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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Magnetic Bracelets and Muscle Pain

Muscle pains are a common enough problem which millions of people all over the world are constantly searching relief from. Statistics show that one in five people will suffer a form of muscle pain enough to take some time off from work at some point. To find relief from the intense pain, some will resort to drugs while others will undergo some form of physical therapy. Then again, some suffer from muscle pain as a result of an accident or a sports related injury. And then some can trace the root of the problem to poor posture.

An alternative method of treating muscle pain which is increasingly becoming popular is the use of magnetic bracelets such as those made of stainless steel. Whether they come in the form of link or cuff bracelets, these finely crafted pieces are more than just an adornment. These stainless steel bracelets are often customized to fit snugly on the wearers’ wrists and are crafted from the finest materials available. The magnets on each link are made of only the finest of magnets that can be found on earth. Stainless steel bracelets are the more popular choice because of their durability and the magnets that are used on the links of these bracelets are fashioned out of high power rare earth neodymium magnets. These magnets have long been used for their health benefits and modern civilizations are just now starting to realize their healing potentials. These magnetic bracelets are stylish and also help to improve the general well-being of their wearers.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Leche Flan

Have a fabulous Monday!

The Truth About HCG and Weight Loss

Statistics indicate that about 2/3 of Americans are obese. When that large a portion of the entire US population is overweight, the drive to find effective diet solutions, especially those that are quick and easy, can be really intense. Thus, all kinds of diets are being introduced to the millions who are desperate to lose weight. Sadly, only a handful is truly effective.

The discovery that human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is produced by women during pregnancy is an effective hunger suppressant and can trigger your body to use its stored fat content and turn it into energy has caused the development of HCG based supplements to aid in weight loss. They come in the form of drops and are recommended for use with a low-calorie diet. The compound in the drops prompts the body to turn the stored fat into energy. Combined with the recommended diet of only 1200 calories a day, and some exercise, the results are fast and effective. It might be possible to take only the drops without keeping to the diet but it will probably not be as much as when the drops are taken as an adjunct to the recommended diet. The drops are readily available and is taken orally so it is easy to get on the program now and start losing weight immediately.

Getting Refunds from

Simply unsubscribing from the website means that a member is no longer interested in getting emails or notifications from the company. This act does not mean that the member has ended his subscription to the services provided by the company.

Members who sign up to the website agree to pay for the services if they fail to cancel before the allotted time, which is before the day the individual signed up for a subscription. The MyLife Refund is not received my members who fail to call up the customer service department of the website and inform them directly that he no longer wishes to continue with the subscription to the website. Most often, these individuals simply clicked on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button on the website thinking that this will terminate their subscription to the services provided by the company. The button only unsubscribes a member from receiving notifications from administrators of the website and not from membership with the website.

An additional step that must be done by individuals who pay for the services of the website through Paypal requires them to call the Customer Service Department of directly and inform them of the cancelation of subscription to the service. Forgetting this step makes the individual ineligible for the MyLife Refund. These are two simple steps to ensure that a refund gets back to you.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lovelier with the raindrops

Not sure what these flowers are called but it was snapped during our travel to Korea a few years ago.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.

Getting the Best Cosmetology Education from Marinello

A career in the beauty industry best begins with solid cosmetology education. One of the largest and the best schools that has provided Cosmetology Education to thousands of students in over a hundred years is the Marinello Schools of Beauty. They are spread across seven states in the US, with over 62 campus locations, to make the best cosmetology education available to more American students.

Utah beauty schools in particular, which are run by the Marinello Schools of Beauty, are located in three different sites, namely: Layton, Oregon and Provo. The programs offered in all three campuses include cosmetology and barbering, aesthetics and skin care, aesthetics with laser certification, nail technology and makeup artistry. All three campuses are conveniently located to all points in the Ogden-Clearfield metro area for greater accessibility. They are all approved for Veterans’ benefits programs to include the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) and the Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30). Thus, military spouses can be eligible for financial assistance under these two programs.

These Utah beauty schools provide cosmetology students the Marinello advantage. First and foremost, Marinello Schools of Beauty have passed all accreditation standards and provide only quality education in cosmetology. They have various financial aid programs such as scholarships, grants and loans to help aspiring cosmetologists cover tuition expenses, books and supplies. They have flexible class schedules so that students can continue with their work or take care of their families while getting trained in the art of beauty. They are sure to be trained by industry professionals who are duly licensed by State Board Specialists. And they can provide assistance in getting their graduates employed by giving students tips in job search techniques, creating a resume, and developing their interview skills. Request for information through their website and get started on your career in beauty NOW.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reverse Gloomy Mood with Salsa

Capsaicin, the compound that gives salsa and hot peppers their zing, stimulates a rush of feel-good endorphines in the brain. Experts say eating the spicy fare can erase a funky mood in two minutes. Just 1/4 cup of salsa, 1 heaping tablespoon of hot peppers or 1 teaspoon of hot sauce will do the trick.

Dish TV Deals to Suit Your Fancy

There is one very good reason why Dish TV is the beating the competition hands down: Dish TV deals are offered year round at prices and programming options that are difficult to beat. Apart from that, these amazing Dish TV deals are made available to both the existing clients and those who are new subscribers. Their service is available everywhere. Dish TV provides excellent technical support and the best customer service in the industry.

Dish TV offers amazing Dish TV deals all-year-round. One simply cannot be hard-put to find a deal that is perfect for the household budget and the desires of its members. They offer deals such as free premium channels for 3 months or the HD Free for Life deal. Some of the most popular Dish TV deals include the FamilyTime Favorites, the Free Hopper and the free standard installation for up to 6 rooms. All-year-round, Dish TV offers truly affordable packages which starts at $19.99 for 12 months with a mere 24-month-agreement.

The FamilyTime Favorites features all the great American Top 120 favorites bundled with a feature of family programming for an additional $5 per month. This means you get 10 additional channels on top of the streaming to over 3000 movies and TV shows. The Free Hopper is particularly interesting because you get the most advanced home HD DVR system in the industry for free. Their standard installation service is set up so that you need not pay extra for the second up to the sixth room. And if these amazing deals are not enough to shift to Dish TV now, their dirt-cheap prices, endless programming options and the best customer service in the business should give you that final push to choosing Dish TV.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Home-Made Banana Split

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keep Your Salads safe from E. Coli

Did you know that the salad you love to eat could threaten your life?  Yup.  That's because some sprouts are contaminated with E. coli and according to research, women who favor raw veggies are more at risk. To make sure that your veggies are E. coli free, wash them with white vinegar.  Vinegar kills 98% of bacteria on vegetables when they are soaked in a diluted solution. And the vinegar residue you eat afterward may help destroy any bacteria that get into your system.

To make the rinse, mix 1 cup distilled white vinegar per gallon of water.  Place the veggies that you want to eat raw in the solution for 2 minutes. You don't have to rinse afterward; the mix is diluted enough it won't leave a strong vinegary taste to your sprouts.

Discount Eyeglasses at Goggles4U

Goggles4U features a wide selection of discount eyeglasses from name brands that are stylish and sure to suit every style and budget. Discount Eyeglasses are sold at the best prices that you can find anywhere and this is a guarantee. With over 3000 frames in their inventory for you to choose from, there is no doubt that you will find a pair that will suit you and your budget. You can even try them on virtually by shopping online at their website. Their customer service is also open to assist your 24/7.

Goggles4U carries the most extensive collection of the most popular and premium quality eyewear at amazingly low prices. These discount eyeglasses are available in a multitude of designs and brands for you to choose from. Their able representatives are available for you anytime and you can choose from contacting them by phone or chatting with them online from the website. You can also opt to email in your questions and you will get a response from them shortly.

The company has been operating since 2002-2003 and has been acknowledged by the American Eye Vision in 2010. They enjoy prominence in the Discount Eyeglasses sector of the industry. Their eyeglasses range from functional to modern and trendy but affordable. Contact their optical specialists anytime for assistance in choosing the perfect discount eyeglasses for you.

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What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?

Your Sleeping Position Says You Need Peace
You are calm and rational person with a good deal of balance in your life.
Friends consider you to be kind, caring, and truly loyal.
You are easy going and trusting. However, you are too sensible to fall for mind games.
Open to the world, you are not afraid to be yourself.

If you don't get enough sleep, you are: Able to cope

It's hard to sleep next to you because: You're a bed hog

Friday, January 18, 2013

Busy Practicing

One of the best gifts Joey got for Christmas is the Arturia synthesizer his uncle sent him. He and his friends formed a band and the Arturia he says would be a great help. He plays the guitar and this would greatly enhance the quality sound of their instruments. The group will perform on their prom and all the boys are busy practicing during their free time.

Jazz Up Your Juice

Battling a cold or infection? Oregano essential oil helps nearly 100 percent of people bounce back from cols, sore throats and sinus infections -- often in just 48 hours, experts say.  The credit goes to the oil's rich stores oy thymol and carvacrol.  Both are potent compounds that fight infections.  

To do: Add 3 drops of oregano essential oil to water or juice and drink once daily for five days.


My friend is so happy that karaoke systems are very much in demand now that the election campaign just started. Candidates are having after campaign parties for their supporters. Just the other day I thought there was a fiesta near our place because there were lots of singing. It turned out that one of the candidates donated a karaoke set to his loyal supporters.

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich Test

You Are Sweet
You have a sharp personality, and you never hesitate to say what's on your mind.

You are always looking to add a little more authenticity to your life. You prefer things and people that are real.

People can count on you to spice things up a bit. You add something unexpected to the mix.

People don't realize that you're much more old fashioned than you seem. Values are important to you. The Answer to Lower Back Pain

Have you been suffering from lower back pain for years and are tired of taking painkillers to get relief from it? Often, the prescribed painkillers are narcotic-based which can be very dangerous. There is a permanent solution for this condition without surgery and without dangerous drugs. It only requires therapy to be administered by a chiropractor. And in Stockton, CA, there is no other chiropractic clinic better to serve your needs than Premier Chiropractic.

Premier Chiropractic is run by two Stockton chiropractors Dr. Christopher Schlenger, DC and Dr. Mark Tenebaum, DC. If you have long been suffering from lower back pain, especially if it is the acute type, then suffer no more. All you need is a Stockton chiropractor to work his magic on you. They can eliminate the pain and all the other health challenges related to it that you have been suffering from all this time. The chiropractic experience is really very simple.  It all begins with the doctors assessing your present physical condition. Of course, they will ask you certain questions about your lifestyle, eating habits and past traumas or accidents. Once they have determined the root cause of the pain you are experiencing, they will make the necessary adjustments to your spine and administer supportive therapies. They will also give you advice on exercise, proper nutrition and stress-management. They will not only treat your lower back pain, they will also help you improve your total well-being. Visit their website now for more information. There is no need to wait any longer to get that relief from your pain.

Keeping Your Electrolux Appliances at Maximum Performance

Electrolux has been developing appliances for kitchens and laundry rooms of women across the world for decades. Foremost in their objectives is to develop products that are innovative to help homemakers with their daily duties in the home. At Electrolux, they are thinking of you.

If you have made Electrolux your product of choice, it is imperative that you keep these beautiful products in tip-top shape. It begins by keeping your Electrolux appliances clean. They need gentle cleaners to help maintain their appearance and keep your kitchens and laundry rooms beautiful and clean.

Key to maintaining the high-quality performance of all your Electrolux appliances is using only Electrolux spare parts that need replacing. Air filters, for example, need to be changed regularly to keep your water and air filters working at optimum levels. The online Electrolux Store carries all these essential filters for your appliances so you can order them conveniently through the website.

Keeping your refrigeration system working well is simple with the online Electrolux store. Accessories such as refrigerator bulbs and filters need regular changing. It is essential that only Electrolux spare parts are used when they give out to keep your refrigerators working properly and at optimum levels. Replacement parts and accessories for all your kitchen appliances are conveniently available at the online store so you can get them soonest and at the best prices. Keep your Electrolux appliances at maximum performance by purchasing only Electrolux spare parts. Visit their online store now.


Have a fabulous weekend!

Fascinating Wildlife Home Decor Pieces at Horse and Wildlife Gifts

Decorating a log cabin for your mountain retreat is not possible without the addition of wildlife home décor items to your interior design. Horse and Wildlife Gifts offers a wide variety of wildlife home décor that you can choose from for your decorating needs. Run by horse lovers in the equestrian business for decades, they have a sincere desire to provide nothing less than outstanding customer service to their clients, who, like them, also appreciate wildlife and would like that passion translated into the designs of their homes and personal spaces.

Adding a touch of nature to your home is easy with Horse and Wildlife Gifts. Their inventory includes a large selection of household accessories, wall décor, lighting and other such decorative items that are inspired by nature. Wall decors such as wall clocks, paintings, mirrors and resin sculptures with a nature theme add an exquisite touch to your walls.  Household accessories with a nature theme include everything from fireplace tool sets to wine holders that are functional and at the same time decorative. Dinnerware and tabletop items with a nature theme are also available to add to that wildlife theme of your home décor. Even your bathroom accessories can be in keeping with that nature theme with the selection that Horse and Wildlife Gifts have in their inventory. Visit their website now to view their online catalogue and start decorating with wildlife home décor from Horse and Wildlife Gifts.

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Kits Revitalize One’s Health and Improve Metabolic Functioning

Making a Choice for a Colonic

If you go online, you’ll find a number of colon cleanse weight loss products or kits on the market. What you choose will be based on your current health and how difficult it is for you to lose weight. While some cleansing products are mild in nature, other kits are designed to do a more comprehensive job of cleaning out the system.

Colonic Irrigation

Colon irrigation equipment is also used to clean away fecal debris and toxins from the large intestine or colon. This kind of colonic equipment makes use of tubing, a board and a bucket for siphoning. Water is flushed from a bucket, and, in turn, is transported through the tubing. The tube is then run thorough a rectum tub which is inserted into the rectum to flush and clean out the fecal debris. This type of cleansing procedure takes around 45 minutes but is worth it in terms of the health benefits that result from the therapy

Basic Cleansing Methods

Basically, then, colon cleansing is available in products that contain herbals to clean out the GI tract or through irrigational equipment. An irrigation is frequently managed by a colonic hygienist. In some instances, probiotics may be used, which aid in further flushing out the system. Probiotics can include special kinds or herbs or specific enzymes designed to clean out the digestive tract

Getting Rid of a Parasite

Some people may seek a colon cleanse to rid themself of intestinal parasites or similar tiny organisms. If you are plagued with chronic digestive disturbances or constipation, it can only cause a parasite problem to worsen. That’s because a clogged digestive system often leads to the formation of mucoid plaque. Unfortunately, this buildup of plaque provides an idyllic environment for organisms or parasites to exist.

Suggested Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies which are especially recommended for getting rid of such parasites as hookworms or roundworms include black walnut or wormwood preparations. Not only will these herbals kill the parasite itself, they will also act to get rid of the larvae’s eggs as well.

Determining the Best Colonic Cleanser for You

A clogged colon makes it hard to digest your food properly and contributes to imbalances throughout the body too. Therefore, a digestive system that is not clean can result in the development of a variety of ailments. So, when you are trying to choose the best colon cleanse, you’ll need to determine your specific cleansing goals and consider whether you’d rather opt to use a kit or herbal product, or possibly make an appointment to have your colon irrigated and cleansed

Green Carpet Cleaning with Green Choice

Vacuuming is our first line of defense when we are trying to keep our carpets or rugs clean. Eventually, however, we need to have them cleaned professionally and most often, professional carpet cleaners use dry cleaning agents such as perchloroethylene and naphthalene which are known to be carcinogenic substances that can cause cancer. They are also known to cause dizziness and irritation from the fumes. They also have negative effect on most household pets. They should never be allowed in our homes.

It becomes imperative that when we cannot avoid having our rugs and carpet cleaned professionally, we always ask for a green carpet cleaner to be used in cleaning them. This means only plant-based alternative solvents should be used on our rugs and carpets. With Green Choice, you are assured that only the best biodegradable, non-toxic products and cleaning solutions are used in every job.

Green Choice is dedicated to giving their customers only the best and most professional cleaning services at the most competitive and affordable rates. They are the best carpet cleaning service you can find in NYC. They also provide the best customer service experience to all their clients. They take care of all your cleaning needs promptly and effectively. Their services include every aspect of carpet care.

Keeping Fit with Crossfit Scottsdale

Staying fit and healthy requires not only a balanced diet but also a good workout program. To keep yourself motivated, it helps that you do your daily workouts with other people who can encourage you and motivate you to exercise and work out. It helps to be enrolled in a fitness class in a gym.

In Arizona, there are numerous Scottsdale Gyms that you can choose from but there is only one that has a team of individuals dedicated to helping others reach their fitness goals. That is the CrossFit Scottsdale gym. The CrossFit Scottsdale program is unlike any other. They utilize traditional as well as non-traditional training tools and a variety of styles to help clients reach their goals. Their workout programs are effective but they never lose sight of the fact that their clients also have to have fun during their workouts. It keeps clients encouraged and enthusiastic with their workout programs.

It all begins with an introductory session that is absolutely free. All you need to do is to fill up a form which is available on their website and you are on your way to achieving your fitness goals. The introductory session allows their team to assess your fitness level and experience and also find out what you expect and what you wish to achieve. From there, you can choose the membership option that will work best for you. It is the perfect gym for those who are serious about getting fit and who requires a workout program that fits their specific needs. Sign up for the introductory session now and get on your way to achieving your fitness goal this year.

The Best Home Warranty at Platinum

Probably one of the most important and the biggest investment you will ever make in your lifetime is your home. It is important, therefore, that you protect this investment all the way. A home often loses some of its value because of wear and tear. Home systems and simply break down and things need repair and replacement. We all know that any kind of repair costs and often costs big. It becomes essential to get a home warranty which will cover the costs of repair and replacement of the home systems and certain appliances that most frequently break down inside our homes.

The best home warranty plans can be found at Platinum Home Warranty. Any one of their plans can save you a lot of money when you need to repair something in your home. One of the best benefits of any one of their warranties is convenience. When something breaks down, you just call them or visit website and you will immediately be scheduled for a diagnosis of the problem.

Platinum Home Warranty is the leading service of its kind in Arizona. They have highly-trained customer service personnel who can take in your service requests 24 hours daily. They can guarantee that a technician will be with you at once. These technicians pride themselves in giving nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction at every call. You get maximum coverage, free check-ups of your heating and air-conditioning systems annually and a safe and comfortable home to boot.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Improving Your Game with Cleveland Golf’s Almost Belly Putter

A belly putter is so-called because the golfer traditionally anchors the end of the shaft against his or her belly. It has a longer shaft that the traditional putter and is just the right length so that the shaft anchors against the belly. They range from 41 to 4r inches in length and generally require a two-handed stroke. Cleveland Golf offers the Classic Collection Black Belly Putters in four lengths – 45, 43 and 41. They also offer the cleveland almost belly putter at 39 inches. The putters in the Classic Collection Black Belly, anchors to the mid-section, thus, providing greater stability and better alignment. They also help stabilize the wrists through the stroke.

Belly putters are known to increase accuracy and decrease your score, thus, improving your game. It is used by balancing the end of the putter against the body, acting as a fulcrum, allowing the club to pivot around. This makes it easier to make a straight pendulum motion on the target line. The contact with the mid-section is what removes the twisting and turning of the hips and wrists, thus, allowing a straighter and more consistent shot.

This anchoring is what makes the belly putter controversial. As a result, the USGA and R & A have ruled that by January 1, 2016, anchoring will no longer be allowed but belly putters will remain legal, just as long as they aren’t anchored to the mid-section. Thus was born the Cleveland Almost Belly which just barely touches the mid-section. Nevertheless, it still allows you to putt with a straighter path. 

Monday, January 14, 2013


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Saturday, January 12, 2013


Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend.

Making Personalized Napkins

Time consuming yes, but the personalized napkins I use during special occasions are very much appreciated. I love to sew. Cross stitch, needlepoint and hardanger embroidery are my expertise and during my free time, I try to do table runners and napkins.  There is nothing like serving family and guests great food presented in a simple but beautiful manner.  They love how I serve the food using my personalized napkins, napkin rings, coasters and table runners; they know I spent a lot of time sewing all those.  All the hard work and time spent are appreciated with all their wonderful comments.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hot Soak Before Bedtime

Did it ever happen to you that you are wiped out but found it too wired to sleep?  Try soaking in a hot bath for thirty minutes, 90 minutes before bedtime.  It brings on sleep even better than sleeping pills.  And unlike pills, the hot soak increases the amount of time spent in deep sleep, an important factor in fighting fatigue.

Help Grow Your Restaurant Delivery Franchise with

Successful restaurant delivery franchises constitute a lot of hard work, the proper systems and technology and the proper tools of the trade. Quite a lot of new delivery franchises fail during the first year because the factors that make for a successful one are not all present. It is essential that restaurant delivery franchise owners know what they are doing and have the proper training for their business to be successful. was set up precisely to assist Restaurant Delivery Franchises to work at levels that even the owners never imagined. They provide training geared towards helping you dominate your market. Their training includes intensive training on how to efficiently accept orders going through call centers. You are also taught how to manage delivery times and proper routing techniques for deliveries. They help you in getting your delivery system organized and scheduled properly. You also learn how to manage your customer’s information with maximum security. Writing up a detailed reporting of your day-to-day sales is also learned from their curriculum. The concepts of effective selling techniques, branding in relation to your market are also part of their training program. Finally, you will learn how to recruit people and manage delivery waiters. Critical startup support is what provides and that is precisely why it is smart to go the way.

***The article above is a sponsored post.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cell-Press Plus Red Supplements for Faster Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most common problems of women and men alike once they reach the age of 40. It becomes even harder for individuals who have poor eating habits such as those who are used to skipping meals or eat low amounts of protein. Balanced and healthy nutrition combined with exercise are not guarantees for weight loss. There are times when a specially formulated diet plan assisted by dietary supplements can produce better results in terms of weight loss.

A dietary supplement that is highly recommended for assisting in losing weight is the red cell press plus capsules. These specially-formulated dietary supplements help suppress hunger pangs. They make you feel full before you eat your meals. Feeling full before any meal ensures that you will not overeat. This helps you get to your goal faster and more conveniently.

Aside from being an appetite suppressant, the red cell press plus capsules also contain Benzocaine, an ingredient that numbs the stomach thus producing the effect of decreasing hunger pangs. One to two capsules of the product, taken with 16oz of water, leaves you feeling full for a good 3 hours so that you consume less food during the meal. It is safe to use even with other appetite suppressants.

Making Your Refrigerator Last Longer with Frigidaire Refrigerator Parts

The refrigerator is one of our household appliances that we depend on a lot. It is important that we keep it well-maintained and running efficiently. We need to make sure that we are not neglecting it so that they will last longer.

A good tip is to make routine maintenance checks. Certain parts are likely to fail faster than others. Make sure that you replace the parts that have suffered from wear and tear with frigidaire refrigerator parts. There are some parts that need replacing on a schedule such as the air and water filters which need to be replaced every six months. Make sure to check them at the given time to keep them running smoothly.

Still other parts need to be replaced intermittently such as the bulbs of our refrigerator. It is a good idea to have Universal Appliance Light Bulbs handy so that we are ready to replace bulbs anytime. Some other Frigidaire refrigerator parts that may eventually need replacing are the bins, covers and trays which can be damaged over time due to rough use.

Keeping your refrigerator clean is also one way of making it last longer. The condenser coils at the back of the appliance, for example, are parts that we should clean periodically. Dirty condenser coils can affect the performance of our refrigerators as well as shorten its lifespan. Using a Universal Condenser Coil Cleaning Brush to clean these condenser coils ensures optimum performance of our refrigerators.

Whether we need them for basic repairs, maintenance or increasing functionality, using Frigidaire refrigerator parts for replacement needs and adding on some function is the best tip you can use to increase the lifespan of our refrigerators.

Monday, January 7, 2013

At The Car Show

This is an old photo I found in my album.  The boy is my nephew.
Have a fabulous week!

Patient-Centered Approach to Neurology Care at Beth Israel

Beth Israel Medical Center is fortunate to have a world-renowned team of neurology specialists in its Alan & Barbara Mirken Department of Neurology. Their approach to neurology care is patient-centered and proactive. Their mission is to provide neurology patients with specialty care with unequalled dedication and passion. Their program is set up to provide individualized treatment to all their patients in an environment that is underlined with compassion.

Their team of neurology specialists begins with a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of the patient’s concern. They assist in locating the most appropriate adult neurologist and subspecialist if the patient’s condition requires it. They employ a multi-disciplinary approach to their treatment because neurological conditions generally affect not just the brain but also the spinal cord and the nerves. They necessarily coordinate with neurosurgeons, nurses, speech therapists, neuropsychiatrists or neuropsychologists, physical or occupational therapists, and social workers. They will address all the aspects of the patient’s condition so that their quality of life will be least affected as possible.

Beth Israel Medical Center’s team of neurology specialists receives patients from all over the US and around the world. Residents and fellows seek to entry into the Alan & Barbara Mirken Department of Neurology to learn from movement disorder specialists within the department so that they can develop themselves professionally. The department also participates actively in research projects of other institutions. At the Alan & Barbara Mirken Department of Neurology at the Beth Israel Medical Center, a patient is assured of the warmest, most compassionate approach to treatment of neurological disorders by one of the best teams of neurology specialists in the world.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Planning a First Birthday Party Celebration with Party Pail

Celebrating the first birthday of a family member is always a family affair that is steeped in tradition. Every family differs when it comes to the traditions that they exercise when they celebrate the first birthday of a family member. It is a way of not just celebrating the occasion but also congratulating the parents of the child for reaching that first milestone in the child’s life.

Planning that first birthday party begins with determining the theme of the whole event which will, in turn, determine what decorations to put up and what coordinating party essentials should be prepared for the celebration. At Party Pail, they have an extensive array of first birthday party themes that you can choose from, beginning with popular Disney character themes to a tie-dye party theme that is colorful and fun.

Each theme in their inventory has coordinating party supplies that complete all the requirements of throwing a really fun birthday party to celebrate that special first birthday. At party pail, you will find coordinating items for a variety of themes beginning with invitations, tableware, decorating kits, balloons and balloon bouquets, party banners and streamers, party keepsakes and loot bags, party games, all the way to thank you cards to send your guests for celebrating that special first birthday party with you. Preparing for that special occasion is no hassle with the help of Party Pail.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Yogurt Steadies Mood Swings

Having mood swings?  Eat yogurt.  The calcium in yogurt slashes the occurrence of mood swings by as much as 54 percent.  That's because the mineral shuts down the genes that make women's bodies overreact to fluctuations in hormone levels.

Summer Camps

A perfect summer for a teenager includes friends, new things to discover, find something fun to do, and a place to cool off when the sun gets too hot. And where else can they get all these but at summer camps? A long break from school doesn't mean they have to be idle and it also doesn't mean that they have to be stuck doing boring activities. Going in a summer camp does not only mean fun but they get to learn something about themselves and they learn to become independent; and the coolest thing is, they get to do it with their friends. A summer camp is the best thing you could give your child during summer. Aside from the social benefits, spending summer in the woods or mountains will teach them to become more aware about nature.

Water Costs Less with Hydraulics

What some of the residents in our village don't understand is that our water's costs would significantly go down if we change our water service providers. The board of directors have been trying to explain this ever since but some don't just get it. They were probably confused (afraid) when the other company talked about hydraulics, hydraulic arms, etc. They thought having this would make our water's costs soar. What they don't understand is that operating and maintenance costs are lower with hydraulics, hence cheaper water. The board will be making a decision whether to switch or not. I hope they'll come up with a wiser decision.

Did you know?

One effective strategy for easing PMS symptoms (fatigue, mood swings and bloating) is to eat a healthy breakfast.  Recent studies found that women who skipped their morning meals suffered from more intense PMS because skipping breakfast disrupts hormonal balance; eating in the morning helps ease milder symptoms within a few days.  It's also beneficial to take calcium and magnesium supplements.  Both can help reduce bloat and other PMS symptoms by 50 % within three menstrual cycles.  And for safe measure, avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks; instead, drink plenty of water, which eases bloat by optimizing kidney function.

Wedding Favors for a Unique Wedding

The guests to a wedding usually are given wedding favors to remember the ceremony that they have shared with the individuals who have decided to celebrate their union with them. Careful thought and consideration comes in choosing these Wedding favors as they will forever represent the special event. It becomes especially difficult to find wedding favors if the ceremony has a unique theme.

Take for example the unique request of a couple my cousin worked with recently. As their wedding planner, she had to come up with a special way of presenting the chocolate truffles which the bride makes as a chocolatier. It was a challenge because they did not want the chocolates to be served simply on plates.  My cousin had to come up with a unique way of presenting her work to the guests in attendance.

She solicited the assistance of an online supplier of wedding accessories who showed her some miniature phantom chairs in clear acrylic which they had in their inventory. Seeing them, she had the idea that they could be the perfect way to present the decadent chocolate truffles and at the same time, serve as novel place card holders. Cousin Melanie brought a sample to the couple, complete with a die-cut sticker with an elegant metallic print that showed the name of one of their guests. She took a selection of chocolate truffles from the bride’s shop and gingerly placed them one on top of the other on the sears of the clear acrylic chairs. When she presented the sample to the couple, they were instantly impressed. So were the guests when they saw what Melanie came up with. She is still getting inquiries from guests who attended that wedding inquiring about her services.

Wedding Invitations for a Special Theme

Planning a wedding usually starts with the preparations for printing the wedding invitations. They give the guests a peek at what can be expected during the wedding. Normally, the wedding invitations present the theme for the wedding as well as the color motif. They also present the sponsors and the entourage as well as the attire one is expected to come in when attending the ceremony.

Wedding invitations are an extremely important detail precisely for the aforementioned reasons. Great care is put in making a choice for wedding invitations especially when the wedding is inspired by a special theme. It is indeed fortunate that they now come in thousands of designs and styles where one can be found that is likely to fit the theme of your wedding. A beach theme, for example will be best represented by a coral wedding invitation. The unique design will already inform your guests that they are expected to be in beach appropriate attire and can also expect to be treated to a fun-filled memorable ceremony.

Wedding invitations most often come with coordinating RSVP cards and even envelopes these days. RSVP cards are important so you can keep track of the number of guests you can expect to be in attendance and ensures that your guests are provided all the information they need to get to your wedding. Also, they contain your contact information. Choose your invitations carefully as they represent your wedding and what it holds for your guests.

The Growing Popularity of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is slowly gaining popularity as people with weight problems take to it for several reasons. HCG is a natural-occurring hormone so dieters feel that HCG drops are safe to use. What it does is it inhibits our craving for food. Taken in conjunction with the low-calorie HCG diet, weight loss is faster and efficient. The HCG drops are normally formulated with other ingredients such as arginine, a material which improves the ability of the muscles to make use of calories more efficiently. L-carnitine is also usually infused with the HCG hormones which increases our metabolism and optimizes the conversion of stored body fat into energy. This helps to get rid of our body fat faster. Ornithine limits muscle loss which is associated with low calorie diets. Thus, while on the low calorie HCG diet, the ornithine infused in the HCG drops ensures that we do not lose our muscles in significant proportions, which can be dangerous.

The HCG diet comes highly recommended precisely because it is effective in causing weight loss. The unique blend of fat burning ingredients contained in the drops that are ingested while on the low-calorie HCG diet ensures that weight is lost fast and efficiently. The results are truly amazing, which is why the formula has grown steadily popular with people who want to lose those unwanted pounds.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Help me name this

I saw this plant flower during one of my afternoon walks.  It was the first time I've seen and had no idea what it's called.   Do you?

Better Service

I've had my share of bad service. From telephone service, to cable and even with my internet service provider; I've had bad experiences before I found the one that works for me. The last one was from an insurance company who gave me a roundabout regarding my claim. The customer service kept asking me to call back and they ignored my letters.  When finally I got to talk to one of their agents, he couldn't help me with my claim.  I got so pissed that I had to use legal remedies just so that I can collect what is due me.

I should not have allowed myself to be sweet-talked into buying a policy from an unknown company. And as if it's not enough, my husband gave me the "I told you so" look. But what can I do? All I wanted was to save money and the offer was hard to resist. Because of this sad experience, I have begun asking around for a good auto insurance. Several friends have referred different companies but aarp keeps coming up. I will definitely give them a second look. It is difficult to find a good car insurance that will really take care of you.

With this kind of economy, I want every cent to count. We have to wise and prudent with every expense. My husband had always reminded me about business that are only good on paper. I've learned my lesson and I will not be sweet-talked again. I should always listen to those who are in the know. I did not want to disturb my husband with what I thought was trivial and I thought I was helping him by cutting down on our expenses. Now I know how important an insurance is and I am glad to discover that there are many ways to research on the best insurance companies and the products they offer. Sometimes it is better to deal directly with a company than go through an agent.

How about you? Have you had bad experiences too? It's not bad to be frugal but we have to be prudent too.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cure Cold Weather Aches and Pains

Cold weather can hinder blood flow which is essential for tissue to heal from daily strain.  To relax achy muscles, soak in a tub infused with 10 drops of peppermint oil.  The hot water will relax muscles and ease inflammation, while the oil will calm nerves to lessen pain within an hour.  Three 20-minutes baths a week can cut the risk of flare-ups in half.

Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The wedding guest book is the first thing your guests get to see as they enter the wedding area. It creates the first impression. It is important, therefore, that it represents the entirety of the motif and the theme you have chosen for your very special day.

Traditionally, the wedding guest book is a record of the guests who attend the wedding. It is simply a book that the guests sign as they enter the reception. These traditional wedding guest books now come in a wide array of designs and patterns that one can choose from. They are uniquely crafted with embroidered embellishments, ribbons, lace and various other additions that add elegance to these items. Most often, the guest books are designed, not just for the guests to sign but also provides a space where guests can leave personal notes to the bride and groom.

Becoming a popular alternative to the traditional wedding guest book are photo mats that are framed which are conveniently displayed at the entrance. The guests get to leave their notes and signature on the photo mats which makes for a great memento of your special day. A variation of this idea is the inscribable mat kit which allows guests to make a permanent etching on the mat that will not fade over time. These kits make a personalized record of the special day that is unique and new. Whether you decide to go the traditional route or with newer alternatives, wedding guest books serve as a reminder of the cherished moments of your wedding.

A Unity Candle Ceremony to Make Your Wedding More Significant

A ceremony that is becoming a popular addition to the traditional wedding vows is the unity candle ceremony. It adds a more visual aspect to the vows made by the bride and the groom to each other that makes their union more tangible. It is usually added towards the end of the usual ceremony, following the exchange of rings.

The unity candle ceremony requires the use of three candles: two smaller tapered candles and a large pillar candles. As the mothers of the bride and groom come forward during the initial walk down the aisle, they each light one of the smaller tapered candles. Each of the tapered candles that have been lit by the mothers is placed at the sides. They are supposed to represent the individual families from which the bride and groom come.

The unity candle ceremony commences with the bride and groom getting the two tapered candles on each side. They light the large pillar candle at the center together with the lights from the tapered candles that their mothers lit. After doing so, the bride and groom blow out each other’s candles. This signifies the end of their individual lives and the beginning of their lives as a couple. The officiator then proceeds with the rest of the wedding ceremony.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hold it!

Feeling frazzled?  Stop for a while and hold your breath.  Quick shallow breaths expel too much carbon dioxide and low levels of CO2 disrupt nervous system function and heighten anxiety, experts say.  Holding your breath for as long as you comfortably can helps normalize CO2 levels, easing anxiety within seconds.

Symbolizing a Partnership Through a Unity Ceremony

The unity ceremony has become a popular addition to the traditional wedding ceremony because it adds a visual aspect to the promise of a partnership which the couple signs up for when they get married. More than the union of the two individuals getting married, the unity ceremony also symbolizes the blending of their two families. For these reasons, they have become all the more popular and a lot of options have surfaced as to how this union can be represented in a ceremony.

Still the favorite option is the unity candle ceremony where two candles lit by the couple’s mothers are used to light a bigger candle to signify the union, not just of the individuals but of their families as well. In the unity sand ceremony, the couple each pours sand from separate vials into a single container. Pretty much the same process is observed for the unity wine ceremony and the unity water ceremony.

There are even more modifications to the unity ceremony that you can choose from when planning your own wedding. In the unity hand ceremony, the bride and groom face each other and take each other’s hands, palms up. The one officiating the wedding invites each of them to view the other’s hand as a gift while reciting the many significances of this hand. Their hands are then tied together with a cord by the mothers of the bride and groom.

Various traditions have come into play with the unity ceremony. There are now as many alternatives and modifications as there are families. You can certainly make up your own or vary the more popular choices to suit your taste.
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