What to do with swollen legs

Swollen legs are sometimes caused by standing for a long time or sometimes, hours of running errands. When we do these things, there is a fluid build up in our legs called edema. The gravity prevents the fluid from getting pumped to the kidneys giving our legs a thick appearance. I found out from one article a simple way to relieve this. Simply lie on the floor and elevate your legs by resting them on a chair. Rotate your ankles for 2 minutes then massage your calves in the direction of your heart for 2 minutes. According to research, this simple and easy trick can ease fluid build up within 30 minutes. I have tried it and it worked!

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Anonymous said…
Sis, I linked your 3 blogs na. Just use this nickname. if it's ok, let me know pag na link mo na ko ha.thanks.

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I wish I had known this earlier so that I could help my mom relieve her complain of swollen legs.
Mira said…
Hi Liz, belated Happy Mother's Day! Tks for sharing this tip, I've got this problem myself. Prolonged sitting and standing give me swollen ankles so I always elevate my legs when it happens. I also have extra pillows to elevate my legs at night.
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Nanaybelen said…
sis. I always do that. nakakarelieve talaga. Belated Happy Mother's Day
Grandy said…
Massage TO your heart? I've been doing it wrong all this time. I always thought in the direction of my feet (kinda of a push it out the bottom theory) and realize again I'm backwards.

HeyShae! said…
I had no idea about this but it reminds me of my teenage years when I would lie on the bed with my ankles crossed and up against the wall. I had many o'conversations this way. ;o)
Maya said…
This is so true, i'm doing it and it works.
You're super you know lots of stuff.