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Monday, April 30, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #160 - Steak Chimichangas


Happy MYM!

My Busy Boys

I guess hubs can't get over these wireless things.  After installing a wireless doorbell last February, he now fusses about having a wireless intercom and a door phone.  We live in a four-story house so having intercoms make it easy for all of us to communicate with each other.

Yesterday, while buying stuff for his car, he passed by the home depot shop and saw some electrical gadgets that were on sale.  You know how men can get crazy over these electrical gadgets.  He didn't buy the intercom though.  He was telling me about it last night and I think he was waiting for my reaction.  When I didn't say a thing, he took it as an approval.  This morning, he and my son were off to the home depot to buy stuff.  I'm sure they'll be home later with the gadgets and they will be very busy installing them.  My boys like to work together on projects and my husband is taking advantage of my son's time.  It's his last year in high school and once he's off to college; he'll miss their bonding times.

After the door phone and intercom, I wonder what these boys will be up to next time.

Safety First

Every year during summer, my husband always makes sure to check our electrical wires.  A few days ago there was another fire within the neighborhood and we heard that it was because of a faulty electrical wiring.  It was a good thing that it was put off right away and no one got hurt. 

When hubs did his routine last February, he discovered that the coating of the doorbell wire was eaten by a mouse.  It could be dangerous if ignored especially that he is out of the house most of the time.  That's when he decided to go for the wireless doorbell.  It's easier to install and he doesn't have to worry about wires being eaten by household pests.   He also discovered some old wires that needed to be replaced. 

Aside from the wireless door bell, he also replaced the patio string lights with solar-powered ones.  They were not wireless but he says, it would save us a lot of money.  I think he went a little overboard with the replacement expenses but I just let him do what he thinks is right.  At least we can both sleep soundly at night knowing that there are no faulty electrical wiring in our house.

I'm In-Charge of the Wedding Decorations

Mom and dad are planning to renew their vows.  This year, they will be celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.  My parents were never married in church; they eloped and what they had was a civil wedding.  My siblings and I encouraged them to have a church wedding this time and they agreed.  I will be in charge of the food and wedding decorations while my sister will take care of the rest.  It's still a few months away but we are already very excited.  The groom and the bride are utterly quiet about the whole affair but we are sure they are excited too.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Did you know?

Melon helps steadies blood sugar.  The rich supply of Vitamin B6 in the juicy fruit facilitates the enzymatic reaction that converts complex carbohydrates into a reusable form of fuel called glucose.  Plus, melon's fiber slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream.  This prevents the blood sugar spikes and crashes that can trigger mood swings and tiredness.

Better Off without Him

A couple of years ago, it shocked us when we heard the news that my cousin is getting a divorce. Jim and Marie were a great couple. We've met Jim several times when they came home to visit. I grew up with Marie and we were only separated when their family moved to Texas before college. Jim seems to be a nice guy and he adored Marie so we were shocked to hear that he had not been loyal to my cousin.; he cheated on her and their kids for a bout a year.

When Marie found out from a friend, he confronted Jim and he admitted about having an affair with his co-worker. My cousin said, she never saw a hint of remorse so she decided to file for a divorce. She talked to her kids first before talking to an Arizona Alimony Lawyer.  The process was easy and quick. Her lawyer did everything he could to get everything in her favor, after all she is the aggrieved party. Last time I heard, Jim's relationship with his co-worker didn't work out either and he is now seeing someone else. My cousin and her kids have moved on and according to her, it will take time before she opens her heart again. Her kids are still too young and she wants to be more careful this time.

When a Marriage fails

Divorce is a very painful experience both for spouses and their kids; and according to statistics, one out of every two marriages in the United States fail. And it is not only in the United States that this is happening, it happens in other parts of the globe and even here in the Philippines where divorce is not permitted, couples who cannot sort out their differences are separating. Annulment is the best option here, but it is more expensive and it takes a lot longer than you would with a divorce.

My cousin and her children didn't suffer long when she and her husband filed for divorce. As soon as both parties have presented their sides, the Arizona Divorce Laws allowed them to have the results they wanted. What I admired about the two is no matter what their differences are, they tried to keep their children out of it as much as possible. They also explained to the kids why it was happening to them even before they filed a divorce. It was hard for them in the beginning but through the help of family and friends, they were able to move on fast. I would rather that parents get divorced than let their children see them hurt each other.


Beat it with strawberries.  The abundant supply of vitamin C in these ruby gems has been proven to reduce levels of the stress-inducing hormone cortisol by 30 percent.

Beautiful Wedding Decorations

Last Sunday was my mom's birthday but we decided to cancel our dinner reservation because Sophie was sick.  We moved it for tonight and I'm glad we did because the next function room beside ours had a wedding.  The beautiful wedding decorations in the room attracted a lot of guests. It was also a good thing that the dividers for the function rooms were made of glass; we were able to watch the wedding reception.  The bride was beautiful and so was her wedding gown.  It was our first time to dine there and the food was great.  No wonder the cafe was full and it's like that every night according to the staff who served us.  I would definitely go back there to try their other dishes.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Year of Struggle

For someone like me, who has reached the age of forty four; losing weight can be very challenging.  If you have been a follower of this blog, you probably know that almost two years ago, I quit smoking. 

The first months were a struggle; not with the cravings to puff but with food.  I was pretty determined to quit so I didn't have a difficult time.  It was an abrupt stop and I thought I did it right.  What made it really difficult for me was the nicotine withdrawal.  To suppress my cravings for cigarettes; I turned to food.  I kept on eating and my appetite has increased.  In two months, I gained about 25 pounds.

To shed it off, I went back to exercising.  I did an hour of aerobics a day but nothing happened; my weight remained the same.  Although I wasn't losing weight, I still went on with the exercise.  Okay, I am not shedding any pound but I'm doing something good for my health.  That, at least made me feel good about myself.  But after a year of quitting and still nothing happened, I knew I had to start a new diet plan and I thought maybe I need a new exercise plan; something that will help me lose weight fast. 

I searched the internet for weight loss tips and the most effective exercise moves.  And you know what?  I discovered that I don't even have to leave home to lose weight.  Simply jumping on a trampoline can help you get rid of unwanted pounds fast.  And you don't even have to jump there for an hour; a few 10-minute short bursts will do the trick.  According to fitness experts, one 10-minute burst is already equal to an hour of aerobics.  Plus, doing it with intervals will help you lose weight even faster.

I did 3 short bursts daily; one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and once again in the evening.  The intervals don't have to be that long; you can do it any time you want just as long as you rest after doing one short burst.  I didn't have high hopes with this when I decided to try it but what have I got to lose?  Pounds hopefully, but I was already used to not losing any for the past 12 months.  So imagine my surprise when I lost a pound after a week of using my mini trampoline.  I know it isn't much but hey, a pound is still a pound, and if you have been exercising to death with no results, that is already something.  It's only been a couple of months and I have shed a total of 7 pounds.  I still have a long way to go but it's so much better now.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bee Sting?

For a quick relief, grab a slice of raw onion and apply it directly to the sting.  The bulb is a rich source of sulfur, a natural detoxifier that neutralizes the venom.  This will quickly reduce the venom upon contact.

Truly Global

I've been hearing about media networking for quite some time now. It's a way of getting affiliates and advertisers together. Affiliates help promote the advertisers' products through different means. It could be through writing articles and reviews or through badges and banners on their websites. Blue Global Media is one such intermediary that helps both affiliate and advertiser to earn. Their excellence in this is based on experience. They started out as affiliates too. This is the reason why they know the ins and outs of the trade. They know how to professionally deal with and affiliate and an advertiser. Their understanding of the nature of the work involved had made them one of the best if not the best Affiliate network there is.

With highly professional affiliates, advertisers keep coming back. The satisfaction their clients get from their services assures their affiliates of continuous work. This motivated them to institute a very good Payday affiliate program. Having content and satisfied affiliates has led to more opportunities. This is the reason why they now have a broad base of affiliates. They are truly global.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She Also Wants to be a Teacher

My cousin, who happens to be the pediatrician of our twins, is already busy juggling her time between two hospitals.  Our family seldom sees her anymore and the only times that I do are during the girls' Well Baby check ups.

Last Saturday I got to talk to her because I rushed Sophie in the ER.  She was having the chills and her fever was very high.  It turned out that the poor baby is suffering from UTI.  She was given an antibiotic med and before we were sent home, we passed by my cousin's clinic.  She said she had to see Sophie first before sending us home. 

While at her clinic, I got to talk to her because there were no other patients yet.  That rarely happens because her clinic is usually jam-packed with parents and kids. She told me that she'll get busier because she is planning to enroll in a medical teaching course.  She loves taking care of babies' health and well-being but teaching is her second love.  She will immediately start with her teach the teacher course as soon as she gets her schedule fixed.  It's a good thing that courses like this can be taken online; at least she can do it during her free time and her regular schedule in the two hospitals won't be interrupted.  If she finishes her teaching course fast, she might still have time to enroll for a medical management course. 

There is no stopping this woman.  With all these preparations, I'm sure she is planning to take her career in a new level.

Happy with His Career

I was a surprise to see Scott, my bowling colleauge's son,once again last week.  He used to come with his dad during weekends and play with my daughter and nephew while we were bowling.  When these kids approached teenhood, they all stopped going with us. 

Scott is so tall and he told me he now works at an online sports company and he supervises the online sports registration.  He just came home from London where he attended a two-months training.  The company he works for is just one of the many sports team websites you can find in the internet.  It is actually a sports gaming information site where you can find info about your favorite teams.  It's a great site for sports fanatics especially if you happen to always miss the games.  Here, you can easily track your favorite players; know what's the latest about them; and keep updated with injuries during games. And if you are into betting, they have this feature where you can bet for your favorite team or player.  Odds are also provided by these sports team websites so you'll have an idea on which team you should put your money on.

According to his dad, Scott is paid well and he seems to be happy with his career.  Another great thing about his job is he doesn't have to report to their office daily.  He can work any where he chooses as long as he has his laptop with him and he logs in on time.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #159 - Just the way I like it


Happy MYM!

Saving Up

Ever since my son learned to play the guitar, he was hooked. It's a good thing though, because he found another way to spend his time. It's summer vacation and at least he is not spending too much time in front of the the computer. He still plays his favorite but I also see him visiting guitar-world a lot. He is always checking out what's new on the website and he told me that he is saving up for something. A new guitar, perhaps?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quell Queasiness with this Press

Nausea frequently strikes when the weather is too hot.  To heal an unsettled stomach fast, gently massage the underside of both forearms (two finger-widths above your wrists) for 1 to 2 minutes.

A Little Different

Things are a little different now with the twins.  When my kids were still babies, food was introduced at four months.  With the twins, we started introducing food at six months.  According to their pediatrician who also happens to be my cousin, that's to avoid allergies.  They are now nine months old and so far they didn't have allergies with all the food that we gave them.  My cousin also asked us to watch out for food intolerance and as per her instructions, we can only introduce one food at a time and we have to wait for three days before we can introduce another.  That's just to make sure that there are no allergies or intolerance with the food.

Their vitamin supplements were also given when they were already four months old.  Unlike with my kids where multis and vitamin c were prescribed right away.  Her explanation?  Their milk formula is already complete with all the natural vitamins and minerals that they need.  Prescribing supplements during infancy will just be too much.  What she told us made sense because when we got home that day, I read the nutrition facts at the back label of their milk formula and i found a long list of vitamins and minerals.

Things are different now but I like the change.  It means that we are getting back to being conservative when it comes to child care.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #158 - Shiitake Mushroom Fritata


Happy MYM!

Shop at Walgreens

As a homemaker, I do the budgeting for my family's expenses. I am also in charge of paying the bills. And believe me, the rising prices of utilities and other items are sometimes giving me a headache.  If you are a homemaker like me, I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about. 

Aside from food, my family spends a lot on vitamins, supplements and toiletries. I must admit and very proud of it, I use a lot of coupons to save a little on our expenses. Many brands offer big discounts on their products through these coupons. You won't believe in how much you will save if you will only try using them. The same goes as well with health products. Different brands also offer discounts through coupons. For this, I only shop at Their reliability and the availability of the healthy products my family needs is what made me a loyal customer. This is the only online pharmacy that never fails me. My husband's maintenance medicine is pretty hard to find and Walgreens always has it in stock.  By the way, my husband has glaucoma and a tiny bottle of his anti glaucoma medicine is very expensive.  The discounts I get from the coupons help me save a little.

I also purchase my toiletries there not just because they accept all the coupons but their prices are unbelievably lower. If you don't believe me then you can visit the website and compare their prices with other online stores.  I save such a huge amount that I can buy more groceries with my savings. Some would overlook or even disregard coupons. And some will say they are a total waste of time.  This was true before the internet because you had to collect coupons only from magazines and newspapers.  Nowadays, you can collect coupons and even take advantage of amazing daily deals buy simply clicking on your mouse.  These people surely do not know what they are missing. It allows the buyer to save and gives the seller more profit through volume. Health is something we should be concerned about, but we can remain healthy without burning a hole in our wallet.  At Walgreens, your family can stay healthy without spending much so next time you shop for meds, supplements, vitamins, beauty products, toiletries, toys and baby things, and even medical supplies; make sure you stop by at Walgreens first and check their coupons.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feeling bloated?

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Add bananas to yogurt to erase the bloat.  Research shows that up to one in four women develop bloat-triggering intestinal yeast infections in the summer.  Yogurt's cultures combined with banana's antifungal minerals can help squash yeast overgrowth.

Cute Bunk Beds

I would say it's still too early for the twins to have their own beds but it's better to prepare ahead of time. I was one of those people who went out of my way just to be at SM's three-day sale. I wasn't actually intending to buy beds because I went there to shop for the twins' clothes, but I saw these cute boys bunk beds and I just know that the girls' will definitely be prettier. I wasn't wrong because I wasn't able to resist buying when I saw the castle bunk bed. Who would if it's 50% off?

Enjoying the Discounts

At first I thought that the discount coupons offered on the internet are a bogus but I read a blog post entry from one of my blogger friends that these are indeed true.  Through her post, I was convinced to sign up and since then, I've been watching out for Specials that might be of interest to us.  Last Friday was my husband's birthday and I was able to score a 50% discount from his favorite restaurant, I paid less for so much food.  My next project is a vacation package, I'm keeping a close watch on Orlando Vacation Hotels.

Cute and Funny

You might say it's eavesdropping but I just had to chuckle when I heard hubs and his friend talking over the phone.  The topic?  I thinks it's kinda funny but the guys were seriously talking about testosterone boosters. His friend's son is asking his dad if he could take xomax.  Well, it's not that I find the booster ridiculous but his son is only 7.  He must have seen from the commercial ads how these boosters add up muscles and he wanted to look like a macho.  I think it's kinda cute coming from a 7 year old.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Did You Know?

You can get a restful sleep with pecans?  The nuts are packed with vitamin B6 that's necessary for the production of melatonin, a hormone essential for a good night's rest.

Going Out Shopping

When I told the kids that we're going to Greenhills, everyone got too excited because it's not very often that we are able to drop by there.  They know that they'll be able to shop for accessories for ipod and dress up their phones too.  Aside from rummaging through the flea market of course.  Joey is also planning to shop for PSP games as well, so their dad should be ready with his wallet (haha).  Anyway, I need to prepare as well.  I'm sure we will be bringing home a lot of stuff when we get back later.

Back to Shooting

While in Tiendesitas last week, the boys spotted a gun shop.  Of course my husband and son stopped by the shop.  So we left them there so they could look around while we wait for Loki who was being groomed.  I went around myself at the flea market.  I didn't see much so I headed to the food stalls instead and bought a lot of fresh fruits.  After shopping, I went back to the gun shop thinking that my boys were finished looking around.

Well, they aren't.  They were still happily looking around and checking the guns and the Rifle scope for their air gun at home.  They used to go target shooting before but stopped when hubs' Rifle scope broke down.  They miss it and it's been a while since they last went shooting.  It took them another half hour before my husband finally decided on the Barska Rifle scope.  It has full magnification; just right for hubs' not so good eyesight.

I tried shooting too and I'm quite good at it; that's what hubs' says (winks).  But it's not really my love.  I would rather spend on my bowling equipment than spend on something that I will not use very often.  My boys are good at it and I'm glad that they are going back.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #157 - Birds Of Paradise


Have a fabulous week!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Enjoy Fresher Fruit

Need more energy?  Load up on fresh fruits.  Fruit contains thousands of enzymes that convert food into cellular energy.  Studies show that a heaping cup of fresh fruit daily restores vigor for up to 60 percent.  Pasteurization destroys the enzymes so stick with the fresh ones and not canned fruits.

No Pushover Mom

Gone were the days when moms drove minivans and station wagons. The modern mom drives an SUV or a sporty crossover. Moms are making a statement and a very strong one at that. They too want performance and luxury in their daily drives whether making trips to the grocery or driving their kids to school. Manufacturers have noticed this and they're wasting no time in adapting to the changing market. What used to be exclusively for the man on the go, is gradually being embraced by the mom on the go.

I must admit that I've been bitten by the SUV bug. No longer do I prefer a wimpy car, I want something my husband drives as well. I've managed to convince my husband to consider buying me an SUV or a crossover. I've been checking out several models from different manufacturers and Toyota's vehicles have impressed me. I went over several toyota venza crossover deals. The Venza's features and size are what I need. I find it very sexy. It's powerful engine and AWD system is just perfect. It drives like a car and performs like a tank. It's big enough to accommodate my family as well as my groceries. Who said that only guys have all the fun? Women can play the same game too. I'm glad I have a husband who understands women. Soon, I'll be driving a car every man would love to drive too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Forum Dedicated for Moms

Seasoned or new moms alike are getting a lot of help from online forums when it comes to raising kids and juggling work and family.  I raised two children but I have to admit that my ways are a little old-fashioned if you compare it with how the moms now are taking care of their children. If you are a frequent visitor of Mommy's Little Corner, you know that just recently, I became a grandmother to two adorable girls (twins!).  My daughter and the girls are staying here with us because my son in law boarded a cruise ship a couple of months ago.  He'll be away for several months and he naturally didn't want his wife and the girls to be left alone in their house. 

I am helping my daughter take care of the twins.  She asks me a lot of questions about things she should and shouldn't do.  Of course I give her my input and we try to compare it with what her Pedia is teaching her.  I also encouraged her to join a mom forum so she can compare notes.  Other moms are sharing their experiences and I believe that she can learn a lot of things from them. But you know what?  She encouraged me to join as well because she said my inputs can help other moms too.  And not only that, they have this moms helping other moms program where you can ask the volunteers to give you a hand on some things.  Plus, you'll get a chance to chat with other mommies about the same issues you are experiencing.

During my time, we didn't have this.  I guess the mommies now are luckier because we have the internet where they can easily find answers with just a few clicks of their mouse.  Volunteer moms who are offering their support to new moms are ready to answer your questions any time. I'm considering signing up; some of my ways maybe old-fashioned but it still might be of help to others.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #156 - Yellow Lantana


Happy MYM!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Anti Aging Foods for a Healthier Skin

Aging has become a hot topic and this was due to the rising number in cases of premature aging which means people experience or show signs earlier than expected. Women in general pay more attention simply because an aging skin is more noticeable in women than men. There are a lot of companies in the field of beauty and skin care that jumped in to this and offered a number of products and cosmetics procedures all promising to give lasting results.

But are they really effective? The problem with most of these treatment programs is that they use chemicals that might cause skin irritation. Before relying on such services, it is better to start working on a healthier lifestyle as a means to solve the problem. Aging can be caused by a number of factors and what you eat is one of them. So the best way to deal is remove all the toxins in your body and start eating healthy. Including anti aging food in your diet can help boost your body, repair damaged skin cells, improve skin texture and promote a natural and healthy glow. 

  1. Fruits are known to be a great source of vitamins and nutrients. Berries in particular are rich in anti oxidants that fight free radicals which are the main cause of skin aging. Don’t forget to get your serving of fruit every day.
  2. Vegetables such as carrots that are rich in beta carotene are also a powerful antioxidant. Studies suggest that it can reduce the risk of getting cancer and other illness. If it works well for your body, rest assured that it will have positive effects on your skin as well.
  3. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water every day. Water is probably the simplest and most affordable tool for a healthier and younger looking skin. It washes the toxins and removes impurities from the body and provides the skin with natural moisture. Keep in mind to drink at least eight glasses in a day especially during the summer season.
Other foods that can help fight skin aging are fish, whole grains and nuts. Eat in moderate portions and consult first with your doctor in order to make sure that you will not have any allergic reaction from these food items.
Isabel is a freelance content writer that is passionate about women’s issues, healthcare and fitness. She is currently working on a project called diett that provides information about diet.
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