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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Find Your Bold at Dinner Time

Nothing makes every dinner time more precious than having a good conversation with your family while enjoying great food. It brings you closer to your loved ones and you get updated with the day to day happenings. Bold flavors, like Ore-Ida Bold & Crispy fries will make meal times more fun. #FINDYOURBOLD AT DINNER TIME and join below for a chance to win one (1) of five (5) $100 Amazon Gift Cards.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Rx for Sore and Achy Feet

Those new boots look stunning, but running errands in them all day can leave your tootsies aching and smelling a tad less than fresh. The fix? Pour a cold beer into a shallow bowl and soak feet for 10 minutes. The carbonation and cool temperature will relieve pain while the hops kill odor-causing bacteria. 

Lace Wedding Dresses

I was either growing old or it's just the time of the year for weddings. Everyone around me are in the middle of releasing prenup pictures and choosing caterers. Of course, in social media websites, my lady friends who are about to get married are in crisis because of the fact that they have yet to find the perfect wedding gown.

Don't get me wrong, I'd be in crisis too. Of course, all women want to wear the perfect gown on their wedding day. The gown that would defy trends and still look as fabulous in photos as it did on the day itself twenty years from now.

When it comes to choosing wedding gowns, though, I find that lace wedding dresses are the most classy, elegant, and glamorous of them all, although I have to admit that the A line wedding dresses, cheap dresses for women, a line dresses for women and cheap lace dresses I saw in my favorite wedding website are pretty as well. The material itself screams royalty. And what woman wouldn't want to feel like a princess during their big day, right?

Lace wedding dresses, make it easier for brides to match accessories and find the perfect shoes too. The simplicity of lace wedding dresses makes room for the bride's need to accessorize.

Oh, thinking about weddings and wedding gowns just makes my imagination go wild.

Benefits of Installing Curtains

If you do not consider curtains as an essential part of home decoration, below are some of the benefits of installing curtains that might change your mind.

Installing curtains affects the overall look of your interior. It adds beauty to any room and most of the time, curtains dictate the mood. Light colored curtains, i. e. Plaid curtains, polka dot curtains, striped curtains, floral curtains and nautical curtains dictate a happy mood; while the dark colored ones dictate a more serious or romantic mood.

Curtains are an essential accessory in our homes. Aside from beautifying our home, drapes are great window coverings that keep away direct sunlight from entering the rooms. Having curtains on your windows can prevent the heat from getting in and provide better insulation. They serve the same purpose during the cold months.

Privacy is another major reason why people choose to install curtains. Curtains prevent neighbors and passersby to peep in. You don't want other people looking or staring at you when you are resting comfortably in your home, right? Curtains prevent intruders from peeping into your personal life.

Convinced? If you are ready to shop for curtains, spend your time wisely in choosing the right designs and colors. The things you should take note of are durability, comfort, and of course, your budget. Choosing the perfect curtains may be a little tricky, but once you find the curtains that work for you, your home would be more comfortable, and friendly with enhanced privacy.

Thick and Full Lashes

Want to know the secret to lush lashes? Simply dip a cotton swab in baby powder and tap off any excess. Then apply a coat of mascara to your lashes and while they are still wet, close your eyes and lightly sweep the baby powder over the mascara before finishing with another coat. The powder provides extra particles for the mascara to stick to, so your lashes would appear thick and full.
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