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Friday, September 28, 2012

Purple Pins


I always see these pin-like flowers but I don't know it's name. 
Happy Friday, all!

Monday, September 24, 2012

MYM/MOM - Stuffed Chicken Breast


Happy Mellow Yellow and Mandarin Orange Monday!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Coriander Lowers Cholesterol

High cholesterol?  Add coriander to your diet.  The seeds increase the activity of plasma lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase, an enzyme that breaks down cholesterol so it can be flushed from the body. Researchers report that this can lower LDL by up to 63 percent.  Don't know how to use it?  Try it with steak, curry, cucumbers, chick peas and citrus fruit.

Dealing with bullies in school

Bullies are everywhere, in school or at work. Parents who have kids in school deal with them from time to time. Sometimes it is unavoidable when kids experience bullying from other students in school. Knowing how to deal with these situations can help both parents and children handle them.

How to deal with bullies in school

·         Before enrolling your kid in school, know the feedbacks from other parents who have children studying there. Ask them about the other kids, the environment, experiences and such to evaluate whether it is the perfect school for your kid. Don’t make decisions abruptly and instead take your time.
·         Talk to your kid before he goes to school and give him an idea on what to expect. This will help him from having culture shock once he starts going to class everyday. It will prepare him also for social interaction with other children.
·         Talk to your kid also after his school to know what happened there, who are his new friends and what he learned.
·         If your kid tells about other student bullying him, find out about the situation in details and know who are involved. Raise it to the teacher or principal to find ways on how to deal with it.
·         Talk to the parent of the child who is bullying your own kid if it is necessary and things are out of hand. Listen to both sides of the story before making a decision. It can be tricky but if both sides can talk about it calmly then the better the situation will be.

Raising a kid is hard. It is up to the parents on how to raise him well. Teach him good morals and values; tell him what can happen and how he can protect himself when you are not around. It is hard work but it will teach him to be strong and deal with this inevitable situations. 

This is a guest post by Ciel. She loves listening to Asian music, and strongly believes that music is the universal language. She enjoys working from home as a writer. Her current task is for the site that specializes on tagrenovering KĂžbenhavn.

Getting Rid of Alcohol Dependency Through the Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Program

After coming home from Iraq several years back, my aunt noticed that his son had changed drastically. As a mother, she knew instinctively that her son needed help. The symptoms were there. He was almost never sober. He had erratic mood swings and was prone to violent reactions to stress. He was always in the mood for a fight and would often come home all bloodied after getting into a fight. The son she knew was gone.

Before he left for Iraq, William was a sweet young man with a ready smile and genteel manners. Everyone loved him. He was generous and always ready to help. But the William who came home from the war was almost morose, prone to anger and his demeanor was always verging on rudeness, the exact opposite of the William we used to know. We came together as a family to help him recover from his trauma. My daughter suggested that they seek professional help and we all agreed that it was the best way to help William. That is how my aunt chanced upon the Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Centers which she knew would be able to help him.

The dual-diagnosis treatment program where she enrolled William customized a program specific to William’s needs. He underwent a comprehensive psychological and psychiatric assessment which helped determine what was best for my cousin. The program addressed both his alcohol addiction and his depression. The program also involved the family which we found to be very helpful in making William’s recovery faster than we expected.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Double Hibiscus


Happy Friday, all!

For Her Only

I always thought that all vitamins are created equal. I grew up relying on the different food groups and their benefits to our health. As time passed and as medicine advanced, certain vitamins are isolated and are found more beneficial if not exclusively beneficial to specific genders. Gone were the days when vitamins and minerals were universally good for everybody. Some actually still are but science had discovered that women need more or higher dosage of some vitamins and minerals. There are now health shops and pharmacies like that exclusively sell women's vitamins.

I'm glad that stores like these are more abundant. Professionally trained staff and very competent pharmacies are on hand to explain what each vitamin and supplement is for. I don't go around reading each label for information. I immediately know what each vitamin is good for. More and more natural vitamins are developed which is better than synthesized ones. I can even send my husband over to get me the vitamins I need.

Health, beauty and even achieving that younger fresher look is now so easy. Of course we still need to seek professional advice. Doctors are there to help us determine what our bodies need and lack. Self-medication is a definite no-no. Health should never be compromised by personal caprices.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Window Make-Over

My living room and kitchen windows need a make-over! The bamboo blinds in our living room are hurting my eyes whenever I look at them. I want to replace them but I'd like a different blinds this time; I'm tired of bamboo blinds. 

As I was searching the internet for affordable blinds, I happen to find Commercial Blinds Victoria.  The blinds they sell are stylish and are made of high quality materials.  My funds are a little low and blinds Victoria fit my budget.  I am checking the Honeycomb shades right now. I like the style and the description says it is perfect for any home decor and these honeycomb shades provide additional insulation in any room. The material is soft yet durable. Plus, it offers greater energy efficiency and greater sound absorption, so the noises that our neighbors make won't be that loud anymore.  I can work in my area without being disturbed by noises coming from outside.  I can also watch my favorite tele novelas while cooking without being distracted by honking horns.

I'm also thinking of having them in my living room.  With these shades, I am so sure my family can enjoy privacy yet still let light gently filter in. And from their broad color selection and stylish options, I can easily customize my honeycomb shades. If you need blinds fast like I do, check the web site Blinds For Your Home by clicking the links above or if you happen to live in Canada, the address is 911 Yates Street, Victoria, BC V8V 4Y9, Canada (877) 972-5463 and be amazed with their great prices.

Monday, September 17, 2012

MYM/MOM - Skittles


Happy Mellow Yellow and Mandarin Orange Monday!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cape Jasmine (Gardenia)


I love the velvety petals of this flower.  They look very delicate.
Happy Friday, all!

My Secret

Whenever we have time, my blogger friends and I meet to have coffee and some chitchats.  Most of us are work at home moms and we all help our husband with the expenses through our blogging incomes. 

Blogging used to be very lucrative before.  A few years back, I was very picky with the ads I write.  I can also demand for a higher price since my blogs have high page ranks.  Nowadays, things have become tight.  Most advertisers offer lower compensations.  One of the probable reasons is there are too many bloggers already who offer to write for them.

I have more than 10 blogs and my friends are wondering how I am able to write for different niches.  They wonder how I don't run out of ideas and articles to write.  I told them my secret.  I have several Magazine Subscriptions.  I get my ideas from the magazines I read and share them to my readers.  Sometimes you have to spend a little to earn.  These subscriptions are not very expensive and they are very helpful, at least to me.  Besides, I was able to grab the website's 15% coupon for moms.  I used the "mom15per" code; you might want to try it if you are thinking of getting magazine subscriptions.  I get all my subscription for a minimal fee in exchange for the tons of ideas that I use to write.

When they heard about my secret; they too, are thinking of subscribing to some magazines.  Although the last two years have been a little difficult for us bloggers, I still earn a considerable income that I use for paying some of our bills.  It's because of my hard work.  I really work hard in writing relevant and good articles and in maintaining my page ranks.  I am monetizing my blogs but I also want my friends and visitors to get something from me. I feel proud that when they leave my blog, they have learned something new from me. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Did you know?

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Tea helps steady blood sugar.  The credit goes to its polyphenols that help stabilized blood sugar.  Drinking tea regularly can keep sugar-induced energy crashes and excess belly fat at bay.  What's the best brew to drink?  Black or green tea.

Finding that Special Dress Online

Finding that Special Dress Online

The Internet has been a godsend for women with busy careers and those combining a job with bringing up a family, for the opportunities that it’s provided to save time through shopping online.   The numbers of people who are now ordering their weekly food shop with one of the big supermarkets online has grown enormously over the past couple of years, and women are increasingly looking to source many of their clothes through shopping on the Internet.

Many women love shopping for clothes – but many find that the time taken out of a busy schedule or away from the family over the weekend can render a stroll down the high street more a case of a frantic dash against the odds.  The chances of ending up with a dress or a coat that wasn’t really what you wanted are all too high.  The great thing about shopping online is that you can choose those times in the day or evening when you have a break between commitments, when the kids are tucked up in bed and your spouse is glued to a football match on the TV.  You can return to browse at your leisure, to check out a design or dress that interested you, and get an idea of predicted future fashion trends.

The best online sites are the ones that are really user friendly, and give you lots of different ways to explore the designs on offer, through colour, size, or material. Shopping for dresses online can be confusing, given the range of choice, so try checking out some of the high street fashion name websites like Oasis, who offer some of the most on-trend and feminine fashion. Stunning and striking, items like their Paloma Embellished Dress stand out from the crowd.  You can get an overview of new items in, and easy ways to access the style that you are interested in.  It’s a great way to start building ideas for your autumn and winter wardrobe, or to shop for a special dress for a specific occasion.

One thing that online shopping doesn’t allow you to do at the moment, of course, is to try on different styles and colours to see which you look best in.  So the first step is to take an objective view of your wardrobe and pick out those dresses that you know suit you best.  Once you’ve identified the colours and styles that really complement your colouring and body shape, you can start to browse the Internet having a clear idea of what you’re looking for and confident that your choice of that special dress will be spot on.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Simple and Affordable Wedding Decorations

Are you looking for budget wedding decorations ideas? Well you don't have to look too far because with just a click of your mouse, you'll find lots of simple decorating ideas that you wouldn't believe are very affordable; and you can even do them on your own. 

My cousin got all her ideas from the website.  A lot of her guests were impressed with the floating candle centerpiece that she placed on each table.  She used shallow bowls that she got from a flea market; placed water in each of them and allowed the small tea light candles to float.  She wanted to make the candles but she was running out of time so she just bought them.  The centerpiece was beautiful and it somehow added a romantic feel on the venue.  Head on to the site if you're looking for more ideas.

They Both Love to Play

I'm glad Luigi liked my gift. He is my godson and my BFF's son. It's been a long time since I have last seen them and it was great to get together again. Luigi is now a grown man and has his own band. They have a gig every weekend in one of the top bars in their area. When I found out that he loves to play the guitar, I bought him a metronome musicians friend tuner. It's the same as my son's. The boys have not met yet but they are interested to get together because they both love to play. His mom and I are planning to meet again soon with the boys.

Jeff's Visit

It was good to see Jeff once again. He is my aunt's adopted son but we have not seen him since he got married. My aunt died a few years ago and after that he left and got married. Last Saturday, he paid us a visit with his wife and son. The cute little boy looks so much like him. And like his daddy, he likes to play the flute. I still remember when Jeff was in high school. He and his friends would wear these color guard uniforms woodwind and brasswind when the school has a program. I think they joined the competition once and won the first prize. Jeff says his son sees a lot of his photos wearing uniforms and he likes to be in the band too when he grows up.

Monday, September 10, 2012

MYM/MOM - Care for sushi?


Happy Mellow Yellow and Mandarin Orange Monday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

FAF - Canna Lily


Under The Sea Theme

It had been so many years since we last hosted a children's party.  My kids are all grown up now so it was like the first time again when the twins (my grandchildren)celebrated their first birthday party.  My daughter and I had to do some research online because we wanted their first birthday to be unique.

My daughter wanted an under the sea theme so we looked for party decorations and party favors with fishes and sea shells decorations.  We debated about the dress; I doubt the twins would wear a mermaid inspired costume. It's going to be too warm for them considering the weather we have here and I'm sure they won't like that their movements are restricted.  I'm glad she considered because I'm concerned that the girls will not enjoy their party. In the end, she chose a long fluffy skirt for the girls and a bra-like type top.  It was a brilliant idea because you'll still get the impression that they are "little" mermaids.

For the giveaways, she bought small plastic aquariums and bought colorful fighting fishes.  She also re-packed some fish food and attached them to the aquarium. 

It was not a big party but all the kids and even the adults who attended had so much fun.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Remember Numbers Efforlessly

Are you having a hard time trying to remember numbers?  It's embarrassing to struggle through your phone book looking for your own number when someone asks for it.  To commit your digits to memory, write them out by hand.  According to experts, handwriting activates the brain's working memory, the ability to mentally store and manipulate information.  Doing so also leaves a motor memory in the sensorimotor part of the brain, which helps us recognize characters.

Double Blessing

I can still clearly remember how we felt when my daughter announced that she was pregnant.  It was a bit sudden because she was just out of college but hubs and I felt so excited that we were going to be grandparents.  Yeah, we were too young to become grandparents but we were both very happy that a blessing was yet to come.  Our glee was doubled when we found out that she was carrying twins.  So there's going to be not just one bundle of joy but two!

I gave her lots of advice but since it had been a long time since I was pregnant, I also told her to research online and look of other pregnancy information.  It's important that she learns about proper diet, nutrition and exercise for the health of the twins and hers as well.  I wasn't very careful with my food when I was pregnant with her and my son, so I had gotten really big after each pregnancy.

She had difficulties in her last trimester because she was carrying two babies but her doctor took good care of her and her twins that she they made it full term.  Each baby weighed 6.5 pounds, the size of one normal baby.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Looking for a Milling Machine

As I was passing through my son's room, I heard him talking to his friend on the phone asking him where they could find a milling machine they could use.  Curious as to what they need it for; I listened some more.  It turned out that they wanted to assemble their own long boards.  A long board is also a skateboard, only it's longer and it's usually used for cruising.  The one used for tricks is shorter.  Buying an already assembled board would cost about $400 to $500 here because they are imported.  If they make them on their own; one long board would only cost them about half of that price.  Now I'm thinking if I know someone who has a milling machine.

Monday, September 3, 2012

MYM/MOM - Missing Summer


(click to enlarge)

This was an old photo taken last march when we visited Balai resort.
Happy Mellow Yellow and Mandarin Orange Monday!

Healthy Options

Slowly, I'm changing my family's lifestyle. My husband is not getting any younger and my son is inundated by a barrage of fast food chains with nothing healthy to offer. All that grease isn't good for my son's young heart. He knows it too and he allows me to prepare healthy foods to take to school. My husband and son are meat-lovers though, so they are not about to give up their steaks or barbecues. We've managed to agree on a compromise; they can keep their meats but everything must be downsized. No more thick slabs of steaks that you can knockout a thief with! We've agreed to have and enjoy healthy dinners every night. I have stopped buying microwave dinners -- I realized they are loaded with salt and preservatives. Every meal is now lovingly prepared by me.

There was a little resistance from them in the beginning but this was soon doused when I seriously discussed the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We all regularly exercise and now they know that eating the right food wouldn't hurt us. Why waste your time hitting the gym if you don't eat healthy? They do enjoy the healthy meals I serve them and they have even taken a liking to the tofu burgers I cook for them. Since we started eating healthy, my son's skin has become clearer. He doesn't even have breakouts that sometimes keep him indoors on weekends. There will always be healthy options.
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