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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What is Termite Baiting

Termite are among the most destructive pests in the country, costing homeowners in the Unites States over $5 billion a year in repairs. It’s no wonder why you would want to exterminate a pest that is eatings its way through your bedroom. There are many forms of termiticide on the market which work as barriers to keep underground termites from entering the home. A termite that l comes into contact with the poison is either killed or leaves the area immediately. An alternative treatment for termites is placing bait with slow acting poison near areas they inhabit. To understand how termite baiting works, you need to know what it is, how it is implemented, and the overall success these baits have in eradicating the insects. If you believe termite baiting is an appropriate form of pest control visit this website to get a free estimate today!

Termite baiting is the process of placing poisonous bait near an area infested with termites. This bait needs to be highly preferred for termites, such as: cardboard, untreated wood, and paper. You will first place these traps with no poison, so the termites leave a trail to the food source for their colony to join the feast. Once you have determined they have found the bait, you will add a slow-acting poison that can be spread to other termites in the colony. If your poison is too strong and kills termites around the bait, then the colony will catch on that it is a dangerous food supply and find a meal elsewhere.

Termites that live above ground are very common in the United States. These termites have wings that allow them to attack any area of your home. They often like to set in somewhere near your attic and invade through your ceiling. To treat these flying termites you should place bait near holes the termites are using to remove their excrement and other locations you know they have infested. Underground termites are a little trickier because you don’t know exactly where the nest lays in the dirt. You will install your bait into the ground using a plastic feeding system with spaces for the termites to enter and exit freely. You will want to place several of these plastic tubes throughout the affected area to ensure that the colony is feeding on the bait from multiple locations. 

These various type of baiting strategies have wildly inconsistent results. A major factor in their success largely depends on whether or not the termites found the bait. As stated above, if the poison is too strong, the termites will die immediately and the other termites will know something isn’t safe about that food supply. Since the results can be somewhat inconsistent, it is recommended that you call a professional if your home has a large infestation that is already causing significant damage. Always keep in mind that spending a few hundred dollars for an exterminator is much better than spending a few thousand dollars on a contractor.

Written by: Quintin Bentley Crevling

Friday, March 31, 2017

Pregnancy Talk

It's been ages since I've gone through the stages of pregnancy. I have two grown up kids and a twin granddaughters. It seems kinda odd to be talking about pregnancy when I am way past this, but I want to point out some of the differences during my time and now. 

Back then, women couldn't easily Check Pregnancy. There were no kits available to find out for yourself if you are in the family way or not. You have to go visit a gynecologist and have a pregnancy test to know if you are conceiving. 

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had a hunch because there were already signs that I conceived. Things that I didn't normally feel like, dizziness, shortness of breath and my lower back getting tired easily, I felt. I knew there was something, but I just couldn't confirm it because there was no other way of finding out. Nowadays, pregnancy kits are easily available and what's great about these kits is you can now find out even as early as the second week.

Women today also have a lot of other options and resources. Aside from books, there are a lot of websites that offer pregnancy tips and tricks which a lot of first time moms would find useful. Websites like Check Pregnancy that cover a lot of topics about how to take care of yourself and your baby, fertility and implantation bleeding. You can even find top baby humidifier reviews at checkpregnancy.

But, whether you are a new mom or not, I'm sure finding out that you are in the family way was one of the best news ever and knowing that a little bundle of joy is growing inside you, makes everyone else in the family very excited, too. You know you are already a mom from day one and you would do everything to make sure that your baby will be the healthiest inside and outside your tummy. You will do everything to take care of yourself and your baby. 

What's important is you have the support of your family and you have a good doctor to take care of you. Choose someone you can trust and you'll know you're in good hands.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Grooming Your Eyebrow

One of the most important things to do when it comes to beauty is grooming your eyebrows. There are many options that you can choose from when it comes to removing those unwanted hair: plucking, waxing, threading, and lasers.

Tweezing at Home

This do-it-yourself option is the most popular because it won't cost you a penny, except for the price of the tweezers, which you only buy once. Although it's a bit painful, especially when you're not used to it, the process allows you to remove unwanted hair using tweezers in the privacy of your own home. A lot of women choose to do this because you have complete control over the shape of your eyebrows.

Use of Creams or Depilatories

Depilatories are chemical-based creams designed to remove unwanted hair.  This is easy to do, but is not really recommended for use on eyebrows. Like tweezing, this is also inexpensive and can remove hair in about 5 to ten minutes.


As with waxing, a hot wax is used to remove unwanted hair at the follicle. The process is rather painful because the hot wax is applied on the hair and covered with a cloth A quick pull of the wax does the trick. This can also be done at the convenience of your home and the results can last up to four weeks.

Eyebrow Threading

The process of threading involves lassoing individual unwanted hairs with a thread and pulling them out from the follicle quickly. This can easily be done by experts and like waxing, the results can last four to six weeks.


A laser is used to destroy hair follicles with heat, allowing for permanent reduction of unwanted hair. Although laser hair removal is costly, this has become more popular because the process is painless and provide long lasting effects.

Whatever way you prefer to groom your eyebrows  totally depends on your budget and how comfortable you are doing it yourself against letting an expert handle it. Hopefully, the list provided above helps.

Fell in Love with El Nido

Unlike in Boracay where the night life is really alive, El Nido is more laid back. It was still in the 90's when my family visited Boracay and if you are like me hates loud music and would rather prefer the soft sound of a musicians friend banjo, you will feel overwhelmed once night time sets in. 

There is a long strip of clubs, bars and restaurants where there is loud music playing, so you can just imagine the mix of head battering music. Even in our hotel room, you can hear the music played from the bars. El Nido, on the other hand is very quiet and calm. You can rest assured that when night time comes, guests can rest and sleep peacefully. Oh, I miss the sound of the waves and the soft wind blowing. I fell in love with Palawan and I can't wait till my next visit.

Young and Skillful

One of the things that amazed me when we visited Palawan a couple of weeks ago are some of the young weavers. It was not the fact that they were young that amazed me, but it was because they were males. I didn't think men would be interested in this kind of stuff. Most teenagers and even some of my friends would rather get into sports or play the guitar. By the way, if you are looking for great and affordable guitars, you can find them here: Okay, I digress. 

It was amazing how fast they skillfully weaved those fabrics. Displayed outside their work area is the woven dress where my mom is standing beside it. They also have a souvenir shop where we bought some items.
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