Baby Shower

Yesterday I had a secret meeting with some of my friends. We discussed J's baby shower two weeks from now while having our favorite coffee. Everyone was really excited because among us, J was the last one to get married and this baby is her first. She's having a baby girl, by the way.

M bragged about the convertible crib and kids desk she bought for the baby and even showed us the picture. She said, the crib converts easily into a toddler bed , day bed and a full-sized bed. She thought of it really well because aside from being beautiful and classic, all the baby's necessary night time accessory needs can be placed there. Its three mattress heights will make changing nappies easier.

I thought of buying a crib for the baby but since M already bought one, I'm thinking of getting her the mahogany bassinet I saw from Wooden Childrens Furniture last week. It's a comfortable resting place for the baby and the bag zips off for easy care and cleaning. It comes with a bassinet mattress and fitted sheet so the little one will be comfortable.

Our other friend A is still undecided so I told her to visit and check Kids Bedroom Furniture. They specialize in bay furniture and have an extensive selection of cribs and accessories. I'm sure she'll find something there. Can't wait to see the excitement on J's face when she sees our gifts for her baby.