Motivate your Kids to Cook

Cooking is really easy and you should not be afraid to experiment. If your family loves food so much, encouraging your kids to cook and help you in the kitchen is not a bad idea. Hence, it will give you more quality time to bond with them. Kids must see adults cooking at home. If you don't like cooking, it is likely your children won't take to it either. Don't force your children to learn to cook. It should be personally initiated. Don't force them to attend cooking lessons if they are not up to it. Encourage kids who love to eat to cook. If they love eating, they will most likely try to explore different tastes and ways of doing food. I have 2 kids and both love to eat, when they are not doing anything I ask them to help me out in the kitchen.


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laura said…
Great post,two hands salute u ...happy friday
Anonymous said…
ahihihhi ay oo, kase i don't cook, will motivate the kids para paglutuin ako! ahahaha

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Babette said…
Hi Liza, I love to cook so my kids see me do it everyday. My 9yr old already asked me to teach her simple recipes and helps me out when I'm cooking. My 3 yr old likes to help me cook his fave breakfast, scrambled eggs. :)