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Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Help Your College Student Wake Up for Early Morning Classes

It isn’t news that teenagers like to sleep in late. What is relatively new is neuroscientists’ claim that the tendency of the young to lie in bed until noon is largely due to their hormones and so not really their ‘fault’.

It’s been shown that one of the changes brought about by puberty is a change in the daily rhythm of sleep and wakefulness. Children get sleepy early in the evening and wake early in the morning. As they go through puberty, the time when they are ready for bed gets later in the evening, and so does the time when they are ready to wake up in the morning.

Russell Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at Oxford University, believes that the role of sleep is undervalued. He's reported as saying: "Sleep is fundamentally important but despite this it's been largely ignored as part of our biology,"

Studies suggest that teens do better with a working day that starts and finishes later than the 9.00-4.00 that’s expected of them today. Indeed, there have been experiments in altering High School timetables to suit teenage metabolisms.

Whether that will help remains to be seen, but in the meantime, parents need to support their teenagers so that they can function as well as possible in conformity to adult expectations of routine and punctuality. The outside world may not be ideal for teenagers, but that doesn’t mean that they are doomed to be exhausted and miserable until they grow up.

There are habits they can develop to help make daily life less of a struggle, especially when they are leaving home to attend college.

1. Switching off at night 
Get them in the habit of turning off TVs, computers and any other electronic devices at night. Using these gadgets can be compulsive, and they need to learn to switch off at 11.00 pm. If they develop that habit at home, it will be easier for them at college. It’s not just the mental stimulation of game playing through the night that’s the problem: the light produced by electronic devices has been shown to interfere with healthy sleep.
2.  Coffee first thing 
Buy your teen a coffee maker. One with an integral timer is an excellent aid to getting up in the morning. Even teenagers will want to rise and shine if a cup of good hot coffee is ready and waiting for them. It’s a good idea to get a robust machine like a Krups, which can last throughout student days and beyond. Krups coffee maker parts can be found on the internet if they need replacing. They are well-made machines and should give good service to your teenager.
3.  Create a pleasant environment
Help to make the student’s room a pleasant space to work, live and sleep. The sleeping area should be uncluttered and as far as possible from distracting activities. A clear environment will help the student to relax and feel calm. Unfortunately, difficulty in keeping a personal space tidy and organized seems, like late rising, to be a common teenage problem.
In the end, all you can do is explain, help and facilitate. Whether the newly independent student ends up being organized and hardworking or chaotic is, in the end, his or her own responsibility. Andrew King is an empty nester. He frequently writes his favorite ideas for staying close with college students on parenting blogs.

Workplace Accident Assistance

If you or a loved one are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident while at work and it was not your fault and you suffered from injury; you are qualified to file an injury claim for compensation should the company refuse to help you. An accident that happened in the work place is the management's responsibility so they should shoulder your medical expenses, treatment, etc. Of course, you need to prove that your work accident injury or illness was caused by the company's negligence.

Should you need assistance, you can easily find a personal injury lawyer you can trust to help you walk through your claim. Although a personal injury compensation claim takes years to settle, most claims are settled out of court. A workplace accident attorney can handle all types of accident claims. He will be able to explain to you, in all honesty, how strong or weak your case is. He will also be able to tell you what you need to do and explain to you the status of your case.

An injury or illness caused by an accident at work can have serious consequences for you and your loved ones, financially and emotionally. Your personal injury lawyer will make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Three Specialized Physician Jobs for You to Consider

When you are in medical school, you can’t think about much more than passing your amazingly difficult classes. You do have to think about what your specialty is going to be. Now, you may already know what your specialty will be; you could have been dreaming about being a podiatrist since you were five years old. Your opportunity for physician jobs can vary widely according to your specialty and the area of the country or world in which you want to work. Read on to learn more about three areas of specialty that may be of particular interest to you.


An anesthesiologist is a physician who is trained in anesthesia or perioperative medicine. Physicians who want to become anesthesiologists have to complete a four year residency after medical school. Anesthesiologists manage patient preoperative assessment, consult with the surgical team, and create an individual patient plan including airway management, provision of pain control, intraoperative care, and post-operative care of patients. Historically, anesthesiologists have been in short supply. The opportunities for anesthesiologists can be in hospitals or surgical centers, urgent care clinics, and even oral surgeon offices.


Matters of the heart are important to all of us. Cardiology is a specialty where disorders of the heart are diagnosed and treated. Doctors who do surgery on the heart are called cardiac surgeons. Cardiologists diagnose and treat congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, heart failure, and electrophysiology. Cardiology is a specialty of internal medicine. After a successful graduation from medical school, a three year residency in internal medicine is required followed by a three year residency in cardiology. Cardiologists have a medical office to see patients, which is often close to a hospital, because cardiologists are often making daily rounds to see their patients in the hospital.


Out of all the physician jobs, you will get the most collective ‘oh, how sweet’ sentiments from a pediatrics specialty. A pediatrician gives preventative and medical care to ill children from birth to eighteen years of age. Pediatrics does require a residency and you can choose to specialize in a variety of sub-specialties.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Canvas4Life Giveaway (ends Nov. 13)


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16x20 Canvas Print from Canvas4Life. Each and every canvas print is professionally made up using the latest equipment and stretched to the correct tension equally over all dimensions, and mounted onto real artists stretcher bars, with corner wedges inserted. Unlike some companies who merely produce a canvas print and send bars for you to try to stretch and make up yourself; or others who simply use block board or glued together bars which do not allow for future tension adjustment.

Prize: 16X20 Canvas Print
Dates: 10/30-11/13
Open to: US Residents 18+

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Disclosure: YOUR BLOG NAME did not receive compensation for this post and is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Did you know?

The best time to take a nap is right after lunch. That's when your body is primed for the most restorative catnap and it's also the latest you can snooze without sabotaging your evening slumber.

The D Vitamin for Muscles and Bones

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients that are required by the human body. Although vitamin D is obtained via sunlight exposure and diet, many people are actually deficient in vitamin D. In order for a person to remain healthy, the optimum intake of vitamin D is a must. Here are the benefits of taking a vitamin D supplement.

Helps absorb calcium

Typically, a person that has a vitamin D deficiency will also be suffering from a lack of calcium. The reason is because vitamin D helps calcium to absorb into the bloodstream.

Ward off disease

People that get the proper intake of vitamin D normally have a stronger immune system. This means that the body will be able to effectively fight off certain ailments including multiple sclerosis and heart disease. Vitamin D is especially important during the flu season when viruses are rampant.

Keeps bones strong When it comes to maintaining strong bones, the optimum intake of vitamin D is an absolute must. If the vitamin is taken on a regular basis, the likelihood developing osteoporosis is significantly lessened. Vitamin D will also help to promote a quick recovery from injury. Treat muscle and bone problems with our d3 vitamin at

Helps to lose weight

Vitamin D deficiency inhibits a person’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. For people that are having a hard time in shedding the excess pounds, vitamin D may prove to be very beneficial.

Monday, October 28, 2013


If you love to run and you like to run for a cause, this one is for you.

We Run MNL 2013 aims to inspire, motivate and unite Filipinos to move more, move better.

Manila, Philippines, 26 October 2013 – The Nike We Run MNL (Manila) returns for a third edition to inspire, motivate and connect runners around the world. On 1 December 2013, 15,000 runners are expected to take to the streets of the historical Marikina City and run the 10km in celebration of the spirit of unity that is significantly Filipino. 

“For this year’s race, we have incorporated the personality of the people of the Philippines to motivate and inspire them to lead a more active lifestyle. Filipinos are kindred spirits who, without hesitation, unite for a good cause and help each other. Taking this, we hope that every Filipino runner can inspire and motivate another and run the race together” says Courtney Cole-Faso, Country Marketing Manager, Nike Philippines.
In the spirit of unity, runners must sign up for the race with a “buddy”. This is to encourage runners to constantly motivate each other to achieve their goals in preparation for the 10km race. Nike will organize training sessions in November to help runners prepare for the race. The training sessions will be conducted in various locations around the city, and runners will participate in Nike Training Club, get tips from athletes and get an experience only Nike can bring.

Runners can also prepare for race day through the more than 18 million strong Nike+ community. The new Nike+ Challenges is a feature that allows runners to set a distance goal, invite Nike+ friends to join, and race to the virtual finish line. Users can determine the name of the Challenge, mileage goal, time period and participants. Additionally, a new chat feature allows friends to encourage each other and share tips throughout the Challenge. Runners can stay motivated by checking the live leader board to track progress and see where they rank amongst their friends.

Nike We Run MNL is part of Nike’s global We Run series which is aimed at celebrating, motivating and inspiring athletes from around the world. Manila will be one of 26 cities, with 350,000 runners taking over 3 billion strides during the course of the We Run race series motivated by Nike+ and Nike Running design innovations. Nike’s We Run races range in distance from 5K to a full marathon and reflect the unique enthusiasm of each city. From Sao Paulo, to Seoul, to Singapore, runners will be moved to action through a series of unique experiences. You can also follow the Nike We Run journey through an interactive map online as it passes through each city.

Online and in-store registrations will begin on October 25. Please visit for registration details

Appendix I: Registration Details

Registration period:
Online and in-store registrations will begin on 25 October


1.       Nike Park Fort
2.       Nike Park Trinoma
3.       Nike Park MOA
4.       Nike Stadium ATC
5.       Nike Park Ermita
6.       Nike Stadium Shangri-la
7.       Nike Stadium Glorietta 2
8.       Nike Forum Greenhills

We Run MNL 2013 Details

1 December 2013, Sunday
Social Media Sharing:
#justdoit #further


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Always Drink in Moderation

If it's anything about wines, beers or any alcoholic drinks, my friend, Herbert, is the expert. He knows where you can find the best tasting wines, the best stores for beers, the best restaurants that serve Sake, and the most reliable stores where you can get all kinds of spirit drinks. Invite him to a party and he'll buy spirits online in Australia from Jim's Cellars to bring to your party. You'll never run dry of wine and alcohol with this guy.

Herbert is a bowling buddy and I have to say I am impressed with this guy. He bowls well and has even rolled a few perfect games. And take note, he rolled all his perfect games while drinking beer. A social drinker he calls himself, but I fondly call him Al (short for alcoholic). Kidding aside, Herbert is a regular wine drinker and he claims that his health has improved a lot when he started drinking wine. He has hypertension and has a very high cholesterol count. His LDL significantly dropped and his blood pressure is at a level since he included wine in is meals.

I know that wine does the body good and I have actually published some articles in this blog about the goodness of wine. I kept reminding my friend that while wine is good, he shouldn't drink too much. Too much of it can have bad effects on your health, too.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weight Watchers is a Popular Weight Loss Solution

When looking to shed a few pounds, you undoubtedly hear about many weight loss plans, drinks, pills and more that guarantee great success. Which route you choose depends on your own eating habits, physical fitness and busy lifestyle. A popular and healthy choice is the Weight Watchers plan.

What Is Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a balanced meal plan that incorporates point values rather than calories; much easier to keep track of while successfully losing weight. When you join the program, you are given an amount of points based on your current weight. As you lose weight, your points are lowered to continue a loss of pounds until you achieve your goal.

Although points are geared at good carbohydrates and proteins, there are many items you are allowed to eat endlessly such as most fruits and a vast array of non-starchy vegetables to nibble on so that you can fulfill any of your normal cravings. When on Weight Watchers, you are allowed so many food choices that you never feel hungry. You can use your points any way you opt throughout the day to include your regular 3 meals and 2 snacks. It is always advisable to consume something every couple of hours to keep the metabolism and body working efficiently.

The normal process on Weight Watchers is to attend a meeting near you once a week to weigh in (discreetly) and gain support and advise from others on the same mission. The meetings are a great way to look forward to that weight loss while also sharing diet and recipe tips with fellow members.

Some people with busy schedules choose to join the online program that is geared with the same tools, ideas, recipe’s and support in much the same way as the meetings. You work on an honor system while keeping track of your progress. Make it fun and competitive by joining with a friend who can also be your fitness buddy.

Tools for the Plan’s Success

Many tools for success are available at your local Weight Watchers meeting place or online on their site. Some of the items you may find are record books for tracking your daily food intake and the points, an electronic points calculator, kitchen scales, recipe’ books, a shopping and eating out guide and the Weight Watchers magazine, not to mention numerous food items. You can find snack bars, mini bars, popped and baked snacks. Their products are extremely tasty and satisfying.

Of course, you can find many choice foods in the freezer section of your neighborhood grocer and always be alert to frequent sales for savings. By logging onto their site, you can also obtain coupons towards frozen foods and desserts. I found promotions for the Weight Watchers Online and Weight Watchers Monthly Pass at

Success Stories From Weight Watchers

Many people like me have been on the Weight Watchers plan with great success. I began losing about 5 pounds the first week and then I experienced a gradual loss of about 2 pounds each week thereafter. It is best to have a gradual weight loss for permanent success. I always had that incentive to look forward to those weigh-ins weekly, making me stay on track because I wanted that weight loss. Every time you reach a 5 or 10 pound or more weight loss, you get to share the news with the support of all the members who cheer you on. I always enjoyed sharing new recipes and diet tips, giving me a new lease on life and my weight loss. I lost more than 25 pounds and have my golden key chain to prove that Weight Watchers is a successful and popular way of eating for a healthy new you.

Article written by Sue Lee, grandmother and home freelance writer from Sycamore, Illinois

Friday, October 25, 2013

Crown of Thorns

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3 Types of Survival Videos Your Kids Should Watch Before Heading Out in the Woods

While out in the wilderness, it's essential for your kids to know a few things about staying safe. Camping or hiking in the wild outdoors is thrilling but without advanced preparation there is so much that can go wrong. That’s not to say that kids should fear the wilderness. A few precautionary measures and some basic safety tips will ensure that they are able to meet any challenge that might come their way. Fortunately, there are tons of online videos that you can use to demonstrate basic survival tips to your kids. Here are three types of videos they should watch before they head out into the woods.

Plants and Insects

There are numerous plants that your kids will need to look out for in the woods, but the ones that are most worrying include poison ivy, oak, and sumac. Look up videos that provide details of the specific characteristics that your children should look for to identify these plants. Most kids would be able to identify and avoid poisonous plants after viewing an informative video. You should teach your kids to avoid touching unknown plants especially if there’s any doubt. Dress your children in full gear (long pants, shirts, and hats) as an extra layer of protection to avoid allergic reactions if they come into contact with dangerous plants.

Storing Garbage and Food

When night falls, your campsite could attract a lot of nocturnal visits if you don’t put up barriers. Bears, foxes, and possums will rummage through your garbage if you’re not careful. Proper storage of your food and storage is all it takes to keep them away. Download informative videos, using tools from sites such as, that can teach your children how to dispose of leftovers and store food at the site. It won’t hurt to show them funny videos (so you don’t scare them) of animals taking over campsites in search of food.

They’ll learn proper disposal techniques like locking up garbage in a lock-box or hanging it high in a tree. Your foodstuff should be stored in large plastic containers or locked in the vehicle if it’s parked nearby.

How To Get Found

Getting lost in the woods is scary for some adults and all kids, which is why it’s a good thing to avoid. Teach your kids how to get found just in case they get lost. Videos will show you how to prepare a game plan, and the things you should include in a “get found” kit.

Once you develop a game plan, make sure your entire family sticks to it. A little common sense is all it takes to avoid getting lost, and knowledge of the game plan will help your family to find a lost camper quickly.

Always err on the safe side when venturing into the woods with your family. Use videos to help you prepare for your trip so your family can enjoy the great outdoors safely. Remember to respect IP:

Brian Richardson is a survivalist. He loves to share practical survivalist tips on parenting blogs.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Essentia Comfort Pillow Giveaway (ends 11/4)

Essentia Comfort Pillow Giveaway!

Hosted by:  More Than Mommy


I bet you weren't aware that most memory foam is made using petroleum. Including those claiming to be "Eco Friendly." The difference is that Essentia uses something called Hevea Milk which comes from the Rubber Tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). The process of collecting the Hevea Milk does not damage the tree and it is made in Canada!


From there, it is turned into the natural memory foam that is used in all Essentia mattresses and pillows. You can read a complete review of the Comfort Pillow by Essentia from More Than Mommy.


Now that you know how great Essentia is, I'm sure you would love to have some of their products! Not only we giving away a Comfort Pillow (worth $129!), Essentia is also offering you a chance to enter their $5,000 Facebook giveaway! To enter the Facebook contest, simply click the link below, and to enter the Comfort Pillow giveaway, you may find entries on the Rafflecopter below!  Good luck, everyone!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

*More Than Mommy received a pillow for review purposes. 

Vintage Look, Modern Sound

Are you in the market for a new accoustic guitar? If you loved the classic Orchestra model, you'll love the martin retro at guitar center more. It's the modern re-creation of the classic guitar and is perfect for those who enjoy playing with different fingerstyle techniques. The guitar has a vintage-inspired look but with modern playability. A lot of users recommend this because it's easy to play and the music is superb.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mango Sans Rival

Crunchy meringue wafer alternately layered with mango and sans rival gelato with sliced mangoes and chocolate curls on top  
Have a fabulous Monday!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gifts from Baby: Christmas Gifts for the New Mum

If you’ve been blessed with a lovely new addition to your family this year and think the mother of your baby deserves a little extra pampering this Christmas here are some great gift ideas for new mums.

Pampering Christmas gifts for new mums

After carrying your little one for the last 9 months, a new mum might be in need of some pampering and time out to relax. Why not book a romantic meal for two at her favourite restaurant, so you can both enjoy an intimate evening together. One of the most appreciated Christmas presents for Mum is to arrange a spa day full of relaxing treatments for her to spend with her friends. Spa Breaks is a great site for finding just the right thing for your loved one.

Or how about a subscription to her favourite magazine so she can regularly switch off with a cup of tea and an easy read when it arrives each month! Maybe after wearing maternity clothes for months on end your new mum might be in need of a wardrobe overhaul to make her feel fabulous again, so help out by getting her some vouchers to spend at the shops or online. That way she has to spend it on herself instead of the little one no matter how tempting that might be!

Luxury baby gifts for new mums

Make motherhood luxurious with some special baby gifts that will help mum out day to day and make her feel special. These Storksak Elizabeth changing bags from John Lewis (£198) will keep your stylish mum looking great when she’s out and about with baby.

Or splash out on a camera or camera phone, so she can take lots of beautiful snaps for you all to look back on. Couple this with a personalised photo album that she can gradually fill up to make this gift extra special! Alternatively, you could arrange for a family photo shoot to get some professional pics taken of your growing family.

Personalised gifts for new mums

Personalised gifts are a great way to show you’ve really thought about the Christmas gift you’re giving and made it unique to her. Why not visit to make a personalised Christmas card using a photo of your little one. You could even write it from them, thanking your partner for being such a brilliant mum! Not On The High Street do an array of gorgeous gifts that you can personalise from cotton baby blankets to artwork, cushions to cakes. For the mum who loves all things beautiful, you’ll be sure to find something there that she’ll cherish.

Of course all these Christmas gift ideas could come not only from dad, but from anyone who knows a new mum in need of some indulgence and attention!

Jess Savage is a retailer. She often writes about life events for consumer blogs.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ward Off Bacterial Skin Infections with Turmeric Powder

Have you ever had those pimple-like bumps on your armpit? Well, those aren't pimples but boils. It appears when staph bacteria infects hair follicles and skin tissue. The underarm area is prone to infection due to friction, shaving and sweat. While these boils are more common in people with suppressed immune systems, the painful bumps can also occur in healthy people, especially in the summer when staph bacteria thrive.

There is nothing to be alarmed though, because these boils disappear with home treatment. Simply soak a washcloth in warm salt water (add 1 tsp. of salt to 1 quart of water) and apply to the affected area for 10 minutes 3 times a day. And to prevent future boils, turmeric powder helps. Drink a glass of warm water mixed with 1 tsp. of turmeric powder daily. The powder is proven to ward off bacterial skin infections; thanks to its curcumin, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Detox is Fast and Effective

You may want to check out this clinic if you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction. So far, detoxification (I heard) is the fastest and most effective way to overcome his or her addiction. Their patients can attest that it is safe and you never have to worry about any complication. Their doctors and staff are well trained to administer detoxification and they have the best equipment to ensure all patients are treated with utmost care.

Did you know?

Blueberries can boost brainpower. The little gems are packed with flavonoids that can improve memory and recall ability by 30 percent within three months. If you are getting forgetful lately, make sure you add blueberries to your diet. ;)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Free SMS in the Philippines

If you happen to be a Filipino, then you're probably one of those who love to send text messages to family and friends. Did you know that you can now send text messages anywhere in the Philippines for FREE? Yes, you read it right; FREE UNLIMITED TEXT! The good thing is you don't even have to register to the website. Simply click free SMS Philippines and you will be directed to the site. All you need to do is type the cellphone number of the person you are sending the text message to, input the security code provided and type your message. Hit the send button and your message will be sent right away. Easy isn't it.

This service is perfect for those who have access to the internet and are constantly online. You can send as much text messages as you want anywhere in the Philippines without spending a cent.

Caring Conversations: How to Talk About Adult Diapers with Your Aging Parent

Talking to an aging parent about his or her incontinence can be a difficult task. Your parent may be embarrassed, or unwilling to accept the fact that adult diapers are now a necessity. The key to starting any conversation about incontinence is to go into the situation with empathy. This might be an uncomfortable subject for your parent; even though the conversation may be necessary, it can make your parent feel helpless or older than they feel. Here are some tips for how to approach parents with dignity and respect to get them to try incontinence products.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Calling an incontinence product a diaper may sound demeaning to your parents. They are likely to associate this term with babies – as do most of us – so they think of diapers as something for helpless people who can’t care for themselves. Call the incontinence products pads, absorbent briefs, or any other name you can come up with. By changing the terms, you may be able to frame the situation in a way that is more accepted by your elderly parent.

Involve a Doctor

Sometimes the opinion of an outside person can be taken to heart more than one that comes from someone in our inner circle. To that end, involving a doctor in your conversation may be able to convince your parent that he or she does indeed have an issue with the bladder and require some help. Get a second opinion if you need to in order to convince your parent to get adult diapers. Encourage your parent to ask questions and be very involved in the conversation, so there is not a sense that you and the doctor are making a decision without your parent’s input.

Address Possible Depression

If your elderly parent is isolated, and suffers from other medical issues, he or she may have begun to feel depressed. Feelings of loneliness or hopelessness can make it difficult for older adults to care enough to address their incontinence issues. Show compassion about your parent’s feelings and general state of mind. If there are depression symptoms present, offer to get help for that first. Once depression is addressed, your parent may be more receptive to treating other conditions like incontinence and search for the right cheap diapers.

Accept Their Denial

Sometimes your parents may not be willing to address incontinence, and you need to take a step back and let them come to their own conclusions. Perhaps in the future things will change, but if you’re too pushy about the issue your words may actually backfire and you could make your parent defensive. Sometimes you can only offer help and then stand back and step back in when your parent is ready.

Talking about incontinence and wearing an adult diaper is a difficult conversation, but it can also be an essential one if you want your parent to become more active. By showing empathy and changing your language, you may be able to open up a caring dialogue.

Leonardo Dawson runs a senior center in a small New England town. On his days off, he likes to help people by posting what he has learned on various blog sites.

Sophie's Yellow Umbrella

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Sunday, October 13, 2013 Giveaway - (ends 10/26)

Pasta ShoppGiveaway Event

Hosted by: Queen of Savings

Pasta is made with the highest quality ingredients on the market and with a passion for great tasting pasta.
They use only 100% durum wheat and add "all natural" vegetable powders for pasta color – the exception is their Collegiate Pasta and Angel Hair Pasta Nests. College fans want their team colors, so they add a little bit of food coloring.

Their Angel Hair Nests are made with premium herbs and wheat flour. Their Whole Wheat angel hair is made with white whole wheat – combining a texture and taste that even kids approve!

For those concerned about allergens, their labels do say, "Contains wheat and egg", but their pasta is manufactured in a nut free plant.

Pasta packaged alone is Kosher. Any pasta containing a seasoning packet is not. Their Formaggio's as well as Divine Meringues are also marked Kosher.

Prize: (2) $30 Prize Packs

Dates: 10/12-10/26
Open to: US Residents 18+

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Room on the Broom Giveaway (ends 10/19)


Hosted by: Queen of Savings

Room on the Broom Board Book - This rollicking, rhyming tale from master storyteller Julia Donaldson is the perfect Halloween read-aloud for the youngest listeners. A friendly witch, hungry dragon, and muddy monster learn about friendship, and readers will delight in the surprising (and not too scary) ending.

Room on The Broom: Witch Plush Toy- There's always room for more fun with the brave and imaginative Room on the Broom crew. Fly to new heights through story, activity and wonder. The beloved witch from the Room on the Broom story comes to life in this fun plush. Complete with her broom, your baby can learn kindness and friendship from this sweet and positive character.

Read the full review at Queen of Savings here.

Prize: 1 Room on the Broom Board Book and 1 Room on The Broom: Witch Plush Toy

Dates: 10/12-10/19
Open to: US Residents 18+
Enter to win using the Giveaway Tools Widget below. Good luck!


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blogger Opp: Black Friday Shopping Spree Event

Black Friday Shopping Spree Event

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Instant Mood Lifter

Need a quick pick me up? Keep a bottle of gardenia essential oil in your purse and sniff deeply a few times whenever you need a boost. The blooms aroma is a proven cure for a blue mood. Studies show that people exposed to the sweet scent of flowers reported an increase in feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Keeping Kids Safer Around Pools and Spas

It is not something that bears thinking about but the sad truth is that some children do die from drowning every year, so if you have a swimming pool or spa in your garden or the house, then you have to strike a balance between having fun and staying stay at all times.

Adult supervision

There is often a relaxed and fun atmosphere around a swimming pool, which is understandable as everyone is normally enjoying themselves and simply having a good time, especially the children.

It only takes a few seconds for a tragic accident to occur especially when a child under four years old is suddenly in difficulty in the water, so the level of adult supervision required around the swimming pool area is far greater than it is with a lot of other activities, simply because of the danger that exists.

No room for error

No one wants to spoil the fun and you can keep a very close eye on your children without them feeling that they are unable to have fun. You just have to remember that there is no room for error as a young child can quickly and often silently, drown within a few seconds.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents provide a helpful guide that you can download for reference but you simply have to remember the golden rule above everything else, never leave a child alone when they are in or even around a pool or spa, even for a few seconds.

Direct sight

You should aim to keep your children in direct sight at all times and never assume that they are alright. If a child is missing even for a few seconds, you should immediately check the pool or spa to make sure that they have not fallen in or are in any sort of trouble. Every second counts when it comes to avoiding a tragic accident so don’t feel you are being over-protective by keeping such a watchful eye over your children and having them in direct sight at all times.

Safety barriers and fencing

When you are looking for swim spas for sale you should also give serious consideration to making sure that the area where it is going to be used is fenced off or protected by barriers. You can get safety barriers and fencing that is specially designed to protect children from entering the pool area without adult supervision or assistance.

Take a close look at the area surrounding your pool and make sure that there are no weak spots or areas where a child could get in without you knowing about it and even consider getting an alarm fitted to the entry gate, so that if they do get in because it has been left unlocked by mistake, you can quickly be alerted to this fact.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don't Put Off Home Repairs

If it were only me, I'd put 40 percent of my income in the bank and spend only the 60 percent. But then again, I have a growing family and a college student. The expenses are getting bigger and sometimes it's tough to make ends meet. You can do so much when you have savings in the bank and this ensures you have something in cases of emergency. You'll never know when a pipe will break or when a roof needs replacement. It feels so much better when you know you have money to spend for this. But what if you don't?


Well, don't despair because most of these things, you can do on your own. There are websites that offers do-it-yourself home repairs. All you need to do is prepare the materials you will be needing for the repair and follow the instructions. These are mostly step by step guides that are easy to understand and follow so you don't really have to worry about failing on the project.

If you have been putting off home repairs because you don't have the budget for it, try DIY Repair. You'll be amazed at how you can do things that you never imagined you can do.

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Lantana Plant

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Periwinkle (White)

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Did you know?

A delicious way to ward off indigestion is to flavor your meats, casseroles, and omelets with tarragon. The volatile oils in this herb stimulate the release of stomach acids and bile. These fluids enhance the breakdown and absorption of protein and fats, preventing digestion backups that cause gas, heartburn and cramping.

Safety Vest from

Keep your team of workers safe when they are working at night-time, particularly when traffic is nearby. If you are looking for the best in reflective gear and vests that help with worker identification in various situations, a safety vest from will help you find just the right solution to your safety concerns for your valued staff.

Best of all, you can find great deals on these vests for your road or construction crew. The range of choices includes incident command vests, safety vests, surveyor vests, economy vests, public safety vests and ANSI Class 2 and 3 reflective safety vests.

Incident command vests helps you distinguish different teams of workers from others, especially in times of urgency or emergency. You can do a quick scan out over your crew and see the different sections at a glance to make sure your crew members are all accounted for in a snap. Incident command vests help you and your team easily identify groups of workers to get a quick head count for emergency situations when you need quick worker accountability. Shop for a wide range of colors of these reflective vests in purple, red, white with various brightly colored accents, orange and many others. All of these vests have reflective strips on the front and back.

Public safety vests help identify professionals involved with the rescue efforts. Quick emergency responders wearing the appropriate public safety vest will work as a beacon to any lost or injured workers trying to get medical help or find loved ones quickly. The public safety vest is also ideal for those helping keep family members and friends informed about a given emergency situation. There is a vest for each type of emergency worker such as firefighters, police officers, paramedic workers and others. Even if the vest doesn't offer the exact title or details of the worker's responsibilities, it will get workers and families started in the right direction.

Class 3 safety vests will keep your crew members safe when working on a busy roadway, especially at night or in the dark hours of early morning. The ANSI Class 3 high visibility vest provides the wearer the maximum visibility under poor lighting conditions. Anywhere that workers are near vehicles that travel above 50 MPH, they should wear this type of vest, so road flag bearers at freeway construction sites and road crews will benefit from the Class 3 vest.

Honoring Our Military: Tips for Teaching Children about Veterans Day

Each year on November 11th Veterans Day is celebrated. School children learn that Veterans Day is a special holiday set aside to honor veterans and their military service to the country. In order to help children understand the honor and reverence due to our military, it’s ideal to include children in school and community observances and to teach them how they can honor the nation’s service men and women too.

Celebrate with Pins

Handing out special tokens can remind children of the importance of Veterans Day. Military pins can increase awareness of this special day, for example, and showcase the insignia of the various military branches. Small tokens can make big statements. Entire classrooms and schools that demonstrate their respect for the military with a special pin that makes that grand statement and teaches kids the importance of paying homage to the nation’s heroes and heroines.

Honoring the Flag

The flag plays a vital role in any Veterans Day celebration. Many schools take time to explain the value of the flag as a symbol of the nation’s pride. Both older and younger children can take part in crafts that celebrate the flag and all its glory. Young children might make a classroom flag using fingerprints to construct a flag picture using their hand prints. Older children might make a classroom of collages that find online of photographs of soldiers sporting the flag. There are many famous flag photographs that could be used to create a special Veterans Day display.

Special Invitations

Inviting veterans to speak at school assemblies is a time-honored tradition. While many veterans often come prepared with speeches geared for children to discuss their role in the military, nearly all are delighted to answer children’s questions which are frequently quite profound. Many schools honor veterans in the community as well as veterans who are relatives of the students themselves. These events might be as formal as ceremonial occasions or as informal as a classroom discussion. Other programs like Take a Veteran to School are particularly popular for celebrating Veterans Day.

Send a Care Package to Soldiers

A great way to honor veterans who served in the military is to help support today’s soldiers. Invite students to put together care packages to send to current military personnel. Items like books, magazines, and even snacks are luxuries for soldiers who are serving in far-flung locations. Aside from items, soldiers also appreciate letters from their fellow countrymen--even students who simply want to demonstrate their appreciation for the service of our military’s men and women.

Other Ideas

Many schools plan special assemblies for Veterans Day. School bands perform patriotic songs while other students might recite patriotic poetry or read letters from celebrated military leaders. Students might also create artwork that honors veterans of various wars and showcase them throughout the school’s hallways. Encouraging children to wear red, white, and blue can also strengthen any school’s Veterans Day celebration. By teaching children about Veterans Day and also inviting them to partake in the planning of the celebratory events, they learn to value the service of others and to take pride in the national identity we share.

Melissa Rudd is a retired elementary history teacher. She likes to spend her days blogging about education and childhood development on a variety of blog sites.
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