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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Problem Pit Pudge?

It won't be too long before you can shed the bulky sweaters and slip into airy sleeveless tops. But the problem is those unsightly, stubborn little rolls under the arms -- also known as pit pudge or sleevage. To tone them, here's an easy trick. Try using a deodorant infused with rosemary oil.

A recent study revealed that 85% of women who massaged their skin daily with rosemary oil found that is appeared noticeably tighter in two weeks. The credit goes to the oil's alpha-pinene, camphor and limonene that increase the circulation, rev the skin-cell turnover, stimulate the production of collagen and decrease swelling. Rosemary is also a known antibacterial and antifungal astringent that keeps you smelling beautiful and feeling fresh.

A HotWatt for the Hubby

After getting tired with his Marshall, my son asked me for a hotwatt. Oh, he is absolutely in love with it! And to think that it's cheaper than the one he had. I have also tried it and though, I am not good at it, I was amazed with its ability to mix and match effects. It sounded pretty good and even my husband is now asking for this. His birthday is coming up, so I'm thinking of getting another one for him.

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