Solitaire, a game of luck and skill

Are you familiar with the game of Solitaire? I first heard of this when I was young, from my grandfather, who loved playing this card game while passing the time. I used to watch him play, sometimes, for hours when he has nothing to do. Little did I know then that it is actually one of the most well-known card games in the world. But, did you know that this fun game does more than just pass the time? While most of us are not aware, this card game imparts a number of health benefits each time you play it.

Here are some of its psychological benefits:

Kills Boredom. 

Extreme boredom can have several unhealthy side effects. If you have nothing to do and are feeling tired, playing solitaire could actually help you feel relaxed, and yes, busy. When you are idle, the mind grows weary and sometimes, agitated. This is the time when you start thinking of bad things and even dwell on the not so good events in your life. Solitaire can be a good escape because it relieves the pressures in your life and relaxes you. Whether you're playing a Free Cell Solitaire, Spider Solitaire (which is a more complicated version or Klondike Solitaire which is similar to the classic one, this game will surely kill your boredom.

Allows You Some Time Alone. 

"Me Time" is just taking a much needed time-out to recharge your batteries and it is important to keep your sanity. We get too busy most of the time with work and family that we forget to take some time off for ourselves. Spending some time alone for a few minutes of peace is very healthy. Me time can be spent in so ways and can vary for each person. It can be done through reading a good book, having a long bath, going for a walk, exercising, going to the salon to get your hair or nails done, playing online games like Solitaire and so many other activities. So long as you’re alone with your thoughts and undertaking mindfulness during any activity, you successfully have a Me Time.

Teaches You to Be Patient and Helps Relax the Mind. 

Having a calm mind will help you make better decisions, not just while the game, but in all aspects of your life. A clear mind does so much to your brain! Even if you are not doing anything, your brain is working. More so when you pair it with an activity such as Solitaire. It gives your mind something to focus on and lets you forget the rest of your worries and problems. If you tend to worry or you suffer from anxiety frequently, this is a great game for calming the mind because it puts you into a somewhat light meditative state. 

Helps You to Develop Strategy.

The act of arranging the cards alone is already a great brain exercise. It keeps your brain moving, sharpens your decision making skills and helps you act fast, especially when playing with other opponents because the game helps improve your overall mental functions. The game is a great mental calisthenics to help avoid mental health conditions later on in life.

Solitaire is not just a fun game to play. You may not be aware of it, but you're not merely enjoying life when playing the game. Instead, you are doing your body and brain good because of its many health benefits. What's more? These games can be downloaded on your mobile phone or computers for free!