They Need You

Got this tag from Marzie. Thanks girl!

Below are the links of a few organizations that benefit the hungry people of the world. You can play your part and contribute by playing a game, clicking to feed, donating, signing a petition, purchasing items on the website and etc. The purpose of this tag is to spread the word on these wonderful sites by linking to them and encouraging your readers to help the hungry in any way possible. Please tag at least five other bloggers and please add on to the list if you know of any other organization that focuses on this issue.

I have just visited The Hunger Site to do my part in feeding the hungry today. You too can give FREE food to the world's hungry just by clicking a button. All you have to do is visit the site and click the yellow "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button.

Remember! A click a day keeps the hunger away. Do your part and make a great difference in the lives of millions of starving people worldwide by visiting and clicking NOW! :)

The Hunger Site

Tagging all of you. Please visit the site and help in your own little way. I just did.


Jackie said…
Hi Liza,
Just dropping by to drop and say thank you for dropping on me.

I am a Red Drop also. But, so new to EC. I was having problems finding all of us Red Drops.

But, with Marzies help and Maggies list I am finding everyone.

Great meme. I have been tagged by Marzie and I hope it is this one. If not I will try to swing back here and pick this one up.

I am trying to blog while travelling on the road in my hubbys big truck.

It can be very difficult sometimes. I am bouncing all over the place. So please forgive any typos.

I hope you have a great day!!:-)
Mariuca said…
Hola Liza and Jackie!

Liza, thanks for doing the tag so quickly. Every little bit counts yeah? :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Liza,

I have finally done the tag you sent me last week, but with a little editing. Hope it's alright with the moderator (I just couldn't resist). He he.