Cellphone Warning

Some hearing specialists say that when you use your cellphone for more than one hour everyday, you are in danger of damaging your ears. Still, more studies are being made at present to prove the connection of cellphone on deafness, but it wouldn't hurt you to limit the use of the gadget to lessen the risk, should this prove to be true.

Borrowing a friend's cellphone could be dangerous too. Mobile phones are usually held in a warm moist hand or kept in a pocket or purse. These are conditions that allow bacteria to thrive and these bacteria can enter the body through tiny breaks in dry or damaged skin when we hold the borrowed gadget to the face. It is best to avoid using other people's phones and clean your own cellphone at least once or twice a week. I clean mine with a paper towel or tissue paper sprayed with alcohol. I've read that household disinfectant works well too.


Tina said…
uw its amazing where you can pick germs up from!

I just saw im on your entrecard today- i forget when my ads run haha! you were on mine earlier too, but i think it's changed over now :)
Great information that I never knew. I need to remember to clean my cell phone more.
Maya said…
so true they are get nest of germs. like our keyboard ,too.

Liz, about the sage.Do you airdry them to conserve it?
Aispinay said…
This is very useful information We ought to ignore our own mobile phone as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can easily bring us common ailments. I'll see to it that my mobile phone will be disinfected even just twice a week if I can't do it in everyday basis. It's better to be safe than sorry :)

Keep em coming ate.

Tina said…
im tagging you with a meme my friend x

Nanaybelen said…
Agree with you Liz. Because soundwaves from the cellphone may stikes the eardrum directly.Our eardrum is very thin and sensitive. Madaling mabasag at matruma so may cause infection.

Binabawalan ko ang mga anak e to limit cp.Kc mahal ang bayad sa eye specialist, lalo na ang wide spectrum anti biotics for the ear- hindi pwede ang generic[hehehe}baka magalit ang DOH pag sinabi kong "hindi pwede antibiotic" erase na lang yan.
Thank you Liz yan din ang problema ng mga moms ngayon sa mga kabataan