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Monday, November 28, 2016

Take Advantage of Two Fast-Growing Health Care Careers

With every single industry changing rapidly, it’s understandable if you’re concerned about staying employable. The good news is that the healthcare industry remains one of the fastest growing fields, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics projecting a 19 percent overall growth between 2014 and 2024. While the total rate of expansion fluctuates across different professions in the industry, two careers which promise similar growth are respiratory therapists and health informatics specialists. To take advantage of these possible trends, it’s a wise idea to go back to school and earn more education now.

Health Informatics Professionals: Working Behind Patient Care Systems

In the healthcare field, information technology systems must meet up to ever changing expectations placed on them by their healthcare facilities and extended care networks. New legislation and regulations governing how patient data are part of the reason for this. However, providers seeking more and better ways to deliver patient care are also contributing to the higher demands on health IT systems. Health informatics work behind the scenes, mapping out strategies and equipping facilities with the systems, hardware and software needed to meet each provider’s goals.

To answer the anticipated educational demands, schools such as UC Online are offering graduate degrees in health informatics. While curricula may focus on healthcare-specific types of technology such as electronic health records systems, health information exchange standards and portable medical data collection devices, these programs also may help matriculants learn management, strategizing and scalability. That’s because these professionals are less likely to be working in basic support functions but are more likely to be working at upper levels in both short-term and long-term planning, dealing with a systems approach towards patient care.

As the Senior Population Grows, More Respiratory Therapists Are Needed

It’s unsurprising that many agencies estimate a steady increase of the number of senior citizens. According to the U.S. Department on Health and Human Services, there are currently 46.2 million people ages 65 and older. With this number expected to grow to around 98 million people by 2060, this means that more people will eventually be diagnosed with respiratory disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), influenza or pneumonia. This could lead to a rise in demand for respiratory professionals, with estimates ranging between 12 and 19 percent.

The BLS states that an associate’s degree is typically needed to enter the field. However, with trends such as data-driven clinical decisions and ever-improving technologies in life support and therapy, it’s a wise idea to seek more advanced education in order to ensure your employability. Respiratory clinicians will need the additional training and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. Curricula such as the Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy available at the University of Cincinatti are designed to help learners do just that.

Advanced Education Increases Your Employability and Career Options

In the next decade, the healthcare field is predicted to expand to meet the demands of an aging population. Additionally, providers will be seeking better ways to deliver patient care. Attaining additional education and skills will likely put you in the lead when it comes to job possibilities. Going back to school now is the wisest thing you can do to remain attractive to employers in the coming years.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Things to Consider When Renting a Family Cabin

Renting a family cabin for a summer vacation can provide your family with years of fun memories. You'll remember the days that you spent splashing in the water and the nights you spend telling stories around the campfire. As not all cabins are exactly the same, it's important that you know what to look for when choosing one for your family. Renting a cabin in a bad location or one that lacks the amenities that you need can ruin your trip and leave you eager to head home.

General Location

Start your search with a specific location. If you look for Beavers Bend cabin lodging, you'll find cabins both in and near the state park. Staying in a state park is often nice because the park might offer activities like nature walks, hiking trails and even interactive museum centers. You may want to look for a cabin closer to a major city too. This provides you with plenty of entertainment opportunities for your kids, including amusement parks and museums. Some families prefer isolated cabins in the woods, while others like those near other cabins and travelers.

Proximity to Water

Looking at how close the cabin is to nearby bodies of water is especially important when traveling with toddlers and younger children. If you take your eyes off them for even a second, they can get through the front door and reach the water before you turn around. When traveling with older kids though, you may want to stay closer to the water. You can let them play outside and have fun without worrying about them as they walk to the lake.

Cabin Amenities

The most important thing to look for in a family cabin is the type of amenities provided. Many newer cabins now come with fully equipped kitchens that provide you with appliances like a microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator. Some even come stocked with all the supplies that you need like dishes, utensils, pots, and pans. You'll also want to look at whether the cabin owner provides you with bed linens. Bringing pillows, blankets and sleeping bags from home can take up a lot of space in your car and leave you with less room for the essentials. When looking for a cabin rental for your family, pay attention to its amenities, general location, and proximity to nearby bodies of water.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Having Fun with Real Techniques

I used to love make-up when I was in college, but that slowly faded when I became a mom. Now that my daughter is older, she would encourage me to try different brands of lipsticks and the like! And since she works at home, she is very much familiar with all the online make-up stores available to us!

Of course, she can't NOT be familiar with one of the make-up giants, Sephora! She's a regular customer and honestly, her online shopping addiction is quite contagious! But thanks to her, I rediscovered my love for make-up and thanks to Sephora, all my make-up needs are met. Especially when it comes to lipsticks and eyeliners.

I am not big on foundations and concealers, my daily look would normally just consist of an eyeliner and a bold matte lipstick. And because of this daily look, I have come to love using brushes to make my FOTD look more polished! At Sephora, I discovered a brand that specifies on make-up brushes and they're called Real Techiniques. I'm sure you're familiar with this brand as well since most of their items are always sold-out!

I just recently ordered a set of their eyeliner brushes and their lipstick brush as well. Both are a delight to have in your make-up kit. I have never enjoyed applying my gel liner and lipstick more!

These are my Real Techniques orders:

Seriously, you can't go wrong with these Real Techniques brushes! What's even better is that they have tutorials on how to use them! Just log on to the Real Techniques website and that's it!

Disclosure: Product/s mentioned above were sent to me by Sephora for evaluation purposes. No monetary compensation was received to write the review. All opinions expressed here are 100% my own. However, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Lung Cancer Awareness

By its very nature, every breath can easily be taken for granted. I was saddened to hear that lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., with an estimated 158,000 deaths attributed to it just in 2016. In honor of Lung Cancer Awareness month this November, I wanted to share some hope that survives around this topic. 

Below I have listed three precautions you can take to help reduce your chance of getting lung cancer. (Note: I am not a medical professional. Please see your doctor for regular check-ups and with any lung cancer questions.)

Don’t Smoke
You have heard it before, but it is important to hear again. Don’t smoke! And if you already do, quit! I’m sure it won’t surprise you that 90% of all lung cancers arise from tobacco use. But the good news is there is hope. No matter how long you have smoked, there are benefits to quitting at any age. After you stop smoking, your body begins to repair itself in all areas, including the lungs. Just ten years after quitting the risk of dying from lung cancer is about half that of someone who does smoke.

Test for Indoor Toxins
There are some toxins that may be in your home impacting the indoor air quality and affecting your lung health without you even knowing it. If your home was built before the 1980s, it may contain asbestos, a fibrous mineral that was used for insulation in homes and many industrial settings due to its high resistance to heat and fire. Asbestos, however, is now a known carcinogen that causes mesothelioma, a rare cancer that is most commonly found in the lining of the lungs. Found in insulation, roofing shingles, floor tiles, and other areas of the home, asbestos is extremely dangerous when the fibers become airborne through a disturbance such as renovation or fire. Call a professional if you think your home might contain asbestos. It should always be removed professionally by an abatement team.

A second toxin that might be in your home is radon, a colorless, odorless gas that can be found in homes and well water depending on the rock and soil the home rests on. It is estimated that about 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year are related to long-term radon exposure. According to the EPA, nearly 1 in 15 homes in the U.S. has elevated radon levels, that enters through cracks and gaps in the homes’ walls, floors and joints. It can be cheap and easy to test for radon by ordering a test-kit or hiring a professional.

Outdoor Air Pollution
Outdoor air pollution is very bad for the environment–nature, wildlife and humans are all impacted negatively by it. In 2013 the World Health Organization classified outdoor air pollution as a carcinogen. This includes tiny particles of engine exhaust, dust, smoke and chemicals that is in the air that we breath every day. The air pollution levels in the U.S. are relatively low compared to other developed nations, but it still doesn’t hurt to take some preventative actions. For instance, it’s a good practice to not exercise near heavily traveled roads to avoid deeply breathing in exhaust. You may also want to check the air quality forecast in your area each day, and even go as far as wearing a dust mask or staying indoors if the levels are extremely high.

How do you ensure your lungs are receiving clean air? Comment below with your own tips!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fun with Inflatables

Hotel and resort owners are always on the look-out for products and activities that they can offer to their guests. This highly competitive field demands that one is able to offer the widest range of amenities and facilities that guests can enjoy. Managers of these establishments know that they should be able to attract customers that would come in large numbers such as those holding business conferences, team buildings and the like. Parties and get-togethers also are a great source of income for these businesses.

Products that are both affordable and attractive to large groups of guests offered by companies today are inflatable products and the leading company offering them is A great choice that would be a great come-on is their soccer arena which can be used for football, soccer and other ball games. Used in conjunction with the bubble soccer ball, groups can enjoy a great game of bubble football for adults as well as a great game of bubble soccer. The team members play against each other while their torsos are encased in giant balls, happily bouncing against each other as they fight for possession of the ball. These giant balls come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. These giant balls are called a variety of names such as the bumper ball, the loopy ball or the body zorb ball, but whatever else you may decide to call it; it allows you to play a great ball game without the fear of getting hurt or hurting someone.

Aside from the soccer balls the company also offers the Zorb ball which is a very large, inflatable ball where a person can fit inside. It is best enjoyed while rolling downhill while inside it and it works well on water, too. Zorbing or sphering, as it is sometimes called, is now a popular activity that any resort or hotel can add to their list of amenities, facilities and activities. It is a great come-on, especially to younger groups. Groups can even create fun and enjoyable games while inside these giant, inflatable balls that can be played on large fields or in water.

A great addition to the list of amenities is an outdoor bubble tent house which can be used by larger groups for outdoor activities without the risk of exposure to the elements. They offer these tents in a variety of styles and designs. For large outdoor gatherings, they have a large, inflatable party tent as well as a rainbow inflatable tent ideal for large groups. A great attraction is the zone bubble tent which can be set up as a great, relaxing outdoor space where one can lie down and watch the stars Small families can opt for the smaller bubble tents that are lighter than regular tents and are ideal for use in the beach or at campsites. The bubble dome can be a tool that can be used for outdoor promotions where companies can display their products without exposing them to the elements.

At inflatable zone, you are assured of quality products at the most competitive prices. You can check them out HERE. Their after sales service is prompt, efficient and personal. They even offer free customization services that will greatly enhance your brand and your marketing tools.

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