Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Key to Stronger Nails

Does your nails break and flake easily? Here's an at home DIY to keep your nails looking pretty. 

Mix 2 egg yolks with 1 teaspoon olive oil; soak nails for 5 to 10 minutes twice a week. The biotin in the egg yolk and triglycerides in olive oil penetrates the nail bed and work to nourish and strengthen nails.

My Favorite Lip Balm

I've been looking for the Soft Rose Lip Balm by Labello for a long time now, but I never found it online. My mom gave me two of these when she and dad went to Italy. I really liked it because its creamy, protective and extra-smooth formula makes my lips soft and supple. I am so glad that now I can finally get it from here. My daughter found this website while looking to buy a gift for her best friend.

Instant Energizer

Need a little boost to power through a long day? Try this quick trick.

Using your index finger, firmly press the indentation just above the center of your upper lip for 7 seconds. Release, then repeat twice. According to acupressurists, pressing this point increases blood flow to the brain, delivering a jolt of energy.

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Real Benefits of Memory Foam

Stores now, more than ever, are packed to the gills with products promising to make you feel better, give you more energy, and generally improve your quality of life. Most often, these promises are seen on caffeine-packed energy drinks, "natural" alternatives to classic products, or a functional, but overpriced version of the product using a "brand-new" material.

These are all targeted at people looking for quick solutions in a flashy way. But for people looking to make real changes in their lives, it often comes down to the areas of life they spend the most time on: diet, work, and in the case of this topic, sleep.

While by no means flashy (and possibly why it is often overlooked) sleep quality is one of the biggest markers of healthy and productive people. The ability to get a consistent sound and refreshing night's sleep can make a difference in every facet of people's lives. For people who struggle with this, a change in bedding may be all it takes to make a difference, and to many, memory foam has proven to be the answer to an assortment issues.

While some companies may plug their memory foam products into the hype machine, the material, and how it works, is still very simple. As it warms from body heat, it softens, and those soft areas yield to areas of greater pressure on our bodies. This contouring is created where it is needed most, so pressure generated in these areas on traditional beds is relieved. Memory foam permits better circulation for many people, while supporting areas of lesser pressure that also are ignored by traditional bedding.

Better circulation means your body doesn't need to "toss and turn" to return blood flow to an area cut off by a pressure point, so your sleep is interrupted less. And with your whole body receiving support, most people wake up with fewer aches.

So while it may not be all bells and whistles, a switch to memory foam bedding may be just the change you need in your life.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online retailer of memory foam mattress, topper, pillow, and even pet bed products.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tenant Screening is a Must

Why take a risk and turn over the key to your property with a stranger? Would you take a chance on tenant problems like late rent payments, damage to your property and many other hassles that bad lessees create? I'm sure those are the last things in your mind when you decided to let out your property.

Finding a good tenant is a serious business. A thorough background check and financial screening should be conducted before closing a deal with a renter. With just a few clicks of the mouse, all these can be done in a breeze with no extra cost.

Criminal records are open for public viewing with just a name and an ID. However, you have to make sure that you ask for the real name of the person and the Identification Card is valid.

As for the employment and income screening, there are online websites that can help you check these things. Tenantify is one of them. They can do a thorough check of your would-be tenant's employment record, his current job and his capacity to pay the monthly rent. Landlords do not pay for this service; it's the tenants who pay for the report.

Having a knowledge of the person's criminal and financial background will help you decide if he is worth giving the key to your rental unit or he is someone who would just give you a lot of problems later on. Don't take any chances, do a tenant screening now.

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