Weekly Question 1

Julie of Greenbucks started a weekly meme. Here's the question...

If you are married would you know if your husband is reading your blog?

My Answer...

* He does. At first I thought he was not, but I was surprised when he made a comment on one of my posts. He doesn't make comments on the articles he tells me.

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Tina said…
this sounds good Liza. Im gonna hop ova now and check it out x

my partners not interested in my blog unless hes on it lol. i think he gets sick of me talking about it!
Anonymous said…
That is so sweet, Liza, he commented pa!

Very seldom do husbands read their wife's blogs for several reasons. Maybe because they already know what is written in it :D Some, they prefer that family matters are not blogged about and pictures not posted.

Thanks for doing this, Liza, till the next one. Have a great week!