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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Dry Skin Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Now

Dry skin is an uncomfortable condition marked by scaling, itching and cracking. Appearance is due to variety of reasons and causes. Do not be misled, even the oiliest skin can get dry sometimes. Let it be known that the skin is our front line defense against wind, humid and cold weather, and therefore protection and TLC (tender loving care) approach must be applied.

Several mistakes frequently done over the years need to be stopped, like, using of just any available soap in the soap dish. Not all soaps are the same and using harsh soap means goodbye to skin’s natural moisture. Use mild, fragrance-free and specially formulated soap for dry skin to preserve its silkiness. Another is, constant usage of hot shower, this soothes and relaxes the body, however, not favorable to the skin for the intense heat leaves skin parched. Set temperature to lukewarm and keep shower short are good remedies for this.

Even the simple drying off with towel straight from shower strips its moisture, therefore, it is recommended to towel-dry off but still leaves the skin a bit moist or use soft towel in patting skin. Scrubbing is not even a solution to soften dry skin, friction scrapes the skin and enhances its dryness. Better yet, use hands or soft washcloth for keeping skin clean without roughing up.

Occasional dry skin is manageable through simple lifestyle changes. Still, the best way in keeping our skin clear and flawless is to drink plenty of water and healthy food intake.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

He Found Out the Answer

My friend never thought that he could taste the sweetness of life again after he was declared that his capability and ability to work is gone. In other words, no income!

He used to live a daily busy and hectic schedule corporate life and it completely turned around when he met an unfortunate accident. At first, he did not mind not doing any chores at home. As time passed by, his physical condition remains the same, however, his emotional state started haunting him. Depressed, miserable, low spirited, cheerless, and low self-esteemed, that’s who he became. His siblings began calling him names synonymous to any monster-like creatures. That was the worst phase, he experienced. The people whom he shares the same blood flowing in veins felt hatred and about to lose patience with him. He wanted to demand compassion, but he cannot for he is not helping himself and never tried at all.

The realization came when he woke up one morning. He understood that changes had to take place before he loses the people he loves and who sacrificed most in taking care of him during his confinement and recovery days. But he doesn't know how to start it off. His initial move was mind setting. His goal then was to bring back his old self, being bubbly and fun-to-be-with. He started browsing the gadget on-hand and had the chance to try out playing bingo at Play2winbingo and generated income! Great start! He got so excited to announce it to everyone in the house that he has started to move on and found it in his gadget. Nobody contradicted and resented for they witnessed the glow of happiness.

I am so happy for him that he found the answer.

A Day Without This is Incomplete

I embrace the proverb that says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I love spontaneity and hassle-free lifestyle for life is uncertain. My joy may be different from the rest, but who cares. My being single does not hamper me from doing the things I want to do. I believe, I am not alone in this world, having same desire and outlook as mine.

My passion to work and earn never stop even in reality, I know no heirs will inherit the fruit of my hard work. I have saved up for my retirement and I do not intend to be a liability to the society.

Currently, I do-all my life on a day to day basis and I am enjoying every minute of it. I get to purchase material things, I can afford to dine on where I want to eat, I get to places where I want to go, I get to do the things I love doing and it is undeniable that one of my happiness is to check out for bingo sites. This simple yet entertaining habit does not require me to dress up and leave the house. It relaxes me and puts a smile on my face before I call the day off. Simple happiness matters and let us live our lives to the fullest!

Mobile Bingo Keeps Me Company

Working all day is tough and being alone at home is tougher. My day evolves in my flat to my office and back to my flat again. I had been practicing this routine for more than five years and I started to feel dull, tedious, and boring lifestyle. In as much as I wanted to loosen up, to unwind and to have fun after a long day, I just cannot afford it because I do not have the strength and vitality to stay out late anymore. The moment I get inside my flat, my body craves for the bed and all I want to do is to lie down and rest.

Recently, I had a lunch out with a co-worker and after finishing his meal, his eyes were stuck on his mobile phone and smile was all over his face. I began to wonder what he was up to. He noticed that I look disturbed by what he was doing. So, he restarted his mobile phone and started playing mobile bingo and boom!!!... Just to find out, both of us were already smiling. When I got home, I did what I need to do with my mobile phone while relaxing in my bed.

Now, I can say that I have a more exciting and balanced life with my new buddy.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Wholesale Canvas For DIY Project Needed

My day evolves in the things I do, for I am a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) person! My interest started in my youth, dismantling my toy and fixing it back again. I got my very first “good job” and “thumbs up” appreciation for my parents was when I presented my first finished product. I saw how they appreciated my talent since they showed their support on any small items I made for the house. Then came the time that I challenged myself. The dare was to start fixing major items or big pieces in our house. I knew it needed courage and hard work to attain my goal.

With my passion for DIY, feeling stressed out never got to me. Instead, I felt happy and excited. I enjoyed every moment spent in stores checking out the needed materials for the project. I had fun in fixing up furniture in our house. The best reward I got was seeing the lit up and proud faces of my parents.

Furthermore, my work got a lot of praises from the people who had a chance to visit our abode. With the consistent and persistent compliment I got, I realized that aside from aesthetic purposes, I can use my talent for a living, an income generating one.

Wholesale canvas is needed in our area since I am about to start my DIY project.

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