Choosing the Right Candles

According to research, some doctors discovered that some varieties of scented candles when lit, release formaldehyde [a chemical compound with the formula H2CO], lead, and benzene-tainted soot. These are toxic chemicals and can irritate the central nervous system, triggering headache, fatigue and brain fog.

Often, we light candles for aromatherapy, it would be best to choose candles that won't leave you feeling woozy. Look for the ones that boast all-natural essential oils and cotton wicks. These essential oils can help us achieve physical and mental healing. Lavender, chamomile, geranium and rose fragrances can help relieve stress. Lemon, lemongrass, orange, grapefruit or bergamot fragrances can help enhance your concentration. If you want to revitalize your body and gain more energy, you may look for peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, vanilla and rosemary scented candles. Go for vanilla, rose and sandalwood when you want to create a sensual mood.

Some useful tips:

Take away lint and dust from old candles by rolling the candle inside the leg of an old pair of stockings. The grime will bind to the clingy nylon, leaving the wax spotless.

Candles are one of one of the leading causes of fires so be sure to use them safely. Always use a candle holder and make sure you cut the wicks to 1/4 inch before you light them. When lighting more than one candle make sure you place the candles 3 inches apart. Use a candle snuffer. Don't place burning candles where they can be knocked over by kids and don't leave a candle burning if you are leaving the house or going to sleep.


Filipina Ini said…
Ow thanks for the tiips, Liz... Kaya lang mukhang walang masyadong time coz my work also requires time with the laptop and connection...actually im just inserting the time to tag friends while working so i wont be bored...^_^

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Mariz said…
thanks for the tips, read somewhere also that lighting scented candles in an air-conditioned room (lit for a long time i guess) is not good for the health, something to do with chemicals emitted as well from the fumes.
Unknown said…
Good post! Yes some candles can be harmful. I wrote a squidoo page on this a while back.

Paraffin comes from Petroleum thus it may emit harmful carcinogens into the air. You are better off with a natural wax (soy, palm, beeswax) candle.
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mimi11460 said…
candles with scents are good to lit, it is like air freshener but not to let it stand for long cause it can suffocate when room is close.
Norm said…
love scented candles as decoration, lol thanks for voting my sis liz.. take care always