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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Did you know?

Adding buttery-sweet oakleaf lettuce to salads and sandwiches can make the stress of driving st night s thing of the past. The credit goes to its rich stores of vitamin A. Studies show that people with impaired night vision who increased their intake of A-rich foods restored their ability to see at night within six weeks.

Help Your Kid Sleep Right on Schedule

Watching television, playing and chatting on the computer, tablet or cellphone is one of the reasons why some kids find it difficult to sleep. According to experts the reason for this is because the mental stimulation caused by the action on screen revs them up and makes their brain more active. Plus, the bright glow given off by TV monitors and other electronic gadgets inhibits the brain's production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you feel sleepy.

It would be best to turn off the TV or computer at least an hour before you put your kids to bed. Reading to them or letting them listen to soft music can help them feel relaxed. Also make sure that their bed is comfortable. A soft, clean and pretty bed is always very inviting and if you are in the market for affordable bedding you can find children's bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs at Just the feel of the bedding's soft material and the scent of clean sheets are already enough to make them feel sleepy.

Taking a warm shower and drinking warm milk will also help.Even us adults feel sleepy after a warm shower. That's because you instantly feel relaxed after a warm bath. I also read in one article that snacking on carbs (eg. wheat bread with tuna or chicken spread) helps you sleep faster.

Try these simple tips to help your kids drift to sleep right on schedule.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Have you tried eating sashimi?

Orange You Glad It's Friday

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How to Keep Your Kids Safe When They Are Home Alone

As your children grow older, you may feel that you can give them a little space while running errands or having an evening out. However, if you leave your children on their own, it is an absolute must that you do what you can to secure your home. To help make the process easier, here are 5 tips on how to keep your kids safe when they are home alone:

1. Install a security system.

If you want to protect your home and family at all times, it is highly recommended to purchase a home security system such as those found on websites like For the greatest security, you should work with monitored alarm systems to ensure that authorities will be notified right away if something goes wrong.

In addition to monitored security systems, you should also use motion detector lights around your property. Having floodlights on the property help to deter intruders since they eliminate cover. Investing in security doors to use with your entry doors will also add another layer of security to keep your children safe.

2. Have a first-aid kit handy and ensure that your children know how to use it.

You should always have a first-aid kit handy around the house in case something should happen. However, not only should you ensure that it is stocked, but that your children know how to use it as well. By teaching them how to use the first-aid kit, your children will be able to take care of minor injuries in your absence.

3. Provide a list of emergency numbers that is easy to see.

Before you leave the house, it is important to leave a list of emergency numbers in a place that is easy to see. You will additionally need to take the time to go over the list with your children to ensure that they understand what to do if something should happen.

4. Make sure that your children can manage the responsibility of being home alone.

If your child is 12, they may be mature enough to handle the responsibility of being home alone. If you have a teenager that is 16, you may be able to rely on them to take care of younger children in your absence. However, you will need to speak with your children about how they should behave while you are gone.

You should also check first that an older child is comfortable with the idea of taking care of other children. If they do not want to take care of other children, you may create negative feelings that can strain your relationship.

5. Teach your children to never answer the door for strangers.

One of the key things you can do is teach your children to never answer the door for strangers while you are gone. If someone visits and it is important, they are sure to return again at a later time. Unfortunately, if your child is known to be alone, it could potentially place them in danger.

With these 5 tips on how to keep your kids safe when they are home alone, you will be able to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet without additional stress.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Did you know?

Garlic can turbo charge your immunity. The spice is a great source of sulfur, compounds that activate antibody production in 48 hours, boosting immune system strength by as much as 40 percent. The study proven doze? Aim for one clove a day. To enjoy the mild and creamy version, cut 1/4 inch off the top of a head of garlic, sprinkle with oil and salt, wrap in foil and bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees farenheit, then spread on crackers or tortillas.

McGyver Jackets for Men at

Men who are looking for a dark outdoor jacket with a slim fit will be pleased with the selection of McGyver jackets for men at These jackets resemble military jackets and fall a bit below the waist.

Small items can be securely stowed in the jacket's five front pockets. These pockets have buttons, zippers and brass gussets. The jacket fastens with a zipper in the front, and the cuffs are fastened with buttons.

A man wearing this jacket can use the draw cord at the bottom of the jacket to keep himself warm and make the jacket fit snugly. The jacket is 100% cotton. It is machine washable. A hood is fastened to the jacket with buttons and can be detached. There is a seam on the back of the hood. The back of the jacket is reinforced with a vertical seam in the center.

McGyver jackets come in several colors and sizes. They are available in black, pewter or olive in regular sizes. The black and pewter jackets can be ordered in extra-large. The olive jacket comes in medium, large and extra-large. Men can use the online outerwear size chart to determine which size will fit them best.

Silence Cough with Dried Apricots

Problem cough? Nibble dried apricots. This fruit is packed with beta-carotene, which keeps the lining of the sinuses and throat healthy so germs can't get a toehold. Plus, beta-carotene boosts the production of virus-fighting T cells by 33 percent if you do get sick. Half a cup daily can quell a cough. Can't find dried apricots? Sweet potatoes, winter squash and carrots are also great sources.

More Focused

It looks like my son is enjoying college. That is a good thing because I was worried before the school started as most of his friends enrolled in a different school. He is the only one from their group who enrolled at CEU. A month after school started, he already has a lot of friends and he is more focused in his studies now than he was in high school. He hot really good grades in their preliminary exams. If things go really well for him, I can get him one of those cool acoustic electric guitars at musicians friend that he so wanted. He's been itching to have a guitar but I want to teach him to work hard for it.

White Euphorbia

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Is Your Kid's Playground Safe?

Kids sustain injuries in the playground most of the time. Every year, over 200,000 children are estimated by the National Playground Safety Institute to undergo treatment for injuries occurring on playgrounds. What’s more is that around 45 percent of those playground-related injuries involve amputations, dislocations, concussions, internal injuries, and severe bone fractures. Public playgrounds are the sites where 75 percent of nonfatal injuries happen. And most of the incidents take place in daycare centers and schools.

Playground-related injuries are easy to avoid by simply exercising caution and paying attention to certain factors that may lead to accidents. Here are the things that you can do to ensure that your kid is kept safe from playground injuries.

Carefully observe the playground area

 Are there blind spots preventing you from watching over the activities of children? Make sure that you can see what they are doing while in the playground and to supervise them accordingly.
 Carefully scrutinize the ground before you allow children to play. Look for anything that poses potential danger, including broken equipment, glass shards, litter, sharp objects, etc. Also, be wary of tripping risks brought about by concrete footings, rocks, and tree roots or stumps.

Check the playground equipment

 Ensure that children are playing on equipment that’s suitable for their age group.
 During hot days, metal equipment can heat up and cause burns. Metal slides located in non-shaded areas can grow hot, so you need to check them first before you let children play on them. Moreover, make them wear shoes when they are on the playground.
 Anything elevated, such as platforms and ramps, must be fitted with guardrails to thwart falls.
 Small spaces—between 3.5 and 9 inches—can ensnare children. Make sure to watch out for equipment spaces within that measurement range.
 Snagging on bolts and S-hooks is also a problem. S-hook gaps that can fit a dime may be potentially hazardous because they can catch children’s clothing.
 Do not forget to check for sharp edges, pointed parts, splintered wood, and cracked plastic equipment. Inspect the playground surfacing
 Safe and suitable playground surfacing usually includes loosely filled materials, the likes of engineered wood fiber, sand, shredded rubber, and pea gravel. Such materials should also be well maintained and filled at sufficient depth. It is recommended that loose-fill material must have a depth of 12 inches.
 Rubber mats and tiles are safer surfacing options. The no-no’s for surfacing under any playground equipment include asphalt, concrete, dirt, and grass.
 Fall zones for playground equipment must be 6 feet in all directions. When it comes to swings, the fall zone length must be twice as tall as the post from which the swing is suspended.
 Talk to the playground operator as soon as you see any potentially unsafe area. That way, it gets addressed immediately.

Oversee children on the playground

 Eliminate all loose objects, such as clothing drawstrings and necklaces, before your kids enter the playground.
 Remove your child’s bicycle helmet. It is only appropriate for use when a child rides a bike. When a kid is simply playing on the playground and still has a bicycle helmet on, the helmet straps can cause strangulation.

Your children’s playground safety is something you can directly influence. So take charge while you allow them to have fun.

Aaron Hubbard is a legal researcher. He enjoys sharing his findings through blogging. Visit the San Jose accident attorney Nadrich & Cohen, LLP link for more information.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be Alert in an Instant

If even a second cup of coffee can't stop you from nodding off at your desk, energize fast by slathering on hand lotion containing citrusy notes like lime or orange. The zesty scents help stimulate the nerve which governs sensory input for the entire face and head. Activating it by applying citrusy lotion can give you the same kind of pleasing wake-up call as a cool ocean breeze.

Nature's Plus Animal Parade Children's Vitamins

Are you having trouble getting your children to take Nature's Plus Animal Parade children's vitamins? As a parent, you know that they need these vitamins so that they can have a balanced diet, getting all of the nutrients that they need as they grow up, but they probably will not think about things on this scale. They may fight you on this, never wanting to take their vitamins and trying to get out of it when they can. You need to be persistent, though, reminding yourself that you are doing what is really in the child's best interests, no matter what he or she thinks about it.

One of the best ways to get them to take their vitamins is just to make it part of the daily routine. It needs to happen at the same time each day. This scheduling means that they will be expecting it and waiting for it, so they will be more likely to just take the vitamins and get it over with. Many parents will give them out with breakfast so that the children can benefit from them all day long, while others have found it easier to give them out at night, before they brush their teeth and go to bed.

You can also raise the stakes a bit by telling the child that he or she cannot do something that the child wants until the vitamins have been taken. For instance, if you are giving them out with dinner, just say that they cannot have dessert until they take them.

Whole House Water Filter Systems offers whole house water filter systems. You may be asking, “Why a whole house water filter?” It’s a logical question because most people think a filter on the faucet or the refrigerator line is all they need to eliminate harmful bacteria or chemicals from their cooking and drinking water.

For homes supplied with by a private well some conditions may exist that a whole house water filter system could remove. For instance, if your home water smells suspiciously like rotten boiled eggs or has a musty smell then the water may be contaminated by too much bacteria or gases. Filtering these out may be desirable in all your water, not just the water for drinking. Unfiltered water may also have too high of levels of iron or manganese, both of which can cause staining or discoloration of laundry, fixtures, shower curtains and your hair! A water test will help you determine if your water does have levels that are too high. If you have water from a municipality, it is best to check with your city officials before deciding on a whole house water filtration system.

When you make the decision to filter water for your whole house, you can find whole house water filter systems at to suit whatever your needs. Several different models to fit the size and budget of your home, as well as, a choice of systems to eliminate any contaminate or combination of contaminates are available. Replacement cartridges to keep your system running efficiently can also be ordered.

Easy Install Wall Mounts

A great flat-screen TV can complete the look of any room, especially if you have that cool modern style. These can work in any business or home…but, unless you use a TV mount with that fabulous TV, well; the design purpose of that TV or monitor can get lost. A flat-screen TV just doesn't have as much visual impact in a room when it sits on a table or in a TV stand made for the old CRT models.

The solution is one of the monitor mounts. A wall mount allows you to place any monitor or TV on the wall, thereby freeing up floor space and tabletop space. Aside from giving you more space, a mount also emphasized that modern style of the TV or monitor. After all, it has been just recently that we have the opportunity to hang our monitors or TVs on the wall, just as we would a picture frame.

Why Stands and Mounts? The Stands and Mounts team offers quality made mounting brackets made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Mounts made by Premier Mounts, Peerless Mounts and Chief Mounts offer durability and efficiency, but better still, they allow for a more aesthetically pleasing display of your monitor or TV.

Proper Way to Take Care of Teeth

Beautiful teeth are important to one’s health, but they are also important to one’s looks. Whether one works in the spotlight, such as a news anchor or public official, teeth say a lot about a person. Teeth reveal age, eating habits, drinking habits and smoking habits, amongst other habits. Teeth become stained, can harbor plaque, gums can get gingivitis and the teeth can get cavities. These problems are not received well by the public. While certain conditions may be beyond one’s control, cosmetic dentistry and regular visits are important to the appearance of one’s teeth.

People seem to dread the dentist; however, by visiting a knowledgeable dentist with years of experience of professionalism, the latest techniques and products, fears are quickly laid to rest. An experienced dentist knows how to limit pain levels and provides care for patients’ concerns. This is what springfield va dentist Candace Evans, D.D.S. has to offer.

One can’t, literally, afford to neglect their teeth. By delaying the dentist, one runs the risk of not only greater financial expenses down the road, but problems that will ultimately affect one’s health. Amongst possible health problems that may occur from neglected teeth is heart disease. Proper brushing, flossing and other methods to clean teeth are important, but a visit to the dentist is also a must.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sverve: A Platform for Influential Mom Bloggers

I recently joined Sverve, a network open to all mom bloggers where you can earn writing reviews, test products, earn being an affiliate and connect with other moms who blog, too. If you like doing all those, I encourage you to sign up and create your profile. Once you are set up; advertisers can find and contact you. I am now starting to get sponsored posts and reviews and I didn't want to share this with you until I was able to engage on their campaigns. If you haven't heard of Sverve yet or you did but have not signed up, it's about time you do. Simply click on the Sverve badge found below this post or at the left sidebar to be directed to the Sverve website.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Do we spoil our children? Is it healthy or harmful for children to be bored?

While teenagers and young adults may have been long thought to be more tech-savvy than their parents or older relatives, it is more and more common now for younger children to be relative experts with an iPad, the latest electronic gadgets, the TV remote, and even the internet.

Children are often completely saturated with digital distractions, with little time or interest in exploring the world outside the various screens that surround them. For many parents, letting their child play with an iPad, digital game or watch TV is a way to keep their children occupied and stave off their inevitable boredom, whilst staying out of trouble.

However, education expert Dr Teresa Belton has suggested that children should be allowed to get bored “so they can develop their innate ability to be creative”. The suggestion is that being made to be constantly occupied and constantly stimulated could hamper their natural creativity and imagination. Perhaps in ensuring our children are always allowed to switch on the TV, the computer or the phone whenever they’re bored, we are inhibiting them from exploring their own thinking processes and stimulating their imaginations. Dr Belton suggests that children “need to have stand-and-stare time…assimilating their experiences through play or just observing the world around them”.

With author Meera Syal and artist Grayson Perry both attesting to how boredom aided their creativity as children, perhaps we need to encourage our children to think up things they can do for themselves when they’re bored, without turning to a passive screen experience.

Whether it’s coming up with a new game to play in the garden, or figuring out how to bake their favourite foods, or simply just sitting down with a paper and some pencils to write or draw. With a little supervision from parents, to ensure they are safe and not getting their school shirts, the family pet or the living room wallpaper covered in felt-tip marks, our children may benefit from having nothing else to do to but to use their imagination and creativity.

8 Potentially Life-Treatening Situations in Everyday Life

8 Potentially Life-Threatening Situations in Everyday Life – An infographic by the team at

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pizza Night

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Allergy Testing for Your Kids

Allergies are quite common amongst children in Australia and it's favourable to be able to identify an allergy early so as to be able to avoid it in the future and prepare for any adverse reactions. Understanding an allergy is the best method of control, so getting your child tested if you suspect he or she may have an allergy is a good step to take. There are a few different ways that your doctor or allergy specialist may test for allergies in order to identify them.

Elimination Tests

If you suspect that your child may have an allergy or intolerance to a food then your doctor may recommend that you employ the elimination method of trialling for allergies. This means cutting out certain suspects from your child's diet for a prescribed amount of time in order to determine what changes, if any, eventuate from the removal of these foods. Usually this means removing part of your child's diet for a week or two that you suspect may be causing the problem or that is a common culprit for causing allergies in kids, like milk, eggs, nuts, shellfish or wheat, for example.

Percutaneous and Intradermal Skin Tests

These are skin tests which are considered both safe and accurate and are performed in a controlled environment by a trained professional. Percutaneous tests are conducted by administering a diluted sample of a suspected allergen to a small prick or scratch on the top layer of the skin, while the intradermal method delivers the allergen into the skin using a needle. The intradermal method may cause anaphylaxis in extremely sensitive patients but a trained professional will be prepared and equipped to deal with such a reaction.

Once the allergen is administered the affected area is observed for about 15 minutes to determine whether any reaction takes place.

Patch Skin Tests

The patch testing method screens for about 30% of the most common allergies and is a good first step for kids with suspected allergic contact dermatitis. Patients are usually required to leave the patch test on the skin for 48 hours and keep it from getting wet. The doctor or allergist administering the test will check for reactions at different intervals throughout the testing process to monitor the results.

Blood Tests

Blood testing for allergies works by detecting and measuring the amount of antibodies in the blood that are produced when the patient comes into contact with an allergen. Blood tests usually screen for the ten most common allergens and can be very helpful in detecting food allergies. These tests are generally administered when the patient is using medication that may interfere with skin testing, has a history of anaphylaxis, has problematic asthma, has a severe skin condition or has an unstable heart condition. It's more expensive than skin testing and takes longer to process the results but doesn't require the cessation of any medications and is the preferred method for infants.

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There's plenty of support for kids dealing with allergies that can help you through the process from identification to prevention and everything in between. Ask your closest Medicare Local for advice and services in your area that will help you manage your child's allergies and maintain a healthy, happy and safe lifestyle while avoiding problem allergens.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


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Nisim Hair Loss Shampoo as an Effective Solution to Hair Loss

Hair loss for men is a real problem and needs to be dealt with. Seeking professional help is the natural method of preventing the loss of one’s hair but some of us cannot afford their fees. So we opt for over the counter solutions which are still expensive but more affordable than treatments. Most of which do not really help. One product that is both effective and not as pricey as the formulas that are most often recommended by professionals is Nisim NewHair Biofactors. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's a hair loss shampoo that prevents excessive hair loss within a week of continuous use. It is most effective when used with the Nisim NewHair Biofactors Hair and Scalp Gel Extract but it also works as a stand-alone product.

Nisim NewHair Biofactors is a specially-formulated deep-cleansing shampoo that removes the buildup of dirt, sweat and oils on the scalp. It also neutralizes the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) buildup on the scalp, an androgen hormone that synthesizes hair follicles and has been found to be the primary contributing factor in male pattern baldness. The shampoo is the first step towards minimizing hair loss and is available for normal to dry and normal to oily hair. It is recommended that you wash your hair daily, rinse after the first washing and then repeat the process so that the shampoo alone can effectively maintain your existing hair. Used in conjunction with the Scalp Gel Extract is most effective in bringing back you hair to its original state.

Monday, July 15, 2013


Found the pretty mums at a nearby flower shop.
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Red Ginger

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Compare Book Prices Online

Buying textbooks? It's a great idea to compare book prices online before you buy from local bookstores. I almost fainted when I found out the prizes of books my son needed for this semester. One book costs a little less than a thousand and the others are priced from Php 1200 to 1800. Looking to save on his books, I tried searching online. True enough, the books are a lot cheaper. Plus, I know I got the best prices because I was able to compare the prices from different websites.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Green Beans Rev Energy

Green beans are a great source of iron, an important mineral for women, who are more at risk for iron deficiency. Boosting iron levels with green beans is a smart move because the vegetables are low in calories and fat-free compared with meat.  What's more? The beans are packed with vitamins A and C, an antioxidant duo that helps prevent the oxidation of cholesterol to keep arteries clear and reduce heart attack and stroke risk.

A Different Kind of Sports Medicine

Athletes from all walks of life can easily get injured. It’s a risk athletes take when they participate in sports. Sports-related injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to major sprains and fractures. For more major injuries, it’s important to see a doctor to assess the extent of damage done and the implications for your injury moving forward. Some injuries are easy to recover from, while others can take months involving surgery, rest, and rehabilitation. Whatever your injury is, it’s vital to take care of it because your body is precious. For many people, it’s difficult to appreciate your functioning body until it stops functioning. You might not wake up every morning grateful that your back works properly until your back muscles cramp and your nerves pinch whenever you sit down. There are many wonderful doctors that you can see to help treat your injuries to help you overcome them. You don’t want them to be a permanent part of your life, getting in the way of things you love to do. For sports-related injuries in particular, you can see a sports medicine doctor who specializes in treating those injuries. You can research doctors that do sports medicine in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to find out more. Another approach you can take is to visit a doctor of osteopathy. While doctors of osteopathy are a little less traditional, there are many wonderful benefits.

Benefits of Whole Healing

Doctors of osteopathy (DOs) differ from mainstream doctors because they examine all aspects of your life to understand the root causes of pain and symptoms. Recovery and healing for them is much more than what treatment will fix that injury. They focus on your injury and symptoms while incorporating aspects of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Rest assured that doctors of osteopathy go through a similar educational process to traditional doctors. They must undergo years of education, clinical work, and board exams to be licensed. You can find a doctor of osteopathy that specializes in sports medicine in Fort Lauderdale, FL, to learn more about integrative healing of your whole self. Your body, mind, and spirit will be glad you did.

The Role a Cosmetic Dentist Plays in a Good Smile

A smile is the single best asset that anyone can have in life. If you think about it, a smile is the first thing anyone knows about you. A smile is usually the first thing someone will have to gain a first impression. In some careers, it is critical that an employee have a great-looking smile. For example, ask any cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills and they will tell you that they are very busy working on those in the entertainment industry. Whether on the silver screen or the big screen, it is critical for actors, actresses, and musicians to have good smiles.

The Work of Fixing a Smile

Cosmetic dentists are artists in some regards. The dentist must be able to look at someone, see what is wrong with his or her smile, and then determine what needs to be done to fix or improve it. In addition, he or she must have the skill to work with the proper tools and materials to create that perfect smile. It takes someone special to have the skill, in addition to the knowledge, to accomplish this. To complicate matters, most cosmetic dental work must be done in steps.

What Constitutes a Great Smile

When you think of the perfect smile, what comes to mind? Have you ever thought about that? You can probably point out a great smile when you see one, but do you know what makes for a great smile? One thing that’s entailed in a radiant smile is bright, white teeth. When you see someone with an attractive smile, it is usually someone that has bright, white teeth. Another aspect of a good smile is having all their teeth. This sounds simple enough, but many adults have lost a tooth or two for one reason or another. This can really affect a smile negatively. If needed, an implant or a bridge is the answer for missing teeth. Lastly, the gums around the teeth are a healthy pink, indicating exceptional oral hygiene. This is the vision a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills will start with when looking at a patient requesting work to improve their smile.

Signs that Show Your Child is Ready for Contacts

Contact lenses offer a number of positive benefits when compared against prescribing glasses and improved peripheral vision is just one of the plus points, but before you move over to contacts, you need to be sure that your child is ready for wearing them.

Natural resistance

The traditional response from many parents when they are told that their child needs help with their vision is to consider ordering a pair of glasses and there is a natural resistance to choosing contacts instead. Whilst this is perfectly understandable, there are actually a good number of situations where your child would be better wearing contact lenses over glasses, you just need to evaluate if they are ready for the commitment involved in wearing them.

Taking responsibility

Some younger children may be considered too young to be able to take on the responsibility of wearing contact lenses but it is well worth asking yourself a number of pertinent questions as their parent, to see if they could handle the situation better than some people might give them credit for. A general guide as to their state of readiness would be whether your child could be entrusted to wash their hands before touching their eyes or the lenses, if they can take out the contacts every night before bed, can be taught how to store and sterilise contacts effectively and display competence in being able to take out the lenses whenever they need to.

Daily disposables

Contact lens specialist Lenstore UK consider that using daily disposable contacts for your child is an excellent option for younger children as it removes the chore and responsibility of storing and disinfecting the lenses, as you would simply discard each set each day and start again with a new set the following day. This makes it much easier for children to cope with contacts and if they are using daily disposables, they soon learn the knack of removing and inserting them.

Dealing with problems

There are occasional issues that need addressing when wearing contacts and another good indication of how well prepared your child is can be taken from their ability to understand when there might be a problem. Your child needs to have an awareness that will lead them to take out the lenses immediately if their vision becomes blurred of their eyes start to hurt for some reason. Some children are more prone to eye infections than others, but it is their ability to recognise the need to take remedial action that is a good indication of their suitability and maturity for handling the wearing of contacts.

Improved confidence

Growing up can sometimes be a difficult process especially when a child feels self-conscious about how they look, especially when they have to change their appearance by wearing glasses. Contact lenses allow a child to retain more of their original identity and this can help then with improved confidence when they are prescribed contacts rather than glasses.

Only you as a parent can really know if your child is ready for contacts but many show great maturity and understanding when presented with the task of wearing contact lenses, so be prepared to give them a good opportunity to demonstrate their suitability.

Chelsea Miller is an eye care specialist that enjoys working with children of all ages. She mainly writes for children’s eye care and health blogs.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Cashew-Jackfruit Ice Cream

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Succulent Sirloin: How to Purchase the Perfect Steak

The perfect home-cooked steak dinner starts with one very important ingredient – a perfect, carefully chosen steak. It’s important to learn which cuts of beef make for the most satisfying home-cooked steaks, to begin. Then, you could learn what to look for when you shop for it.

If you want the most satisfying cut of beef for your dinner, look for a sirloin cut. The term sirloin means different things in different parts of the world. In the US, it is a term that is used for the top portion of the meat cut from the rear flank of the animal. In Britain, the same part of the animal is called the rump. The term sirloin, in British butchery, is reserved for the top-mid flank of the animal.

This is a cut of beef that is celebrated for its tenderness and succulence. When cooked properly, this well-marbled meat acquires a wonderful melt-in-the-mouth juiciness.

When you go shopping for a great sirloin, there are a few things that you need to know.

  1. Both the sirloin and rump cuts are prized for different reasons. The sirloin cut is tender and juicy. The rump cut, while it tends to be cheaper, has better flavor. This cut can be somewhat chewy, though – especially if the beef hasn’t been matured properly. 
  2. Steak needs aging to become tender and to develop its full flavor. In general, good steak needs aging on a hook for at least three weeks. The steak at some butchers is aged up to 35 days. Good beef should be aged no more than this. When you buy, it’s an important question to ask how long your beef has been hung. 
  3. Look for meat that is a healthy and beautiful deep, dry-looking red. A healthy amount of marbling – little veins of fat running right through the meat – is important, too. This fat melts during the cooking process and bastes the meat right from the inside. It produces the inimitable flavor of well-cooked steak. 
  4. Good sirloin cuts are covered in a thick layer of white fat. This is a sign of good meat. 
  5. Learn to tell a good steak by holding it and looking at its texture. It’s supposed to be firm and finely textured. 
  6. In general, butchers have the best sirloin cuts – not the prepackaged section at the supermarket. If you do decide to buy prepackaged steak, look closely to see if the meat is wet. Wet steaks aren’t usually considered high quality.

Once you have a great sirloin steak to bring home

You can choose to cook a steak in one of several ways. You could use a grill, an oven or a griddle. Using a griddle can be one of the easiest ways to cook a perfect steak.

Start with heating your griddle until it is hot enough to smoke a bit. Take up your sirloin steak and brush a little olive oil on both sides. A little seasoning with salt and black pepper is a good idea at this point.

It’s important to give your steak the entire griddle. Adding more than one steak brings along the risk that your flame won’t be able to heat the pan to the correct temperature. Your steak will take too long to cook and it will stew in its juices instead of frying its fat.

How long you cook your meat depends on what your personal tastes are. If you have a steak that is 2 cm thick, about 3 minutes on the griddle on each side results in a medium well-done steak. Blue steak is only supposed to cook one minute on each side.

Once you take your steak off the griddle, make sure to let it stand for at least five minutes. This allows the steak to absorb all its surface wetness. Then, it’s time to serve.

Nathan Longmore is a former restaurant owner. Now retired, he enjoys cooking for his family. Find lots of great ways to use potato wedges from McCain, here.

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Did you know?

Cantaloupe can beat tiredness. The juicy melon is high in thiamine, a B-complex vitamin that helps convert carbohydrates into glucose, the body's main source of energy.

Cute and Colorful Children's Rugs at

A new rug may be the perfect addition to your room décor. A rug can add style to a room and harmonize with the overall tone of your room. Try adding a theme-inspired rug for your child’s bedroom or playroom. The childrens rugs at includes a collection of colorful rugs with unique designs that are made with low shag/frieze carpet, which makes the carpet easier to vacuum and clean than some of the conventional rug styles. Whether your new rug will make your little one’s room a comfy area for sleep and play or your rug adds more colors and fun designs to your child’s playroom, you will certainly create an innovative style with one of Anna Bean’s custom rugs for children. You can also let your child help you design the décor of the room.

Children love beautiful colors, and they also love to add their personal style to the room. You may also consider purchasing a rug with your child’s name or initials to help your little one’s personality create the overall character and tone of the room. You also have the option of choosing the shape of your rug. You may desire a circular rug, a square rug or a rectangular rug.

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Purple Orchids

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What Happens at a Dental Cleaning

Taking care of your teeth is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There are many different things you can do, including brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle (i.e., no smoking and limiting coffee, soda, and sugar), and visiting your dentist regularly. Most dentists recommend that you get a general teeth cleaning in Milwaukee at least once or twice a year. Your dentist can also diagnose and treat any dental or gum issues you may be suffering from. If you haven’t been to the dentist recently, you may be wondering what happens during a teeth cleaning. Continue reading to find out!

Dental History

The first thing you’ll do when you visit the dentist is to give your dentist or the dental hygienist a review of your dental history. This includes your daily home care routine, previous dental care and problems, and any recent unusual feelings or pain. Be sure to let them know about any health conditions that can affect your teeth (e.g., diabetes) as well as any medications you are taking. If you are pregnant or nursing, be sure to mention this to the dentist as well.


Your dentist will most likely have you get a full set of dental x-rays. These x-rays will allow the dentist to check for any abnormal tooth movement, decay, infections, or impacted teeth. The dentist will use these in his later examination.


After the x-rays are taken, the dental hygienist will clean your teeth. The first step in the cleaning is to remove any plaque or tartar on your teeth. This is usually done through an ultrasonic machine. The hygienist will then polish your teeth and then floss. You might also get a fluoride treatment, depending on your preferences and how long ago you last received one.


The final step in your general teeth cleaning in Milwaukee is to have an examination from the dentist. He or she will use a variety of instruments and mirrors to check problem spots seen on the x-rays. The dentist will also check your tongue and gums for any sign of infections or disease. If you have any conditions that need further treatment, the dentist will talk to you about home care and follow-up appointments.

Recognizing the Red Flags of a Senior Care Facility

Did you know that there are nearly 900,000 Americans that are currently living in an assisted living facility? It is no surprise that some facilities are better than others. If you are looking for Columbus senior care, there are some steps that you can take to be able to recognize a red flag when you see one.

Staff Interaction

One way to know if an assisted living facility is right for you or your loved one is to observe the way that the staff interacts with each other and with the residents. Make sure that the residents are treated respectfully. Watch the residents’ reactions when dealing with the staff to see that they are happy when help approaches. To know how the staff really acts toward the residents, you should try to stop by unannounced during different times of the day. Stop by during a meal time to see how the staff interacts during busy times of the day. Try to see how things are when it is quiet in the facility. What does the staff do during slow times? Use all of this information to discover how you or your loved one will be treated if they are in the facility.

Room Holding Policy

When you look at your contract you want to make sure that if you have a short medical stay that your room will be held for you during the time that you are away. While nursing homes are required to hold a room for Medicaid patients, many assisted living facilities don’t have the same regulations. They are not required to hold a room for someone that is in need of a hospital stay. Make sure that your contract includes the provision that your room will be held if you should have to leave for a short period of time.

Care Plan

When you go to an assisted living facility, a care plan will be drawn up that will discuss the concerns of your loved one and the plan for his or her care. You want to make sure that you and your loved one are both part of those meetings, and that you will be able to take an active part in the decisions for the care of your loved one. If the facility is hesitant to allow you in the meetings, consider it a red flag.

If you or a loved one is in need of Columbus senior care, there are many wonderful options for the person that needs some extra assistance. With some research, you will be able to find a great facility that will meet your needs.

What to Know about an Aortic Aneurysm

An aortic aneurysm is very dangerous, so you should know how to prevent and recognize one. Seek medical attention if any symptoms occur; in many cases, an NYU aorta aneurysm surgery is necessary in order to save the patient from a lot of pain and even death. Those with a history of heart problems or who have had family with similar problems and who are older should be especially careful.

Preventing an Aortic Aneurysm 

One of the best ways to prevent an aortic aneurysm is to not smoke. The effects of smoking are terrible on both the lungs and heart, as well as a few other vital organs. If you smoke, quit immediately or as soon as possible. If you do not smoke, stay away from it as smoking will make you a high-risk patient. Keeping a low blood pressure is important as well. The best way to do this is stay away from fatty foods and eating a balanced diet over all. Things with a lot of fat or red meats can raise blood pressure quickly. Those at a higher risk should monitor blood pressure regularly. Keeping a low cholesterol level is important as well. Foods like beans, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will help keep cholesterol low. Some foods are made specifically to help those with cholesterol problems, so keep an eye out for those at the grocery store. If you feel that you are at a high risk, keep your diet appropriate and keep yourself monitored by a doctor.

Recognizing an Aortic Aneurysm

Many aortic aneurysms do not show symptoms, so keeping regulated by a doctor is the best way to recognize one quickly. If you are lucky enough to get symptoms to warn you, they may include a few things. There may be abdominal cramps or lower back pain. This can be anywhere from a low throbbing to a sharp pain. The swelling may also push against nerves, which could cause pain or numbness, especially in the legs. There may be nausea or anxiety as well. If these symptoms show, visit your doctor to see if you need an NYU aorta aneurysm surgery or any other special care.

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Prawn Tempura

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People Learn in 4 Stages

For some people who have aged and been out of school for a while, learning something new can be a bit intimidating. The idea of learning can start to crush even the most firm confidence. Psychological concepts like higher order thinking seem foreign to most people, even if they are receptive to learning. This concept is based on the idea that people learn in four stages:

-- Unconscious incompetence
In this stage of learning, you are not even aware of the fact that you do not know something. In fact you do not even know that this something even exists. In this stage, potential learners are on an "ignorance is bliss" autopilot.

-- Conscious Incompetence
This stage is where learning truly starts. You are aware that you do not know something and foster a natural desire and curiosity in order to know it. Experts believe most people abandon the learning cycle in this phase because they begin to feel ashamed of what they do not know.

-- Conscious Competence
Most people who survive the second stage of learning and make it to Conscious Competence are still having some challenges with the new thing they are learning. They are building skills and learning to apply them, but sometimes feel overwhelmed when they reach a challenge area.

-- Unconscious Competence
The fourth stage of learning kicks in when you have mastered learning so well that it is a natural part of who you are. Most of the time, you are unaware that you are even applying what you know because you have become so comfortable with it.

Select the Perfect Ring for Your Girl

Preparing the perfect proposal is one of the most nerve-wracking events in a man's life. There are many pressures to make the moment as memorable as possible, and the entire event is fraught with emotion. There are a few steps you can take to prepare that will make this moment run a little more smoothly.

Understand Her Needs

If your girlfriend hates being the center of attention, proposing to her on the big screen at the basketball game might not be the best idea. On the other hand, she may be dreaming of a fairytale proposal straight from the movies. It is important to talk to her and find out what will make this experience as sentimental as possible for both you and your intended.

Select the Perfect Engagement Ring

The next step in delivering the ultimate proposal is to select an engagement ring that will knock her socks off. DeBebians cushion cut halo engagement rings are some of the most beautifully breathtaking rings on the market, and are sure to add dazzle to your proposal. While many couples shop for engagement rings together, some men choose to surprise their girlfriends with the engagement ring. Whether you want to make it a surprise or shop together in advance, your girlfriend will be overjoyed at your proposal.

Proposing marriage can be stressful yet exciting. By selecting the right venue and ring, you will be prepared for this life-changing experience. Select the perfect ring, buy a bouquet of flowers and take the leap today.
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