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Friday, August 30, 2013


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Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

Halloween Pumpkin Party Invite Wordings

When my daughter got home from work last night, she handed me a card. I read the Halloween pumpkin party invite wordings and got very excited because for the first time, my twin granddaughters are attending a Halloween party. We wanted them to join last year but they were too young. Now they are two and can pretty much understand why they have to wear costumes. For sure, they'll have fun seeing other kids in costumes too.

Adorably printed pumpkin party invitations for Halloween are available online. You can even add a photo, picture, icon, or logo to any card on to make it look more fun.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Did you know?

Spending 30 minutes a week visiting with friends can reduce your chance of developing a viral illness by 67 percent. That's from researchers who found out that fun and laughter kick-start the brain's production of the mood- and immunity-boosting hormones serotonin, dopamine and endorphines. And even when women took nasal drops containing live cold viruses, they stayed healthy - as long as they spent time each week with pals.

Correcting an Aortic Aneurysm with Heart Surgery

Your heart is the life supply of your body. It is responsible for pumping blood to every muscle and tissue continuously. Without the heart serving this important function, the body cannot continue living. To perform its work, the heart uses blood vessels of all sizes to transport blood. The aorta is the largest of these blood vessels. It begins in the left ventricle of the heart and ascends a couple of inches above the heart and descends below it for about a foot or less. Because this section of the circulatory system is under constant and heavy use, it can become damaged and worn out. An aortic aneurysm occurs when part of the aorta stretches and bulges. If the aneurysm isn’t treated by NYU heart surgery specialists, it can burst and lead to internal bleeding and possibly death within a short amount of time.

Surgical Procedure

If your doctor discovers an aortic aneurysm, they will want to get the problem taken care of quickly. Although aneurysms are typically slow to grow, it’s not worth waiting when the consequences of a ruptured aneurysm are so serious. During the surgical procedure, the surgeon is able to repair the aorta by removing the damaged section. It is replaced with a synthetic graft. If the damage extends to other sections of the aorta or branches that lead from it, these areas will be replaced or repaired as well. Because each situation is unique, it’s important to choose a surgical facility that has the ability to address the problem with various approaches. They will be able to give you the best treatment for your specific situation.

Get Screened

Aneurysms don’t always present symptoms, so getting periodic screenings is recommended for individuals at a higher risk. If an aneurysm is detected, NYU heart surgery specialists can perform tests to determine whether the problem is severe enough to require surgery. If not, a doctor will work with you to reduce the stress on your aorta with lifestyle changes and possibly medication. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can attack the problem head on with the help of a qualified expert.

Find Elderberry Tea on the Buddha Teas Website

Herbal Teas Galore – All on One Site

If you love herbal tea, you will want to visit the Buddha Teas website, which features a wide variety of teas. What’s nice about the site too is that it is easily navigable. For example, teas are categorized by their type, such as leaf, berry, flower, bark, or seed. Not only that, a listing of the benefits is highlighted as well. So, if you’re looking for teas to support digestive health, you can click on the related category and review the featured teas.

A One-stop Source for Herbal Teas

Teas are available on the site that reduce cholesterol, detoxify the system, improve immune system functioning, and increase the circulation. But that’s only a small sampling of the listed benefits. So, if you’re looking for a source for buying herbal teas, then you’ll want to click on The one-stop herbal tea source is the only link you’ll need to access if you’re looking for a specific tea or medicinal.

Buying in Quantity has its Perks

Needless to say, if you want to improve your health, you can find an easy solution by regularly visiting the Buddha Teas platform. Buy the teas in bulk in order to save money. For example, if you purchase more than $30 worth of tea, you don’t have to pay for shipping.

Elderberry Benefits

One of many featured teas on the site is elderberry tea. The berry brew not only promotes immune health but reduces your susceptibility to colds or viruses. In addition, the tea improves the vision, lowers cholesterol, and enhances cardiovascular health.

Review the Selection Now

So, you can find elderberry tea as well as a host of other great herbal teas by visiting the Buddha Teas website. Refer to the site often to find the teas that meet with your personal tastes and health requirements. Begin by taking a look at the selection now.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tips to Help Make Your Frozen Yogurt Shop a Hit

Frozen yogurt is one of the most popular treats in the US and around the world. Sales of this sweet and tangy confection have been rising steadily as consumers look for healthy alternatives to traditional ice cream products. While frozen yogurt is not a health food, it does contain less calories and fat than ice cream along with beneficial live cultures. While the overall nutritional value depends on the toppings added, frozen yogurt is definitely a popular and delicious dessert or snack. If you’re interested in riding the wave of popularity and starting a shop of your own, here are some tips to help you succeed.

Go for quality. When choosing the equipment to stock your shop with, buy the very best you can afford. It really does matter. Good machinery turns out good product, and is more reliable, meaning less time and money wasted due to repairs and downtime. Look for the best refrigerators, cabinetry, cases and of course the best frozen yogurt machine you can find.

Be good to your employees. You will naturally want to attract the best workers, so treat them right and don’t be afraid to pay for experience. It will be worth every penny. Experienced workers are more productive and efficient, and that means less waste and more profit.

Embrace social media. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Make sure to set up accounts for your business on all the major ones and use them to their fullest. Once you’ve generated a base of loyal followers, be responsive to their posts and issues and welcome their feedback.

The customer is NOT always right. Good customer service is important but you must not take it so far that you get taken advantage of. Many companies are so afraid of a bad rating or review that they will give customers anything, especially if they are abusive. Don’t fall into this trap. Make your customers happy but stand up to those who try to take advantage of or ignore your policies. Don’t let them blackmail you and don’t ever let them abuse your employees. Always stand up for them. Your customers will respect you for it.

A frozen yogurt business can be rewarding and profitable. Don’t cut corners, respect your employees, give the best customer service, and you may find yourself enjoying sweet success!

De-Stress with a Head Touch

When you're feeling frazzled, gently push the center of the crown of your head and hold for 10 seconds. Believe me, this simple move can provide instant calm. According to experts, the brief stimulation of the acupressure point reduces the production of stress hormones. Plus, pressing the top of the head increases activity of T cells, which help destroy viruses and fortify the body's defenses.

Girls Pageant Dresses at

Pageant Designs is the ultimate headquarters to find dresses and accessories to impress the judges. From famous pageant designers such as Perfect Angels and Glitz Dresses to adorable infant pageant designers such as Little Rosie Infant and Unique Fashion Baby, Pageant Designs has it all.

There is something for every pageant contestant at Pageant Designs, including Mac Duggal Junior Sugar Dresses, Long Pageant Dresses from Ritzee Girls, and Unique Fashions Girls Rosette Dresses. Pageant enthusiasts can shop girls pageant dresses at, including Little Rosie Toddler dresses, Tiffany Cupcake Dresses, and Perfect Angels Toddlers dresses.

Pageant Designs shoppers can also find layered spiral pageant dresses, girls ballroom gown dresses, and unique one-shoulder pageant dresses for girls. For those that want nothing but girls glitz pageant dresses, shoppers can find floor length halter glitz pageant dresses, beaded tank strap pageant dresses, and beaded feather-shoulders pageant dresses.

From sequined bodice dresses to off-the-shoulder pageant dresses, Pageant Designs is the store house for all fashionable pageant wear. In fact, shopper can also find girls pageant accessories, including childrens slips and petticoats, girls pageant socks in many colors, and pageant garment bags.

Pageant Designs is also host to pageants dresses for every age group, including teen pageant dresses, pageant dresses for women and junior miss pageant dresses. Shoppers will also find fine selections of pageant interview suites, girls and teens dresses for special occasions, and little girls pageant earrings. Toddler pageant short dresses, girls pageant shoes, and Little Girls Talent suits are also found at Pageant Designs.

Ecommerce Website Builder

When a business undertakes using an ecommerce website builder, they need to understand what they want from their website before they start. If they are hiring someone to build it, they need to be able to present a plan to their website builder in order to get the site they want. This is true for both in-house website builders and hired contractors. If the business owner does not have a clear picture of their business, they will be disappointed by the website.

The first thing they need to do is identify their target market. The website should revolve around their target market, in that it needs to present the market with solutions to their needs. If the customer is only gaining knowledge from the site, the site needs to be laid out in a logical path that answers key questions from the buyer. If there are products to be purchased, then the website needs to help the buyer get the product from the website into their homes.

People want to shop online, but they still want to be able to speak with a live person. That live person may be via telephone, or they may be available during a live chat session. Either way, there must be a way for the potential customer and the business to communicate.

A business owner in need of a new e-commerce site should sit down and draw up a plan before they hire someone to build them a site. This will ensure that there will be no disappointment in the final product.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Elegant Lighting from

Construction of the upper floor had to stop for a week because of the storm. That means renovation of the living room will be delayed too. But that won't stop me from canvassing stuff that I would put in the living room just like this elegant swarovski lighting from I'm not the fancy type of person but I just fell in love with their Circle Chadelier. It's a simple round lighting made of Swarovski crystals. It's so pretty and I wish I could afford it, it would definitely look great in my living room. I'll have to talk to my husband, re-compute the budget and see if we could have it.

Vanilla Cupcakes

Facts About Bicycle Insurance

Once you own a bike, you should think about buying bike insurance. A good bike insurance policy will compensate for parts of the bike that can be repaired, such as wheels and frame, as well as replacing the cost of the bike if you have a crash and the bike is totaled. The insurance company will help the cyclist find a good bike shop to have repairs performed. Additionally, some policies add protection on the bike for theft. Many policies will incorporate roadside help and bike rentals much like an auto insurance policy. Some insurance companies will cover damages to a cyclist's riding apparel should they be damaged in an accident. Another great feature is that the policy can cover medical expenses for physical damages.

Many Plan Options

Different insurance companies offer many plans for bicycle insurance. A cyclist can choose the policy that best fits their specific needs. One of the options is having different limits on the deductible such as $100, $300 or $500. If a cyclist chooses a policy that offers protection for physical damages to their Merida bike, it will cover the bike for fire, vandalism and collisions.

Parts Protection

Most bike insurance policies cover any lost or damaged bike parts. There is normally a limit on protection. For example, for each individual incident involving a loss or damage, it might cover up to $500. They might have a maximum limit of $2,000. The specific type of damage must be included within the conditions of the policy.

Bike Rental Coverage/Competition Fees

If you are riding a bike during a competition and have a wreck and damage the bike, the insurance policy provides bike rental reimbursement. This way, a racer can still get in their training hours for upcoming competitions. The bike insurance will also provide reimbursement for a competition fee when the biker is not able to participate in an event. Again, most policies will have their own limitations and maximums. Remember, to qualify for reimbursement for a competition fee, the damage to the bike must occur within the conditions of the insurance policy.

Liability Coverage

Remember that liability insurance is not going to cover any injuries the biker sustains due to an accident, but it will take care of the injuries for anyone else hurt from the bike. The policy usually protects the biker from potential property damages. For example, if an insured biker runs into another biker or into a homeowner's mailbox, the policy will offer financial protection.

Accidents with Motorists

When a biker shares the road with other vehicles, they have the potential of being involved in a car accident. If the car driver did not have insurance, the biker's policy would provide the coverage. There are usually limitations such as $25,000 or $50,000 per accident depending on the biker's policy.

Bike insurance is good to have so that the biker is always protected against damages and theft.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Magnolia Champaca (Michelia)

I Heart Macro

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prevent Tummy Troubles with Horseradish

Problem tummy troubles? Prevent it with horseradish. The isothiocyanates that give this root its spicy flavor are proven to instantly kill E. coli and listeria, two causes of food borne illness. Next time you eat sushi or sashimi, don't skip the wasabi.

Don't Skimp on Your Mattress

Carelessly choosing a mattress can be detrimental to your health. Back pains, muscle pains, an achy body because of uncomfortable sleeping position, fatigue and hazy mind because of lack of sleep are just some of the things you get from a bad mattress. Your sleeping surface should not be expensive for you to sleep comfortably. You can get quality sleep without spending much from a latex mattress. It offers the same style of sleeping and comfort, and it also offers even support while sleeping.

Getting quality sleep doesn't mean you have to pay so much for a memory foam. Remember, you can get a good night's sleep from a latex mattress for less.

Lower Bad Cholesterol with Turkey

Bad cholesterol? Dial it down with turkey. Poultry is rich in selenium, a mineral that prevents cholesterol oxidation, the process that turns harmless particles into heart-damaging molecules.

Need a Powerful Mic?

If you need to record your songs or music, choose neumann microphones. It has an exceptional compact design but inside sits a large diaphragm. That means you have a lot of options and it has a wide range of applications. It captures sounds just the way you want it. A lot of users say the mic is best used for vocals because of its feature that is able to smooth and enhance voices.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yellow House

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Have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Care for some?

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Have a fabulous week!

Oktoberfest Party Invitation Wording

If you want to impress your friends, family and guests, start out by sending exciting Oktoberfest party invitation wording and sayings. Those fun wordings on your invites will make them all too eager to come to your party. Why? Because people will get the impression that your event will be more enjoyable. If you could make your invite amusing and delightful at the same time, what more with the party itself?

If you're looking for Oktoberfest invitations for party celebrations, a click of your mouse will lead you to my favorite shop. They have the largest selection of the prettiest and trendiest invitation stationery cards online. What makes it more fun is that you can add a photo, picture, icon, or logo to any card at Visit now and get more ideas.

My Friend's Place: Plain Good Old Service and Good Eats

It's not often you find a restaurant that serves healthy and fresh foods and makes you feel comfortable because of its friendly atmosphere. That's what I love and miss about My Friend's Place. I happened to try their yummy and big servings when my husband and I visited a relative in the US. Hubs is a huge fan of breads and sandwiches so when we passed by this resto, we just had to give it a try. The atmosphere was very friendly and all the staff were all smiling at us even before we entered.

Their menu was impressive and I say, they really are the sandwich king. Wraps, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches and salads; everything looked so delicious. Each sandwich you order comes with chips and your choice of a drink. They also have fresh vegetables to munch on and freshly baked stuff. I highly recommend the chocolate chip cookies if you ever get a chance to visit My Friends Place.

If healthy and affordable food are what you look for, you'll love the resto. You can check them out at The food and service there are just so great, you'll definitely go back. I miss their sandwiches so much and I how I wish someone would buy a franchise and bring the deli shop over here.

***This is a sponsored post and I am receiving payment for my opinion.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

For Sneezing and Watery Eyes

Don't take meds right away. Cold medicines that mask symptoms do nothing to shorten the illness according to experts. If you're suffering from sneezing and watery eyes, try echinacea. A daily doze can shorten a cold by up to four days. But not just any echinacea will do. Look for a product containing the active species purpurea and pallida. These are natural immune boosters that ensure much milder symptoms.

Elegant Dresses for an Unforgettable Wedding

If you are in the market for long bridesmaid gowns, you might want to read this post. I was helping a friend find a pretty and elegant but affordable bridesmaid gown for her daughter to wear on her friend's wedding when I stumbled upon this website. The gowns and dresses in the shop are so fab we didn't have to check out other websites. They are fairly priced too.

For her daughter, who also happens to be my God daughter, we chose the Paillette Embroidered Lace Scalloped V-Neck Gown in Jute.

It's a floor-length evening gown and we just love the fabric. The lace embroidery with all-over paillettes gave the long dress a lustrous and fabulous look. The gown also features a v-neckline, trimmed with scallop lace, and cap sleeves. My friend's daughter has curves and the dress accents them well. The dress looked great on her. We ordered the custom size so the fit was perfect and it flatters her well.

My friend and I were a little worried at first because it was the first time that we ordered a dress online. If we needed a dress for an event, we'd both spend a day or two visiting a lot of shops. Ordering online is definitely convenient and there are a lot of choices. If you do need one, I'd highly recommend this website.

Friday, August 9, 2013

White Flower

Orange You Glad It's Friday

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eat Two Cups of Fruits Daily

Enjoying two cups of fresh fruit daily can cut your risk of catching a cold or flu bug by 33 percent. Thanks to phytochemicals in fruits and vitamin V, which are proven to rev production of of health-preserving antibodies within the delicate tissue that lines the nose and the throat. Choose fruits that are richly colored such as strawberries, blueberries, strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi and red grapes. According to experts, the deeper the fruit color, the more immune-boosting compounds it contains.

Spa Events

Joining anything new can be rather intimidating, whether you are starting out at a gym or a new spa. You do not know anyone and you do not have any experience with the facility or the events. You could feel out of your element. Some people allow this intimidation to rule them, and they stay away from anything new. They miss out on a lot of things because they really just want to feel comfortable all of the time. Do not let this be you, or you may regret it.

When you join a spa, one of the best things that you can do is to make a list of all of the upcoming events. You know that other people - both members and people who may become members - are going to attend this event. It can be fun and insightful, but it can also just be a great time to meet these people in a setting that you both enjoy. This removes some of the intimidation, helping you to relax. After you meet them and make friends, you will be more prone to return in the future.

The event can also be a chance for you to learn about everything that the spa has to offer. You will learn more in an hour there than you could while reading a brochure or reading about it online. This makes it easier for you to decide if that particular spa is the right one for you. For more information, please visit

Work Comfortably with Height Adjustable Tables

Height adjustable work tables not only make you feel better and relieve many discomforts, but they are also important to your health for many reasons. With more people dying from heart disease now more than ever, reducing that risk of heart disease by 46% is a very big number. The same type of benefits apply to other chronic diseases as well. Increased metabolism and losing weight also enter the picture because you burn twice as many calories when you stand and walk around than when you sit.

Ergonomic factors of these tables are numerous. They decrease back, hip, knee, shoulder and neck pain and help correct your posture when you hold your torso more erect. They increase circulation in the lower extremities and stimulate blood flow back to the heart. Muscles have less chance of atrophying and tendons have less chance of shortening and tightening. Partially standing during the work day also increases productivity, stamina and energy and lets you think more clearly.

The work tables normally have a minimum height of 27 inches and a maximum height of 46 inches, so they can be adjusted to each person's individual needs and comfort.

To see examples of helpful and versatile adjustable work tables, visit

Heal More Quickly with a Good Massage

I have read in one article that the key to good health is to have good lymph circulation and one way to have it is through regular massage. Yup, a good massage does not only relieve tired muscles, ease muscle pains, and relax you. It strengthens your immunity as well and ward off illnesses.

When you have poor circulation you are more prone to inflammation and infection. Plus, it takes you a longer time to heal. If you had a cold and it took you so long to recover; that's because your blood circulation is poor, making your immune system very weak. A relaxing massage, like that of massage montreal, makes your immune system stronger.

Getting a regular body massage also wards off sluggishness, hazy mind and low energy. Sure, you can improve circulation with your own handheld massager, but nothing beats the pressure from the hands of an expert. Improved blood circulation means your body can ward off infections, eliminate waste and toxins, and help you heal more quickly. So go ahead, treat yourself once in a while and visit massage et massothérapie à montréal. A good massage more than relaxes your body, but you get wonderful benefits as well.

Give Your Patients Better Customer Service

As a doctor, how many years did you spend studying medicine? How many years did you spend specializing? In all of those years, how many business classes did you take? For some reason, the American culture is such that it believes anyone can roll out of bed and start a business. It is the American dream to own a business, be self-employed and yet still have the security of a full time job with benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone has the wherewithal to be a businessperson. This includes doctors, a subset of the population that is typically smarter than the general population. You know what you have done to specialize in your field. Think about that and then think about hiring a practice management services company to help you get the most out of your practice.

Keeping Up

As a doctor, it is your job to keep up on all of the new medical advances in your specialty. It even works to your advantage if you know about advances in other disciplines, but just keeping up with your own specialty can be overwhelming, especially as you face a growing list of older, less healthy patients.

Time is a limited resource. Each minute passes and is gone forever. That means that every minute you spend in doing something inefficient is a lost minute that could have been used to become better at what you enjoy doing, to become more knowledgeable about your area of expertise, or toward doing something that will improve patient care.

Practice management services can help you get the most out of your career, and it can make your customer service better. Patient care does not leave when you walk out the door. It doesn’t even end when the patient leaves the office. Customer service includes billing correctly and on time, as well as, how the patient is received when he or she comes into the office and how he or she is treated when leaving the office. It can be affected by the daily inconveniences that an office experiences and the inefficiencies that haven’t been taken care of.

How Does a CSP Build Families?

Infertility affects millions of couples across the nation. It is a challenge of enormous proportions that takes an unimaginable emotional and mental toll, and can decimate a bank account. If you have been struggling to conceive and have tried what seems like every treatment available, it may be worth your time to consider surrogacy. Of all the options available to infertile couples, this is probably the most controversial, but it shouldn’t be. If surrogacy is something you’re interested in learning about, a good place to start is with the Center for Surrogate Parenting, or CSP.

What Is It?

In its most generic form, surrogate parenting is when a couple decides to have a third party carry their child. The three most common ways to do this are in vitro fertilization/gestational surrogacy, in vitro fertilization and egg donation, or artificial insemination/traditional surrogacy. The specifics of each of these programs are best discussed with medical professionals, but suffice it to say that they are all different ways to create and carry children for couples struggling with infertility.

Where Do We Start?

When you decide to explore the surrogacy option, the first thing you will do is set up an appointment to talk to someone at a surrogacy center. These conversations usually take several hours as the center’s representative explains the process to you. Usually these orientations also include meeting with an attorney and a psychologist, both of whom are available to help you decide if surrogacy is the right answer for you.

Choosing a Surrogate

If you make the decision to go ahead with surrogate parenting, you will create a profile that the center will show to potential surrogates. When a surrogate says she is interested in working with you, you will receive her profile (along with several others) and have the option to choose which woman you would like to do business with. Just as you had to undergo an evaluation before being allowed to participate in the program, so do all the potential surrogates.

For more information on how to get involved in surrogate parenting, contact a CSP to set up an appointment and start your journey to having a family of your own.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Yellow Turtle

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