same dog, different collar

After the controversial election to unseat the Speaker of the House, Jose De Venecia was finally dethroned. Congressman Prospero Nograles is now the new Speaker. For a few weeks, led by the president’s sons, pro administration congressmen have been planning about this. And the reasons behind the scheme? CHANGE! Change, according to my husband, is the most abused word in politics. I am not griping because I am a loyal fan of De Venecia. We all know that he is not a clean man and he’s been an ally to Gloria Arroyo for years. Choosing between two evils, JDV I think is the lesser one. Congressman Nograles is also very close to the first family and more “sipsip” to GMA than JDV. Nograles is exactly the same dog with different collar.

CHANGE??? There will be no change. For as long as these wicked leaders are seated, everything will just be the same. We can only expect change IF Congressman Nograles will go against Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and conduct investigations on the anomalous transactions of the First Gentleman and the presidential sons. Hmmm, this is quite impossible, in the first place, he was seated for the position to cover up for them, right? And IF he does, he should think twice because what happened to JDV can happen to him also.

At the end of the day, anyone who seats as the Speaker of the House, who comes from the current congress, has no integrity and credibility. So, to the 174 congressmen who voted for YES, please stop fooling us, we are not STUPID.