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Friday, March 29, 2013

Pink Flower

Do you know the name of this flower? 
Update: Thanks Luna for naming this flower. It's indeed a beautiful Dessert Rose.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Yellow Mums

Have a fabulous week!

Benefits of Authorized Car Dealers

If you’re thinking of purchasing a car, it is important to make a careful plan first to ensure a successful deal out of it. You are investing your time, money and effort into it, so it is but essential that you get to know all the details for your peace of mind and reference for future dealings as well.

Where to buy a Toyota in Lodi, CA?

Are you going to buy a brand new vehicle? Or you may want to consider buying a used car?! Whichever it is, it is important that you deal with a reputable car dealer company. This will save you a lot when future problems arise.

Why buy from an Authorized Car Dealer Company?

Topmost reason on why you should buy from an authorized dealer is that you are dealing with a legal company. They have all the legal papers and documents as neither a proof that their car units are not stolen nor a compromised one.

Secondly, they have been under background check from government and other legal entities that they passed and were certified of some quality standard in doing car businesses. You don’t want to deal with any of those fly by night car sellers don’t you?

Their services and product of offerings are of beneficial to customers. Getting a good deal on accessories, maintenance and after-sales services is always a plus point.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

White Hibiscus

Orange You Glad It's Friday

It's not very often that I see a white hibiscus so when I saw this beautiful bloom, I just can't resist taking a snap.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Superfeet Insoles for Me

Comfort and stability are the two things that I should seriously consider when buying shoes. I need to wear shoes that support the heels and arches of my feet so my condition would improve. I have plantar fasciitis, a conditions where the plantar fascia (tissues on the arches of feet) become inflamed. If I continue to wear shoes that don't support the arches and heels, the condition will only get worse. Of course, I couldn't just throw away my old pairs so I also bought several pairs of best selection superfeet insoles. It's not always easy to find gorgeous shoes that are comfortable and stable; at least with the insoles, I still get to wear this kinds of shoes.

Monday, March 18, 2013


These are the wishes people post everyday at the Asakusa Temple in Asakusa Bashi, Tokyo.
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The Best Realty Education at Key Realty School

With 20 long years of experience in educating future realtors, Key Realty School has made it a lifetime commitment to provide their students with only the very best education and the proper business practices they can find that will make them successful realtors in the real estate industry. Over the past twenty years, they have educated over 50,000 students. They offer real estate licensing, continuing education in real estate, post licensing, broker licensing and test preparation courses. They are a recognized leader in real estate education.

Within the school’s employ are quality educators who have gained their knowledge from only the very best experience in real estate. They offer interactive school settings and online work and correspondence that students can fit into their schedules to make for the most flexible educational course in real estate education online. The Nevada-based adult education institution was established in 1991 and is proud to have educated more than half of all practicing licensees in the state. It was in 2004 when the school started to offer education outside the state of Nevada. You can rely on their effective training to obtain your Nevada Real Estate License when you finish your course. They also offer placement at over 50 Nevada companies where your newly-learned skills can be put into practice. Enroll now and get a head start into the real estate industry for a promising career.  

Movie Nights with Whirley Pop

One of the more popular bonding times for families are the movie nights families often enjoy in the confines of their homes. Some of us have these nights as often as once every week. And what could make them complete than popcorn. Who doesn’t love popcorn and munching on them while watching an exciting movie makes the whole experience all the more pleasurable and relaxing?

Located in the popcorn capital of the US in White Country Indiana, the Whirley Pop popcorn shop provides popcorn lovers the best popcorn, popcorn makers and all other popcorn related articles ever manufactured in their unique one-stop shop. You can make fabulous movie theater style popcorns in your own home with the delicious Whirley Pop popcorns, popcorn makers and oils for the very best movie night experience. From the famous stainless steel popcorn popper to the stovetop popcorn popper; Whirley Pop has them all.

The most delicious gourmet popping corns from are grown in Wabash Valley Farms in Indiana. They are known for their tenderness and taste. Once you taste them, you will surely keep coming back for more. They come in unique varieties from special popcorn hullers to big and fluffy corns very much like those you can buy from movie theaters. They have special popcorn oils to go with their very special popping corns. Their all-inclusive popping kits also contain special seasonings that make your whole popcorn-eating experience truly unique. Choose any one that suits your fancy and make your movie nights truly memorable with Whirley Pop popcorns and popcorn makers.

Completing Your Baby Shower with ABC Favors

One of life’s most special moments is finding out that you are having a baby. In fact, it probably is the single most exciting moment in any couple’s life. Naturally, one of the many ways to celebrate the event is by throwing a baby shower for the couple. And a baby shower is not complete without baby shower favors.

ABC Favors is an online store that offers baby shower favors and supplies. Their unique baby shower favors include personalized labels, wrappers, bookmarks and games that are simply delightful. They will surely make that baby shower a truly wonderful experience for the mother and her guests. You can have personalized baby shower favors and supplies that makes this special event more meaningful and truly memorable. Personalizing favors often takes time but with ABC Favors, the process only takes two days from the date of purchase for them to ship the ordered items and get them quick to you for that special party. They can ship personalized baby shower games and supplies within a week. Busy moms can depend on them when you are short on time and need the items desperately.

Special favors of the online store include bookmarks, advice cards, candy bar wrappers, mint tins, candle favors, candy jars, popcorn wrappers, candy-coated chocolates that you can personalize with their various label offerings. You can also avail of their baby shower supplies such as luncheon plates and napkins to make that baby shower even more special.

Touring the Statue of Liberty with NYCVP

The only major independent tour company that has consistently provided the best New York vacation packages is the New York City Vacation Packages (NYCVP), a division of Tenenbaum’s Vacation Stores, Inc which has been in the business of travel since 1983. It is in the business of providing visitors to New York with customized and flexible travel deals and packages that gives them the best accommodations, tickets to the most popular Broadway shows, sightseeing and attraction options and reservations at New York’s world-class restaurant.

A trip to New York is not complete without seeing the Statue of Liberty National Monument. NYCVP offers many convenient ways to tour this world-famous monument without having to go through the long lines of people who visit the popular destination daily. They can provide you a Statue of Liberty tour plus a go-see of Ellis Island with a professional tour guide to escort you from midtown Manhattan. If you would rather visit the Statue of Liberty on your own, they can provide ferry tickets or you can check out their recommendations for the various harbor cruises that can give you the excellent photo opportunities of the famous monument. These cruises provide the most dramatic views of the monument and a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline. Check out NYCVP before you take that exciting tour of the city that never sleeps.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Love the faded pink color of this ixora.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tying Up Loose Ends Before Signing Out

Death is inevitable. There is no escaping it and we all will get there in the end. While we are still strong and mentally fit, it becomes essential that we prepare for it by making sure that we leave a last will and testament so that our heirs would not have a hard time of dividing up our properties. This is very important to ensure that none of our heirs will be left with nothing and every one of them will have what we want them to have when we leave.

A Texas last will and testament is one way of tying up the loose ends of our wealth that we have established in our lifetimes so that all our heirs will have a memento of our existence. This also ensures that our heirs will not fight among themselves for what we will eventually be leaving behind for them when we sign out of this life. My Texas Wills has a team of lawyers who can help us with our estate planning and can secure documents for every legal concern imaginable. They conveniently provide their service online but at the same time maintaining the highest level of security so that our information remains safe and secure.  They are the leading source of wills in Texas that are dong through the internet. Whatever your legal concern, My Texas Wills is ready to help you and keep your legal concerns safe and secure always.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Up In The Sky

Have a fabulous week!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Yellow Lantana

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did you know?

You can reduce risk of diabetes with butter. The tasty staple contains trans-palmitoleic acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid that can cut the risk of developing diabetes by up to 60 percent.

Big and Tall Clothing

Men who are tall, heavy boned and just plainly big often find it hard to get clothes that fit perfectly. If not tailor made for them, they have very limited choices. Stores who carry Big and tall Clothing are not too many and often, the brands they carry are pricey. With the number of big and tall men and women here across the globe, I don't understand why it took the fashion people a pretty long time to finally see the potential of big and tall apparel.  Well, it's great they are now addressing this problem and at last, after a long time, fashion designers can now relate to the needs of the big and tall.

Everyone knows that the right fit makes a big difference and you will be amazed at how this clothing was smartly designed to highlight one's body features. A few years back, a lot of big men would think they are doomed at wearing super large shirts and pants because nothing else would fit, but those days are gone. Big and tall men can wear anything they want -- formal or casual -- because clothes for them are not only easier to find; they have become more affordable too.

Home Improvement on a Budget

Little by little you can see the improvements in our house. Late last year, hubs and I bought an old home. It was built some time between the 1960s according to the owner's daughter. It looked great from outside albeit the not so pretty interior. Hubs and I knew we will be in for a lot of repairs but we still bought the house because first, we love the location; second, we got it for a bargain; and lastly, and there is this positive and cheerful feeling when we first came in for a tripping.

Before we moved in, we had the roofing done. The former owner told us that there had been leaks during the past tropical storms. After new roofs were installed we started working on the second floor. There were five small bedrooms but we only need three so we changed the entire layout and made three big rooms. I put the wallpaper on hold because we are working on a budget. What we did was repaint the walls, sanded the floors and applied a diamond finish poly-urethane on the flooring. It turned out great and I love that it's easy to clean. Right after the entire second floor was through, we moved in.

Right now we are working on the kitchen. We hired a carpenter to make new shelves and cupboards. We stripped the old ones because the woods used are starting to rot. Glass and stone tiles will be installed right after the cupboards are done. I'm carefully considering an island but it might take a back seat for now until we're through with the entire house. The living room will follow next, then the bathrooms, the garage and the exterior. The work is a tad slow because of our limited budget but there is nothing like appreciating our hard work every time we finish a part.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Gifts That Make Her Life Easier

One of the best kinds of gifts is something that will make your life easier. Whether it helps you save time, organize your life, or makes a process more convenient – any gift that can relieve some sort of stress is a good one. When you’re shopping for someone you love, why not show how much you care by gifting her something that can improve her life? Here are some gadgets that are not only fun, but also functional.


If you are shopping for a voracious reader, a device that lets her read her favorite novels electronically will save space, time, and money. Electronic readers let users purchase and download books right from their device (with an Internet connection) once they’ve linked a payment account to the reader. E-readers make it possible to literally carry around your entire canon of literature in a purse or briefcase, and free up tons of space on bookshelves. Your gift recipient can also skip trips to the bookstore when something new comes out – instead, she’ll just have to log on and download it. Get your favorite person a reader with a copy of her favorite book already downloaded!

Smart Phones

If the one you love is stuck in the stone age with a flip phone that can’t connect to the Internet, do her a favor and get her a smart phone. To make it a personalized gift, load the device with her favorite music, and apps that you know will appeal to her. For instance, if she loves to shop on a certain website, download it’s web app for the phone and teach her how to use it. Customize the phone with a case in her favorite color, and get her all of the accessories she’ll need to use the music player in the phone and get on board with newer technology. Your loved one will thank you for helping her make the transition into smart phone ownership.

Customized Closets

When you have some real money to spend, consider splurging on a personalized closet space for your girlfriend or wife. Any woman covets an elaborate closet with space designed specifically for her shoes, bags, and other accessories. Even a relatively small closet can be turned into a fantastic storage space with the right set up. Better yet, if she has a nook in her bedroom that can be turned into a larger, walk-in closet, transform the space into her dream closet as a surprise. Custom closets make her life more organized, so she can easily grab what she needs in the morning and start her day.

Gifts can be thoughtful AND functional. If you’re seeking to give a gift that really shows you care, make an effort to make some aspect of your loved one’s life easier. Whether it’s time saved in the morning as they get ready, or the ability to access their favorite music and books more quickly, making someone’s life function more smoothly shows that you care about her well being and know what she needs.

Jack Harding writes about gifts for women on a variety of blogs, using his experience from working within the gift industry to come up with fun and functional ideas. Visit for ideas.

Mango Roll

Have a fabulous week!

Keeping Rugs and Carpets Clean with Green Choice

Keeping rugs and carpets in our homes clean is always a very important consideration for most housewives. They often are the center of activity for young children and their parents. Younger children often lie down or sit on area rugs and carpets while watching television or playing games. Children love to roll around rugs and carpets while reading story books or doing homework.

Older children do just as much on carpets and rugs as the younger kids. Rugs and carpets in their rooms are often comfortable play areas. Many sleepovers center on these decorating essentials which not only add a touch of elegance to homes but also contribute to its over-all comfort and coziness. It is no wonder; therefore, that area rugs and carpets are chosen very carefully and receive constant attention from busy homemakers.

Housewives keep area rugs and carpet as clean and germ free as much as possible precisely because they play such an important part in the daily goings-on in the household. But cleaning implements used by companies in cleaning them are not always safe for the people who spend a lot of time on them. It has become essential to take very careful consideration of who gets to clean our favorite area rugs and carpets clean and germ free.

Thankfully, there are now dedicated professional carpet cleaners who offer carpet and rug cleaning services using only the safest of cleaning implements. Green oriental rug cleaning, for example, is now more affordable even if we choose to have it done by Green Carpet Cleaning. Their team of professionals uses only biodegradable, non-toxic and organic cleaning aids at competitive prices. They not only effectively remove stains on carpets but they also work well in prolonging and restoring carpets to their original beauty. Choose to go green when choosing a carpet cleaning service. It is a decision you will not regret.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thai White Jasmine Flower

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

The Cutest Sax

First, an electric guitar; now an alto saxophone. But it's a good thing that my son is interested in music. I used to worry when he was younger that his only interest were computer games. I searched for this type of sax online and I was glad that this particular instrument is very affordable. I know that saxophones are expensive but it's good that the one he asked me to buy for him is the cheapest among other saxes. It's the cutest too because it's very small.

Beat the Heat with Cantaloupe

Pagasa says summer officially starts next week but it seems like the hottest weeks are here already.  If you're feeling sweaty and sticky, beat the heat with a cup of cantaloupe. Noshing on this fruit daily helps chase away heat- triggered fatigue. The fruit is packed with enzymes that rapidly convert food into ATP - your body's source of fuel.

Bongos are fun drums

Ever heard of Bongos? If you see two small open-ended drums that are joined together, that's what they are. I used to call them twin drums when I was a child. These are specialty drums and they have been around since the existence of African tribes. Back then, these drums were popular because of cha-cha songs but today, these drums are used in all sorts of music and they are mostly used as a percussion instrument. If you have listened to the music of Ricky Martin; bongos were used in all his music. The Cubans were the ones who popularized the use of bongos but they actually originated in Africa as I mentioned earlier.
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