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Monday, May 28, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #164 - Cool Yellow Lamps


Happy MYM!

The Wireless Thing

I have mentioned in my previous post that my boys installed a wireless doorbell for each of the studio-type rooms that we rent out.  I think the wireless thing had gone to their head because this time they are looking for a wireless intercom online.  Both hubs and my son are pointing out that we need an intercom system installed.  I would much rather shout run up the stairs (serves as my workout) every time I need to tell them or get something when I'm at the store.  They are probably tired of my loud voice that they are insisting on it.

I kept on telling them NO because it just an added cost when we have lived in this building for years without intercom.  But the boys didn't give up.  They showed me a great deal online that was hard to resist.  Who would if your savings is almost 50 percent off?  In short, the boys won and we now have an intercom.  I think it's pretty cool because I don't have to shout anymore and I can buzz them upstairs as often as I want.

I wonder what my boys will be up to next; a driveway alarm or a home security system.  Hmmm.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Did You Know?

You can ward off dry eye with cantaloupe.  The sweet melon is rich in vitamin A, a nutrient that helps prevent dry eye and reduces the risk of cataract by 39 percent.

Get Well Soon, Boss

Aside from cards and flowers, do you have any other get well ideas? My husband's boss is in the hospital and I'm sure there are already tons of flowers and get well soon cards there. I'd like my husband to give him something different; not to get an edge at work but something his boss will enjoy while he's recuperating. Do you think he'll enjoy a basket full of fruits and goodies plus several puzzle games? I hope so.

Dallas Janitorial Services

My friend Tina excels in the services business.  Back when she was still here she opened up a cleaning service business and it was quite a success.  She left it to her sister when she had to leave for Dallas to marry the man she loves.  After giving birth to her second baby, she opened up a service company.  It's not as big as the Dallas janitorial services but she says it's doing well.  This is really her line and I'm glad that being in a different country didn't stop her from doing what she likes.  It's also good to hear that her business is doing well in the States.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rafael's Patio

Rafael, my nephew, is too excited that he is finally living on his own.  He found an apartment near his work and had asked for his mom's help to shop for outdoor furniture.  The interior is already furnished but he wanted to furnish the bare patio so he and his friends can get together there during weekends.  He specifically wants the sofa type so there will be cushions.  He says, it's uncomfortable to sit on steel chairs for a long time especially when he and his friends are on a drinking spree.

I told my sister in law that there's a sale at outdoor furniture.  I found it through a blogger friend who was blogging about the gorgeous coffee table she recently purchased from the website.  She found him a wicker finish set for an unbelievably low price.  With the budget my nephew gave him, she was also able to buy him a porch swing.

Rafael surely was glad he asked for his mom's help.  You know how men know so little when it comes to shopping for their home.  SIL showed me the photos of how his patio turned out.  It's gorgeous and I'm jealous of his porch swing.  I wish I had a bigger porch!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mangosteen: The New Super Fruit

I still remember how I craved for mangosteen when I was pregnant with my first born.  My husband and I would go out at night and visit the nearby fruit stands to look for the fruit.  Hubs would buy a few kilos and I would nosh on them all day.  Yup, I'd skip the usual lunch and dinner and just eat the succulent fruit.  Mangosteen is a sweet (and tangy) and juicy fruit.  The rind is hard and woody while the flesh is silky white and very fragrant.  I have loved this fruit even when I am not pregnant.

I never knew that the oh-so-good fruit have numerous health benefits.  I happen to come across an article about the health benefits of mangosteen.  Apparently, the fruit has rich stores of antioxidants that are anti-tumor and anti-cancer.  It is also very effective at treating bacterial infections and can lover high cholesterol levels.  In addition, the fruit has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the pains and sufferings of arthritis.

I am doing more readings about the fruit and as I go through each article, more benefits are being added to may list.  The fruit can help maintain intestinal health, boost the immune system, neutralize free radicals, help support cartilage and joint function and promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system.  The fruit is not just being hailed for its flavor but for its many health benefits as well; no wonder experts call it the new super fruit.

This is a sponsored post for Xango, however, all the points and views are my own.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #163 - Cool Ferrari!


Happy MYM!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

She did it!

My sister did it all by herself.  She found a great deal online on intercom doorbells.  She ordered for a unit and it arrived a couple of weeks ago.  My brother promised her that he'd drop by her apartment and install it for her.  She's been waiting for my brother to come to her apartment but luck is not on her side.  My brother's foot had to be operated for the second time.  A muscle on his foot tore when he played basketball.  I said second time because it got infected.   Anyway, he's alright now but still resting. 

My sister was too excited with her new gadget so she tried installing it on her own.  She said it was fairly easy to install.  She was bragging about the camera because the picture is very clear and the sound quality is superb.  My brother and I like to baby our sister, and she loves the attention.  She's not spoiled though because when it's us who need her, she'd be there in an instant.  I was very surprised to learn that she did it all on her own.  Way to go sister!  If that intercom of yours is really super, I'm getting one too and I'm gonna ask you to install it for me.  ;)

Saturday, May 19, 2012


It is normal for parents to be both worried and excited when their children are about to start formal schooling. They are unsure if they have done enough and if their children are ready for a more structured environment such as what a formal school set-up provides. To ensure that the transition goes smoothly, it is important that parents give their children the proper attitude towards school and education in general. Attitude will determine how children will feel towards school and how hard they will work in school.

To help prepare your child for school, here are some tips that can make the transition go smoothly on the first day.

1.  It is important to talk to your child about school. Tell him why school is important. Inform him of what he can expect to do during a normal school day. Emphasize that he is now grown-up enough to go to school so that he will feel more excited than afraid of what it is going to be like in school.

2.  Attend the school orientation with your child. This gives your child the opportunity to see how his school looks like. It helps to familiarize him with where restrooms and the cafeteria are located. And it gives him the chance to meet classmates and strike up a friendship even before classes start.

3.  Talk to your child about how he feels towards the school. Be sensitive to his fears and concerns and try to build his confidence in his abilities to cope. Point out the positive aspects of school. Emphasize on the fact that school can be fun.

4.  Shop for school supplies with your child. This is a great way to make him see how much fun schoolwork can be. Have him show off his school uniform to the family so that he will feel comfortable and confident in them.

5.  Get him into the school routine early. It is best to start these two weeks before the first day of school. Help him get familiar with his new bedtime and wake-up time. Talk about what it will be like when school starts when you sit down for breakfast with the whole family.

6.  It helps to have a dry run of the first day of school. Pack his lunch and drive out to school. Show him where you will drop him off on the first day. Discuss where and how you will pick him up after school. 
7.  Be involved. Find out what the school expects from you. This will make it easier for you to determine how you can give your child direction and how you can build his confidence to cope with all the new experiences.

8.  Celebrate the first day of school. Plan a meal with the family the weekend before the first day. Perhaps buy him a small gift to celebrate the occasion.

All these things will make your child feel comfortable with the idea of going to school. It helps relieve the child of the stresses and fears he may have about this new step in his life. Instead, he will feel excited and anticipate instead of be apprehensive of the first day of school. This will provide you with a stress-free first day of school. 

Maria is a freelance article writer who enjoys home improvement projects during her free time at work. She recently wrote an article about afslibning af gulve (sanding floors) the easier way.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Exercise Dials Down Salt Sensitivity

The year didn't start right for me.  By the end of the first month, my blood pressure started soaring.  I suspected perimenopause because I am approaching mid-forties.  My mom has hypertension too and she is taking medications to keep it at a level.  I didn't want to take meds because I know that once I do; it'll be for life.  What I did was increase my exercise time to an hour a day and I made sure I did it everyday.  I used to skip when I'm feeling lazy.  Now, I don't allow myself to feel lazy anymore.  I used to be a fan of salty foods too so I started cutting back on salts.

It took a month of daily exercise before my blood pressure returned to normal and I'm glad that my hard work is paying off.  It just gets a little frustrating that I have not lost a pound.  Perimenopause is still to blame, I suppose.  But it's alright, as long as I'm healthy.  The pounds will eventually wear out, I'm sure.

The reason why I'm writing this is because of the article I read earlier.  It says physical activity helps keep salt from sending your blood pressure soaring.  So as long as you exercise, eating french fries is alright.  That doesn't mean though that you'll be pigging out on fries; moderation is still the key to become healthy.  I deprived myself of salty foods; it's good to know that I can still have them.

Popcorn is a healthy snack.

If you think popcorn is a junk snack, think again.  Our favorite movie time snack happens to be a rich source of cancer fighting antioxidants.  Yes, you read it right.  Popcorn (the hull most especially) is full of polyphenols; a compound also found in fruits, vegetables, red wine and chocolate.  The said compounds are touted for its ability to fight cancer causing cells.  What's even greater is the polyphenols found in popcorn are higher than those found in fruits and vegetables.  The good compounds are found in the hull (the crunchy part) and not in the white, soft, fluffy part.

The snack is also a great source of fiber and it is filling.  It's good for dieters who are looking for a low-fat snack sans the butter of course.  And by popcorn I mean making your own.  Stay away from microwaveable ones because they contain chemicals that may be harmful to your health. So get that popcorn machine out and start popping corn.  Putting a couple of tablespoons of kernels in the machine will already give you half of polyphenols you need daily to lessen risk of having cancer.  I really should have bought one of those when I saw a sale on popcorn machines a few months back.  But sale or not, I am definitely getting one for my family.

Secure Your Property

Have you ever thought of installing an entryway alert on your main gate or driveway? Having just a security system in your home doesn't seem to be enough nowadays. A house, I mean a garage in my neighborhood was robbed in broad daylight. The couple was at work while their kids are with their grandparents. The thieves were not able to enter the house because the alarm was activated. They turned to the car in the garage instead. They forced it open and got the stereo and other valuables left inside. 
It probably happened during noon; it's the time where the street is usually quiet because nobody noticed them. The crime was only discovered when the couple arrived after work. When news about the incident circulated; we the neighbors, have agreed to have driveway alarms installed in our garages. The burglars will attack again knowing that they got away with the crime. We all started searching for affordable driveway alarms and one of my neighbors found a sale online. The timing was perfect because a lot of us were buying, the company agreed to give us additional discounts. 
Guarding our property and family should be a top priority. With wireless alert systems now installed in our homes, we can all sleep at night knowing our properties are protected.

Small Reunions

My husband's high school classmates are very active at organizing reunions.  Since the start of the year, they have been having a monthly meet up.  These are not the big get-together parties where there are a lot of people though, there are only a handful of them and sometimes they are joined by classmates who are coming home from abroad for a short visit.

Last Tuesday they had another one.  An old classmate who happens to be very close to my husband came home from Las Vegas.  He will be in Manila for only a few days then he'll be staying in his hometown.  They had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and coffee at a famous coffee shop afterwards.  He brought home a photo album and inside was a collection of photos of their past dinners.  He was also wearing a Cool Vest.  He mentioned before that a classmate collected money from each of them so that's where the money went; they had Cool Vests made for them to wear every time they get together.

It sounds a bit corny but it's pretty cool for classmates who are getting together after graduating from high school for more than thirty years.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ease Summer Sleepiness

On hot, steamy nights, it could be a little tough to doze off.  If you keep on tossing and turning, passionflower tea can help you drift off and sleep deep.  Science proves it that the phytonutrients in the herb can double the brain's output of serotonin, which relaxes the nervous system and brings on sleep.  Just sip two cups of tea at night with honey and sugar.

Hot Flash Symptoms

For the first time last night, I had the hot flash symptoms.  At first I thought it was just because it's summer, but when I opened my eyes and saw that hubs is still beneath the blanket and the aircon is still running, that's when I realized I'm having the hot flashes.  I stood up to check the air coming out from the air conditioner; it was cool.  So that confirmed it.  Hubs is comfortably sleeping and there I was beside him, sweating.  I found it difficult to go back to sleep so I decided to take a shower.  It was only after the cool shower that I felt better. 

Except for the first bouts of hypertension that I felt a few months back, I thought I was sailing along fine.  I didn't really mind these symptoms and I didn't think treatment is necessary because they were tolerable.  I religiously worked out daily after I found out that my blood pressure was high.  That helped normalize my blood pressure.  But, after last night where I was very uncomfortable, I thought I'd consider a premenopause treatment.  I heard from a friend that it helped her manage the hot flashes.  I'm calling my doc to ask about it.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking for Wedding Cake Toppers

My friend's daughter knows it's going to be tough to squeeze in baking her sister's wedding cake from her busy schedule but she insisted on it. She said she'd do everything for her youngest sister.  Miranda juggles her time from  being an account executive to a part time caterer.  The wedding theme is luau and we've already seen the design.  I'll be helping her find ready made wedding cake toppers so she doesn't have to do all of the large flowers one by one.  It's a beautiful cake and I'm sure her sister will love it.  I even volunteered to help her construct the cake and I'm so glad she said yes.

Enjoying Healthy Food

My family was a great fan of microwave popcorn.  Aside from the fact that it is easy to prepare, it offers a lot of different flavors.  But when I stumbled upon a news reports about the dangers of microwave popcorn, I stopped buying them.  It was frightening to know that the hailed microwave popcorn contains a banned chemical known as diacetyl.  Apparently, this chemical can cause a fatal lung disease.

That didn't stop us from enjoying popcorn though.  I bought a popcorn maker so we can still make our favorite snack at home.  My kids can make their snack anytime sans the worry of lung disease.  I chose a small popcorn popper that's easy to use so the kids can operate it even when I'm not at home.  They love it because one time I spied on them and saw how much they enjoyed making popcorn.  I also bought a lot of healthy and natural flavorings so they won't tire of plain melted butter.

And oh before I forget, I am also using organic popcorn.  It's a little more expensive than the non-organic ones but it's healthier and more flavorful.  With the many kinds of chemicals added to our food, you're not sure any more which is good and which is harmful.  It pays to know what I am giving to my family.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #162 - Belated Happy Mother's Day!


Happy MYM!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Busy Weekend

It's about time we install a wireless doorbell for each of our condo units.  We own a small building and it has four floors.  We live on the top floor and on the second and third floors, there are a few units that are for rent.  There is only one entrance; that's the gate beside my store.  Sometimes I get too busy at the store and it's pretty tough to answer the door for the tenants' visitors.  It's not that I'm complaining but it's a shame to let their guests wait when I'm busy attending to my customers.  If the tenants have their own doorbells, their visitors don't have to wait for me to open the door for them especially during peak hours.

Hubs had decided for a wireless doorbell so he won't have to deal with wires.  They will be easier to install especially that he has to install seven doorbells.  He found a great deal online and he took advantage of it.  He was able to save 40 percent and we're just waiting for them to arrive.  My son volunteered to help because he got curious when he heard from his dad they are wireless.  It's going to be a busy weekend for my boys and to reward them; there'll be pizza... lots of pizza!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Low on energy?

Toss cherry tomatoes into your salad.  A lot of women are low in potassium, a mineral that's essential to energy production.  Consuming a cup or potassium rich tomatoes can help erase a fatigue-triggering shortfall in two weeks.

Furniture Retail Software

If you happen to be in a furniture business and you still have not heard of furniture retail software; you could be missing out on a lot of things.  The software will help you manage your entire business from stocks, inventory, accounting, sales, and even customer support.  You might think it's an added cost to your company but it's actually a wise investment.  Aside from having control on the entire business; you can lessen manpower and save on costs.  You can easily order for a furniture retail software online but don't just look for the cheapest.  Read reviews first and know from other users which software is the easiest to use and the most effective.

An All-Time favorite Snack

Just like my husband was very close to his grandfather while he was growing up, my son is also close both to him and his granddad.  The three men love to watch movies together; and with every movie, they noshed on buckets of popcorn. 

My father in law's recent heart attack didn't stop them from watching flicks.  Not in cinemas though, but at home.  My FIL gets tired easily and we thought it would be best if he doesn't go out too often.  My husband had set up a home theater for him and my mother in law bought a popcorn machine.    Our weekends are spent watching movies (old and new).  It's mostly the men who choose the films, you know how men hate chick flicks.  It sounds unfair, I know but as long as FIL is having a great time, that's alright for the ladies.

We do however, enjoy making the popcorn.  MIL loves to shop for a variety of popcorn seasoning so none of us really gets tired of noshing on this filling snack.  Cheddar and sour cream is my favorite while the boys love to nosh on barbecue and melted butter.  Popcorn will always be a favorite movie time snack for my family especially with a variety of flavorings to choose from.  How about yours?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Did You Know?

Pumpkin seeds prevent Urinary Tract Infection.  The alpha-linoleic acid and phytosterols in pumpkin seed extract modulate enzymes involved in maintaining hormonal balance.  This improves bladder health significantly. 

Getting a Plastic

As I was sorting through my mails, I saw another credit card application.  I usually throw these credit card applications away because I was one of those people who were too afraid of using plastics, but as I was about to, something caught my attention.  The offer looked irresistible and there were lots of freebies.  Well, it was not actually the freebies that I was after but the low interest rates should I decide not to pay all the balance right away.

I thought it's about time I get one of these cards because it could be handy in cases of emergencies.  I consulted my husband about it and he agreed.  He also gets these credit card applications in his mail but he is also like me; he prefers paying in cash.  One credit card would be good he says.  Should we run out of cash and something comes up, there is something we can use. 

Credit cards are not bad for as long as you know how to use them.  I am not an impulse shopper so I really don't have to worry about going overboard.  Besides, the card will only be used for emergencies and not for buying everyday stuff.

Travel Light

It's a good thing the management of the bowling center where we have our Wednesday league has decided to install additional metal storage cabinets.  These metal cabinets will serve as lockers where we can keep our bowling bags. 

This is very convenient for bowlers like me who own several bowling balls.  Mine is at least 15 lbs. each so imagine how heavy a bag can get if I have to put three or more balls there.  Hubs' knees aren't that good anymore; taking the bag in and out of the car may aggravate the condition.

Last month I inquired about these steel cabinets but there was not a single locker available.  Last Wednesday, I was informed that additional cabinets will be installed and if I'm still interested, I should make reservations as early as possible.  I did and I'm hoping that they will be finished soon.  I pity hubs for carrying the heavy load every week for me.  Once they are done, I can bring all the other bowling balls I have at home.  The locker will be an added cost for me of course, but paying the monthly rental will be a lot cheaper than treating my husband's knees.

My Cousin's Business

My cousin never realized that he can save more on motorcycle batteries if he shopped online.  He thought batteries were more expensive online but found out they were way cheaper when he inquired from an online store.  He owns several motorcycles for his mail courier service.  He never actually thought that this could be a lucrative business.  He used to buy one motorcycle battery at the battery store for the single motorcycle that he owned.  He rode it himself, delivering mails around the city.  When his clientele started growing, he bought another motorcycle and hired another person to work for him.  It was only a couple of years ago when he started with his courier business but now he owns five motorcycles.  Hard work and determination made him successful.

The whole family is encouraging him to expand.  My dad told him to learn the tricks and trade of accepting parcels and packages.  The money is bigger bigger here, he adds.  I see dad's point, especially if he will go international.  It may require a bigger capital but it doesn't have to be big right away.  Just like his mail business, he can do it slowly.  Who knows, next time he orders for batteries; he won't be ordering for just motorcycles, but trucks as well.

Repair Your bad Image

When you are in an online business, you know that having a good reputation will bring in more clients and boost your sales.  But it doesn't stop there.  Your good reputation should be maintained or else it will start your downfall.  An angry customer can easily badmouth you. One negative review could destroy your company because millions of people can read it online.  More so when a few more people will write negative a writeup against you.  The sad part is, it will take you a lot longer to repair and buildup your company's bad image.  Building one's reputation is easy but it's harder to rebuild an image that's already been tainted with controversies.

That's where the experts come in.  Entailing the services of an online reputation management company could be a pricey but wise decision.  This team of experts can work to repair your bad reputation. While it's true that it is impossible to erase all the negative articles about your company, these reputation consultants have a way of somewhat burying those articles beneath a ton of positive write ups about your company.  When a person searches your company, it is mostly the good things about you that they find.  It is definitely an added cost but dealing with a bad reputation is a serious business; just think about the profit you will get once your good reputation is restored.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Green Carpet Cleaning

It was only when the carpet cleaning companies embraced the going green concept that my sister allowed other people to clean her carpets.  She used to meticulously scrub them to keep them clean.  I've seen her do it and I salute her for doing so.  I mean get real, I am not that crazy to wash my own carpet; one reason why I never really like installing a carpet in my home.  Professional cleaners would just be an added cost to me.

I have also seen her spend on cleaning products and every time something new comes up; she'd be sure to try them.  It was only later, when she had tried Green Choice carpet cleaning Manhattan that she realized she saves more with professional cleaners.  The fee that she pays them is a lot cheaper than investing in her pricey cleaning products; and she doesn't have to spend a day scrubbing her rugs.  And her rugs smell nicely after the cleaners are done with them.

It made me think -- if having carpets in my home wouldn't require high maintenance and having professional cleaners clean they wouldn't cost much; I think it's about time I talk to my husband about having carpets.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday #161 - Yellow Flowers


I found this during one of my afternoon walks.  I don't know the name of these beauties but if you do, kindly leave it in your comments.  Happy MYM!

Feel Relaxed with Salt Water

Are you suffering from hot tub rash?  It's a common skin condition where pink or red little bumps appear on your skin.  Sometimes, they even look like chicken skin and they can be found in the arms, legs, back, chest, cheeks and buttocks.

Although these bumps are considered harmless, they could be very irritating and are very unsightly.  Most cases can easily go away without treatment but they come back from time to time.  What's causing them?  Hard water and the bacteria in the tub.  Adding natural hot tub chemicals like salt will not only soften the water; it will act as a natural disinfectant and prevent soap gunk in your tub.  If you're worried about the extra cost for natural hot tub chemicals; salt is not expensive.  And when you have added salt; you no longer need to add chlorine because it is the salt that makes them.

You get more benefits with salt because it has healing properties.  It can help you relax and improve your skin.  Those achy muscles will be gone if you soak in salt water; salt is rich in bromide, a mineral that helps relieve sore and achy muscles.  I've tried adding salt to my water and I felt relaxed instantly; go ahead and try it.

When Your Emergency Funds Can't Quite Cover Your Expenses

Your emergency fund is a vital part of keeping yourself alive financially. If you don't have an emergency fund yet, put it on the same priority level as your groceries because it will eventually be paying for those emergency groceries soon. This is not an "if" but a "when," as emergencies have a habit of popping up at the times when you're the least ready to deal with them. Your emergency fund should be one of your highest priorities.

How Large Should This Fund Be?

Image from Flickr

According to most financial experts, your emergency fund should be large enough to take care of your basic expenses for three months. That's considered a solid minimum, and some people save up enough money for a year or more of all of their expenses. 
While there's nothing wrong with spending money for fun right now, your emergency fund needs to be a priority. If you aren't putting at least 10% of your money into your emergency fund, you're going to have next to nothing when the next financial problem comes around. When that emergency happens, you will have to hope it isn't something severe.

Saving Can Be Hard Work

Unfortunately, saving isn't always easy. While some people earn great income and have inexpensive tastes, a lot of people want to live at the tip of their means, or they're just starting out and haven't yet had enough time to put away very much money. In either case, they don't have as much as they wish they did when something goes wrong. Hence, it is a good decision to save a portion of your income every month to have enough fund when an emergency situation arises. 

Quick Cash is Available

There is a balance between trying to "tough it out" when your emergency funds can't cover your expenses and living from loan to loan. Some people consider it shameful to have to borrow money, no matter how bad and unexpected the circumstances may have gotten. However, those people forget that it is not responsible at all to avoid paying your emergency bills.

If you avoid paying your emergency bills, you might get into a more severe situation. If you run out of money because of an emergency that your slush fund couldn't cover, you'll be in a sorry state in no time. In situations where your fund cannot cover all your emergency expenses, taking out a loan is a responsible idea. It is okay to apply for a payday loan and get cash fast to get you through an emergency case. 

Saving money is the best way to be financially secure. Unfortunately, it's hard to know how much to save, and actually saving money is hard work most of the time. Fortunately, if your savings don't quite cover what you need and the situation gets really nasty, you can borrow money, which you can also repay on your next payday. In moderation and especially during emergency cases, borrowing until you're back on your feet is considered appropriate.


Best Skin Care for Women in their 40s

When you reach the age of 40, your skin care routine should include anti aging skin products that tackle the loss of collagen and elastin that cause your skin to wrinkle.  Look for wrinkle treatments that contain retinol because scientists believe it is very effective at reversing the signs of aging. Plus, it helps keep your skin smooth and it helps rejuvenate cells to give you a more youthful look.

You may also look for wrinkle treatments that contain vitamin C.  This mineral also helps in keeping the youthful glow of the skin. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that fights inflammation that is brought about by too much sun exposure.  It helps fight free radicals that damage our skin cells.

Don't forget to drink lots of fluids and eat a healthy diet.  And never leave your home without applying sunscreen on your skin.  Dry skin is also a major cause of wrinkles and too much sun exposure can leave your skin dry. 

To sum it up, your skin care should consist of cleansing products, wrinkle treatment, moisturizer and sun screen.  All this, and your anti-aging cream will ensure that you'll have a youthful look many women in your age desire.


A friend has been in the trucking business for several years now. His company has grown and they now also offers forwarding services. They also rent out trucks for hauling and delivery. He has an excellent team which handles transportation management and takes care of transportation rate negotiations. To handle storage, his warehouse design was changed.  He even looked for a logistics consulting company to help him do all these.  Trucks and rigs can now enter the warehouse. This ensures secured handling and loading. All items to be sent out are protected from the elements from processing to loading. All loading bays are indoors. Trucks backup to the bays for loading. His fleet of trucks has tripled. His workforce has also grown.  His clients are very satisfied with his service and  I think handling transportation rate negotiations well is one of his secrets.

He now has several satellite offices in key cities. He aims to expand even more. His dream is to compete with the major players of the industry. He has now engaged in overseas forwarding. The local market is very profitable. Perhaps someday he can take on the big boys. His original delivery company is still the center of his concentration. It is after all the backbone of his business. Despite having a very good management team, he still oversees the daily operations. He works everyday and sees to it that everything is alright. I'm sure his company will still grow.

Too Much Carb was Behind her Tiredness

Five years ago, it was very difficult for my cousin to simply get through her daily routine.  She got tired very easily and even if she had 7 hours of sleep; it didn't seem enough.  She craved sleep so much that she'd doze off easily and it didn't matter where.  On top of feeling fatigued, she had bouts of stomach pains, she felt dizzy from time to time and has gained a lot of weight.

Miranda thought eating healthy is the secret to gaining more energy so she started loading up on whole grains.  Little did she know that she'd feel worse and she even gained more pounds.  We've been encouraging her to see a doctor but she was too afraid to know that something is wrong with her.  What she did was research online and it was there she learned that her high-carb diet is doing all these things to her.

She started researching for low carb diet food.  According to the article she read, switching to low carb food would make her feel better.  Sure enough, she gained more energy after noshing on low carb bread for a week.  The tummy cramps were gone and her dizziness too.  Miranda has lost so much weight since then.  Who would have thought that too much carb will trigger fatigue?


My high school friends and I are embarking on a new environmental project. In a recent get together, we decided to hold a series of green fundraising shows. A concert and a movie premiere are on the top of our list. We have asked two bands to perform for our first green fundraising concert. The venue would be our old high school's gymnasium. It is big enough to accommodate the crowd we expect to attend. The bands were very helpful and would be performing for free. We are in the process of choosing a film that can attract a lot of people. A popular cinema at the mall would be a venue for that. Things are looking well and we hope to generate enough funds for our advocacy.

Other schools have heard of our project. The alumnus of these schools are asking us for help. We have setup a committee for other fundraisers for schools ad we're open to any green fundraising ideas others may suggest that would like to help the environment. Our activity has gained momentum. More and more people are trying to help out. We have volunteers and some businesses have given sponsorships for our various events. I hope this would lead to more fruitful projects in the future.

Unsecured Business Loans Continue To Push The Economy

Lowering stringent requirements on credit is a good move on the part of financial institutions.  This allows small businesses who need only low capitalization to borrow money.  Of course the viability of every business is still considered.  This lessens the risk on the lender.  The borrower for his part will work hard to ensure the lender that they're loan payments will be met.  The offering of unsecured business loans to the borrowing public has open the gates for progress and developments.  Small business makes up a big part of our economy. A Mom and Pop may not seem much, but the revenue and economic activity it brings is substantial. Financial institutions used to ask for collateral far larger than the amount being borrowed. The rates are too high, making it very difficult to make the amortizations. Business easily fold up because of this practice. Now, financial institutions play a more active role, short of being partners, they give financial advice and even suggest strategies.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Did you know?

Garlic oil can cure swimmer's ear.  Placing two drops of garlic oil into the affected ear twice daily for five days clears up swimmer's ear faster than prescription meds.

Wooden Puzzles

When my kids were younger, I liked giving them toys that would make them think.  They seemed to enjoy it too especially the Lego and jigsaw puzzles.  In one of their birthdays, I think it was Joey's and if my memory serves me right, he turned 6 at that time, one of my friends gifted him with a set of wooden puzzles.  He and his sister liked it so much that they asked me to buy more.  Actually they were fun to play with because even us, adults, liked solving them.  These puzzles are great for making them sharper so if you're looking for gift ideas for kids, I would encourage you to give them wooden puzzles.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Secure Your Data

Have you ever been a victim of data loss or leaks?  Losing your most important information could be fatal to your company or financial standing.  I have once been a victim to hackers.  My email was hacked and I lost all my contacts.  I felt violated and I was angry.  I didn't lose any money but my contacts were important to me.  So imagine the damage it could make if it happened to a business.  You could lose all your money and even your business strategies.

Most businesses take the extra mile and invest in a Context aware security software to secure all their data.  They hire IT experts not just to take care of their computer operations but to make sure they use the most recent Application control to protect both the company and their clients.  The introduction of cloud technology makes it even harder for IT experts to secure all data but cloud security along with context aware security looks very promising.  Having a secure browser is also important to clients because they also give out their info when purchasing from your website.  Securing their data will assure you that your clients will keep coming back for more and they are most likely to recommend you to friends and family.

While data protection could be a pricey investment, it's all worth it because you are not only protecting your business from internet thieves; making your customers feel comfortable means more sales for your company.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Upset Tummy?

Digestive upset is very common during summer.  And the yummy way to keep stomach upset at bay?  Ice cream!  The cool treat is packed with digestion-enhancing calcium and magnesium that can quell queasiness in as little as 20 minutes.

No More Creaks

I guess dad was right when he insisted on the new shock absorbers that he found online. Mom is a bit uneasy about shopping online because she hears news about identity theft; but dad really wanted the monro-matic plus shock absorber so he was willing to take chance. I explained to them that as long as the website is secured, they don't have to worry about other people stealing their information.

So dad had his way and got the shock absorbers. They fit well on his Pickup and he says they gave his truck a much stiffer ride. He is happy with his purchase and he says they are as good as the other expensive branded shocks.
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