Save Money for a Rainy Day

Growing up, our parents always encouraged us to maintain a piggy bank. At first, I never really saw the importance of saving money, that is until I reached adolescence. It was a tad humiliating to have to ask my parents for money every time I needed to go out with my friends, especially since they already work so hard for me and my siblings to go to a private school. That's about the time I realized why they kept pushing me to save money even when I was a kid... so that I can stand on my own... at least for the little things like going to the mall without them.

Ever since then, I would save up a portion of my allowance so that at least I have something extra when I wanted to go out. This became one of the best habits that I didn't expect I would bring with me until now. Of course, saving money is quite different now that I have my own savings account with Capital One. It's easier and I have the option to make my money grow, like an investment.

With my savings in check thanks to Capital One's online banking feature, I can keep track of my expenditures and my budget too. This makes saving money a lot more rewarding, because I can see where my hard work is going. Who knows, maybe when the time is right, I can finally enroll in that class I've been dreaming of taking for the longest time.

Disclosure: I was compensated to share some tips on how to save money.

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