When to see a Doctor...

Many of us are afraid to visit a doctor when we feel something. Often, we take those pains for granted thinking that " this is nothing, really". Or sometimes, we're just afraid to find out that something could really be wrong. I must admit that I think like that, I really don't give much attention to simple head and tummy aches. And always, REST does the trick.

More serious pains might mean there is a more serious problem. I stumbled upon an article on when you really should see a doctor. Any of these could be a sign of a more serious problem that needs medical attention. Visit your doctor if you have...

  • Sharp or stabbing pain
  • Pain that radiates along the arm, leg, or elsewhere in the body
  • Pain that's accompanied by fever, weight loss, weakness or a change in skin color
  • Pain that gets worse, keeps you awake at night, lasts longer than a week or two, or pain that makes you uneasy.
Seeing a doctor immediately will not only help you ease the pain but will let you know what the real problem is and how it can be cured.

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Ozzy's Mom said…
hi momma liza!!

ako ang tagal ko para pumunta sa doctor, kailangan pa talaga ung hindi na ako mkatayo sa sakit! ahahaha


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Constance Chan said…
i agree. sometimes we tend to just leave it until it gets serious.

i've got a cut and paste tag for you. when you are free, ya.

hi liza. im ashame to say this but im one of them. :P usually, i will wait until the pain is unbearable.

oh, btw, i've got something for you! Come
Nanaybelen said…
mahilig tayo ng "tsaka nalang". di natin napapansin malala na pala.
Tina said…
I always tend to go, but it dosent help that sometimes the doctors make you feel stupid like your overeacting or something!

great advice though. most people dont think of things like that could be that serious
Anonymous said…
great advice. thanks.