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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tummy ache?

When you know that it's not because of something you just ate, check your mouthwash. Yeah, you read it right. Some mouth rinses and toothpastes contain zinc to help freshen breath and fight tartar; the mineral has also been found in dental adhesives. Too much of this can be toxic and you may experience feeling nauseous, dizzy and pain in the stomach. And if you're taking multivitamins containing zinc or eat zinc fortified cereal in addition to using zinc containing mouthwash or toothpaste, you can easily race past the recommended 8 mg a day. Try to avoid mouthwashes and toothpastes with this mineral. Read the labels and look for zinc citrate trihydrate.

Breast Cancer Info Saves Lives

There have been a lot of cases of breast cancer cases in the family so I make it a point that all of us ladies who are of age, have regular mammograms. I also make it a point that all of us are well informed about the disease so we can at least prevent it. I believe that with early detection, there is a greater chance of surviving from the dreaded disease. Had we known earlier that my husband's aunt had breast cancer, she would have lived longer. This is the reason why I always look for breast cancer info. Understanding what changes women go through as they age, will help you detect the cancer early on.

As I mentioned earlier, regular mammograms is a must to keep breast cancer at bay. But don't just go and ask for a mammogram, you should also know when you should have it to get accurate results. Before you schedule for one, check your menstrual cycle. Experts say the first week of the cycle for women aged 35 and above is the best time for best cancer screening. This is the time when breast density is at its lowest so malignancies are easier to detect.

Proper diet and regular exercise is also a must to keep your body strong and healthy. Seven or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily will not only lower your risk of breast cancer but with other diseases as well. Try to include dark leafy greens, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts and tomatoes in your diet. These veggies are the superstars at fighting cancer. Cherries, berries and all the citrus fruits are big time cancer fighters. It's best to eat the veggies raw or slightly cooked  because according to experts, some of the phytochemicals believed to protect us against breast cancer are destroyed by heat.

There are more things you can do to avoid the Big C and I wish I have all the time now to write them all. I promise to share more in the articles to follow. Meanwhile, you can click on link for more information about breast cancer.

Cool and Stylish Bicycles for Women

Bicycles provide a feeling of freedom, independence, and self-confidence in the women. Biking is a good way of exercising. The body remains fit with cycling. People do visit fitness centres and works out on bicycle for achieving great and fit body. Women bicycles are obviously different from the men bicycles in a number of ways. Owning a bicycle is helpful in various ways. Women can just get up on their bicycle and go to any place they want in daily life. The time wasted in waiting for vehicles is saved by the bicycle. Women do not need to depend on other person or vehicle to travel. Owning a bicycle is more convenient than owning a motorised vehicle in a number of ways. Bicycle is an eco- friendly means of transport. It does not create any kind of pollution. Biking is possible in any kind of road. One does not need to pay a good amount of money for servicing. Bicycles keep women away from the high petrol and diesel prices. It provides fitness to the body. Garaging a bicycle is easier than garaging any of the other means of transport. Biking also provides a great fun to its owners. Bicycle racing is in great demand in recent times. May it be a simple racing competition with friends or may be a national or international bicycle racing competition. Bicycles are always safer than the other vehicles.

Practising biking on a men’s cycle is not that suitable for women. The women’s bicycles are specially designed according to the physique of a women’s body. This special design helps in providing the women with comfort. If the rider is not comfortable then she would not be able to cycle safely and can end up meeting with an accident. Hence, cycling by getting out of the comfort zone can be risky. Engineers are continuously working on improving the style of women’s bicycle since the Victorian days. They are trying to build more and more cool and stylish bicycle for women without compromising with the comfort level. A stylish commodity, what so ever it may be, always attracts women’s attention towards it. Starting from women clothes to home decor products, anything stylish will definitely attract a women’s attention towards itself. A cool and stylish bicycle will obviously have more number of customers than a regular bicycle.

Experiments are being carried out on women’s bicycle. These experiments are mainly done for reasons like meeting up with the needs of women physique, achieving the highest possible comfort level, giving the bicycle a cool and stylish look, and make it look interesting than the regular bicycles. If one is thinking of buying a bicycle and use it as the means of transport then one need to buy the best suitable bicycle according to his or her physique. Cool and stylish bicycles for women are available in both offline and online stores. Branded bicycles can be trusted without doubts as they are the reputed ones. Bicycle helps in making the women independent. Getting your bicycle insured is always a wise idea so as to have a protective cover and ride them without any worries. Protect your bubble bicycle insurance is a good option when planning to get your bicycle insured under a branded insurance company. Look for cool and stylish bicycle, shop for it and enjoy every ride with freedom.

Monday, February 25, 2013

California Maki

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High-Performing Miele Vacuum Cleaners at Vacuums Unlimited

Vacuums Unlimited has been in the business of selling vacuum cleaners for more than 30 years. Since they started, the company has become one of the largest chains of independent sellers of vacuum cleaners in the world. They are in essence a store chain that specializes in the selling of vacuum cleaners and air purifiers at truly competitive prices. They realize the importance of these cleaning aids to homemakers and aim to provide their customers with the best service possible while maintaining competitive prices without going out of business.

A brand that they carry is the Miele vacuum cleaners that are “engineered to perfection.” They are rated as one of the best performing vacuum cleaners all over the world. Of particular worthiness are the Miele canister vacuums which are the best canister vacuums available in the market today. They are extremely reliable and they clean perfectly. Their filtration system is without a doubt better than most. They are also very quiet appliances which you do not find in a lot of vacuum cleaners. If you have found having to purchase a new vacuum cleaner every other year tedious, then they are certainly the vacuum cleaners for you. They offer a variety of models to fit most cleaning needs and budgets. Their over 100 years of experience in manufacturing vacuum cleaners is based on their slogan, “Forever Better” which has been their guiding principle for a century. Vacuums Unlimited is proudly an authorized dealer and warranty station of Miele.

Men's Custom Hair Pieces from Adventhair

To most men, being bald can be the bane of their existence and they do fear going bald. It is true that nowadays we see a lot of men, younger and oozing with sex appeal, sporting no hair at all but the truth is, not all men can get away with being bald. For those of us who do not look good without hair, hair systems and men’s wigs seem to be the next best solution. But these hair systems can be costly if you do not know where to look. Fortunately, an enterprising man who lost his hair early came up with the idea of putting up Advent Hair in 1994, providing bald men a more reasonably priced alternative to the expensive hair programs being offered by salons.

At Advent Hair, it takes three easy steps to obtain quality hair pieces that are custom-designed to fit your specifications. You begin by choosing the hair style, hair type and wave pattern that you desire. You can download the brochure from the website or request one to be mailed to you. You then take your measurements which are carefully explained in the brochure which comes with the self-fitting technique to help you take your measurements. Send the data to them and in 7 days, you will receive a mold according to the specifications you sent in. Complete the order form along with your payment and in about 6 weeks, you will receive your new hair.  In no time at all, you will be a new man with a wig that is so natural looking, no one will know that you are wearing a hairpiece. At Advent Hair, they get it right every time.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Save Energy with Compact Fluorescent Lamps

We're not done with the interior finishing yet. That CFL bulb you see hanging on the ceiling of my son's room will be replaced by a lamp. I have already seen some compact fluorescent lamps at the home depot but I'd like my son to be the one to choose what would go in his room. He might like something manly, my only condition is that we use CFL.

You just don't know how expensive electricity costs back here. Reports say, the Philippines' electric rate is the second most expensive in Asia. Incandescent bulbs use 75 watts while a CFL bulb only uses 20 watts. Besides, I never liked the somewhat dim glow of yellow incadescent bulbs; not that I always want my room really bright, I just like the white glow of CFLs. There will also be less frequent changes these energy saving bulbs.  An incandescent light bulb  only lasts a year, sometimes less. A CFL can last up to 10 years.

If you're worried about the aesthetic look of your home, CFLs can be used anywhere just like you would with an incandescent light bulb. Most lighting fixtures now have adopted the energy saving fever and these CFLs come in different sizes and designs.

Starting Your Child Early with Dallas Cowboys Baby Cothes

People from different ages and walks of life have come to admire the skill and fervor of the Dallas Cowboys as basketball players. They follow the team’s every game and show their appreciation for the team by buying Dallas Cowboys souvenirs and by sporting Dallas Cowboys inspired clothing. Couples who are avid fans of the esteemed basketball team go as far as dressing up their children in these outfits and start them young by dressing up their babies in Dallas Cowboys’ baby clothes. And where better to find these outfits than at Baby Fans, Inc., the leading online store for licensed baby products of leading sports teams.

Baby Fans, Inc is the inspired idea of two sports fans, Todd Wilson and Josh Fraser. Soon after they heard that they were soon to become uncles, they went around in search of baby gear of their favorite teams to send to the newborns. They had their work cut out for them as there was not one online store where licensed baby products of popular sports teams can be purchased. Initially, they sold gear of collegiate teams but they have since expanded their line to include over 50 MLB, NFL and NASCAR teams. Their products range from toddler jerseys to bottles and blankets and charming cheerleader costumes. Shopping licensed baby gear that sport your favorite team’s logos for your own children or as gifts to welcome new babies is convenient and fun at Baby Fans, Inc.

How We Welcomed the Year of the Black Snake

Like most Filipino-Chinese, we too, celebrate the Chinese New Year. We may not be as superstitious as the pure bloods, but we do follow some of the traditions. Mom is a Chinese Mestiza and she is the only one in our household who could speak and write Fukien and Mandarin.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year here at our new home last February 10. We prepared some foods that are believed to bring luck. We had steamed fish, sweet rice cakes, spring rolls and Peking Duck. We also had lots of round fruits on the table. I almost forgot about the bulk candy I ordered a couple of days before the big day. It was almost midnight when I noticed that I hadn't filled the harmony tray with candies and sweet treats yet. When the clock struck 12 midnight, we uttered a prayer of thanks and ate.

We didn't have the fireworks just like the others but we did the rolling of oranges early the next day. Mom was once told that when you do that, businesses and homes will be blessed with gold. You are supposed to start rolling from the threshold so luck and money will come in.

While others welcomed the year of the Black Snake with a bang, our family celebrated it quietly at home. My horoscope says this is going to be a very lucky year for me. Although I don't rely on luck, I'm praying that it will be an abundant and great year for me.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cat's Whiskers

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lemon Peel and Oranges

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Periwinkle Flower

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Being Considerate

I admire people who would walk up to the smoking lounge or go to the smoke shop to satisfy their smoke cravings. They are considerate enough to think of other people's health. I hate people who would light up a cigarette or cigar just about anywhere: hallways, restaurants and other public areas. I used to be a smoker too but I've always considered the health of my non-smoker companions. I only smoked in designated areas and never in public places. I got rid of the habit two years ago.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feeling down?

Then eat potatoes. Spuds (both the flesh and skin) are packed with amino acids and minerals that prompts the brain to produce mood-elevating serotonin.  According to experts, feelings of happiness increase by up to 54 percent just 30 minutes after eating potatoes.

Trade Printing is Cheaper

As a graphic designer, my husband finds it cheaper to look for a trade printing service rather than print all the materials himself. Trade printers usually offer cheaper printing services especially if you order in bulk. Printer inks are costly so if he will not search for a cheaper (but good quality) alternative, he will end up earning too little from his work.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Papaya Flan and Mango Yogurt Mousse

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mexican Flower

I was walking the other night when I passed by a plant shop.  This flower caught my attention so I took a photo and asked the owner for the name.  She told me that they call it the Mexican Flower. I googled it but I didn't find this flower. Have you seen it before.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Did You Know?

Fresh fruits turns on optimism.  Women who eat 1 cup of fruit daily are more positive and upbeat compared with women who skip the nutrient-dense treats.  Experts explain that fruit's complex carbs ramp up the brain's production of endorphines and oxytocin -- hormones that promote feelings of contentment and joy even on hectic days.

Innovative Installation Systems for Tiles and Stones

Schluter Systems produces an innovative line of waterproofing assemblies called the Kerdi line. They can be installed adjacent to walls or at other locations where you require waterproofing and drainage. The line consists of a stainless steel body and grate assembly that can be adjusted to the thickness of the tile or stone covering of your showers, steam rooms, and all other areas where waterproofing and drainage are necessary. A polystyrene foam channel support is also included in the assembly for even better waterproofing. The grate assembly is made of brushed stainless steel and comes in three design grate options which ensure that you will get a virtually invisible drainage line.

The Schluter-Ditra is a polyethylene membrane that was developed to protect the tile assembly. It is an underlayment to the tile and stone coverings that performs multiple functions. First, it is an uncoupling layer which protects the tile from the stresses between the substrate and the tile. This diminishes the danger of cracking and delaminating of the surface. Second, it provides waterproofing whether in interior or exterior applications because of the material used to make it. The free space created by the channels on the underside of the membrane provides a route where excess moisture and vapor can escape reducing the risk of damage to the tile layer above. And lastly, it provides support to the loads that tiles and stones carry, thus preserving the integrity of the tiled surface.

The innovative systems of Kerdi and Ditra have made them very popular installation systems in South Shore Flooring which is a proud dealer of these tile and stone installation accessories. Check out their complete line of Schluter Systems products for your tile and stone installation requirements and ensure that your bathrooms and kitchens are waterproof and that your tiles and stones last longer.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Non-Surgical Solution to TMJ Disorder

TMJ Disorder, short for Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder is a condition where your jaw joints (temporo-mandibular joints) are constantly painful. The pain is not just disconcerting; more often than not, you cannot focus or concentrate on anything else because the pain can be so severe. It comes to a point when pain controls your life.

Pain is our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. It is a warning sign for more serious conditions. A bad bite is most often the root cause of TMJ Disorder. The bad bite can be the result of allergies you may have suffered in your childhood, thumb sucking, worn out dentistry, or the shifting of teeth after tooth loss. Misaligned jaws cause a strain on muscles throughout the face, head, arms, shoulders and back. And ultimately, the constant strain on the jaw joints leads to TMJ disorder. When left uncorrected, a bad bite can lead to problems with your health and comfort and cause aging problems.

An expert Abbotsford TMJ dentist, in the person of Dr. Steven Hill offers the use of a dental appliance, also called an orthotic that will change the position of your lower jaw to help your upper and lower teeth to come together in a comfortable position. This brings relief to the pain that is brought about by the constant strain placed on your jaw joints by the uneven bite. Fill up an appointment form on the good doctor’s website and get on your way to finding relief from the pain now.

All-American Made Annin Flags at Flag Store USA

Annin Flagmakers is a family-owned company that is the most experienced flag makers in the industry. They have been making flags since 1820 when the American flag was barely 50 years old. The business of making flags was started by Alexander Annin who sewed flags and sold them to merchant ships. The company itself, however, was established by the brothers Edward and Benjamin Annin in 1847 on Fulton Street in New York. Today, their commitment to making flags that are made to resist weathering by using only the best quality materials and training their workers to make only the best quality flags using the best equipment possible has made them the leading flag makers in the country.

Flag Store USA is a licensed online dealer of Annin flags which has been in the business of selling flags since 1971. It started as a small store in Connecticut selling only the best quality flags and flagpoles and has stayed in the same location for over 40years. They have grown steadily over the years because they remained steadfast in their commitment to selling only hand-crafted flags and flagpoles that are all-American made - a commitment that is shared by Annin Flagmakers. This commitment to sell only the best quality flags and flagpoles in addition to the best customer service they provide their customers has made Flag Store USA the most reliable source of flags of all types in the internet today.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dinner with Friends

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Friday, February 1, 2013

To my dear readers and followers,

I have exciting new to share:

Starting today, right from my blog you can get free immediate access to 30,000 U.S.-licensed physicians! I've installed the new HealthTap widget in the left sidebar of Mommy's Little Corner for your use. HealthTap is a free new way to ask personal health questions to the world's best doctors, browse health information by these doctors, and find a doctor in your area. You can ask your questions right from the widget by simply typing your question then hit Ask . Go ahead and try then let me know what you think!

You can read more about HealthTap here.

Safe and Fast Battery Charger

Not all chargers are created equal so you have to choose well before you spend on them. I am not an expert but I would recommend the maha mh-c9000 battery charger because it charges each battery individually. My son has been using this charger for years and even the batteries that went with it when we bought it are still functioning well. Most of the battery chargers you will find will charge all of the batteries with the same amount of electricity. This could be bad because the other batts that don't need much power will be overcharged. It is dangerous as well because there is a big chance they might explode. Sure there are a lot of cheap chargers around but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

Wine and Roses

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