Facts About Oranges

Here are some interesting facts I've learned about oranges last night while I was browsing through a magazine.

* Did you know that most oranges are color orange due to a process called de-greening? Here's how it's done:

- the oranges are picked while still green
- these are then sprayed with ethylene gas to de-green them, to make them yellow
- then the fruits are placed in a pot of fruit dye so they will turn dark yellow or tangerine


The oranges are placed in a cold storage for 90 days under controlled temperature until they turn yellow.

* Have you ever wondered why oranges and mandarins have this nice sheen on them that makes them look tempting to buy and good to eat? Here is how they meticulously handle these succulent orbs:

- The oranges, mandarins and pomelos are picked with cutters so there is a clean cut from the trees;
- the fruits are washed with soap suds, dried with hot air, given a fungicide bath and dried again with hot air;
- the fruits are waxed with a fruit wax from Israel, primarily to lessen the process of evaporation and to preserve the fruits; secondarily, to give the fruits their inviting sheen;
- the oranges, mandarins and pomelos are then placed in crates at the farm and brought to the distribution center to be sorted out into different sizes. The sized fruits are repacked into boxes and await delivery.

* How many trees are needed to satisfy the growing demand for oranges?

- 400 to 600 trees per hectare of land.

* Can you name some oranges? mandarins?

- satsuma, poncan, and clementine are mandarins
- hamlin, navel, trovita and valencia are oranges
- red chandler, chinese, magallanes and siamese are pomelos


Berto and Kwala said…
hi liza! linked you up too! thanks for dropping by
Anonymous said…
I found your site on a search in Google. My friends and I have been having a big debate about whether oranges are really dyed or not and how it works. We have been looking for reliable sources on the subject. Could you post where you found this information?
Thank you so VERY much!!
Liz said…

i found it in an old issue of a local magazine, Food Magazine