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Monday, April 29, 2013

Salted Eggs

These eggs are salted and yes, they are yellow. Not the usual red salted eggs that you find around here. Instead of using just salt and painting them red, salt and turmeric were used to age these eggs. The taste is basically the same but these are healthier because no paints were used.
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Custom-Built Mobile Healthcare Units at Lifeline Mobile

Providing healthcare to populations where hospitals are not readily accessible can be solved through the use of mobile medical units that are custom-built for the specific needs of the group who is aiming to reach out to these communities. It is essential, therefore, that these mobile units meet the demands of the program that is devised to give healthcare to the people of these far-flung areas or marginalized communities. For this reason, you must choose very carefully the company that will build the mobile unit for your healthcare program.

LifeLine Mobile has been a manufacturer of mobile medical units for healthcare purposes since 1987. They have been producing these medical units that are truck-based and built on heavy-duty vehicles that are custom-crafted according to the program’s specific demands and requirements. They build units that are meant to last for decades. The understructure they use is composed of 4-inch I-beams placed under the length of the truck’s undercarriage at cross-sections. They are spacious with a ceiling height that is taller than the rest of the competition by a whopping 32.9%. The quality of the materials they use, the superior expertise, combined with the excellent customer service and flexible terms are comparable to none. In addition, they are committed to developing technologies that are environmentally sound and meet the needs of society responsibly. Find out more about their offerings by checking out their planning guide for their medical units now.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coping with a Death in the Family

Perhaps one of the hardest things that a family must face is the death of the head of the family through accidental or sudden death. There may be times when the passing may be deemed by others as a rather funny death due to the manner of one’s passing. However, to the family members who lost a loved one through accidental death, no matter how ridiculous the manner of death may be to others, the death is a source of much heartache and grief. One thing is certain, no one knows when death will knock on the door and it is important that we devise a plan so that our families are never caught flat-footed if it does occur suddenly.

Coping with death is most often a long and tumultuous process. It does not help when the one who dies is a breadwinner and the family left behind is also left with the uncertainty of having no source of income aside from the money brought in by the person who passed. It is prudent, therefore, for breadwinners to take out a life insurance policy that will keep his family protected in case of his sudden demise. This way, the family will not have the added burden of wondering how they will continue to cope financially if he departs from this earth unexpectedly.

There are hundreds of insurance companies who can provide this service so it is essential that we find the best one that will provide the best coverage. It is a good idea to get term life insurance policy quotes from a company that will allow you to find the best values in terms of life insurance. Advice from unbiased experts can provide you with valuable information and allow you to save a fortune on your life insurance. These are often a free service provided by the company which allows you to compare rates, answer any of your questions and make helpful recommendations that will help you in choosing the right policy for your needs and your budget. You may even be provided the convenience of acquiring a life insurance policy through them. Get a free term life insurance policy quote online and find the one that fits your needs to a T now.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Summer Flowers

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Monday, April 22, 2013

With lots of relish and mustard!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Pretty in Pink

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Yellow Trumpets

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Personalized Lip Balms

Well, I am so glad I found custom lip balm here in this website. My son has skin asthma and it affects even his lips. We have tried a lot of lip balms to moisturize his puckers whenever his asthma breaks out but nothing worked. The personalized lip balm I got as a promo product at the mall worked like wonders on his lips. I had to research the manufacturer so I know where to get them next time. Would you believe you can get them online? Yes, that's right. Go ahead and check it out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Pretty Daisy

(click on the photo for a larger view)

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Headache Ender

Headache? Deep breathing is the secret. Experts say breathing consciously results in deeper breathing, which eases muscle tension. To do: Center your attention on the crown of your head as you breathe in, then on your navel as you breathe out, Repeat for 10 minutes; do twice daily.

Eoncode Web to Print Solutions

If you are in a printing business and you are in search for the best web print solutions online, eoncode web to print solutions is what you need. This solution can automate everything for you without discounting the quality of your prints. And the best thing about getting this solution is that it will help you slash your overhead costs significantly and give you an edge over other competitors. To know more about this web solution, the website provides full information about this service.

Did You Know?

Fruit juice, sports and energy drinks, and soda can damage tooth enamel. To save tooth enamel pop a straw into the beverage before drinking. Doing so causes teeth  to come into contact with less acid and sugar, minimizing damage.

Our Great Soccer Player

Last week I attended my nephew's final game in soccer. He is one of the best players of their team and I'm so proud to say that he brought his team to the finals. It wasn't a very prestigious tournament but it was an important one because in that final game lied his acceptance for his college scholarship. We were all so happy that they won and he performed well. He has already gotten a lot of soccer trophies and awards ever since he started playing but this victory is the sweetest he says. He's going to college on a full scholarship. Congratulations to you my dear nephew.

Two of my favorite fruits

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Celebrity cleavage - how (and how not) to show off your best assets

If you have an impressive cleavage, or you have recently undergone breast enlargement surgery and are dying to show off the results, you should be making the most of what you have up top. After all, dressing for your shape is all about highlighting your best assets and hiding your worst.

However, there are ways to show off your best assets without revealing too much. Over-exposure or simply an unflattering neckline can look really trashy, which is obviously not the look you want. To avoid this kind of look, use our celebrity examples of how not to show off your cleavage:

· Ke$ha – the edgy and often controversial singer Ke$ha broke the golden rule of showing off cleavage in a recent appearance – don’t off legs as well as cleavage. The singer flashed far too much flesh in low cut, tiny black dress on the red carpet of the VMAs, and the result was more trash than cutting edge.

· Victoria Beckham – Before VB took the world of high-end fashion by storm, but after her Spice Girl days, we saw quite a lot of her cleavage. One memorable example was a structured black bustier, which pushed Victoria’s chest (rumoured to have been aided by breast implants) up to a ridiculous and unflattering extreme. Tip – don’t push your cleavage up so high that it reaches your neck!

The best ways to show off your cleavage

If you want to avoid a fashion disaster, and perhaps even an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, follow these better-dressed celebrity examples for flaunting your figure:

· Zosia Mamet – the actress, currently appearing in the HBO show Girls offered just a hint of cleavage in a gorgeous red velvet dress with a peek-a-boo slit in the centre when appearing on a U.S. chat show. Subtle, sexy and sophisticated – this is a look to copy.

· Jennifer Aniston – always well-dressed anyway, the actress wowed in a red Vivienne Westwood dress with a draped, peek-a-boo front when launching her perfume in 2011, drawing attention to her cleavage without making it the main attraction.

· Kimberley Walsh – the Girls Aloud and now solo singer revealed one of the best ways to highlight cleavage without being too overt on the red carpet recently. She wore a navy dress with a V-neck which would have been very revealing had it not been for cleverly placed lace panels, which gave Kimberley adequate coverage whilst also making the look quite sexy and grown-up.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Crape Myrtles

I was immediately attracted when I saw these beautiful white flowers. Love the paper-like texture of the petals.You can click on the photos for a larger view.
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Dressing Up Your Sarong with a Sarong Tie

In the West, sarongs are known as cover-ups for swimwear but in Southeast Asia, the Polynesian islands and in Arab countries, the use of sarongs is widespread and often worn as casual clothing. Sarongs these days are often colorful, lightweight and comfortable. Indonesia is the one country that is popular for a special dyeing technique called batik which leaves a beautiful design on the fabric. High-quality sarongs come with a higher thread count and often involve hand-painted designs, hand-sewn embroidery and the use of small pearls as embellishments for sarongs that are used for weddings. They are most often worn as skirts nonchalantly tied around the waist several times and then tied neatly. It is also worn as a dress, tied at the neck or over the dress creating a stylishly casual look.

In the past, securing a sarong around the waist, neck or over the breast area was done with a knot. These days, one has the option of using a sarong tie. It keeps your sarong securely tied around your body while adding a touch of detailing that adds style to your look. They can be made from a variety of materials including bamboo, coconut, and mother-of-pearl. They can be hand-painted, engraved, or inlaid. They are functional and fashionable and definitely add to the design of your outfit. The sarong tie is a must-have for anyone who decides to don a sarong, whether as beachwear or for a casual day out during summer.

Keeping Your Garage Organized with Gladiator Garageworks Cabinets

The garage is most often the one area in the house that is hardest to organize. All kinds of tools are kept in there from garden tools to carpentry tools, not to mention other items such as cleaning materials for our homes and vehicles. It also is often utilized by the man of the house as a work area for weekend repair jobs he has to do around the house. It becomes important, therefore, that it is kept organized so that everything is readily available for use when you need them.

A great way to keep things organized in your garage or in any area of the house that transforms into your work area is to have the right kind of storage space for your tools and equipment. Gladiator Garageworks cabinets will certainly help you do just that. Their cabinets are durable, versatile and highly functional. They are specifically designed to mix and match such that they do not consume as much space as other brands of cabinets. And they can easily be set up according to your specific needs. These functional cabinet systems can be purchased at where other accessories that complement the cabinet systems are also available. Create that functional and organized work area that you have always aspired for with Gladiator Garageworks cabinets.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Relief for Eyestrain

A day spent squinting in the sun can lead to tired, blurred vision and headaches. For an instant relief, apply pressure to the pads of your second and third toes on one foot for 15 seconds, then switch feet and reapeat. According to acupressurists, those toes are directly linked to the optic nerved, so stimulating them relived discomfort.

Service to the max

As a manager of a top senior community institution, my brother's job is to make sure all their senior residents have everything they need and that they get only the best to make their stay more enjoyable. After all, the children of their residents are paying thousands of bucks for first class accommodations.

My brother shops only from the best shops. Meat ans seafood are freshly delivered every day, the bread and desserts are from the famous bakeshops and the wines come directly from France. Everything is first class and the residents are definitely living in luxury.

It's like managing a small hotel he says. The only difference is their residents are all senior citizens. He gets his Hotel Bar Supplies from a Hotel Supply Online store, where everything he needs are delivered right away. Some of his equipment came from as far as the Atlanta Hotel Supply store.

The are used to this kind of life and it's what they were looking for when they decided to live there. My brother and his staff always make sure that this is what they get.

Monday, April 1, 2013


I've never seen this bug before. I love the pattern on its body.  Noticed the torn wing?
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