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Monday, February 23, 2015

Three Techniques To Try If Your Marriage Is In Trouble

No matter how productive and positive your marital relationship is, there will probably come a point when you and your partner experience a "rough patch." When you find yourself experiencing a marital challenge, it's important that you know what to do in order to attain a solution that you and your partner can agree on. For this reason, be sure that you consider the following three techniques when you find yourself experiencing a significant marital problem:

1. Set Boundaries.

Oftentimes, the reason that married couples experience challenges results from the fact that they have not set boundaries. No matter how much you and your partner are in love, failing to establish specific, mutually understood rules and regulations can result in the dissolution of your relationship. We are all different, and this means that every married couple will not need to set the same boundaries. In some cases, one partner may feel the need to have a separate savings account that they can use to splurge on goodies that they want. In other cases, a partner might feel the need to vacation alone, at least once a year. When these boundaries are understood and mutually agreed upon, they can keep a marriage in optimal condition.

2. Spend Time Apart.

Even people who are deeply in love need to spend time apart. Doing so empowers each partner to operate as an individual. And when your marriage is in trouble, spending time apart gives you the ability to think critically about the existing problem and possible solutions for it.

3. Consult With A Divorce Attorney.

This should be your last resort when you experience challenges in your marriage. When you've done everything you can to overcome a marital problem yet find that tension is still present and prevalent, it is likely time to call it quits. Deciding to get a divorce can be an overwhelming decision for many reasons, including the fact that you will have to deal with complex and important issues such as child custody and money. For this reason, it's a good idea to consult with a professional divorce attorney who has extensive experience in the field. A company such as Cordell & Cordell will likely be able to provide you with the detail-oriented, customer-centered services you need and deserve. To learn more about the nature and quality of divorce services that the firm offers, review the Cordell & Cordell reviews found on YouTube and visit the company's Facebook site.


Marriage can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling institutions on earth. However, when you and your partner find yourselves experiencing difficulties, you need to rectify the situation quickly so that you do not have long-term emotional damage. To ensure that you can get your marriage back on track or bring it to a peaceful end, implement the marital strategies outlined in the subsequent paragraphs.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

JORD Wood Watch Review #jordwatch

I couldn't contain my excitement when I received an email invite to review a wood watch. I've seen these watches around and I love their designs. If you are not familiar, you might think that they are not as fashionable because they are made of wood, but the watches are unique, pretty and very classy. The best thing about this collaboration is I got to choose the design I want. I had a tough time choosing because all the designs are gorgeous.

Product Description for the CORA SERIES Koa and Rose Gold

Cora is our first Lady's automatic timepiece. Crystal markers bounce light off the lustrous face and the round aperture offers a clear view to the beauty and the complication of the automatic movement. Cora's elegance is grounded by the complex grain in the wood case and band. An earthly jewel; our lady's automatic timepiece illustrates the seamless blend between function and fashion.

  • Deployment Buckle with Push Button
  • Sapphire Crystal Face
  • Seagull 6103k Automatic Movement - 21 Jewels
  • Screw-down Crown
  • Swarovski Crystals
  • Case Width: 37mm
  • Case Thickness: 12mm
  • Lug Ends: 38mm
  • Band Length: 211mm
  • Band Thickness: 18mm - 22mm

My Thoughts

I chose the Cora Series Koa and Rose Gold to review. It came in a beautiful wooden box and was wrapped with a bubble plastic to protect the box from dents while it's being shipped. Just looking at the box, you can already tell that what's inside is something expensive. But no, it's not. Their watches are very affordable.

Inside the box, the wood watch is secured by a "watch pillow," so it stays in place.

They had it cut to my size to save me a trip to the jeweler. The watch looks very classy and it's delicately crafted. The Koa wood is so fine and smooth to the touch. The face is made of rose gold and it has 8 Swarovski crystals that made it look very elegant. The reddish brown color of the wood perfectly matched the pinkish color of the rose gold.

The watch is automatic, so you don't have to worry about adjusting the time too often or about changing batteries. It also has a modern design and is very fashionable. There are times when I get allergies from wearing a leather-strapped watch, especially during the summer when you sweat easily. It never happened so far, with my Cora Series wood watch. The Koa wood and the stainless buckle didn't irritate my skin.

What I like?

The look, how it functions, how it easily matches any outfit and how people are turning their heads to look at the watch. The medium brown color of the Koa wood and the rose gold face can be matched perfectly with many colors. You can wear it every day and in any occasion. Whether you are wearing casual clothes, office attire or a formal dress; the wood watch by Jord would be a perfect accessory.

What I didn't like?

I honestly didn't find anything I didn't like about the Cora Koa and Rose Gold watch. It's beautiful, classy, fun and affordable. I absolutely love this watch!

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Wood Watch through the Jord website. They've got a wide variety of designs for both men and women. Jord made sure to use different types of woods, so the colors come in different shades. Check them out and I'm sure you'll find a timepiece that will suit your taste.

You can also find Jord Wood Watches on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The folks on Jord Watch just love my readers so much they want all of you to know more about their wood watches and have a chance to win one! The entries are very simple and the winner will receive a gift coupon worth $139.00, so he/she can choose his/her preferred design.

Prize: Jord Watch Gift Coupon worth $139.00
Date: 21 February - 07 March 2015
Open to: US Residents 18+
One entrant per household, please.
Enter to win using the giveaway widget below.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Product/s mentioned above were sent to me by Jord Wood Watch for evaluation purposes. No monetary compensation was received to write the review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. However, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Fungavir Nail Fungus Treatment Review

Do you see white patches on your toenails? Well, those aren't just a cosmetic concern. What you are seeing could be an early sign of a sneaky infection. You should do something about it before it gets worse. White or yellow patches, increased thickness, loss of luster and brittleness are the most common signs of nail fungus. And the longer it goes untreated, the tougher it is to eliminate.

I was recently given a chance to test and review Fungavir, a fast and effective nail fungus treatment. My dad suffers from fungus infection and he's been treating it with the tea tree oil I gave him. It works for him, but it doesn't work as fast as the doctor-recommended treatments. Maybe it's because there are times that he forgets to apply the oil.

Product Description

Fungavir is a maximum strength double action nail fungus treatment. Fungavir's dual action formula attacks the core of the problem underneath the nail, killing the fungus while working to heal the affected area. Fungavir is fast and effective, utilizing only the safest and most powerful anti-fungal ingredients with no known side effects. Most nail fungus treatments fail to eliminate all of the fungus and heal the area, allowing fungus to grow back. In addition they dilute their products by adding fillers like water and glycerin, which makes the product less effective and costly over time.

My Thoughts

As soon as the product arrived, I checked it out and gave it to my dad. It smells like tea tree oil, it has the same texture and consistency. He started using it twice a day and I had to remind him every day, so he won't forget. It's been two weeks now and we have noticed that the fungus in the big toe of his left foot is starting to clear up. Fungavir is easy to apply, it doesn't sting and is not irritating.

Two weeks may be too early, but I have read a lot of reviews about its effectiveness. People who have used this claim that their fungus is gone.

Overall, my dad likes the results he is getting and he says he will continue to use it until the fungus is completely gone. If you are searching for a product to treat nail fungus, I recommend that you give Fungavir a try.

Where to buy?

You can purchase Fungavir through their website and on Amazon. Four small bottles cost $99.80; still way cheaper than getting those expensive treatments that don't work.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Olivia Wilde's Oscar Makeup Tutorial (Video)

Olivia Wilde looked gorgeous at the Oscars.  Get the look with my make up tutorial.

Video provided by MakeupandArtFreak.  Subscribe to her videos here
Shop the article:

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Maybelline - Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Maybelline - York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner BLACKEST BLACK 950 - 0.106 oz.

NYX - Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil (3 pack)

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links provided by Postpresso.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

3 Reasons Why Sonography in Adelaide is a Great Idea For Your Family

Ultrasonography, which is commonly referred to as sonography, uses high frequency sound waves to produce visual images from within the body. It’s often used to look at organs and tissues, as well as unborn children. And while sonograms are often used to determine the health and sex of a baby, these days parents can use sonography in Adelaide to begin creating family memories from very early on. If you’re looking for sonography to guide you through your pregnancy, here are 3 reasons why sonography in Adelaide is your best option.

1. 3D and 4D ultrasound service. The sonography offered in Adelaide includes unique 3D and 4D Foetal photos. These types of images create far crisper and clearer pictures to help you to better see your child throughout his early development. 3D and 4D allows you to see your baby yawn, stretch, and sleep – visions you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

2. Memories for a lifetime. One of the benefits of getting a sonography in Adelaide is that you can take your images home with you, and begin your family memory book earlier than you ever thought possible. Rather than a grainy black and white image, which is used to determine health issues of your baby, the 3D and 4D images given during your Adelaide sonogram will be in color and will offer far more detail than you thought possible, thus making these pictures worthwhile contributors to your family album.

3. Designed for memories, but health is still a concern. The sonograms performed in Adelaide are not designed to be a medical scan. However, a senior accredited diagnostic sonographer with extensive experience and training performs all scans. As such, the sonographer is able to determine if there is something concerning that appears during the procedure. If this does occur, the sonographer will contact your doctor so that they can proceed with their own investigation.

Sonograms have been used for decades to help determine the health and wellness of babies in utero. But as technology has progressed, so too has the possibility to create far more refined and richer images of your baby during his earliest stages of development. Parents who choose sonography in Adelaide discover that they bond with their children as a result of these detailed images. That’s why so many parents-to-be in Adelaide turn to Before You Were Born for their sonogram needs. Learn and see what they have to offer by visiting them at

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What’s so Special about California’s Food?

The main hallmarks of California cooking are freshly prepared local ingredients and a fusion of many different kinds of cuisine. Foodies like Max Gorin can tell you the people who settled California from Mexico, Italy, China, France and Japan all contributed to the wonderful flavors of California fusion cuisine. Most chefs in California focus on healthy food which is low in saturated fats and high in fresh fruits and vegetables with super-fresh seafood and lean meats. All of the above is served to the guest in a delightful and artistic presentation.

Taste for Yourself

There are hundreds of food festivals throughout the state every year. Here are a few of the most popular in Southern California where you can get a taste of the real thing, and learn how to make it yourself.

Food and Wine Festival Palm Desert in March

This festival is organized by Palm Springs Life and includes chefs from all over the country for three days of culinary and wine tasting in Palm Desert, California. It showcases the Coachella Valley as one of the ultimate culinary destinations in the country. James Beard presents a four course luncheon on the first day and there is extensive wine and beer tasting throughout.

VinDiego Wine and Food Festival in April

San Diego becomes the epicenter for food and wine for two days in April. The top wineries and restaurants present their fare that includes fresh seafood including sushi, organic farm fresh meals, designer burgers and more.

The Fallbrook Avocado Festival in April

California is famous for its avocados, and the heavenly fruit is the mainstay of Fallbrook, California. No wonder the town has an annual festival showcasing the many uses of avocados. This is your chance to taste the myriad ways avocados can be prepared. There are contests for preparing avocados including the best guacamole as well as a variety of avocado products to sample.

Chili Cook-Off and Classic Car Show in April

Chili and cars are the center of this festival in Thousand Oaks, California. You’ll taste some of the best chili ever made and get a chance to vote on your favorite. There are official judges as well as people’s choice awards. There will also be an exhibition of cars from all over the world and live music.

Vintage Bouquet Food and Wine Extravaganza in April

This delightful festival in Beverly Hills, California showcases hors d’oeuvres created by the top chefs in the locality as well as California’s premium wines. There is also a silent auction and live music. The event is sponsored by the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and all of the proceeds go to the Los Angeles community for free legal advice and help for victims of domestic violence and other individuals who may need legal aid.

Taste of Huntington Beach in April

This event showcases the huge variety of local restaurants and catering services in Huntington Beach. Along with the fantastic food, samples from local breweries and wineries are also served. There is live entertainment, and it promises to be a great party. Here’s your chance to get a real sampling of local California cooking. The proceeds go to The Children’s Library of Huntington Beach.

With these convenient festivals available, you don’t have to go to every restaurant in the state to get an idea of the amazing variety and flavors of California cooking.

Getting a good night's sleep

Tried everything? Upside down? On the living room couch? In a tent in the garden? Well, the best advice for getting a good night’s sleep is go back to basics. Keep it simple. Relax and nod off with these 5 tips for better sleep:

Keep a Regular Sleep Schedule

It’s not always easy but try to set a bedtime that you can stick to every night, as well as a time when you wake up. Your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, known as your circadian rhythm, is a delicate thing. Keeping a consistent sleeping pattern is vital if you want to feel as refreshed and energetic as possible during the day.


Do you find yourself going over lots of things or just simply faffing around before bed? Cut it out! Take it easy. You will sleep more deeply if you make a conscious effort to unwind before bedtime. Keep noise to a minimum, keep your room relatively cool and avoid any bright lights. This includes LCD screens, laptops, ipads etc – try reading a book instead. For an extra relaxing evening take a warm bath before you retire to the bedroom.

Eat Well and Drink Less

Shock horror – no 3am kebabs allowed! In fact, it’s best to stay away from unhealthy food altogether if what you crave most is untroubled sleep. Maintaining a healthy diet will help your body to settle at night - fatty foods take a lot of work for your stomach to digest and may keep you up. In the run up to bedtime try not to eat big meals, avoid caffeine and unfortunately, a nightcap is best avoided too. It might send you to sleep quickly but alcohol is proven to reduce overall sleep quality.

Choose a comfy bed

There are many varying styles and shapes so make sure your bed is comfortable. You should have enough room to stretch and turn comfortably. If you often wake up with a sore back or an aching neck, you may need to invest in a new mattress or a try a different pillow. Experiment with different mattresses and pillows that provide more or less support.

Find a buddy!

Let’s face it, everyone loves a cuddle. Many sleep researchers believe that couples sleeping on the same bed may live longer and be in better health that people who sleep by themselves. Sleeping with a partner may be a major reason why people in intimate relationships tend to be in better health.

Try a few different things and see what works for you. Sleep tight.

Image by Sterin used under the Creative Commons license.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is Outpatient Treatment Your Best Option?

The two main types of drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs are inpatient and outpatient. While inpatient treatment is recommended for people with severe addictions, outpatient treatments can be just as effective but a little less intense. Addiction rehabilitation centers offer outpatient treatment that allows the person to come to the center for treatment and go home at night. This is recommended for people who are at the beginning stages of addiction. You can find information on outpatient programs at portals such as Your First Step.

What Is Outpatient Therapy?

Outpatient programs are similar to impatient programs, but they allow the patient to maintain some of their responsibilities at home such as caring for children or parents. It may also be planned around your work or school schedule. Outpatient programs usually focus on techniques for overcoming addiction. In the beginning stages, addiction may not be obvious, but if it is accepted, an outpatient program may be all that is necessary for getting free from the addiction. People who benefit the most from outpatient programs are those who recognize that they have an addiction and are motivated to overcome it.

What Are the Treatments Involved?

Outpatient treatments are often multidisciplinary and take into account several approaches to recovery. Some of the treatments used are:

• Cognitive behavioral therapy
• Community and social education
• Religious
• Family involvement
• Group therapy

While it may be necessary for long-term addicts to be isolated from their family and friends for a few days or weeks until they stabilize after withdrawal, outpatient treatments allow the addict to remain in their family environment and with other support groups. Outpatient therapy is also less expensive that inpatient programs, while still providing high-quality treatment.

Some of the topics covered in outpatient treatments in small group discussions are:

• How to manage urges and cravings
• How addiction is a disease
• How to prevent a relapse into addiction
• How to recognize the stages of change
• How to recognize co-occurring disorders

Some services include the family members in group therapy. This technique has been seen to help change any behavior in a family member that may be contributing to the patient’s addictive behavior. If required, an outpatient program may also include mental health professionals, and assistance with getting a job.

There are many types of rehabilitation programs for every budget and lifestyle. There is a good chance you can find a program that that will help you or your loved-one become drug or alcohol-free.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SuppressMint Review

I'm really glad to be exercising again. Aside from brisk walking 3 times a week, I bought an exercise machine, so I can still sweat it out at home. So far, I have lost 5 pounds. That's a big deal already considering that I have not lost a pound for quite some time. Yeah, even with diet and exercise. Frustrating, isn't it? Like most dieters, I'm dealing with hunger pangs and this SuppressMint: 3-Hour Craving Control Breath Mint that I will be reviewing is a God send.

suppressmint 1

Product Description

SuppressMint® is a dot-sized, long-lasting (3-hour) slow-dissolve time-release peppermint-flavored micro-tab that is fortified with the proven dietary supplement and appetite suppressant Chromax® (chromium picolinate).
You simply put the "dot" in your mouth between your gum and cheek where it takes up to three hours to dissolve -- and then, forget about it.
During the time it takes to dissolve or "melt" many people report they lose their desire, and cravings for foods that make us all overweight—especially refined carbohydrates (cakes, cookies, chips, ice-cream, donuts, pastries, soda, etc.).
The end result is that you have the willpower to overcome the temptations and cravings that these foods stimulate and the willpower to stay on a healthy dieting and eating program so you can lose all the unhealthy body fat you want and to keep it off for good.
Chromium picolinate, the active ingredient in SuppressMint is a safe, proven and highly effective mineral with 20 years of research behind it. It helps reduce cravings for foods high in sugar and fat (refined carbohydrates and saturated fats) while it helps stabilize blood sugar (glucose levels) and calm anxiety and stabilize emotions.
As the tiny, pleasant tasting SuppressMint dot rests comfortably and undetectable in your mouth for its three hour slow-melt duration, it works on four levels to help you curb your cravings for high glycimic foods:
(1) Provides a sense of oral gratification for three hours. You don't feel the emotional need to eat while it's in your mouth.
(2) The peppermint extract works directly on your brain's appetite control center to help reduce cravings.
(3) The chromium picolinate also helps soothe cravings by interacting with the brain's "appestat," reduces blood sugar levels so you burn more fat for energy instead of sugar and enhances positive mood states.
(4) Most people who diet develop metallic smelling breath caused by ketosis. SuppressMint keeps your breath fresh and your mouth moist for its three hour, slow-melt duration.
SuppressMint is ideal for the millions who try to lose weight with low-calories, structured eating plans such as NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc. Most people fail to stay with these plans because they can't handle the cravings for refined high-sugar, flour and fat foods.
Suppressant fortifies success of these plans when used between meals, especially in the late afternoon and during the evening when the cravings are the strongest.

My Thoughts

I just love these mini mints. They are so small, but they incredibly take hours to melt. I've never tried appetite suppressants before and how I wish I did; these little tabs work wonders. I take one in the afternoon and another one again in the evening and I never felt hungry. We eat dinner at 6:30 and by midnight, my tummy is rumbling. With the mints, there are no midnight snacking. The mint tastes great and it doesn't leave my mouth dry. It comes with two small dispensers that you can bring with you anywhere.

suppressmint 2

suppressmint 3

Overall, these mints are a help for curbing food cravings. If you are dieting or you're working on leveling your blood sugar, these are highly recommended.

Where to buy?

The SuppressMint: 3-Hour Craving Control Breath Mint can be purchased through the SuppressMint website and on Amazon.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Review: Poppy Austin Eye Cream

Problem puffiness and dark circles? Read on and see how I battled them with Poppy Austin Eye Cream.

Product Description

Poppy Austin Revitalizing Eye Cream is a highly concentrated blend of naturally derived and organic ingredients, designed to restore a youthful glow around the eye area and directly tackle dark circles and puffiness.

A multi-purpose and lightweight organic eye cream, it can also be used as an all over face lotion, absorbing quickly into the skin without clogging pores. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is naturally free from silicones, parabens, additives, fillers and alcohol.

Key ingredients include our luxurious organic Aloe, Grapeseed Oil, organic Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Lemon Citrus, organic Rosehip Oil, Vitamins E and C and many other sumptuous moisturizers and natural antioxidants.

My Thoughts

First off, I love that the cream is made of powerhouse ingredients. All these oils are rich in antioxidants and known to moisturize the skin. The cream has a very mild scent and it has a nice consistency. The bottle comes with a pump for easy dispensing, but you have to pump gently because it dispenses too much. It is not sticky, it's easy to apply on the skin and it absorbs quickly. I love the cooling effect because it relaxes and soothes tired eyes instantly. I also love that it does not leave a shiny look.

It's been more than a week and I noticed a slight reduction on the puffiness. The dark circles have slightly improved as well. I'm sure I will continue to be amazed with this product in the weeks to come.

Overall, I had a great experience with the eye cream. It's very mild, yet it works well to combat dark circles and eye bags. I recommend this.

You can purchase the Eye Cream through the Poppy Austin website and on Amazon. The serum is fairly priced at $22.49.

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.

HotelSpa® Ultra-Luxury 7-setting LED Hand Shower with Temperature Sensor Review and Giveaway

There is nothing more soothing (and relaxing!) than bathing with warm water. But sometimes, getting the right temperature can be tough. Today's review is about the HotelSpa® Ultra-Luxury 7-setting LED Hand Shower with Temperature Sensor, and hopefully, it will finally solve the water too hot or cold issues in my home.

Product Description

World's Most Advanced LED Hand Shower!

• Powered by running water, no batteries needed
• Luxurious 7-setting High-power LED Hand Shower
• Can be used as Overhead or Handheld shower • Extra-large 4.25" Chrome Face • 7 Settings include Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Mist/Massage, Rain/Mist and Water-saving Economy Rain & Pause modes
• 3-zone Precision SpiralFlo Dial with Rub-clean Jets & Click-action Lever
• Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature: BLUE - Cool under 95F (35C), GREEN - Warm 95-108F (35-42C), RED - Hot 109-122F (43-50C), FLASHING RED - Warning Hot over 122F (50C)
• LED lights have long life of 100,000 hours (over 10 years of heavy daily use)
• Includes Angle-adjustable Overhead Bracket and Super Flexible Stainless Steel Hose with Dual Conical Brass Hose Nuts for easy hand tightening
• Connects in minutes without Tools
• 1-year Warranty

My Thoughts

The shower head looks really nice. It's easy to install and it's sturdy. We got really excited by the changing lights. It's blue when the water is cold, green when it's nice and warm, red when it's hot and blinking red when it's dangerously hot. Now, that's the easiest and safest way to get the perfect temperature. It also has a very nice and modern design and it made our bathroom look really cool.

I have read some of the reviews before this and some have complained about leaks. I've never had any leak problems with my unit. It was my husband who did the installing and it only took him a few minutes to set it up.

Overall, we love the handheld shower and the kids are having fun with it. If you're having water temperature issues at home, this product will definitely put an end to it. I highly recommend this.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the HotelSpa® Ultra-Luxury 7-setting LED Hand Shower with Temperature Sensor through the Interlink Products International Inc website and on Amazon. It's fairly priced at $49.99.

I am also giving away 1 unit of HotelSpa® Ultra-Luxury 7-setting LED Hand Shower with Temperature Sensor to 1 lucky winner.

Prize: 1 unit of HotelSpa® Ultra-Luxury 7-setting LED Hand Shower with Temperature Sensor Dates: 10 February - 17 February 2015 
Open to: US Residents 18+
Enter to win using the giveaway widget below.
Good luck!

Disclosure: I received a sample of this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own and was in no way influenced by anyone or the brand.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Perfective Ceuticals Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 Review

It's not only during the hot months of summer that you are prone to sun damage. Even during the cold months, the UV rays can damage your skin. Whether it's a sunny or cloudy day, the moment you step out of the house, you should be protected with a good sunscreen. Today's discussion is about Perfective Ceuticals Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40.

Product Description

Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide is a non-comedogenic, broad-spectrum sunscreen formulated with naturally occurring Titanium Dioxide and cellular-protecting plant extracts. It offers skin protection from UV rays that contribute to skin damage and premature aging. Utilizing an exclusive ultra-light technology, it glides on smoothly; leaving the skin with a soft, non-greasy finish. Perfect to wear alone, over daily moisturizer or as an invisible makeup primer. Fragrance-free.

My Thoughts

I love Perfective Ceuticals products! My skin loves their moisturizer and eye therapy cream. The sunscreen has a very nice consistency and, true to their claim, it is very light. Too light that it's like you're not wearing a sunscreen at all. The cream has a very mild scent. Very mild that you don't have to worry about mixing with the scent of other products you use on your face. It's easy to apply and is very gentle on the skin. I didn't feel any sting after applying unlike some facial sunscreens that I've tried. It glided smoothly and I love that my face does not look shiny and my skin feels very soft. It's cream based, but it's not sticky. I love this product!

Overall, this sunscreen is really nice and it works as a great moisturizer as well. If you are looking for a product to combat the signs of aging and protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, this is a great product to try.

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 through the Perfective Ceuticals website and on Amazon. The sunscreen is fairly priced at $48.00.

Disclosure: Product/s mentioned above were sent to me for evaluation purposes. No monetary compensation was received to write the review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. However, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

The Best Way to Find Hens Night Supplies in Melbourne

When you begin planning your Hens Night party, the first thing you picture is the friends that will be there celebrating with you. However, the games and accessories you buy will also play an important role in making your night extraordinary. So where can you find the best Hens Night supplies in Melbourne? Here are some things you should look for when deciding where to purchase all of your Hens Night supplies.

1. Choose a supplier with a diverse inventory of games and accessories.

Your Hens Night Party should reflect your unique personality. You should never feel forced to buy Hens Night accessories that aren’t absolutely perfect for the party you have envisioned. To make sure that your party is everything you have dreamed of, look for a Hens Night supplier that offers a wide range of games and accessories. A good supplier will allow you to find the perfect games and accessories that are sure to enhance your special night.

2. Online ordering should be easy and safe.

In today’s world, you can buy almost anything online. Unfortunately, not every company offers online ordering that is easy or secure. Purchasing items for your Hens Night party should be a fun experience. Most online businesses are pretty complex behind the scenes. However, the customer’s experience should be as easy and enjoyable as possible. Look for a Hens Night provider with a good reputation that also offers an easy and secure online ordering process. Doing business with a reliable company will allow you to shop worry free so that your focus can remain on the fun night ahead.

3. Ask for recommendations to help find Hens Night suppliers.

There is a lot to say for having a good reputation. Finding an established company with proven customer satisfaction is a valuable asset when it comes to planning your party. Look for a supplier with several positive reviews and testimonials so that you know that you are dealing with a dependable company. If a potential supplier does not have reviews available online, you can always contact them directly and ask them to provide references from past customers. Another way to find a reputable company is to ask for recommendations from friends or others who have previously bought Hens Night accessories.

Your Hens Night should be a night that you will never forget. But the memories don’t have to be limited to just one night. If you choose the right supplier, the fun can begin as soon as you start preparing for your Hens Night. That’s why so many people in and around Melbourne choose BuckingHen Palace for all of their Hens Night accessories. Learn more by visiting

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rough and dry elbows?

Heal them lemons. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub the cut side on each elbow for thirty seconds. Then pat dry with a towel and massage a bit of olive oil into your elbows. The citric acid in lemon juice will help dissolve rough, dead skin cells while the olive oil softens and moisturizes.

Constipend Review

It was in November last year when I received the bad news; my brother was diagnosed with rectal cancer. For a few days, I wasn't able to sleep well. I was thinking of him and how I would break the news to our parents. Our parents are both strong, especially my mom, still, it would break their hearts. It was only when his doctor assured us that his cancer is treatable that I was able to break the news to them. Of course, my mom cried, but when I assured her that it has not reached the lymph nodes and he has a bigger chance of getting cured, she calmed down.

For a month, he underwent radiation and chemotheraphy. They needed to downsize the lump, so it will be easier to remove. There is a great improvement in size according to his doctor and for that, we are all very grateful for those who prayed with us. He is scheduled for surgery before the end of the month and again, we're all praying that he'll recover fast and will be cancer free after that.

Meanwhile, the only medication he is taking is a supplement to help him move without problems. I was recently given the opportunity to review the Constipend by RelaxSlim. I was actually thinking of myself when I applied for the review because I want to lose weight, but I think this would work great for him.

Product Description

CONSTIPEND is a natural medicine which incorporates the benefits of magnesium combined with an amino acid called L-Glutamine which has been found to help reconstruct and rehabilitate the intestinal walls. It also contains a dose of "olive leaf extract" which has been shown to kill off pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, parasites and yeasts (such as the candida albicans yeast, one of the primary obstacles to weight loss). It helps people handle their chronic constipation difficulties without any chemicals or artificial ingredients. Constipend was developed by Metabolism Specialist and author of best-selling book "The Power of Your Metabolism" in which he describes Constipation as one of the barriers to weight loss. This is a very simple natural remedy that works on handling the problem permanently.

My Thoughts

Since taking Constipend my brother didn't have difficulties moving. He didn't also with the one he was taking before Constipend, but he likes this one better because he didn't have stomach cramps. He takes 4 daily and he's moving regularly. He also noticed that his stool doesn't smell that bad, a sign that he's digesting his food well.

Overall, he likes the product. It contains no artificial ingredients, it works well for him, it's easy to swallow and he doesn't suffer from stomach cramps. If you are looking for a supplement to help you with constipation, this is a good product to try.

Where to buy?

You can purchase Constipend through the RelaxSlim website and on Amazon.

Disclaimer: I have received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid for my thoughts and opinions. What was written above are 100 percent my own and was in no way influenced by the brand or anyone.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ward Off Diseases with Black Bedroom Curtains

Did you know that aside from getting quality sleep, black bedroom curtains delivers numerous health benefits? If you haven't heard yet, melatonin is what makes you fall asleep. If your body is not producing enough of this to make you feel sleepy, you'll keep on tossing and turning in your bed. A pitch dark room is the most natural way to maximize your melatonin production.

According to experts, light, whether natural or artificial can suppress the production of sleep hormones that is why it is important that you protect it to get deep restorative sleep and keep major diseases at bay. That faint light in your night light, the red light that indicates power off from your TV, the light from your alarm clock and the lights from outside your room can keep you up at night.

What's more? Studies show that blocking out artificial light not only helps you get a good night's rest, but it helps greatly in reducing the growth in breast and prostate cancers. Surprised? Well, I was surprised, too. I've been reading a lot about how a good night's sleep benefits us, but this is the first time I've heard about this study. I'm glad that I'm blocking artificial light through the blackout curtains that I buy from

Our body produces melatonin when it is dark and the only way to do it is to make sure all gadgets and appliances are turned off and by using blackout bedroom curtains.

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