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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How Can I Make My Hospital An Industry Leader?

In this contemporary era, many hospital business owners are interested in ensuring that they consistently outperform their competitors and become industry leaders. If you run a hospital and want to realize this objective, it's important to know that implementing the following business-building techniques can help you make it happen:

1. Get Great Diagnostic Tests.

One way to ensure that your hospital becomes an industry leader is to invest in great diagnostic tests. Being able to provide your clients with effective treatment services is contingent upon your ability to accurately diagnose them, and this is why obtaining great diagnostic material is important. When you start the search for the perfect diagnostic company, consider Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. This company offers excellent serology tests and a plethora of other wonderful diagnostic products that will increase the efficiency of your hospital's testing processes.

2. Keep Your Company Cutting Edge.

In addition to getting great diagnostic tests, it's important that you keep your company as cutting edge as possible. This strategy will help your hospital become an industry leader by demonstrating your commitment to utilizing the latest methodologies, treatments, and technological advancements. Companies that maintain a cutting edge methodology tend to attain and retain the admiration of the public, and they are oftentimes more effective in connecting with contemporary audiences. As you begin or continue the process of optimizing your hospital's ability to be cutting edge, note that this should oftentimes entail updating your marketing campaign. If you aren't already using online channels like Twitter and Facebook to interface with your prospective patients, start doing so. In addition to demonstrating that your hospital is "in the now," this online marketing strategy can help you optimize your conversion rates.

3. Become A Thought Leader.

If you're serious about making your hospital an industry leader, it's important for you to become a thought leader in your field. Doing so doesn't have to be a complex, arduous endeavor. To keep the process simple and effective, make a point to start reading up on material pertaining to your field. Then get in the habit of publishing articles and books so that you can present them at conferences, lectures, and other industry-related events. This strategy will give your hospital greater credibility in the mind of the public.


Running a hospital can be personally and professionally rewarding, and attaining greater and greater levels of success can be equally enriching. If you're ready to make your hospital an industry leader, it's important to note that getting great diagnostic tests, keeping your company cutting edge, and becoming an industry thought leader can help!

Monday, August 17, 2015

My Fives this Week

When you have two grown kids, you get out of the loop on what's new for babies. A baby is on the way for the family and we all think it’s time to celebrate. My cousin is six months along and everyone is very excited because it's been a long time since we had a baby in the family.

We are cooking up a baby shower and we've all agreed that it's going to be on the first week of September. Now I am pressured to think of a practical, yet adorable gift. I want something that my cousin and her baby could use. In my search, here are the top five in my list.

Baby Hampers and Gifts. This tops my list because the basket includes a super cute Soft Teddy Bear, a Gaia Mini set, baby bath and body wash, baby shampoo, baby moisturizer, a pair of socks, a baby bib, 2 soft face washers, a baby singlet cotton and a small keepsake basket. Everything in the basket is super adorable! What mom wouldn't want this for her baby?

Baby Booties. I was instantly mesmerized by these beautifully crafted shoes. The shoes are designed to support the growing feet of your baby and protect them when they take those precious first steps.

Baby Clothes. Isn't a personalized Onesie adorable? Don't buy this, though, if you are not sure of the baby's gender. It would also be a great idea to know the name of the baby if you plan to give this as a present.

Baby Toys. A functional toy like this will definitely keep your baby entertained during his waking hours.

Baby Furniture. How about a cute plush and cozy chair like that? I know it might be too early to give a gift like this, but they are too adorable that I can't resist including them in my top five.

So, there you have my friends. These are great baby shower gift ideas that are practical, affordable and definitely adorable!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tips on How to Save Money When Shopping

A favorite store for shoppers looking for a good deal and those using coupons, Target sells just about anything you need and provides lots of opportunities to score deep discounts on everyday essentials and favorite items.

Navigating the road to the best deals at Target can be a little overwhelming, but we’ve outlined the steps below:

Use the Cartwheel App

Target was one of the first stores to embrace a money-saving app, and the result is the powerful Cartwheel app that can easily save you tons of money on every shopping list. Cartwheel features rotating mobile coupons on items from every department in the store. To start, simply download the Cartwheel app and create an account or sign in using Google or Facebook. The “Offers” tab on the menu bar features hundreds of mobile coupons organized by category. Once you find your desired offer, all you have to do is tap “add” to put it in your account. You can also use the barcode scanner while in the store to scan items and see if there are any current Cartwheel offers. There are also occasionally hidden offers available through the Cartwheel website and not the app. To access these offers, search online and click “add privately” to apply them to your account.

Once you have added all of your offers, simply pull up “My Barcode” to be scanned at checkout and the savings will automatically be applied without any coupon clipping, printing, or wrangling.

Stack Coupons

Experienced bargain hunters know Target is one of the best stores for using coupons because of its generous stacking policy. Aside from accepting manufacturer’s coupons, the store also provides lots of ways to get exclusive, Target-specific coupons, including the printable coupon section of its website, mobile coupons sent straight to your smartphone, and coupons in the weekly Target ad.

To truly maximize your Target savings, take advantage of the stacking policy and use these scenarios to score great deals. Customers can combine one manufacturer coupon, one Target coupon, and one Cartwheel offer per items for three maximum discounts per item. You can’t use multiple forms of Target coupons (mobile, printed, etc.) on the same item. Target is prone to coupon fraud, which makes it even more important to know and follow the rules. If you use a lot of coupons at Target, it can be useful to keep a copy of the store’s coupon policy with you to use as a reference in case any issues arise. If possible, try to visit the same cashier every time who you can build a relationship with—having a cashier who is familiar with coupons can help the entire process go much more smoothly.

Shop Holiday Clearance

Target is a great source for holiday items and often dedicates a large section of the store to larger holidays like Christmas and Halloween. Although most holiday items sell beforehand, Target aims to clear up the holiday shelf space quickly after the day is over, meaning prices are slashed for great discounts. The biggest discounts and best selection come by shopping just a day or two after Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. Discounts tend to get better as more time goes on, but some stores mark Christmas items up to 90% off starting the day after. Holiday items are more than just decorations and costumes—Target often sells everyday products like cookies or bottled water in special holiday packaging. If you’re willing to be a little out of season, you could save big. Post-holiday sales are also a great time to stock up on decorations, gift wrap, and lights for future years, as the items tend to stay the same year after year.

Aside from the big holiday clearance sales, Target marks down other products on a weekly basis. shared a weekly schedule that shows which departments get marked down each day. However, some stores may follow their own schedule, so it’s best to check with the store manager for the most accurate information.

Look for Gift Card Promotions

To motivate customers to come back to the store and keep spending money, Target frequently runs promotions that give you a $5 or $10 gift card for buying certain products. You’ll receive the gift card automatically at checkout, but it can’t be used until your next trip to the store. The great thing about gift cards is that there are any restrictions or expirations like coupons. When stacked with coupons, Cartwheel offers, and sales, gift card promotions can lead to “moneymakers”, which basically means you pay less out of pocket than the value of the gift cards you receive. For example, you may be able to buy $25 of cleaning products and use coupons that take $17 off your total, bringing it down to $8. A bathroom cleaner you bought came with a $10 gift card, so you are basically making $2 to take home $25 of merchandise. Moneymakers are tricky and require some serious couponing skills, but the more you hunt for bargains at Target, the easier it becomes.

To really score a great deal, be strategic about how you redeem your gift cards and use them on items that rarely go on sale or have applicable coupons.

Get a Target Red Card

Many shoppers are apprehensive about signing up for a store credit or debit card, but the Target Red Card sets itself apart with some great perks and discounts. Neither the Red Card credit or debit card has an annual fee or any limits. When paying with your Red Card, you automatically get an extra 5% off your total purchase, which means that if you spend $1,000 at Target in a year, you’re already saving $50. Red Card holders also get free shipping on all orders and an extra 30 days to return items. Plus, Target will donate 1% of your Red Card purchases to a local school. You can also sign up for Pharmacy Rewards, which gives you 5% off most prescriptions and can be combined with the 5% Red Card savings for a total of 10% off.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Right Stuff

Whether you’re opening the restaurant of your dreams, or need to replace items in your current restaurant, you’ll get the best prices from an online restaurant supply dealer you can trust. Look for a supply company that offers competitive prices on name-brand equipment and focuses on customer service. Their staff will be educated in the food industry to help you make the best decision for your unique situation.

Home or Business

People who love to cook often have restaurant-quality kitchen equipment in their homes. Hospitals, schools and caterers also require commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment. This may include commercial refrigerators and kitchen utensils. A good supply company will offer everything you need. This means you can get your dining room supplies, janitorial supplies and furniture in one place.


Restaurant furniture includes booths, tables and chairs as well as bar stools and outdoor furniture. You may even be looking for a portable cooler to keep the temperature low enough, so your employees can work in comfort or your guests can sit outside in comfort on hot days. Large units will cool up to 4000 square feet and there are smaller ones for homes. A portable cooler is ideal for:

• Stables and barns
• Airplane hangers
• Outdoor dining or partying
• Tents at fairs and amusement parks
• Patios and decks
• Workout rooms
• Any warehouse


If your church or club has regular fairs or festivals, it’s worth purchasing you own concession equipment. Popcorn makers, snow cone ice shavers, cotton candy machines, condiment servers and hot dogs are easy to do for hundreds of people with the right equipment. There’s a mobile corn dog fryer that cooks 12 at one time. You’ll have the favorite refreshment stand in the fair and take home lots of extra money.


A hot topic, commercial refrigeration comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for convenience store coolers, display cases or solid door reach-in refrigerators, you can find what you need. There are walk-in coolers, wine coolers and pizza prep tables. You can keep everything cold from salads and drinks to flowers and milk and ice cream.

You can save yourself and your business a lot of time and money by purchasing your food preparation equipment, furniture and other items required for your restaurant or food service business from a supply company that offers the best quality machines and excellent customer service.

Everything You Need to Know When You are a Coffee Shop Owner.

Do you own or operate a cafe or coffee shop? If you do, you will periodically need to order additional products for your business. You may also need to order specific parts to fix the various machines that you use to make your beverages. When these issues arise, it is always good to have a reliable company you can call to send you the necessary parts quickly. Espresso Parts has been providing this service to their many satisfied customers since 1993. If you are going to be purchasing supplies for a coffee shop, here are the best places you can look.

1. Talk to other cafe or coffee shop owners

If you want to find a good supplier of the equipment you need to run your cafe or coffee shop, you should begin your search in other shops like yours. People in your industry will have the same problems you deal with on a daily basis. Therefore, they are the most qualified to give you advice regarding where to do your shopping for equipment, machines and parts. Ask these people what company they buy these products from. How long have they been doing business with this particular company?

2. Look for companies selling coffee shop supplies online

Your next stop should be your computer. If you want to get the names of more companies in addition to the ones you have just compiled from the other cafe and coffee shops, the Internet is a great place to find them. The coffee shop supply industry is quite large, as you will soon find out as you begin looking around. There are many companies selling similar products like diner mugs, each one claiming to be the best. Look closely at their sites and compare their prices. These will tend to vary quite a bit. You should also pay close attention to how much they will make you pay for shipping, as well as the length of the warranty on any products you want to buy.

3. Reviews can be helpful

If you have come up dry, you may find that online reviews will provide you with the info you desperately need. There are various chat rooms, message boards and review sites you can visit. The chances are good that you will find discussions about suppliers of the coffee shop products you need. Ask the users of these sites for advice regarding which companies are the best and most reputable.

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