Simple Ways to Fight/Avoid Diabetes

According to our very reliable friend, Wikipedia, diabetes is a syndrome characterized by disordered metabolism and inappropriately high blood sugar resulting from either low levels of the hormone insulin or from abnormal resistance to insulin's effects coupled with inadequate levels of insulin secretion to compensate.

Mixing cinnamon with food is one way to avoid it especially when you come from a family with a history of the disease. A 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon that you mix with your food was proven to be effective. The cinnamon regulates the insulin in the body.

Drink milk. Milk always does a body good. A diet rich in low-fat dairy reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes in women.

Lose weight. Losing weight helps the insulin maintain its normal level.

Take your vitamins. A daily doze of 1200 mg of calcium and 800 iu of vitamin D can help you avoid diabetes.

Get enough sleep. Six hours or less destroys hormones and doubles the risk of diabetes.


Euroangel said…
great infos..thanks for mother's diabetic too!! pray she will always have good health!! take care friend!!
Anonymous said…
I am the best target of diabetes, tita. My grandma has it. Some of the relatives on my maternal side of the family has it din. Tapos I am overweight and I sleep less than six hours daily :(

After the Baguio trip next week, I will really start being strict on my diet. I will try that cinnamon nga, tita. I drink milk so no problem with that. Pero losing weight... ah, I need to start working on that :D