Salt Wonders

Did you know that salt does so much more than just season a dish? It has so many uses that in ancient times it was valued more than rice and bread. Let me share with you some great uses I found for our kitchen staple.

Try sprinkling salt onto your dry scalp when you're out of anti-dandruff shampoo. Using your fingers, work it into your hair, then shampoo as usual. The salt will gently slough off the dry skin cells while stimulating the production of oils to ease irritation.

A pinch of salt added to the water in your flower vase helps prolong the gorgeous look of your blooms. The salt's natural antimicrobial agent hinders the growth of bacteria and prevents wilting.

In a cup of water, add a teaspoon of salt and soak a cloth napkin or cheese cloth in the solution. Wring the excess fluid from the cloth then wrap your leftover cheese wedges in it, then store it inside a sealed container before keeping it in the fridge. The cheese will stay longer. The salt crystals will hinder the growth of bacteria to keep it from spoiling.

Take off the sticky residue from your iron by sprinkling a handful of salt onto a wax paper. Run the hot iron over it, without the steam. The heat will soften the residue while the abrasive granules help scrub the sticky mark off the metal plate.

For canker sores [singaw, in Filipino] and other mouth sores, a solution of warm water and salt can be used to rinse your mouth several times a day.

Sprinkling salt at doorways, window sills, kitchen cabinets or anywhere else that ants manage to pass, will prevent them from invading your home. Ants won't walk across salt, I really don't know why but I learned this from my mom.

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Anonymous said…
Those are some pretty good ideas for using salt! I've heard you can also use baking soda for some of those also. thanks for sharing! now i'm glad i have a giant container of salt sitting ignored in my cupboard the past few months!
Jackie said…
Great ideas. So great for household chores, beauty and in food.

Sadly many people have cut out salt in their food but I haven't as a high quality salt like Himalayan rock salt has so many mineral salts that we need.
Great tips!
Thanks for sharing.

I love this. Am definately going to use the salt to keep ants out.
Anonymous said…
hi Mommy i have a tag 4 u