Okra Recipe

Okra, gumbo or lady's finger is a popular vegetable here in the Philippines. It is a flowering plant in the mallow family and is valued for its green edible fruit. Not many people like this vegetable due to the sticky, saliva like substance the vegetable releases when cut. Most Filipino families boil the okras and serve it with shrimp past [bagoong] and vinegar. In my kitchen, aside from boiled and tempura, okra is cooked with chili garlic sauce. It is important that you wash them thoroughly before slicing. Never wash the okras after you have sliced them to lessen the release of the sticky substance. Saute the sliced okras with garlic, onion, shrimp and ground pork. When the shrimp and pork are done, put the okras. Season with chili garlic paste and salt and you're done.

When buying okra, look for young pods free of bruises, they should be tender but not soft.

Mommy's Little Corner


Anonymous said…
i like eating them, though my son's not such a big fan. lol.
thanks for sharing the recipe! :)

happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
I like Okras but cooked with onions.
P_R said…
my grandmother had a plant like this and I never thought eat it. I ll try next time.


paloma Roca