by footwear and furniture on your floors; they are decorative items as well that add to the appeal and warmth of any room. Homeowners invest in expensive rugs for their functionality and decorative properties. They can add elegance and vibrancy to hallways and rooms.

Wool rugs are among the hardest type to clean and care for. They are very hard to maintain especially if they come with tassels or if they are embroidered in intricate patterns. These rugs usually come with a hefty price tag so it is essential that they are cared for and cleaned by the proper people.

It is indeed fortunate that in New York, the best carpet and rug cleaners, namely, ABC Rug & Carpet Care is open to help maintain all types of rugs and carpets. The ABC wool rug cleaning NYC service is the best in the area. Their state-of-the-art wool rug cleaning process begins with a special vacuum operated only by their most experienced staff. The rug is then sprayed with non-toxic substances which remove tough spots and stains. Once the loose dirt particles and stains are removed, the rug goes through either steam cleaning or a dry-foam cleansing process depending upon the type of wool the rug is made of. The process ensures that your wool rug is dust, dirt and stain free. At ABC, you are sure that your special rugs are cared for in the best possible way.

Monday, October 15, 2012

MYM/MOM - Our first pair of slippers


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Buying Gadgets Online Saves Times for Busy Mummies

Shopping has been revolutionized with the introduction of online shopping. These days it sometimes turns out that online shopping for gadgets becomes much cheaper than offline. Sometimes when you go shopping offline you are in a dilemma to buy a cheap product or a costlier branded one but when you are shopping online you are able to select from a large collection of items which are cheap and also good in quality.

When you are buying online you get a huge range of electronic gadgets that are available online and you can easily search them out in websites that are selling these products of different companies. If you search with a keyword such as good quality cheap electronics you would find a lot of web stores from where you can buy these things at a convenient low price. Some of the well known and popular online stores such as,, eBay are online shops. These stores offer you PCs, laptops, camera ipod, mp3 player digital music systems, mobiles, mobile chargers etc. The biggest advantage that you get is that, all of the products are of latest model and the time taken to transit is quite less than the usual time span that is taken.

As a mom you are always ready for challenges, whether to buy for your household or to gift others. You have to manage both about the quality of the gift the innovation and the budget of it. The best way to get all things together is to buy the gadgets online. Buying online saves your time and provides you with ample amount of choice and price range. You are able to purchase both economic and best quality kettles, air conditioners, hair dryers and any other kind of electronic or electrical gadget of your choice and receive high discounts when you are buying it online.

Being a mother you have to look after the welfare of the family you can buy refrigerator and television from the internet, and receive a huge discount for them. You don't have to travel to places and look for the best one that fits in your budget. You can perform all these actions online. You can buy a cell phone and a blue tooth headset; it is not only cool but quite useful. Blue tooth headset would be quite useful for you because what you want is an extra hand to help you complete your work, and the headset doesn't keep your hand engaged. If you love driving or it’s your necessity then you can go for a satellite radio attached to the speakers of your car. You can listen to a number of stations and as it is a satellite radio you can be sure that you would receive transmission free of any reception problems.

You can even get a GPS for yourself or any member of your family. It is a very handy thing as it helps one to find one's way through every place whether a new one or an old one. You don't have to look out for direction to reach that place; you can even attach it to your car for your convenience. Shopping online for laptops, iphones and ipads has just become a craze and for mummies it’s just a dream come true. Shopping had never been so simple and easy before. Mummies who used to ignore buying essential gadgets due to lack of time can now shop anything online and get home delivery without spending much of their time and even money.

Author Bio:

This post is written by Sachin. He is a full time writer who loves to write on different interesting topics. He has written much for many respectful brands such as He has also written much on insurance related topics. If you are too planning to buy a new gadget then make sure you get it insured from a reliable gadget insurance specialist so as to enjoy your new gadget without any worries.

Anchorage dentist for full coverage family dental health

Like any other relationship with health care providers such as doctors, nurses and therapists, a family’s relationship with a dentist in anchorage should be a partnership built on trust and mutual respect. High quality procedures and expert hands are important, but an environment that promotes trust and comfort completes the circle and makes the service a truly comprehensive one. A dental clinic with additional amenities that every family could look forward to availing has taken care of one important aspect of family dentistry already. A clinic that provides all of these things may call itself a full service provider indeed.

A Great Place for the Family

Pampering clients is not really what dentistry is all about, but it is an important aspect of service provision. Providing a relaxing and nurturing environment is necessary for the whole family to feel like they are being take care of the best way possible. For one visit to develop into a long-term client-dentist relationship, it is not just the quality of technical care that matters. A successful dental clinic should be peopled by professionals that interact with the family on another level, such that they experience expert care in a comfortable environment.

Kiddie Corners and Surrogate Aunts and Uncles

A child that looks forward to a visit to the dentist used to be quite rare. The dental profession had since made improvement with respect to pediatric dentistry not just in terms of procedure, but in the equally important area of comfort level. No matter how safe and innovative dental procedures have become for children, every anchorage dentist must make sure they do stay on the dental chair. And best of all, measures much be taken so that children look forward to a visit to the dentist as much as they get excited about a day in a theme park.

Child-friendly dental clinics have been established in many areas throughout the country. Picture this. The wait for their time of the chair is spent watching movies or playing the latest video games. For much younger children who still prefer toys, a corner designed to encourage free play is provided.

But of course, no matter how kiddie friendly the set-up and ambiance is, the white-robed professionals also present themselves warmly, almost like a newly met aunt or uncle. All these elements make for a few reasons for children to keep wanting to visit again, and even looking forward to another pleasant and enjoyable time with their favorite dentist in anchorage.

Families give equal importance to the skill of the dentist and the genuine and more personal concern they show when they meet the entire family. Families that come for cleaning, sealants, consults and check-ups, and emergency services will only return if they get more than they expected. A good balance of affordable, high performance and genuine services from the dental practitioner is what makes a visit to the dentist worthwhile and even endearing to the whole family. These extra touches make a huge difference to parents and children and will eventually make them love their time with the dentist.

Rings for the Blue Elephants

Soccer is one game that a lot of young boys in our community enjoy. Our local government gives our soccer team their all-out support and members of the community all join in the effort. But we also had a girls’ soccer team who was, for the large part, neglected by the community.

As women leaders in our community, the plight of our girls’ soccer team was brought to our attention by one of the girls’ mother. The team had been bringing a lot of honor to our community by placing second in the regional finals and topping the tilt sponsored by a popular rubber shoes manufacturer. In past years, they have always been among the finalists in whatever tilt they joined. Despite these achievements, the soccer team did not receive any support from our local government, nor from any of the community’s organizations.

Thus, as women leaders, we took it upon ourselves to support our girls’ soccer team. When the national soccer tournament for girls was held, the top three teams of the each region were invited. Since our team placed second, they were invited to compete. It was an exciting time for all of us because from the beginning, our girls showed skill and strength. They never lost any of the matches and soon emerged as the team most likely to win the nationals. They eventually became the national champion for girls’ soccer and the community finally took notice. Our boys team never made it to the national championships but our girls won the national championship.

The community was naturally very proud of our girls’ soccer team so we planned a grand celebration to honor the girls. A small group of women who were recognized in our community as successful in their own fields and held a lot of power and resources wanted to give the girls something truly special. As I was the team’s acting manager, I was approached by these women professionals. They came up with the idea of giving the girls a commemorative ring. I was grateful to the women for thinking of this.


They women had taken time to check out jewelry site reviews in the hope of finding jewelers in our area who could execute the commemorative rings they had in mind. They came upon David Gardner’s Jewelers Review, a well-known jewelry store in College Station, TX. It was started in 1983 by a husband and wife team, together with a long-time friend and has since become the premiere jewelry store in the area. The store became even more popular when it was commissioned to design a piece of jewelry for the former first lady Barbara Bush.

The women and I commissioned David Gardner’s Jewelers to design a special ring for our champions. We visited the store and the owners gladly showed us a particular collection they called ‘Tiny Treasures.’ It was a collection of pendants with playful designs mostly in gold or enameled to show off different colors. The girls’ called themselves the Blue Elephants. They had a pendant in the collection which was an enameled blue elephant on gold. It was perfect. When we presented the blue elephant rings to the girls at the banquet held in their honor, the girls loved it. It would be a lasting reminder of their victory.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hibiscus Double Pink


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Enjoy Online Shopping to Purchase Branded G-Strings at an Affordable Price

What is the base of happy married life? No doubt, better understanding, love and romance are three keys of happy married life. Romance is something that makes your marriage strong and happy. It keeps the newlywed couples closer and closer. And to make your marriage life romantic it is sexy dresses play an important role. You might be thinking of sensual nighties to get flirty with your partner and fill life with full of romance. But the article is focusing on the super sexy dress—g-string and demi bras. buy g string with your bridal gown! Like you take out special time for choosing the right bridal gown for your marriage, you should also take out time for g-strings. The fashion market offers varieties of sensual thongs to meet your needs.

You can choose cotton, silk and even pearl g-strings to look hot in your personal intimate moments. But the real challenge is that most of you shy to buy this sensual wear. It is usual and in this situation, many of you end up with buying the wrong size g-strings. Remember, an uncomfortable g-string doesn’t make you look sultry. So, it’s better to either leave you shyness at home before shopping this sensual wear or choose online shopping to purchase the desired g-string.

Online Shopping for G-Strings

Online shopping for g-strings is not as simple as it seems. There are many things you need to keep in mind.

The very first thing is the right size. To choose the right sized g string, you should know your hips and waist size. Measure your hips and waist with a measurement tape and note down the measurements.

Try to know the type of g-string you want to buy. To get more sensual look, you can buy pearl and silk g strings.

Strict on buying branded g strings. Try to know international brands offering thongs. Make a list of well-known brands and according to your needs start searching the online store.

The second thing is to search for a reliable online store. It is challenging task as you find several online stores such as shop Lola Luna online specialized in selling thongs. You need to find the one that is reliable and offer branded g strings at an affordable price. Before finalizing your shopping for a g string from an online store, you need to do proper inquiry about the online store. Read the company about us, policies, payment facility and shipping norms. Read the customer reviews on the online store. Once you are overall satisfied with the online store, you can do your online shopping successfully from the store.

These are a few things to keep in mind to make your shopping for g-strings convenient.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Searching for the Right Design for Anna’s Ring

Helping out my nephew pick out a diamond ring for his wife Anna has been taking up most of my Saturdays of late. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary in a few months and I had been giving Andrew some background as to what makes a good diamond to help him choose the diamond that fit his budget and his purpose. We had gone as far as visiting my favorite jeweler, Hugo who gave him a more in-depth lesson into what to look for in diamonds. For the first time, Andrew saw up close what blemishes and inclusions in diamonds looked like and how they affect the clarity of the diamond.

After our field trip to my jeweler’s showroom, I asked him to check out Sugar Land Jewelry once again and check out the various jewelry stores that the website had reviewed. Then I instructed him to check out the online catalogue of these establishments so he would have an idea of the designs and styles of rings there are in the market. I knew the catalogues would also help him determine what would fit Anna’s lifestyle best instead of him choosing a ring which suited his taste. It was a point he appreciated because it had not occurred to him that his wife might actually want a different design than what he liked.

Browsing through the website, he came upon a visual presentation of the diamond clarity scale.  He found it very helpful because after seeing the diamonds in Hugo’s collection, he was able to put into perspective the different grades that Hugo had discussed with him. Thus, he now had a better idea what he should be seriously looking when we finally make a choice for the diamond that would be fit into Anna’s ring.

He eagerly browsed through the online catalogues of the different jewelry stores reviewed by Sugar Land. Earlier on he had determined that his personal choice would be a three-stone diamond engagement ring. But my point about choosing what Anna would want and not what he wants drove home. So as he browsed through the myriad collections in the online catalogues, he considered the design that would fit Anna’s lifestyle. He took into consideration the fact that she has a very active social life. Moreover, Anna was often required to oversee the many formal parties and gatherings held in the hotel where she worked. Thus, while he liked the simpler designs, he realized that a ring that would be flashier would be more in keeping with the type of events she needed to attend. 

At the end of his journey, Andrew came up with two design styles which he felt would both be practical choices for Anna’s activities. The halo design would make a diamond look bigger than its actual size because the center diamond would be surrounded by smaller diamonds. If the sides of the ring would also be adorned with even smaller diamonds, then the ring would definitely look grander than its actual carat weight. The second choice was still the three-stone diamond ring which is simpler but would also make her finger shine bright but in a less flamboyant way than the halo diamond ring.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rev Alpha Waves with Chocolate

Are you feeling jittery? Nibble a piece of dark chocolate and it can bring on tranquility in less than two minutes. And what’s even better? Researchers say the feeling of Zen can last up to two hours. That’s because the treat’s cocoa can instantly boost the brain’s production of calming alpha waves.

His Road to Recovery

Some people believe that overcoming alcohol or drug addiction is a matter of will power. They think that if a person really wants to get out of the habit, he can. Well, it might work to some but the truth is; it is not that easy. The longer you are exposed to alcohol or drugs; the more powerful your cravings get, making it difficult for you to quit or event resist it. I know because I had a cousin who’s been addicted to drugs. His parents were already getting desperate because treatments were not working. 

The experts at Morningside Recovery explained to them that recovery could really take a long time depending on my cousin and it involves setbacks. This doesn’t mean though that the treatment has failed. Full support of family and friends is very important during these trying times. They should be the strongest because showing signs of giving up could only worsen the person’s situation. My aunt and uncle took this as a cue to get back on track. Sticking with my cousin made him realize what his problem was and that’s when he decided that he wanted to make a change and that he’s willing to accept help. Only then was he able to make tremendous improvement and built his self again.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Balance Blood Sugar with Cilantro

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Cilantro is a great sugar balancer because it delivers lasting pep and the credit goes to its unique combination of phytonutrients.  Researcher discovered that compounds in this flavorful herb works to improve insulin secretion - an effect that can prevent energy-sapping blood sugar spikes and crashes for up to six hours.

David's Poems

If there's one person I know who are good at writing poetry; it's my nephew David.  He can easily express what he feels through words and not many people can do that.  One time my son needed to submit a poem in school about the environment and I can see that he was trying so hard to complete a stanza.  When he couldn't do it; he asked for his cousin's help.  David was able to make a long poem in minutes. And you know what?  That poem was chosen to be presented in their program.  And because it was David who wrote the poem, my son's teacher invited him to attend.  He watched the class recite his poem and he was given recognition before the program ended.

David can easily play with words.  Although a poem doesn't necessarily have to rhyme, I don't know how he does it but he can easily think of a word that would perfectly fit.  So when a friend mentioned to me that there is a poetry contest going on online; the whole family is encouraging him to join.  David is a shy boy and according to his mom, he's having second thoughts.  I really hope he'd join because we all believe in him and this is his chance to share a message right from his heart.

Monday, October 8, 2012

MOM - It's heavy!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Did You Know?

Adding chervil (known locally as Kinchay) to dishes like mashed potatoes or deviled eggs can easily relieve stress.  The herb is packed with potassium, a mineral that helps dilate and relax blood vessels.  Consuming these greens results to blood pressure drops to a healthier level, blood circulation increases and the body easily shifts into a calm state.

Custom Fit Seat Covers

I was just talking about how my boys are planning to pimp my son's car and a set of custom fit seat covers have just arrived from the mail. These boys are really into and I'm guessing there will be more surprises. After my daughter got married; hubs is spoiling our son. He gave him a car after he learned how to drive and now they are dressing it up. I had to remind hubs that he shouldn't go overboard or it'll break his bank but he told me not to worry; the things they are putting in the car are not expensive.

Investing in Gold Coins

Why why buy gold buffalo coin? That is a good question. The gold's value keep on soaring and add to that the value of the coin (rarity and age) then you have a very valuable investment. Mom had been collecting gold coins and when the time came that she needed money to pay off some debts, she easily sold some of her coins. It's her, who taught me invest in gold coins. Hubs and I have several pieces that we plan to pass on to our kids.

Playing The Guitar

As a beginner, my husband and I are debating over buying a fender mustang at Guitar Center for my son. When he showed interest in playing the guitar, we were both elated because he'll be doing something else than sitting in front of his computer or playing games on his console. When he learned the basics, he started saving up for an electric guitar. He asked his dad for the fender mustang and he easily said yes. I'm still not so sure if we should get that because the guitar thing might wear off later on. Hubs doesn't think so because the boy is investing on his equipment. Should I give in?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Heliconia Flower


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Monday, October 1, 2012


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