Quick Fixes

Here are some household tips and quick fixes without spending money to replace them with new ones.

If you've lost a bath tub plug, find an old golf ball and use it as a substitute. It stays in place and rolls back in if dislodged.

For sticking shower curtains, don't throw it out and buy a new one, hair conditioner will do the job. Apply and rub it on the rod, you'll be surprised that the rings will glide smoothly.

Instead of buying and using a regular pin cushion, use a wide candle. The wax helps pins and needles slide in and out of the fabric more easily. Plus, it prevents them from rusting.

If you're having guests, impress them by making your plant leaves glossy. Rub them with a little mayonnaise and a paper towel. They will stay shiny for weeks. Egg whites work well too.

Mommy's Little Corner


Unknown said…
great tips -- thanks for the info!
Unknown said…
Love your blog! Great tips and information here. Also thanks for the Entrecard ad on my blog.:)
Anonymous said…
nice tips.. i could totally use mayonnaise on the plants at home. mom would love it.
Anonymous said…
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blanne said…
interesting. hehe. wont the mayonnaise affect the growth of the plants?
Liz said…
* no blanne, it won't affect the plant. i've done it several times na ;)
Anonymous said…
I was gonna ask the same question as blanne. Glad to hear that it wouldn't affect the plant in any way..
lesa said…
Nice tips!I'm gonna do it,myself.I love displaying plants inside my house.